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  1. I suppose you think insult is your best form of deflection. However, to answer the blindingly obvious, misinformation in your post #7
  2. How misinformation can be considered 'opinion' you may like to clarify.
  3. https://www.opensourceinvestigations.com/syria/gulf-states-response-to-syrian-refugee-crisis-a-myth-debunked/ https://www.huffingtonpost.com/anhvinh-doanvo/europes-crisis-refugees_b_8175924.html https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Syrians_in_Saudi_Arabia
  4. Go back and review the OP, then apply your skills at comprehension.
  5. Why keep on banging on with hyper partisan rhetoric, it is not a positive domestically for the USA, nor international relations. Regrettably Trump appears to see 'fair' with I win you lose. If Trump were seeking equitable solutions to trade disputes he would not be deliberately undermining the viability of the WTO for dispute resolution. In the past WTO had ruled for the USA 90% of the time for matters raised against the US and 90% of the time ruled in favour for US raised complaints. Trump's self centered dispute with China is now causing damage to the economies of US allies and global GDP. I would have thought for most people it's obvious Trump has embarked upon a path of nationalist unilateralism, as promoted by Bannon, which is a negative for both US domestic and international affairs.
  6. Try researching facts, rather than cut and post rabid far right rhetoric. BTW remind yourself of the Duck Test, then look up current definition/s of 'far right'
  7. Elsewhere in media reports it has been claimed the rather small OP area will be cleansed of Islamist terror fighters by the Turkish military, then jointly patrolled by Russian and Turkish forces to try and ensure a safe zone for some civilians. Personally I think it is highly likely the remaining Idlib area will be subject to aggressive military action by Syria and Russia. Accordingly it is probable there will be another large exit of civilians seeking refuge in Turkey or maybe the Kurdish held area of Syria. There have been some reports that Syria will be divided between Assad forces and Kurds until the final removal of the Assad regime at some point in the future.
  8. I for one am. For a start the massive asylum seeker flow into EU had commenced well before Merkel comments which were in effect offering assistance to overwhelmed EU member external border facing countries. All asylum seekers under international law are entitled to seek sanctuary, but subjected to vetting for refugee status, by countries which have the necessary legal protection, policies and processing capability. Back in 2014 / 2015 a number of host countries, including Turkey, did not. It should be mentioned that Merkel has since admitted errors of judgement in that Germany was unprepared with sufficient infrastructure / resources, but at least contributed to mitigating an humanitarian disaster in places such as Greece and Hungary. However good idea to put some effort into your own research. e.g.... https://www.zeit.de/politik/ausland/2016-10/angela-merkel-influence-refugees-open-borders-balkan-route
  9. Personally I believe very much on topic - excellent contribution.
  10. You asked about 'those left behind', large numbers are comprised of children for whom education will be a critical component for the future. Think you will find welfare in UNHCR camps would only be for the basics. not discretionary cash (Scott may wish to shed further light) for other norms of life for their families. In addition you may recall one of the major push factors for attempting sanctuary in the EU was families running out of savings to support themselves in host countries such as Turkey and Lebanon, so not living a wonderful secure financial life were they. Unsure of current conditions, but as you have been advised funding for UNHCR refugee / IDPs support activities in the M.E. is grossly underfunded by the international community. There are funding activities parallel to UNHCR from countries such as KSA, Qatar, UAE, but can't be bothered to research current levels of donations.
  11. Australian Government assistance to refugees: fact v fiction https://www.aph.gov.au/About_Parliament/Parliamentary_Departments/Parliamentary_Library/pubs/BN/2012-2013/AustGovAssistRefugees
  12. It has been identified long term implications for the enormous number of children is lack of education, thereby challenged to access a 'normal' future life upon cessation of hostilities.. Mental health problems, welfare dependency as more often than not refused opportunity to work or exploited by low wages etc, etc
  13. Well aware, no denial on my part. You are one of many others on this forum who are perfect examples of aggressive antipathy towards Muslims; if you read the link I provided, perhaps better described as self-fulfilling prophecy for the increase in Islamic political parties in the West