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  1. "Of them, at least three have already been sold to buyers who may not know about the illegal background of the dream cars." Oh really!
  2. " I am just guessing because my mother was born around 1950...again, don't actually know because she was taken from her family" It is a tragedy that your mother was separated from her family but it would appear that you have benefited from the situation ? Perhaps better education and opportunities were available to you as a result of this. Look at many of the "stolen generation" today and their children and they are doing well in comparison to those who were left behind. In fact in the last few years several Aboriginal communities have asked the State governments to take their children into care, but they said no for fear of another outcry.
  3. I regularly use third road in Pattaya and between Soi 17 and pattaya central road the metal work under the tarmac road surface is exposed. The potholes are very dangerous, especially to motor bikes. The dozens of buses that go down this road every day, packed with tourists are destroying it and nothing will be done.
  4. "Another 200 closed-circuit cameras were installed across the capital" 100 were actually fakes, the money was pocketed. 53 have stopped working already and of the remaining 47, 21 are pointing the wrong way !!
  5. So much mis-information in this thread, is it any wonder the young woman was confused and thought she was covered. I have ridden for 16 years in Thailand and I have a Thai licence and never ride a bike more than 125cc. This complies with my insurance requirements but if I was a pillion the driver must be licenced. Companies have many different EXCLUSIONS and they dont ALL ban riding bikes, just using them in sporting events. Some dont insure at all, and some have limits on size and licencing requirements. Some even want you to have a local country licence as well as a home country licence. I read here that this young woman had a previous claim that was paid so it is perhaps understandable that she thought she was covered. Only reading the exclusions would have told her otherwise.
  6. "They announced that the project - at a cost of 800 million baht - will be delivered as per the contract though it is several months behind schedule." How can it be delivered "as per the contract" and be several months behind schedule? Didn't the contract specify a finishing date?
  7. " This is the only country I know of where expats choose what area to live in based, to a significant-extent, on what personnel working at immigration..." I took this a step ffurther and got a retirement visa in the Philippines, and started visiting Thailand for 5 months a year on tourist visas. Two 60 day TV, 60 days apart, and one 30 day visa exempt a year does me and I dont bother exrending the TV at Jomtien. Because I am a RESIDENT in the Philippines I have no problem with visas to LOS. In 7 years of having the visa I have NEVER visited a RP immigration office nor had to get any extension/re-entry permit etc.
  8. "Athens needs the funds urgently to repay 7.5 billion euro (6.33 billion pounds) in debt maturing" Does this mean that they havn't repaid the previous EU bail out loans ? Would you lend them money ?
  9. "Certainly desperate, but ALWAYS stupid for not seeing the inevitable end" Perhaps they don't have any other options to borrow ! Banks are not a possibility, unless of course you have so much already that you don't have a problem getting the loan.
  10. Most of these beliefs are handed down from family and it then often comes down to a lack of education to dispel the myths. It is the same in the Philippines and my GF laughs at her 80 year old mums beliefs, but has a few of her own. Given their poor educational standard I find it hard to believe that Thailand is only one IQ average point behind Malaysia !!
  11. Are the people who come on a short rental stay? I read that it was illegal for an owner to rent a condo for less than one month, a big clamp-down due to complaints from the hotel owners. Why doesnt the Juristic committee make a formal complaint to the appropriTe authority .,
  12. Yes, but their hand wringing is usually very selective.
  13. Colinneil, misinformation from you I am afraid. Different companies have different EXCLUSIONS:- some won't cover, some insist on a home country licence, some also insist on a destination country licence and nearly all only cover for 125cc and under. Usually if you are a pillion then the driver has to be licenced. I have been covered for the last 16 years by my policies but never had to claim, touch wood.
  14. I have used the Mityon dealer in Pattaya Klang, diagonally opp Big C Extra for many years. I am often overseas when it is due so I leave it with them and collect it when I Come back.
  15. For less money they could have built an overpass at each of the 3 main intersections and probably in less time. I guess there was not enough money available with this option, so less graft.