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  1. The trick is avoiding these types like the plague and they are easy to tell within 5 minutes of meeting them...but then again you know its the old "moth to a flame" kind of gig and some guys just can't help themselves with the nutters.
  2. "You get up dust yourself down and move on to the next one." l really don't mean this badly but if you've had 3 already clearly this is bad advice particularly in your case. If my marriage ever fails I most certainly will never do it again!
  3. This story just breaks my heart in every way imaginable. The mother's grief at this senseless and savage death cannot be comprehended...well certainly not by me. She and the family have my deepest sympathy and condolences.
  4. I wonder how many of us reading that burst out laughing. Obviously I could never ever ever ever do it under any circumstances but it does shed a humorous light on how excruciating painful a marriage can be. Men were simply not genetically programmed for marriage no matter which way you cut it, dice it or slice it. If it weren’t for raising children and the wish to keep a loving and stable environment for them the vast majority would simply opt out at some point, and some indeed do. Putting it another way...If I lost my wife or she divorced me I would never ever ever ever get married again! One should never make such absolute claims, but I feel strongly that this is the one exception to that rule!
  5. I think if he reads any of the comments from posters here he may just rethink that visit...I suspect it isn't going to happen in the end but heres hoping it does. On the other hand, if it is ever discovered that the lass involved was indeed telling porky pies she will have done irreparable harm to those who have actually suffered rape and worse on this island! I care not for the island, but for those that have been victims of it.
  6. Make sure you have a video of the entire interview. No doubt that will not be allowed.
  7. Any more legislation in Thailand and it will sink to the centre of the earth. You can't fart here without breaking some legislation somewhere. Heres an idea, try actually enforcing the legislation you do have before making any new ones. I suspect they have forgotten what they already passed into Law. Im pretty sure their computer crimes act covers just about anything related to this article...and then some!
  8. I’m not passing judgement on the lass but how do you get lured away from your fiancé. What was he doing at the time? Was his drink spiked too? Was he out of the area on some urgent business he suddenly needed to attend too. His back story on the day in question may shed more credibility to her story or cast doubt. If I was at a bar and some Russian bloke started chatting up my fiancé I would be rather hostile and on full alert!
  9. I thought the girls drink was spiked and she only realised something happened when she woke up on the beach with the rapist grinning at her? How was she to know how she got there and when and how long it was? Due pray tell me how the RTP suddenly have a full time line of events matched against tidal information...or did I miss a story in between somewhere where she had full recollection of the events of the evening. Something is fishy here and it doesn’t seem to be the girl at this stage in my very humble opinion.
  10. “And he asked netizens to stop commenting about his parents as that was hurtful” Oh and breaking a bottle over a females head isn’t? while I agree involving your mother is unnecessary you sort of lost your right to request that after you bottled the female tourist. Next time simply have the balls and the maturity to simply walk away. Something perhaps your mum should have impressed on you when you were young!
  11. I can remember this joke from years back "How do you know when an Indian is lying? Simple really...when he opens his mouth".
  12. The general response from the Thai public to the article is clear...they do not want or wish to be a 1st world nation. From what I have seen in over a decade is they couldn’t even if they wanted to for the vast majority. If they were able to, then surely the industrial revolution would have started it here...it didn’t. I’m sure some Thai bigwig could come up with some version where it did though...lol. The problem with Western thinking is we want everyone to come along with us, but unfortunately, on an evolutionary scale, it’s simply just not possible fast track it. That’s why it’s called evolution.
  13. It is and always will be the oldest profession in town...who really care...up to the two people doing the transaction!
  14. That’s exactly why this popped up to deflect that news away and make it all about Thailand. Fortunately, for them though, all we actually cared about was the well being of the missing lads. Sad how other agendas attempt to jump on the band wagon of success. Most Thais think it was the Thai Navy seals who found the boys first and now the Monk predicting they would be found. Let’s just pretend it was all done by the Thai operation and let the foreign volunteers get on with rescuing the boys back to daylight while the others get on with wai-ing each other in the mud in front of the cameras.