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  1. "She is accusing somebody of sexual assault, of course it should be investigated by the proper authorities. And a senate commission is not the proper authorities" Is sexual assault a Federal crime, or is it one to be investigated by local authorities.? The head of the senate commission said on the news that they have investigators that have the ability to do this, and have been used in other cases .
  2. Tragically another fit, young traveller who didnt see the need for travel insurance.
  3. biggles45

    Transfer funds from au bank into super fund

    If you have your oz sim card with you then you could send it to the friend in oz. They could receive the code and send it on to you ! The 10k a day is a hassle but a "recurring" transfer every day for 30 days is a good option as someone suggested.
  4. biggles45


    Regardless of the quality/taste, the thing that surprises me most about Starbucks, is the price especially in the Philippines and Thailand. The price for a medium coffee is close to one third of the daily wage for many locals. In my local Starbucks in AC it is full of school age kids most afternoons, dunno how they can afford it.
  5. "Trump wants to finish off UNRWA so he can terminate the right of refugees (to return)," said Abeidi, 53" Or perhaps he is just tired of paying out money to people who are no longer entitled to it and hate everything America stands for., ?
  6. biggles45

    The dark secret of Thailand’s child brides

    Nothing will be done by Western governments eager to appease muslim migrants just as with the muslim men who have four wives, even tho bigamy is illegal. In Australia they treat 3 of the "wives" as single mothers, give each one a government pension and a place to live in, courtesy of the tax payer.
  7. "and those refugees who were not fleeing from an active war zone were likely to have their applications rejected." So whats wrong with this? Isn't that what should make them refugees instead of illegal economic immigrants?
  8. biggles45

    Don’t demand bribes, firefighters told

    A fine example of Thainess at its best.
  9. " said Romsit had not expedited several pending cases, citing legal and other constraints, which prompted the premier to have him moved to an inactive post in the PM’s Office" Well a military junta wouldnt want "legal constraints" to interfere with their witch-hunt would they?
  10. biggles45

    Advice about trip to HK

    Yes the MRT makes travel from Kowloon to HKK very quick and cheap. Also very easy to use for english speakers. Use Agoda.com or booking.com and look for their "deals" you can also look around Central but more expensive than Kowloon
  11. "They can't be bothered. The police may have had a percentage of the fines " A friend in Pattaya tried to break-up a fight between two drunk foreigners. One threw a punch at him, missed and decked my friends wife to the floor causing big damage to her teeth and jaw. Cops made the guy pay for medical/dental but when the wife wantd the guy charged the cop in charge said there was no crime report. It must have cost the drunk a lot to pay them off!!
  12. "millenial humour never got me." I have seen every season, love the humour and the Sheldon character especially. I am 72 years old and British........certainly no millenial (did they even have them when the show started?)
  13. "Instead they should lower the age to the use VIP lanes, which is now at 70 years. 60 years would be more appropriate. These lanes also should be open to families with kids." They are, also pregnant women and disabled.
  14. The Junta and the TAT dont really care about a lessening of Western tourists or expats . It is all about NUMBERS and getting that headline of +10% more tourists each year is important to keep your job. Its easy to fudge some mythical spending amounts to keep those numbers up. I do often wonder how a country with under 70 million will cope with this obsession with getting more tourists every year.
  15. ". Also the rich guy won't know the specific nature of their relationship because he's too distant and may assume romance." some years ago, I was dating a woman in Pattaya whose younger sister, whose house it was, was the Mia Noi of a wealthy Bangkok man. After only 2 weeks the younger sister had a Thai male visit her, wanting to know who the farang was coming to the house. It is naive to assume the weakthy Thai men dont keep tabs on their "property"