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  1. It's a sham and a con, same as most organized religion. Is this a "Eureka" moment for you?
  2. Restaurants In Ban Chang / Rayong

    ^Was busy last night. Little gem of a place really.
  3. Beer pricing in bars

    ^Pattaya is more of a "punter's market", due to (too much) competition, and better supply lines. Hence the much cheaper prices. Having said that, a lot of the Banchang "Strip" bar owners are still thinking that it's still the mid 90's with a load of Oil & Gas expats around with lots of money in their pockets. Thus, a lot of those place are up for sale, and change hands regularly. The demographic is now mostly expat retirees and / or people living on a lower budget.
  4. Not had a problem with TOT fibre, since upgraded from the basic package.
  5. Restaurants In Ban Chang / Rayong

    Not closing, just moving premises a few doors up to the "Bottoms Up" location. Will be open again there soon.
  6. ^Have you lost members of your family to local pollution, or related disease? If not, please stop plucking sanctimonious nuggets from the ether to try substantiate your agenda. A re you the same spammer trying to sell condos in Chantaburi as before?
  7. ^^Been living in the Banchang area (blithely, or otherwise) for over 22 years. No associated health problems in this area at all, (apart from the usual hazards encountered in Thailand, generally). Only thing I am aware of, is people with an agenda coming back to troll under another username. Hell-oooo.
  8. Reliable Banchang Computer Repairer Needed

    Not Banchang, but my go-to guy for PC-related (office or home computer) is in Maptaphut: Khun "O", of A&I Services. Sent you his mobile no. by PM
  9. If true, it will certainly help to get delivery of the unlimited use of plastic bags into the sea a lot quicker than normal. Progress.
  10. How many 7/11 stores does Banchang have already..?
  11. Rayong Bay a 'dead sea' for fishermen

    The Bay at Rayong has had dwindling fish stocks for as long as I've been here (20+ years). I doubt that much planning, forethought, or sustainability has ever entered the equation, tbh. The supposedly "illegal" Halogen-light trawlers operating at night can't be helping matters either, I would imagine.
  12. Parents usually either working away, estranged, divorced, locked up, or druggies / alcoholics. Basically, your average nuclear Thai family unit. Hopefully "Grandad" will go away for a long time, or permanently as he is now a threat to his wife as well.
  13. Thailand – the hub of brilliant toilets

    Yep. Makes up for a lot of other faults.
  14. ^Similarly know a couple of people who have bought units in the Milford to live in, and seem very content there. I remember when there were literally hundreds of guys in the Milford during the mid 90's, working on the Maptaphut construction boom then. -Many complaints about lazy staff and management from 20+ years ago, so it's nice to know nothing has changed then.
  15. Yep. Please note that chanotes on any beachfront property is a myth.