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  1. Should have just shot himself up the ar$e - then he would have sh!t himself, problem solved.
  2. Silly me ... and I thought it was an attraction to showcase the growing number of homicides here in the LOS
  3. 2.5 years in the nick for 265,000 quid - At over 100,000 grand a year that's not a bad little earner ....
  4. Looks like he has done a runner ... quite common here
  5. Phuket to Savannakhet for non-imm visa Hi - I have just completed the Savannakhet visa run for a non-imm visa. This is my third time to Savannakhet but the last one was three years ago using the old Thai Consulate. I tried to do this on a budget so the following info may be useful for anyone else planning a similar trip: Monday 27th: 6.20 am - Airport bus from near Boat Lagoon to Phuket International Airport cost - 100 baht considerably safer and cheaper than taxis. 7.50 am - NokAir DD7501 to Don Muang, BKK - 1,450 baht Bought 35 USD at Don Muang for 1,200 baht for Laos visa (If you pay in baht they charge you 1,500 baht so 300 baht saved). 10.20 am - NokAir DD9514 to Nakhon Phanom then by bus to Mukdahan - Total return price 2,850 baht 1.30 pm - arrived at Mukdahan and stamped out at Thai immigration. Got free ride on bus across the bridge (did not have a ticket and driver couldn't change 1000 baht ;-)) Laos visa all processed in ten minutes (pre completed form, just filled in arrival card and handed over 35 USD). Laos TukTuk from border to hotel - 30,000 kip (126 baht) - had some kip left from my last visit to Vientiane last November. 2 Nights at Phonepasued Hotel (booked through Agoda) - 1,566 for 2 nights with breakfast. The main reason I booked this was that they have a great pool complex across the road. I like walking so the location was not a problem. Hotel was very much as expected by Laos standards. Comfortable with air-con, hot water shower, fridge, TV and large bed. Tuesday: Early breakfast at hotel - standard Laos fare - omlette & fresh baguette + orange juice + coffee 8.30 - arrived at Thai Consulate (I thought it opened at 8.30 but does not open until 9 am). 3rd in queue. Once opened my application was accepted with in ten minutes. Documents submitted: Completed application form + 2 photos Copy of marriage papers (showed the originals) Copy of house registration document (showed original) Signed copy of wife's Thai ID card Signed copy of my passport 5,000 baht visa fee I was asked where my wife was and replied that she was at work in Phuket. I also pointed out that we had recently celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary ;-) 10.00 am - back at the hotel beside the pool with a couple of cold beer Lao. Early evening - decided to try eating at 'Lins Cafe' as I had read some good reviews. Cafe was nice and host friendly but steak was pretty poor (compared with the great steaks at Veena Cafe in Vientiane). Wednesday: No need to get up early as passport collection not until 2.00pm. Same breakfast again and chilled out 12.00 pm - Checked out at midday. 12.15 pm - Lunch at Avalon Cafe (part of Avalon hotel) on way to Thai Consulate. 1.50 pm - Shared TukTuk with two other expat visa runners. The TukTuk waited at the consulate and then took us back to the border - all for 100 baht each. 2.05 pm - Received passport and headed for the border. 4.20 pm - NokAir bus picked me up at Mukdahan and headed for Nakhon Panom. 6.00 pm - arrived at Nakhon Panom and checked in 6.50 pm - NokAir DD9521 to Don Muang, BKK arrive Don Muang 8.00 pm I am staying a few days in Bangkok but my return flight to Phuket is another option that we have nowadays - with Vietjet. They fly from Swampy to Phuket with new planes - One way cost me 875 baht plus tax. Another successful run completed - should be good now until June 2018 :-) Clive R.
  6. Pattaya has always been the 'city of the snatch' .... so nothing's changed there.
  7. I am looking for a builder/contractor to prepare a 5m X 3m base for an above ground pool. Clear and flatten ground. Add around 10cm of concrete base with rebar and then tiles. Must be strong and level. A good quality job at a reasonable price needed. We are in Koh Kaew. Thanks.
  8. Thinking ahead a little as I still have a few months left on my one year multi-entry visa. Last year I renewed in Savannaket, Lao PDR. Thai consulate was great. I was the only person there, paperwork was checked quickly, no proof of funds was asked for, and I picked up the one year visa the following morning. I am planning to do the same run this year - probably mid December. However, last year I booked into a cheap hotel and it was awful so I am looking for something better next time. Last year I also caught the VIP night bus from Savannaket to Vientiane - now that was quite an experience! Has anyone done the Savan Vegas visa run yet? If so, please share your experience. Thanks