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  1. ""Mr Yuthasak said that the response operations and the support provided to the victims and their families were performed well. “You did good, were fast, efficient,” he said" A bit like closing the stable door afterwards.....the boat had sunk and people were dead !!
  2. The northern end of Pattaya beach road is busy with thais on Sundays. Sitting on mats, having a good time with lots of food. walk past when they have gone, rubbish everywhere, never a thought to pack it up and take it home for disposal. This is the mindset here and will unlikely chane. Start with the young ones in schoo
  3. "Following the tragedy of the Asian Tsunami on Boxing Day in 2004 almost three dozen foreign countries contributed to the effort to help the victims find their missing loved ones" I seem to recall immigration insisting that all the volunteers had to have work permits!!
  4. I noticed that of the 629 'refugees' that were taken to Spain by rescue boat, only 62 were women and children? Only the men could raise the money to pay huh!!
  5. I am also in favour of the death penalty where absolute guilt can be proven, but can you rely on the corrupted Thai 'justice' system to justify an execution?
  6. As JAG said earlier, will anycountry with a democratic government and respected court system send some one back to a military dictatorship? Britain wouldn't.
  7. biggles45


    I have a Debit card issued by BPI bank in the Philippines. I opened a Paypal account and linked it to this account. I have used this Paypal account many times to purchase air fares over the internet without any problems.
  8. "yes they named it correctly" They called it XXXX cos Queenslanders can't spell Beer !!
  9. biggles45

    Women take over the red carpet at Cannes

    Most of these women are privileged and wealthy so nothing to stop them producing their own films. Put their money where there mouths are ?
  10. It would be nice if Thais spent as much time practicing and following Buddhas teachings as they do worrying about these sort of things.
  11. "Still, its rather a shame that all offenders are not chased as vigorously as this particular tourist because "doing a runner" here after an accident appears to be a national pastime." When my pillion and I were stopped doing a right turn in Pattaya, a Thai man in a pickup hit us. He stopped, walked over and saw we were unconscious and sped off. Not one Thai person got his number. Yes, a national pastime and a disgrace.!
  12. biggles45

    Smog rings alarm bells in Chiang Mai

    I took my Filipina GF to CM some yers ago after raving about how lovely it was. It took six weeks before her breathing returned to normal and her cough went away. Now she tells everyone she knows not to go to CM RINGS THE ALARM BELLS !! They have been ringing for at least ten+ years and not a damn thing has been done about it. The media just recycle last years news stories every twelve months.
  13. "For many in the group, the hardships of forging a new life in Mexico was not worth the insecurity they would face, even with the same language and similar culture to their home countries" What rubbish, no free welfare money in Mexico.
  14. " In addition, they fulfill the requirement at Immigration." My understanding is that they want to see cash in any currency, not TC.?
  15. biggles45

    Visa exempt stamps

    My understanding, from personal observation and from other posts, is that there are no atm machines BEFORE you pass thru immigration.