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  1. Yep. Think the junta are just waiting quietly for this one to vanish off the front page of newspapers and indignant Thai FB users. In the meantime, spotlight is on Fatboy.
  2. ^BLCP has a large coal-fired power plant in Mapt, so does the Glow 3 plant.
  3. Don't ever go on (or near) a Thai National holiday. Or Friday after 2PM. Otherwise, it's normally pretty good
  4. I have a bridge for sale if anyone's interested?
  5. Koh Samed - Avoid

    Lots of Russians though.
  6. Koh Samed - Avoid

    Samed is usually worth bypassing to go another 2 hours drive to Ko Chang. More value for money, and better service, although still full of the package tourist classes from China. I think any nostalgic "Paradise Lost" references to either of these 2 islands belongs well into the last Century, though.
  7. Knife wounds? Appears to be very personal or a robber disturbed by this couple.
  8. Not being able to swim doesn't seem to curtail their maritime activity much, eh?
  9. Education and Underage Drinking

    Yes. Cheaper alcohol.
  10. Restaurants In Ban Chang / Rayong

    ^Tbh, if it's a decent imported steak that you're after, Banchang doesn't really cut the mustard. I'd rather hop in the car and go to either California Steak (Kameo, Rayong), or head in the other direction to Jomtien (Bruno's, News Steak, etc).
  11. Queen Sirikit Pattaya

    Queen Sirikit Hospital in Sattahip? Always been okay when people I know have required it, afaik. Thread on Pattaya forum: Here
  12. I'm seeing "7" figuring highly as an auspicious number in my next choice of lottery tickets.
  13. Banchang personality

    ^Ok, thanks. I will make a few inquiries around the campfire.
  14. Banchang personality

    I know Chuck from a long time ago also. Not seen him either for a while. If you have any info on his whereabouts, please update your thread. Did you read your PM^?
  15. Father, 72, hangs himself in Sattahip

    Very sad, poor bloke. RIP