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  1. Highway Robbery without the Highway

    http://I Always thought the call rates were set by the destination country ?
  2. True or more CM Immigration rubbish ?

    This post, and several others, is a good reminder of why I got a retirement visa in the Philippines and now spend 6 months in each place, using tourist visas for Thailand. I have had my Resident Retirement Visa for 7 years, I have NEVER reported/visited Immigration in that time. I don't need an entry/exit permit, I just come and go with a smile and hello from IO on the counters. This is how retirees should be treated !!
  3. They just want to impress the US with their human rights/trafficking efforts and get off the watch list. Like everything here it all comes down to the money
  4. In all seriousness, do the Thai people have the stupidest, most inept government in the world ?
  5. A good job they didn't smoke on a beach, 1 years jail and 100,000 baht fine, but kill people no only 50k and no jail time....what is wrong with the law here?
  6. So, they pick a beach popular with tourists. don't Thais smoke and throw their butts away? Oh I forgot they won't have 100,000 baht to pay a "fine" TIT
  7. Surely it makes sense to assign police resources to known criminal groups? Now in our PC countries it is called "racial profiling" but if they weren't shown to be committing crimes there would be no problem.
  8. New legislation Smoke-Free along the beach

    Yet another stupid law from an inept "government", that consistently applies bandaid treatments rather than tackle the cause of the problem. How much of the rubbish shown recently on beaches is ciggie butts ?
  9. New legislation Smoke-Free along the beach

    Yet another Bandaid solution from a society that doesn't want to tackle the REAL issues" Nothing ever really changes, just headline grabbing
  10. It would be interesting if there is any follow up to this and if any really EFFECTIVE punishment, other than a sorry and a wei, actually happens. Somehow I doubt it the cops rarely pay for their misadventures
  11. Do all Smart TV's have Wi Fi connectivity?

    "Pretty much spot on, but on the importing of Set Top Boxes, there is no problem if bought through Lazada, Lazada sort everything out." I bought a set top box from Tukcom, 2200 baht and the guy installed all the apps for me. You need 20 mbps wifi as a minimum, 30 is better. I use mine in the Philippines all the time. We have had two Smart TVs, for 4 years and we hardly use them. I prefer the 10" tablet and the TV box. I would not pay any extra for the feature now. The price seems good, though it could be last years model on clearance. but if you can get a Smart without paying a premium, it could be worth it for you
  12. FAKE NEWS, I remember his Generalness saying months ago that talk about massive flooding was not true. !!
  13. " Why are they not using the trained people that were there before?" You can almost guarantee it is about money. Someone wants to cut out the Phuket Lifeguard assoc and pocket the funds for themselves.
  14. Is the land office official whose name is on the deeds and processed them, in custody?
  15. "they go for the rest of the family, revenge has no ending, it would appear." The hatred runs deep on both sides and that is why talk of "reconciliation" is a waste of time. The party with the power, with or without the armies help, is always gonna victimise the other side. Been happening for years and won't change