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  1. Phuketshrew

    Thai man arrested for possessing digital child porn

    In a previous story about the Indian marriage scam it stated that "Pol Lt-General Surachate Hakpal, immigration bureau chief and deputy head of the technology crime suppression centre". So I guess this is covered by his technology crime suppression remit - Seemingly a busy guy.
  2. Yep. Looks like a state of the art and secure warehouse.
  3. Phuketshrew

    Poll shows Gen Prayut most suitable to be next PM

    Does he get around an 18 hole golf course in 18 shots or drive an F1 car at lap record speeds just like another esteemed Asian leader?
  4. I am not sure they have to learn to be lazy as it seems to me to be an inherent quality.
  5. It would also be interesting to ask him what the role of the armed forces should be in a democracy.
  6. It reminds of the joke about the soldier, the policeman, the ladyboy, and the three helmets.
  7. What a dumba$$. Surely if you are going to do this you scope out the CCTV cameras first so that you don't get caught? At least he left his "message" on the shutters and not on the floor.
  8. Phuketshrew

    Prayut prayers ‘spare’ Thailand from Pabuk

    He is the messiah! (and I should know, I've followed a few )