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  1. I am not judging "blocs"; I am simply stating what I have seen and what I have read in the media, including here on TV. You can simply research the media to find numerous stories of low-life farangs here. However, I have known at least one criminal here in hiding--actually I did not know he was a criminal until he returned to his home country and failed to come back for his bar business. He was jailed in his home country; I know because we were friends and he contacted me asking help. I have known more than one farang criminal here who try to sell drugs and/or stolen property, because they have approached me. I know over-stayers, both intentional and accidental; however, when an accidental refuses to set it straight, it stinks of intentional. I know bar stool jockeys, or worse yet, closet drinkers, who spend their days in drunken stupor. Worse yet, I know at least two dead-beat dads who refuse to support their children here, both English, by the way. So, I am judging people individually; but there are more than one of them to judge; hence, it is plural. Yeah, I have friends in low places; so there may be some who would call me a low-life. I speak my mind, stand-up for what I believe, and am willing to give anyone a second chance. I ride motorcycles, I run the bars, I wear t-shirts, shorts, and clogs when not in my biker gear. However, none of that is illegal. I am here legally. I pay my own way. I owe no one. I have no criminal record. I undertake no criminal activities. I support my children. I only drink socially; although, I may drink too much at times. However, I am cutting back on drinking because it hurts too long afterward now and I am quite long in the tooth; so it wears on me.
  2. Good, as I said, I was hoping you were not.
  3. That's true. However, there have been plenty of other stories on TV and in the mainstream media of criminal farangs extradited from here and other farangs arrested and jailed here for various crimes,
  4. Touched a nerve did I? Which ones would you like to hear about? The ones who are hiding here from criminal activity elsewhere; the ones who are involved in criminal activities here; the ones who get girls pregnant and refuse to help raise the kids; the ones who are on their bar stools by 9am and are passed out by dark; the ones who simply overstay their visas . . . . . You will just have to be more specific. Oh, maybe you should just read the OP, about the Iranian who shaved his ex's head and raped her
  5. yeah, look at all the low-life farangs with whom they end-up.
  6. There are always exceptions. However, I hope you are not suggesting, based on your good fortune, that he come back and marry her to see.
  7. Sorry, posted twice
  8. Very true, it is a game and the girls do try to outdo each other. I knew a group of freelance girls in Manila many years ago. Their game was to see which girl could get their customers to pay a few extra days in a hotel--so they all had a nice hotel to share. Of course, having the punter buy food and drinks for her friends was commonplace. Their point system was quite sisterly; the greatest recognition came to those who could get Buster to spend the most money on your friends.
  9. You may have been joking, but I have seen it happen in Vietnam, the Philippines and in Thailand. There was quite a row in a local ex-pat community here when a Thai married to a rotation worker had "her husband's friends" staying there while he was gone. I knew a moma-san in Vietnam who made a good living writing letters--pre-email days--using her large repertoire of excuses to encourage the lovelorn farangs to send money in support of the local bar girls. One girl I knew very well in the PI had two German boyfriends who sent her money every month--and that amount would be a livable amount today. Her story was she wanted to go to school to become a nurse; so they were in love and were helping with housing tuition, fees and living. She did get herself a decent apartment and some nice clothes, but she still worked the bars. All she had to do was make sure they didn't come to the PI at the same time--her favorite excuse to delay their arrival; I have exams then. I used to stay in her apartment when I was in Manila--no sense letting a good time stand in the way of principle.
  10. It seems to me a lot of cuckolded posters have been here quite a while.
  11. Would you want her to have it translated for him? And, of course, that would only help if he knew her real name,or the name of her aunt.or the little honey didn't just get another birth certificate. Of course, if he has been sending her money, he may know her name.
  12. Yes, you have been stupid. Don't let anyone sugar-coat it. Learn from it.
  13. smotherb

    International Avocado arguement

    If my wife or I want something and the price difference is a matter of a few baht, we get it. I prefer to go through life not looking at the right side of the menu. However, if you are talking about something of value; that is a different story. It's worth the time to seek the best deal.