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  1. Yep, spot on. This road is on my way to IRPC, and other customer plants also. Every now and then here, amongst all the usual road buffoonery and carnage, you'll see a really original 'out-of-the-box' maneuver that is heroically stupid. This was it.. Thais will always choose the easiest path between two points. Just think about raindrops running down a window pane.
  2. In other countries? -Unfavourably; Thailand has a high murder rate that doesn't get mentioned much as its mostly Thai on Thai. And amongst the underclass / poor Thais. Add to the fact that there is not much provision for mentally-ill people here also.
  3. huangnon

    Restaurants In Ban Chang / Rayong

    Nothing changed there in over 25 years, then..? I used to be a regular back in the 90's. Thanks for the update, brought back a few memories.
  4. huangnon

    Restaurants In Ban Chang / Rayong

    ^Thanks for the heads up, never been there but drive past every day. Will give it a try.
  5. Someone ought to file a paternity suit for those puppies.
  6. ^I think it's "allergen sulphur", a chemical used to make meat look "fresher". Other countries around the world have (illegally) used it also. https://myaccount.news.com.au/sites/dailytelegraph/subscribe.html?sourceCode=DTWEB_WRE170_a_GGL&mode=premium&dest=https://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/news/nsw/bodgie-butchers-fined-for-using-chemicals-in-their-meat/news-story/a5f4840b7a3a52709162d19ed986f3b8?nk=5ede56d8ae7ba66abd772a3b62f3b403-1533178207&memtype=anonymous
  7. Yep. Same worldwide. An exploitation-economy and social hierarchy. The West is busy eradicating the middle class right now, there will be a lot more people living in tin shacks soon, being told we've never had it so good. ?
  8. huangnon

    Restaurants In Ban Chang / Rayong

    ^Saw that earlier. As a former regular there since it opened, it made me a bit wistful, tbh. Oh well, thanks for the memories.
  9. huangnon

    Restaurants In Ban Chang / Rayong

    Not much chance of that, tbh.? However, as the Camel was the only non-girlie attendant pub / bar on the Strip, you now have no excuses (to the missus) for being up there anymore..? "I'm just in the Camel, dear" now not applicable.
  10. huangnon

    Restaurants In Ban Chang / Rayong

    Yep, sad to see the Camel closing it's doors after twenty-odd years. It was the first bar on the now (in)famous "Strip", that started the gold-rush at the time. Of course, the demographic of Banchang expat residents has changed a lot since then. The moneyed-up Oil & Gas / construction guys have been replaced by retirees, and people on local salaries. Times do indeed move on. The previous owner did well to sell it to the new guy Brian, but the place went rapidly downhill afterwards, it must be said. Brian's health might have been a factor, and I hope he is recovering well from recent surgery. I can't see anyone taking on the Camel afterwards, tbh. I heard the Retox chain took a look, and gave it a swerve, basically because of the work requires doing, and the bizarre multi-unit-lease arrangements. Maybe it will end up derelict like the the other expensive 'folly'; "Rumours", a few doors up.? Tbh, even as a long-term resident and sometime customer of those bars for most part, it wouldn't bother me to see most of those shabby generic beer-bars renovated into something else, or moved elsewhere.
  11. huangnon

    What's Happening In Phla Beach

    ^^What happened there?
  12. ^Yes. No respect for personal or braking space, you always find someone tailgating you here. Get a dashcam with front and rear.
  13. Jeez. Hopes he makes a full recovery. ?
  14. huangnon

    Certified document copying in Ban Chang

    ^PM sent.