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  1. Saves Australia billions p.a. in defense costs
  2. Turkey has been in conflict with some of the Kurdish factions for years. No surprise the Turks are attacking those who wish to set up their own independent region using violence as a tool to achieve their goals.. The Kurds fight among their various factions, some groups practise FGM and so on. As you say apparently none of the regional players with a clean record free of abuse, though Scott might be able to pinpoint Kurdish faction/s that are "clean".
  3. At this stage really do not agree with your projections of military invasion in the countries you mention by the Trump administration nor the motivation you mention for the countries in the past. So far I loath Trump. There are always people developing and presenting various options / analysis for action, doesn't necessarily mean government are going to act upon them. Don't know why people keep going on about oil in the M.E. as though it's some type of revelation.
  4. Current President of Afghanistan has a fairly impressive background. Must be nightmare to try and stabilise the country and govern whilst navigating through all the competing tribal and ethnic loyalties, massive corruption, endemic narcotics addiction and production, bordering countries interference etc, etc, etc
  5. Seems the parents adhere to a non Islamic philosophical group , the Kabalarian.
  6. Maybe so, but apparently not Muslim. I was curious so looked up the first name as never heard of it before. ZalyKha originates from a religious cult...
  7. We have to agree to disagree - IMO you & other are 'missing the point"
  8. Here we go again with atypical Far Right anti Semitic ideology. People who think the Far Right have changed in their quest for the destruction of democratic institutions in order to gain absolute power are delusional.
  9. The Fresno Chief of Police assessment is it was a hate crime, not terrorism related. Accused now being subjected to mental health assessment by the Court.
  10. Death sentence has not been retracted from legislation, just suspended executions. Recall lawmakers were going to review whether to recommence executions (hundreds of outstanding executions) or cancel death sentence legislation, guess decision will be at some time in the future when an elected government is in place.
  11. No, violent career criminal who apparently recently concluded Daesh was the answer to his problems.
  12. Did eleven years jail time for attempted murder.
  13. Fair enough, though I really cannot see US forces invading Syria to take on the Assad regime.
  14. I retracted the term conspiracy theory. No I am not trying to be being to be disingenuous,. As I said above what are you trying to achieve by endeavouring to disclaim Assad's Sarin gas attack - <deleted> the guy and members of his sect are war criminals, plus countless crimes against humanity prior to the Syrian Arab Spring and without doubt so would be members of other minorities supporting him.
  15. Perhaps the incorrect term, but many of his opinions have been challenged as ultimately unverifiable e.g. Personally I can't really see the point of arguing whether Assad forces launched the latest Sarin attack or not (IMO based upon regime track record they did so). The Assad regime comits numerous crimes against humanity; likely on a daily basis based upon what's been reported on activities in his prisons