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  1. Thais do not follow the principles of buddhism very much, it is a very materialistic and money focussed society. As others have said, they do not always transplant well, need Thai friends, food etc After 13 years living in thailand and regular visits to the Philippines I met a lovely Filipina who had worked in Lebanon for 7 years and still together 6 years later. As a few others have suggested, take a trip there, look ata a few dating sites and see what eventuates
  2. "However, upon realising the impact, Teerakiat revised his decision based on the government’s interests, Ong-art added." Isn't this a perfect example of hypocracy ?
  3. Tax changes for expats

    I seem to recall reading that in addition to these changes they scrapped the capital gains tax concession for tax non residents as well ?
  4. Premchai poaching case will be closely watched

    As usual, nothing will happen to these people, all part of Thai culture, bow down to the mighty baht.
  5. Some years ago I and a passenger were waiting to turn right at an intersection. A Thai guy in a pickup hit us from behind, we are lying in the road unconscious. He gets out, walks back and sees we are out to it, gets back in and drives off. Not one Thai present got his number for the police when they arrived....dont get involved is the Thai national motto. I spent 3 days in hospital with a broken collar bone, pillion was ok, fortunately.
  6. When I read these types of posts on TV I wonder if I have passed through some sort of space worm hole and been transported to North Korea !!
  7. On south road in Pattaya the police will encourage you to park on the footpath as it is illegal to park in the roadway on some days/times.
  8. Once the illegal labour dries up for the construction projects of the wealthy then the "crackdown" will be relaxed.
  9. I got a laugh out of the "pretend" concern from the Thai officials about the poor consumers and the Thai image. Who are they kidding, its all about the loss of,the money into the right Thai pockets and it always will be.
  10. Wonderful news, this will solve ALL of Thailands problems with dirty and polluted beaches. congratulations to the authorities for this well thought out plan. 🤑
  11. Have we somehow gone through a time warp and Are we actually in North Korea?
  12. I visited just after it was brought in and it was being enforced, obviously greed has won out. Having said that I thought it was very over rated and wouldn't recommend that anyone go.
  13. Leaving Thailand quickly

    I woke up on morning in Pattaya and one side of my face had dropped. I feared a stroke but felt ok with everything else, so jumped on the bike and off to BHP. Saw a neurologist specialist straight away and as soon as I walked in and she saw my tace she told me I had Bells Palsy, similar symptoms but usually not serious. Gave me some tablets Nd cream for my face, total for consult 500 baht plus meds So Bells Palsy would seem easy to diagnose for a doctor, unlikely you have it I would think. It cleared up within about 4 weeks and face was as handsome as ever. Wish you luck with your recovery.
  14. A quota system was introduced at the Underground River Caves in the Philippines some years ago due to over crowding. Shows it can be done and appears to work well.
  15. In a truly corrupt society it is sufficient to come up with any BS explanation that those investigating can hang their hat on.