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  1. If you call to up your limit with the card-issuing bank; you can draw that amount, but you may have to go to several ATMs to do it.
  2. Drinks in girlie bars have always varied dependent upon the proprietor's whim. I've seen ladies' drinks vary in price dependent upon whether or not: the girl was a dancer, the girl was a singer, the girl had children, the girl had stretch marks, the girl was over 25 or 30, the girl was white, the girl was tall, the girl was pretty, the girl could speak English, the girl gave more than vaginal intercourse, etc., ad infinitum. Nothing new and no big deal; they must have taken you for a newbie.
  3. You said, " . . . the majority of voters for Change used DJT " Voters for change would not be the ones to vote for Hillary, would they? So, they are Trump voters. The majority of voters were not change voters; Hillary won by three million votes. Nevertheless; are you defending Trump for selling-out the US intelligence agencies in favor of Putin's strength and power? Even trump himself is trying to distance himself from his statements; somehow he will convince you trumpets that Obama or Hillary said those things.
  4. smotherb

    Expats who want to leave, if they could

    I was happy with my lot--had a good looking gf, a well-paying job and drove a Corvette. However, I always wanted to travel, to live and work overseas. So, I proactively pursued it and spent my career years as an expat. Perhaps, it was because I never really had a place to call home. My step-father was in the USAF and we traveled from base to base when I was a kid; I simply carried on that cycle of travel.
  5. smotherb

    Expats who want to leave, if they could

    Yeah, I've been gone since early 2007 and have been out as long as 14 years. I doubt you will have too much of a problem readjusting. I remember I missed the cheap personal services the most--laundry, haircut, manicure, pedicure, massage, etc. Be careful driving, you'll get a ticket, you don't have to wai when you meet someone, and they frown on bringing your own bottle into a bar.
  6. smotherb

    Expats who want to leave, if they could

    Pilotman, I couldn’t help thinking about what you said, “ . . . how many of you would leave Thailand if you could, or regret ever coming here in the first place?” The thoughts of not being able to leave Thailand and regretting to have ever come, are depressing at best. I realize there may be people with no home to go to, who are too sick to be moved, too poor to buy a ticket out, and who have too much to lose to go back. It would seem only too sick is a valid reason. If no home, go somewhere else; if no money, beg, borrow or work; if too much to lose, cut your losses and go. The thought of regretting you ever came to Thailand is equally dreary. There may be those who were made the cuckold, lost a bundle of money, or committed some stupid deed. Well, let that be a lesson and don’t do it again. I am ready to leave Thailand and most likely will this year. At almost eleven years in the same house, this is the longest I have ever spent anywhere. Although I am not pleased with all Thailand has to offer; I have been happy here, but have no problem with leaving. However, as I have done for over fifty years, I will be back; I am only changing my SEA base.
  7. smotherb

    Expats who want to leave, if they could

    I can feel for you Texas. When I first left the States I went to SEA for four years. When I left, I was ready to go home. I enjoyed seeing and doing the people and things I missed. However, when the chance came; I was ready to go overseas again. I did, over and over all my life. It seems, each time I returned home, the same people were sitting at the same tables, or on the same bar stools, and carrying-on the same conversations they were when I left the last time. It was like some soap opera into which I was a reappearing character. Now, I am retired and feel more at home in SEA than in the States.
  8. It may not be that easy. To win a defamation suit, three points must be made; 1) the allegation had to have been made public, 2) the allegation must be false, and 3) the allegation must damage the victim's reputation. I imagine there would be little argument that point 1 is met. However, how can Unsworth prove he is not a pedo; how can he prove the allegation damaged his reputation? I'd wager a rich man's lawyers could find a lot of argument therein.
  9. Ah, er, ah; did you not see what I said? " Our country's name is the United States of America. America is in our name. The other countries in North and South America do not have the word "America" in their names, do they?" North and South America are the continents; so how is it you think I forgot about the continents? The peoples from the other countries in North or South America, just like the Americans, are called by the names of their countries; e.g., Brazilians, Argentinians, Peruvians, Costa Ricans, Hondurans, Mexicans, Canadians, etc. Would you rather call the people from the United States of America, Unitedians or Statesians? We prefer Americans. If you don't like it; well, you can cry.
  10. I think there is where you miss the point. It's only money; and although I am not rich, I have enough to treat me and mine very well.
  11. Providing facts to the trumpets is like pounding sand down a rathole; they would rather believe whatever the great deceiver says.
  12. Smoke and mirrors. Look over there! That is the trump doctrine. No one is saying it is illegal to business with Russia; except maybe trump claiming Germany was totally dependent on Russia because they buy energy from them. And, I don't know which majority of voters you speak; trump won no majority of voters.
  13. Sorry, I am happily married and I was speaking of the OP and his desire to have a business lady and party. Too bad you have to have your good times compliments of others. When I worked I always flew first or business class, when traveling stayed in five-star hotels, when on assignment had my family with me in very nice housing and usually drove a Mercedes; all at company expense. When I took vacations away from it; spending $5k/wk was not unusual. When I retired and had to pay for it myself; I fly mostly economy, stay in less expensive hotels and drive Japanese cars. However, I still frequently enjoy a good meal and a bottle or two of wine and travel often throughout SEA. No problem spending money.
  14. And why is American not technically correct? Our country's name is the United States of America. America is in our name. The other countries in North and South America do not have the word "America" in their names, do they?
  15. Raped? My my, sounds like a person who has never had enough money to spend.