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  1. Wasn't the new guy approved by the Trump Administration a few moths back? From reading some background on him, he has a lot of experience in areas of mutual interest with the US. Wonder if the EU sanctions against him means he cannot attend meetings / conferences in the EU.
  2. Yes. You can access HMG stats, so go for it.
  3. If the far right gains power there will no longer be freedom of expression, in fact the reverse, extensive oppression, so rather odd comment.
  4. I guess Gorka is Off Topic, but has he come forward to refute his prior support for a neo-fascist group in Hungary and sympathy for some other European far right leaders. In a 2007 video, Gorka declared his support for the Magyar Gárda (Hungarian Guard), a paramilitary group described by The Forward as neo-fascist.[85] The Guard was later banned by the European Court of Human Rights as a threat to racial minorities
  5. Just highlighting more informative data is available.
  6. As you're British one would expect you would know where to source crimes stats. However, as you obviously don't and haven't bothered to review the link I provided earlier in the topic, a starting point for you.... Of 86,000 people in prison in 2014 11,000 were foreign nationals. Of these, 42% were White, 28% were Black, 19% were Asian, 7% C&O and 4% Mixed. The number of White foreign national prisoners has steadily increased during the time-period shown, whilst the number of Black prisoners has steadily decreased. This is most likely a reflection of the changing profile of the foreign national prisoner population by country of origin, including a rise in the number of East European prisoners, particularly Poles, Romanians and Lithuanians, and a decline in the number of Jamaican prisoners108. Numbers of prisoners of Asian, Mixed and C&O ethnicities have remained broadly stable over the time-period
  7. Back in 2013 a Thai Vice Interior Minister claimed there were approx 26,000 road accident related deaths p.a. More detail @...
  8. As the OP is in reference to the UK I trust you are referencing UK data. So some facts rather than misinformation - refugee intake UK: There are an estimated 118,995 refugees living in the UK. That's just 0.18 per cent of the total population (65.1 million people). Plus more detail...
  9. 'Cause the Police don't publish the stats, but ONS does e.g.
  10. You're twisting Craig's wording. It is unfortunately members silliness continues in the light of the well documented terrible crimes against humanity by the Assad regime. I do wish the Mods put a stop to wilful misinformation by some members.
  11. Yes. As posted above one of the main considerations will be reason to return to Thailand with you and no prior problems with Oz Immi. Some additional guidance for application...
  12. Yes. Other Western troops also in Syria, at a minimum UK and French SF Bit more detail...
  13. Also paying the price well into the future. Look up "The one area where Trump has been wildly successful"; plus of course Trump's ongoing attacks on Federal appointees not towing the line with putting his personal interests first with recent criticism of Sessions and others.
  14. Unfortunately none of the reporting identifies which groups are to be officially denied support by the CIA. Various moderate rebel groups have been fairly successful with taking on ISIS, some not, though it seems somewhat irrelevant as the US focus now appears to be on Russian objectives in support of Assad forces. The US move can be viewed as cynical, including the strong possibility Kurdish groups will eventually be abandoned in favour of regional balance of power politics. An article from Stars & Stripes you and others may like to read, the last sentence, IMO, being quite sad.
  15. Maybe so currently at the diplomatic level, but the US has been heavily involved with funneling arms into Syria, also bought by the Saudis, Qatar etc from the US for the various fighting groups for a number of years. With the alleged shut down of the CIA liaison organisational structure for arms supply in Syria, will it make any meaningful difference for arms supply to the moderate rebel groups. Operation Timber Sycamore provides a bit more background. The entire matter smells of BS baffles brains.