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  1. As per normal Thailand’s laws completely out of step with reality...pretty much like everything there...it’s simply just a crap-shoot with everything!
  2. How about the banks doing a check every morning to see if there has been any tampering of their ATMs has occurred overnight and then shutting those which have been tampered with down and reviewing cctv on those machines to give to the police to flow up. Simple procedure no? leaving it up to the public who have no idea what an installed card skimmer device looks like is simply passing their duties off on the consumer. Their machines...their responsibility and that includes any losses incurred by the person using them! End of discussion!
  3. Somehow I don't think so. Can you imagine the conversation! HM would be mouthing silently to PP <deleted>! And then dismissing the bufoon who put the other bufoons call through!
  4. No need for that long sentence "Most Thai drivers have no idea" would have sufficed.
  5. Problem is many will simply select the current Phuket International airport when selecting their destination with the airline carriers and not the one which will add an additional half an hour to their trip on to Phuket traffic congestion excluded!
  6. Let’s all hope his adventure doesn’t end in a fall from a high rise condominium!
  7. Well then ..... that really was all just a waste of everybody’s time and money. I laude the DLT for their lead in taking up a stance on the matter but unfortunately you cannot unteach what is ingrained into the genes of these guys.
  8. Don’t worry your money is safe and you would get a full refund if your stay was affected by this.
  9. Ahhh yes that would be the logical solution but the real drive behind this is the rich Thai elite families who own or have major shares in the big hotels and don’t want the competition. It’s really that simple. What they are not understanding is that platforms such as Airbnb are significantly adding to the influx of tourists into the kingdom and the associated spend from those additional tourists. I would actually love to see them bar these platforms and watch the severe drop in tourist numbers they keep boasting about are getting bigger and bigger. They would be killing a massive sector of the tourist industry and the economic boost to other business supply these units not to mention the number of Thai people directly employed in the service or indirectly ancillary services which supply it. Its all about keeping the elites happy which is why there is Junta in power in the first place. Thailand is for the Thais...my foot! Thailand is for the elite Thais...is really what they mean.
  10. Ahem, you mean the ones the police don't control, didn't set up or receive tea money on?
  11. My absolute worst nightmare! Losing a child...completely unimaginable!
  12. Like a company security guard! I can see how these guys could be dangerous if not recognised for what they are!
  13. One can only hope, however I fear if that does occur the military will simply step straight back in until they get the result they want. Honestly, it’s going to take a war between Thai people and the military to ever get democracy back. The previous governments really should have seen this coming and could have crippled them (military) with budget cuts and more importantly by ending compulsory conscription 10 years ago. But as we all know, thinking ahead is really not Thailand’s strong suit. The longer the military remains in control it has the power to change the voting system and constitution to keep them in power indefinitely.