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  1. OP, did you write the will in Thailand or in the UK? Is a will made in Thailand accepted by an english court, assuming it is translated? I can understand how your wife could inherit your assets in Thailand from a Thai will but I am unclear how she would be expected to access assets in the UK, would she have to go there to lodge the will, death certificate etc. This is a very important issue for many of us here and I am surprised that the posts are concentrating on the "believe" angle and not the substance of your problem. Maybe the Aunt is thinking of the same issues that I have raised?
  2. GF and I were there early this year, people friendly and helpful, quite a contrast to Bangkok. We stayed in Bukit Bintang, good shopping, eating etc. We also went to Georgetown on Penang and Langkawi and thoroughly enjoyed it. We will be back.
  3. KP were found to have greatly exceeded the allowable amount of retail space under their contract, but nothing was done about it. Says it all about the AOT management doesn't it, no wonder they are in support of KP once again.
  4. "Without the ability to apply hotel tax to unlicensed properties, the island is being denied much needed revenue that could be reinvested into infrastructure" Ahh, that makes it all clearer, it isn't about safety, or Phukets reputation, it is all about getting money into the local government beaucracy, and more to be distributed to the chosen ones I guess.
  5. I always thought Saudi Arabia was the biggest supporter of terrorism (remember 9/11?) So why the anger against Qatar? Are they just supporting a different group of terrorists that the other countries don't like?
  6. "If so, the problem was not lack of education but lack of consideration." Then they should fit in very well in Thailand, surely among the world's most inconsiderate people. !!
  7. With Thais it is all about "them" and their needs, a very selfish people. That is why they park anywhere they want, make as much noise when they want etc. As others have said they are a volatile people, the "peace-loving budhists" is just a myth so complain at your own risk.
  8. I know 3 men who have paid between 15k and 22k to renew their retirement extension without having the required money in the bank., It doesn't matter how much you paid them the corruption and greed is so deeply ingrained into the organisations that they will not stop grafting. It has become an accepted part of Thai culture now.,
  9. The RTP force is beyond reform, those that could perhaps make it work have no wish to do so.
  10. Also, Unless you have a non immigrant visa they will only give you a 2 year licence.
  11. "Surat Thani provincial police said Friday they had ordered officers on Koh Tao island to reopen an investigation" A total waste of time as no Thai official involved is ever going to admit they were wrong, it is not in the culture. Huge loss of face !!
  12. "My " is to give her money to book and buy her own ticket separately from my booking. She and I show up at the check-in counter separately and if she is questioned, she will say that she is going to visit a relative who stays in Thailand. " A very bad idea, Tropo has it right. Better to show them a genuine relationship and that she has reason to return to RP and not work illegally in Thailand. She gets a tourist visa in Manila at no charge but it takes two business days to issue. Filipina GF and I spent 5 months a year in Thailand, for the last five years. 3 X 2 month visa plus one 30 day. Been together 5+ years and no problem with immigration in RP now but questions at first. You need to be with her the first time and able to convince them you are a genuine couple, this will make subsequent trips easier. Half a dozen questions for her now and straight thru. A huge Filipina population in Pattaya, GF has dozens of friends there. The church on Sukhumvit near Klang is the favoutred meet-up place on Sundays.
  13. Kasikornbank have a facility called PIN2, whereby they do not send you an OTP. Rather you input the PIN2 onto a different screen instead of a OTP. PIN2 is a totally different password to log in. It is a PERMANENT password and you will need to apply at a branch office. I have used it for 15 years now and works well.
  14. The same show is held at the croc farm in Pattaya several times a day for many years now. I always thought the routine with the stick was more to "mesmorise' the croc, rather than teasing him.
  15. I just had a very pleasant experience at Swampy immigration. I arrived with a 60 day tourist visa from Manila embassy but I need to leave after 10 days, stay away for one week and then return to Thailand for the balance of the 60 days. When I explained this to the IO I asked if he could give me 30 days entry and I could then use my TV when I returned, saving me getting a re-entry permit., He thought for a moment, stamped my passport and said "I never saw any tourist visa" Nice one!!