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  1. "Nearly all MB rental businesses in Thailand would be closed. " And thats exactly why the law in Phuket has not been enforced strictly since it was brought in six months ago !
  2. "thais hate confrontation so this is what happens after 20 years bottling up emotions. A hair trigger!" So do the Japanese but you dont see reports in Japan of violent reactions to seemingly minor incidents.
  3. biggles45

    3 months in, 3 months out cycle

    Filipina GF and I have spent 5 months a year in Thailand for the last 6 years. 2 X 60 days and one visa free 30 days. Neither of us has ever been questioned by IO, tho our passports shiw visits to many orther Asian countries. here at the moment. However I am 73 and obviously not working.
  4. "Jakraphan said that alleged victims of fraud should go to the police who will investigate, reported Sanook."
  5. "I thought that perhaps they might be going the e-visa route but that's not part of the equation yet. It must be time to modernise the whole system" I was sure that with Thailand 4.0 this would happen !! GF and I come from Philippines twice a year fir the kast 6 years on TV. Embassy in Manila takes 2 business days to issue one, so 2 nights accom, travel 100km each way. On-line would be great, but they can't even get OL reporting to work reliably n Thailand so not much hope.
  6. "this is only concern landlords who rent out properties to foreigners...." no concern to Thai landlords I expect. My apartment building where I have rented for 9 years has 42 rooms. Mostly foreigners who, like me, come and go. Some I know do 90 day reports. The building manager has NEVER reported any residents return to Immigration and has never been fined.