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  1. You have completely spun the posters words. The poster was saying he's surprised trump hasn't been assassinated, not that he was wishing for a mass casualty terror attack. Considering trump's habit of insulting nations / peoples, golf trips etc etc It would be interesting to know the cost versus that for Obama for trump's protection by US security services,
  2. simple1

    From Thailand to Australia

    For Age Pension I was quoted a 13 week processing time which proved accurate. To get an update probably best to phone the Age Pension number at 132 300.
  3. LOL - Rees-Mogg, Farage, Robinson, Batten are good candidates for the future of UK democracy???
  4. Not sure, but the often touted Israeli 'Wall' is mostly electrified fencing and claimed to be every effective against unauthorised people crossings. However, not effective in countering smuggling operations, believe the same scenario as the US. However, to repeat there has not been any policy announcements from trump to address the primary route of illegals, entry be air / sea on a visa then overstay which makes a mockery of his rhetoric. I noted on another thread a trump supporter going on about reintroduction of eliminated diseases into the USA by illegal migrants, for which there is no evidence and other false claims made by trump. It's mind boggling the damage trump is doing by unwinding society cohesion with his lies and misinformation yet still retains core supporters. It's as though a large minority of US voters, led by trump, find nothing to approve of in the established social order (Nihilism).
  5. The OP Leader to leader dialogue was not a 'private conversation'.
  6. Correct - blocking the lifting of sanctions proposed by the trump administration - thanks...
  7. It is protocol that conversations are documented and if needs be classified, but available to appropriate members of government. trump has broken with protocol which is why this furour has erupted and potentially his interpreter/s called to testify.
  8. Ooops - https://www.nytimes.com/2019/01/04/us/politics/senate-sanctions-oleg-deripaska-russia.html
  9. simple1

    SURVEY: Build the Wall -- Yes or No?

    Your language over a number of topics is certainly "blow hard". As suggested by other members trump really should stop his 'blow hard' misinformation and lies concerning the border and other issues. trump even lied outright during his national address. How can anyone with a brain still support his nonsense? IMO present a road map for border security, DACA and illegals to get buy-in and cohesion, not the awful trend towards authoritarianism & gut feeling isolated tactical decisions from trump. trump rabbiting on about $5.6 billion which will only provide additional security for a small portion of the proposed barrier really is ridiculous, doesn't appear to be an ounce of strategic thinking from trump. Using US government workers as a blackmail tool is outrageous, IMO sufficient to remove him from the Presidency. However, that would put pence in power...
  10. simple1

    SURVEY: Build the Wall -- Yes or No?

    Whilst not being the sole factor, decades of US intervention has no relevance? https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/world/2018/12/21/has-united-states-foreign-policy-central-america-fueled-migrant-crisis-donald-trump/2338489002/ As an alternative to being a blow hard why not research current US policy for Central America, challenges and so on. A few links... https://fas.org/sgp/crs/row/IF10371.pdf https://fas.org/sgp/crs/row/R44812.pdf
  11. Given $5.6 billion will only pay for approx 100 miles of new border wall construction, some repairs and some monitoring technology it seems to be the whole argument is a con by trump as it is still estimated to cost approx $25 billion to complete a security structure along the entire border. It it true the reality has been lost sight of due to the noise of the current chaos?
  12. I was responding to the query concerning KSA aid, not KSA's record of human rights. KSA human rights abuses are well documented by the likes of the US State Department, yet many Western countries do business with them, so take your concerns up with your local MP / relevant Minister. In addition there are a number of TVF members who have worked / served in their countries military in KSA; perhaps you should ask them what their justification was when KSA human rights abuses have been known for decades.
  13. Saudi Arabia has donated nearly USD $33billion in global aid in the past 10 years. It also has contributed significantly to NGOs, as well. The Kingdom has made 489 financial contributions totaling $929 million to UN organizations, international entities, and humanitarian regional funds. https://cic.org.sa/2018/02/saudi-arabias-aid-to-the-world-reaches-nearly-33-billion-in-10-years/ There are conflicting reports on the numbers, but KSA provides access to work for a large number of Syrians.
  14. simple1

    U.S. House panel eyes reported FBI probe of Trump

    Guess you didn't read the whole article, there is no proof whatsoever offered that leaks came directly from Muller or members of his team.
  15. simple1

    U.S. House panel eyes reported FBI probe of Trump

    Your comment counters numerous media articles saying the exact opposite. Kindly provide some examples, per forum rules, from credible linked sources, to back up your claim.