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  1. Buying apartment in Udon Thani

    Hi guys, I am thinking about buying an apartment in Udon Thani, but I can not find out much online. Suggestions and links would be highly appreciated! All the best!
  2. Hi guys, I am concidering moving to Kanchanaburi with my wife and baby daughter in May or June. I have tried to find a house for rent online, but the selection is pretty limited, and I am sure it would be better to go and see for myself and find a house "manually". I am interested in knowing about hospital standards in the city and furthermore about what areas to stay in. We are planning to live a quiet, relaxed life and enjoy the beautiful natural scenery as often as we can. We have lived in Thailand for 7 years, and we both speak Thai pretty much fluent. Getting by will not be a problem, but are there certain things about Kanchanaburi that stands out compared to other Thai cities? How is the Internet speed? Do you have a Big C or tesco etc.? How about Immigration police in terms of 90-day reporting? All the tips and advice that you can give me will be greatly appreciated! I hope to hear from you and look forward to become a part of the community Best regards, Martin