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  1. Parents usually either working away, estranged, divorced, locked up, or druggies / alcoholics. Basically, your average nuclear Thai family unit. Hopefully "Grandad" will go away for a long time, or permanently as he is now a threat to his wife as well.
  2. Yep. Makes up for a lot of other faults.
  3. ^Similarly know a couple of people who have bought units in the Milford to live in, and seem very content there. I remember when there were literally hundreds of guys in the Milford during the mid 90's, working on the Maptaphut construction boom then. -Many complaints about lazy staff and management from 20+ years ago, so it's nice to know nothing has changed then.
  4. Yep. Please note that chanotes on any beachfront property is a myth.
  5. Maintenance of these boats doesn't seem a high priority, surprisingly.. Went on a boat trip from Ban Phe a few months ago. The boat broke down on the return leg, and we had to be towed back to port by another ship, whilst listing to Starboard at a jaunty angle. Added another dimension to a quite enjoyable trip, tbh.
  6. Encouraging that no one was caught shagging it, at least.
  7. We all did silly things as kids. Maybe some are too old and bitter to remember. Poor kid should have given himself a second chance. Feel sorry for his family. RIP.
  8. Tom & Dee with a 1/10th gram of meth. Hardly the French Connection is it?
  9. Saving the life of one of those nutcase minivan drivers is a bit of a mixed blessing. Thankfully, Somchai didn't have anyone else in the van when he left the road, as per usual MO. Shackling these drivers into their vehicles (projectiles), like the old Galley war ships might actually encourage a more responsible attitude to road safety, other road users, and dare I say it, their "customers" -gritting their teeth as their van undertakes and swerves all over the road. Hoping Somchai finds his way into another profession after his lucky escape.
  10. Yeah. Must be good stuff. Ketamine: Only fools and horses.
  11. Disagree. Thought the food was very good when the previous chef "Stu" was working there. For a pub / restaurant the daily specials (and desserts) were excellent. Lunchtimes are the busiest times, and always have been. Evenings, the Camel is usually the place to meet before moving in elsewhere, imo.
  12. ^That's a shame..
  13. ^Sounds plausible, and typical. Cheers.
  14. Having serious delays in receiving recent post and parcels sent to our home address in Banchang. I'm getting phone bills (or not getting, as the case may be) for example, after my line has already been cut off for non-payment. Anyone know what's going on here? This a local (Banchang) phenomenon, or more widespread?