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  1. More Wi-Fi hotspots for Phuket as plan to tag tourists mulled

    They really do view tourists as some kind of dumb sub species that will do anything to come to here. I absolutely dare them to spend the billions to roll this white elephant out! They will soon find out (as they do everytime) that it will be a dismal failure! By the time they get anywhere close to it there will be several administration changes and no interest. They truly can come up with the most idiotic ideas on the planet bar none!
  2. Give them a break! They were drunk! Amazing how morally selective they can be. What a waste of time investigating it! Surely “officials” have more pressing issues to attend to in Sin City!
  3. Cheers mate! Any other banning suggestions you can give these goons. Their ability to understand anything, let alone tongue in cheek humour, is legendary. I get your humour and sarcasm, but they will take it as a brilliant idea and implement it. It’s like talking about something dangerous in front of a five year...they are likely to go straight out and try it!
  4. Where do I find a line that short!!! Tell tell tell...
  5. Oh Lordy, governments really do think we are all just all a bunch of dumb lemmings! The way the world currently runs I just can't see lasting in its current form. People are eventually going to get tired of all this BS and all these self entitled idiots running things. Unfortunately any change will just create a new bunch of idiots spouting the same nonsense from Ivory towers of self glorification. Its a very unfortunate, self sustaining cycle that human kind seems bent on repeating until we make ourselves extinct!
  6. If they managed to do that...and they can't due to the enforcers of the law being the biggest culprits...then any further development of the North east of Thailand would come to a standstill. Does the government truly believe these areas outside of Bangkok flourish on commerce, industry and farming?
  7. Its True!!! People will do anything for money!
  8. "In the transvestite category of the contest, 30-year-old Bandita Sangkachart, who weighs 96kg, emerged as the winner. “Prior to the contest, I weighed over 100kg. But after a bout of flu I lost weight and almost withdrew from the contest,” said Bandita, who now has Bt10,000 and a trophy." ...and of course a banana..or did they forget!
  9. As with all Juntas they cannot allow any form of criticism even from tea leaf reading druids. They really are struggling to contain themselves while putting on a democratic face for their bid in the much slated and...”continuously postponed general elections until we are sure we can win” “General” elections...rather apt name under the current government.
  10. Good point. Well in Thailand that would simple be what’s known as a vicious circle. I guess we would have to wait for stem cell research to catch up so they could grow them first.
  11. I am waiting for the follow up to this story of some from some official blaming those pesky Chinese (their insinuations, not mine) tourists. The second they blame someone else this seems to absolve them of all responsibility. How can you fix something if you don’t believe you are the cause? A bit like a drug addict in denial about their habit.
  12. I hear you but I think we will have to wait until brain transplants become a common mainstream medical practice like getting a tooth filled before any of that will change.
  13. Isn’t it all a bit black pot black kettle kinda stuff?
  14. Interestingly, and I do NOT post this as any form of defence of the German in the article as he was using the girl for purposes of prostitution, which has a different age threshold, but the age of concent for Thailand according to the attached link is 15? Shockingly, there are some which are as low as 11yo! https://www.ageofconsent.net/world
  15. It is these loopholes which allow the brown envelope vacuum tube system to run smoothly amoung the influential who are responsible for closing such loopholes. Ergo don’t expect them closed anytime soon. Corruption and abuse is the very foundation of the Thai justice system I am sorry to say which is why many foreign criminals flock here as they know a well placed brown envelope could help secure a favourable outcome should they be apprehended. Indeed, many arrests and investigations are only undertaken to facilitate this process to keep the money flowing onwards and upwards! It’s really only the poorer Thais which end up taking the full brunt of the Thai justice system. I am surprised at how low the some of the percentages were. I would have thought 99.9% of Thai respondents would have had little or no faith in the system with the other 0.1% not actually understanding the question.