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  1. Sold my car to one of the 2nd hand car "tents", the owner knows his way around but could not find a way around the certificate of residence problem. This after contacting his contacts at DLT so I guess no way around. A related question: I am Dutch and we have no (hon.) consul in CM, is it possible for a (hon.) consul to issue a CR for a person of another nationality ? For the Dutch it seems very difficult as the Embassy/consulate requests a proof that one has really emigrated, this has to be less than 6 months old and can applied for at a Dutch municipality, which sends it, I hope, to my Thai address and I send it with other documents to the Dutch Consulate which might issue a CR so that I can sell my car. Welcome to Kafkaland. Joop
  2. Had a booking from Chiang Mai on 30 oct and back on 4 nov, they were both cancelled. Spoke to the helpdesk and they were very sorry but had no alternative (I was going to Vientiane via NongKhai) Booked NOK air from CNX but this is a late afternoon flight. The ticket will be refunded, the telephone conversation was followed with an email where the refund info was detailed.
  3. Hi Don, Ordered a CB500X recently, will have to wait for delivery and first oil change. Will send you a PM when I am ready and see if I can join you. regards, Joop
  4. Probably the place is Sop Gai or Sop Kai as I see it usually written. As the name already indicates it is where the small stream Mae Kai joins the Mae Taeng river. You reach it from Chiang Mai by taking the 107 to Mae Taeng and go left onto the 3162 road that follows the river. You pass the elephant camp, rafting etc. in Muang Khuet (again spelling?) where there is a bridge over the Mae Taeng. Continue on the road to the next bridge, this is Sop Kai. There is a small resort there, from Muang Khuet the road is not sealed, not sure how the condition is in the rainy season. GPS 19.234807, 98.783777 Joop
  5. The list of posting 11 is from the book page 135. here and in the rest of the chapter it is often repeated always using sin bon for corruption and sin namjai as a gift of good will often in a patron-client type relationship. Joop
  6. Posted mine Saturday 20 december, it was processed 22 and I received the new slip 24.
  7. My main source of information about that is: Sop-Li: A Fiftheenth Century Bronze Casting Workshop. By Carol Stratton. Journal of the Siam Society. 2009 Vol. 97. PDF file. Carol Stratton has been in Thailand since the early 1970s and began her career as a young volunteer guide at the National Museum in Bangkok. Since then she went on to become a distinguished writer and lecturer on Lanna T'ai art. Her best known book, Buddhist Sculpture of Northern Thailand [silkworm Books 2004] is a definitive study. In a footnote to her JSS article she states: "Efforts to find out if the current inhabitants of Sop-Li village have retained any memory of this famed bronze-casting workshop were abortive. According to Ajarn Vithi Panich of Chiang Mai University, such exemplary craftsmen would have been taken off to Burma during its long occupation of Lanna T'ai, and other people would have been relocated to the area." That's just conjecture of course; but it seems plausible to me. I have never heard of any excavations being done at the site. Thanks for your interest. Trying to find the exact location of Sop-Li village has met with no success so far. I have seven maps that include the area, but none of them show a junction of the Ping and Li Rivers. The better maps show the Li River [Mae Nahm Li] as splitting up into several branches and petering out not far south of the modern town of Li. Is the statement that the town and its 15th century foundry was "located on the confluence of the Ping and Li Rivers" misinformation? Perhaps I misunderstand, but it seems obvious that the confluence of Ping and Li is not far from Chom Thong. If you start looking for it down south you will find its origins and not the confluence, you are aware of the fact that the flow of the Li river is in Northern direction ? There is only a single reference and for me unclear if it says made by workers from the sop li village or it might say made by villagers from the sop li area in that case there might never have existed a village by the name Sop Li Seems unlikely to me that the casting of a big and important image would have been done in the village, usually it was done near the temple where it was to reside. Like the big one in Wat Chedi Luang that was cast there and on the field next to the temple there were "a thousand furnaces" or Phan Tao where later the temple with the same name was created.
  8. A friend is in need of a good specialist in the field of hand surgery / microsurgery. He has cut the extensor tendon of one of his fingers and was treated with some delay in Chiang Mai. The healing process seems very slow and painful and communication with the Dr. difficult so he lost confidence and wants a second opinion and is looking at a specialist in this field. I found some old threads from 2008/2009 where Sheryl recommends Prof. Panupan Songcharoen. Is this information still up to date or are other specialists to be preferred ? He would not mind flying in to BKK a number of times or stay there a while, he is not looking for the cheapest solution but for the highest level of expertise. Thanks, joop
  9. Try this one https://www.google.com/maps/@18.895461,99.003775,3a,75y,329.61h,83.54t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1st0R5BEYtRegiAaLgRuJnQQ!2e0 joop
  10. See post 86 and the link there The first page is the directive signed by the minister, the rest is detailing by the ministry of health. The directive names three groups: - those waiting to be added to the prakan sangkhom scheme - children - foreigners in general
  11. Have you ever noticed how many Burmese ?? the number of farang will not make much difference
  12. Just returned from the registration procedure in Chiang Mai. Last week I tried first at the SuanDok hospital and was sent to many places but in the end they had to admit that they did not know about is. I had with me a copy of the directive of the minister of health. Next try was at the Nakornping hospital. This is the provincial hospital and there they knew about it and had no problems with me being a foreigner. Went back today with copies of my passport, fresh certificate of residence from Immigration, copy of my partners ID card and a copy of her tabian baan. Went to registration, blood and urine was collected and an xray taken. Paid 600 + 2200 and got a note to come back next week to pick up the card. In the end they did not use the certificate of residence or the copy of the tabian baan of my partner. So: not married and no yellow tabian baan but no problem registering.