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  1. I had absolutely the same close to Nakhon Sawan hwy#1 a couple of years ago. The only difference - it was at night, guy was on motorbike and he didn't turn on a headlight.
  2. euge001

    Vietjet Air -- Reviews

    I tried to fly by VietJet to Bangkok a couple of months ago. Always used AirAsia, Thai Airways and BKK Airways before. So I arrived to check-in counter 52 min before flight (because I spent 20 minutes a night before flight trying to checkin online and I didn't find a way how to do it). So guy on a counter just said that check-in time is finished and he can do nothing with it. I tried to ask him where I can see airlines rules and he answered of course - go to our website. The problem for me was I had important meeting in BKK that morning. But VietJet staff refused me to pass check-in 50 min before flight. So I came back home. And my plane still was at the boarding gate for 40 minutes more) At the same time I always arrive at the airport 45-50 min before my flights to BKK by another airlines and I never had any problems with that for 8 years (my house just in 5 minutes from airport). So guys, just be careful with their check-in policy) and good luck.
  3. euge001

    Live webcam from Chiangmai

    1. Camera is ok. Channel address in youtube is https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkdor0Pwk6MgHwe0xxEC87g 2. If you guys know the private place with a nice view and stable internet connection just let me know - we are plan to setup at least 2 more cameras in the city. Thank you!
  4. Hi guys. For people who interested in current weather information we opened a live webcam here Enjoy!
  5. FDA approved of course. ZapIt looks really good. I will be highly appreciated for any sort of help/contacts from your side. We need it. And thank you for your attention to my post too.
  6. we can discuss it in pm if you're interested. We have detailed proposal to investor.
  7. we actually have a engineering company in Chiang Mai. They develops aerial application module now. Price will be very friendly.