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  1. The people get the government they deserve, but surely no-one deserves this!
  2. Those rose colored glasses make it hard to see the he pollution I guess !!
  3. " but i thought they used alot of cheap filipino english teachers in the schools" Many of the Filipinos that we know here pay an agent who has a contact in immigration. Expensive but they are legal so less hassle.
  4. "But isn't it a counter to CNN, which to this outsider seems to comprise left-wing, democrat supporting propaganda?
  5. My Neighbour Keeps Parking their multiple Cars!

    A friend had a Thai neighbour park in front of his gate at 4am, and he couldnt get out at 9am to shop. He went and banged on the guys door till he woke up and moved the car 20 feet back in front of his own house! Same thing next morning and more banging and moving of the car. It went on for 5 days before the idiot realized that he was going to get woken up every day he parked there. They are slow learners sometimes
  6. "If they don't listen then call the police to be waiting the next morning to have a chat" A waste of time. i live near a private school and every day at 4pm the cop on duty at the police box 200 yards away walks down and directs the traffic while all the under-age, helmetless kids ride out 3 up on their bikes. I once asked one of the mothers why they let their children do this and she said they couldnt get to school otherwise. When I suggested they could walk or ride a bike she looked at me like I was insane.
  7. Someone should have let a few tyres down, then he would have a handicap !
  8. "most likely as they have never been invaded thus never had to adapt." they adapted very well when the Japanese invaded, swapped sides very quickly
  9. Just when you think that they couldn't get any more pathetic.....they prove you wrong !
  10. B13mn Phuket lifeguard contract quietly awarded

    "The daily pay is puny for ensuring all those GFs, loonie people, tykes wandering into the surf, drunk tourists, fools and ignorants return home alive." and yet on Australian beaches they manage to do this with volunteer life-guards.
  11. Thais do not look right when merging into another roadway. Stand at any intersection, even one manned by the useless "police" and watch them. I see it dozens of times on my 3km ride to the coffee shop. Riding on the left, near to the kerb can be a dangerous spot to be.
  12. The wife was Thai so I wonder how easy this would all have been for a Swedish couple on their first trip here.
  13. I'm charged with money laundering?

    "The O/P has been allowed to leave the country while the matter is under investigation, so he hasn't been charged with anything yet. " I read it that he was smart enough to get out before the slow moving, most likely corrupt locals could take action to stop him. Good for him!
  14. I hope they give him some credit for not fleeing while on bail !!
  15. So just how many planes does their air force have ? Over 300 generals, overkill surely. ,