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  1. Queen Sirikit Pattaya

    Queen Sirikit Hospital in Sattahip? Always been okay when people I know have required it, afaik. Thread on Pattaya forum: Here
  2. I'm seeing "7" figuring highly as an auspicious number in my next choice of lottery tickets.
  3. Banchang personality

    ^Ok, thanks. I will make a few inquiries around the campfire.
  4. Banchang personality

    I know Chuck from a long time ago also. Not seen him either for a while. If you have any info on his whereabouts, please update your thread. Did you read your PM^?
  5. Father, 72, hangs himself in Sattahip

    Very sad, poor bloke. RIP
  6. Restaurants In Ban Chang / Rayong

    As an anonymous poster on an English-language web forum, I don't think anyone will be suing you for defamation. I doubt the owners log on here, anyway. If you have a criticism, please state why.. As an aside, went to the new location last week, and thought the food and service was very good. Certainly a step up from the over-priced Romson, these days.
  7. ^Dress code: Socks and sandals.
  8. Beer pricing in bars

    ^Yep. The Wetherspoons model has been done pretty successfully in Pattaya, with Retox, Robin Hoods, and probably a few more trying the formula. Banchang is a bit behind the curve, but I imagine there could be a few places stepping into this niche. Probably not on the "Strip" though, with the rents / leases as they are, right now.
  9. It's a sham and a con, same as most organized religion. Is this a "Eureka" moment for you?
  10. Restaurants In Ban Chang / Rayong

    ^Was busy last night. Little gem of a place really.
  11. Beer pricing in bars

    ^Pattaya is more of a "punter's market", due to (too much) competition, and better supply lines. Hence the much cheaper prices. Having said that, a lot of the Banchang "Strip" bar owners are still thinking that it's still the mid 90's with a load of Oil & Gas expats around with lots of money in their pockets. Thus, a lot of those place are up for sale, and change hands regularly. The demographic is now mostly expat retirees and / or people living on a lower budget.
  12. Not had a problem with TOT fibre, since upgraded from the basic package.
  13. Restaurants In Ban Chang / Rayong

    Not closing, just moving premises a few doors up to the "Bottoms Up" location. Will be open again there soon.
  14. ^Have you lost members of your family to local pollution, or related disease? If not, please stop plucking sanctimonious nuggets from the ether to try substantiate your agenda. A re you the same spammer trying to sell condos in Chantaburi as before?
  15. ^^Been living in the Banchang area (blithely, or otherwise) for over 22 years. No associated health problems in this area at all, (apart from the usual hazards encountered in Thailand, generally). Only thing I am aware of, is people with an agenda coming back to troll under another username. Hell-oooo.