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  1. In the countries I mentioned "most of the problems" are created by authorities and individuals who claim to be Buddhist, not Muslims. Oh and to quote Oscar Wilde...sarcasm is the lowest form of wit
  2. Don't be ridiculous. If you have even a minimum knowledge of the facts, as opposed to your extremist right wing opinions, you will know you're talking rubbish in reference to Sri Lanka, Thailand and Myanmar. Unfortunately extremist hardline nationalists are causing misery in the foregoing countries and not just for Muslims, which even the Trump Administration has acknowledged regards Myanmar. Investigations are long overdue with regards War Crimes by the Buddhist Senegalese military in Sri Lanka, primarily against Hindus. With regard to Thailand's deep South a backgrounder written by a Thai military officer may possibly open your eyes, though I doubt you would bother to educate yourself. The Conflict in Southern Thailand Centre for Defence and Strategic Studies Australian Defence College Written by Colonel Chumphot Nurakkate
  3. The fact is Hardline Nationalists who claim to be Buddhist operate at the national political level at a minimum in Thailand, Myanmar and Sri Lanka which as led to ongoing conflict. To me it comes across as a total contradiction to Buddhist principles, there again humanity primarily operates at the ego driven self interest level.
  4. I prefer elected representatives to do their job, not for the taxpayer to be forced to pay millions of dollars as they had no spine. As predicted the referendum brought out some of the worst characteristics of Oz society, including the bastards from the far right so admired by some on this forum. Now go away...
  5. Agree, though depends on how their constituents view the matter. I personally view the referendum an act of political cowardice by the Conservatives.
  6. Rather a nonsensical statement as Oz government fully recognises de facto relations for government benefits, legal matters etc etc
  7. A dogless Society

  8. So tragic, the innocence of children is a great joy to experience. To destroy the innocence of a child by a terrible act of cruelty is unforgivable.
  9. Quiet island for five young girls.

    OP: After shortlisting island/s for consideration make sure you check for reports of beach sandflies - the bites can totally ruin an island stay.
  10. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Section_44_of_the_Constitution_of_Australia
  11. A dogless Society

    As do Thai 'Buddhists". Some 'Buddhists' cruelly kill dogs and eat them for which there is a great deal of info out of Northern Thailand and other countries in Asia, yet no comment from you??? I'm currently living in a predominately Muslim area of Pattaya, unfortunately way too many diseased looking dogs wandering around having been deserted by guess who...
  12. Some years back my stepson attended a Thai fee paying school in Pattaya, yet his Thai English teacher couldn't converse in English. Now back in Pattaya, my Thai niece attends a Thai fee paying school, again her Thai English language teacher cannot converse in English. An example of no progression whatsoever.
  13. It's interesting the Trump Administration has given the nod to a MOU (NB: MOU)) for Chinese investment in a energy project - potentially others - in the US, whereas some countries have declined PRC investment in energy infrastructure/assets as a national security risk. More info for the other 'deals', but as Reuters noted "Whether those deals live up to the lofty price tag is another question altogether." http://www.reuters.com/article/us-trump-asia-china-deals/trumps-250-billion-china-miracle-adds-gloss-to-off-kilter-trade-idUSKBN1D90L2?il=0
  14. The idiocracy... Bloomberg is a great deal more cautious than you. The 'deal' is mostly MOU's which will likely take years to materialise, if at all, if Trump derails sentiment. Currently the mix is unknown of the Boeing deal, are the orders all new or a mixture of prior commitment and future intent? In addition Trump failed to achieve any new business of significance from his visits to Japan and South Korea. Not that surprising with the decimation of senior personnel in the State Department and other agencies since Trump came to power. Trump has changed his mind and will now attend the East Asia Summit in Manila, let's see how he handles himself.