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  1. "He added the Prime Minister had ordered the authorities to ensure no officials are involved with any benefits some operators might offer, and to strictly enforce the law without tolerance of any violation of the law," Do they really believe this BS that they come out with? If they do the country is in bad shape.
  2. " You sometimes have to actually get rude to get them to leave you alone." after 16 years here I now have no hesitation in telling them to leave me alone and if I need help I will ask. Having said this tho they are 10 times worse in the Philippines. In the malls sales staff actually stand OUTSIDE their shops and accost you.
  3. This is just a part of Thai Culture and we see it so often from authorities here, don't address the problem, attack the accuser. The defamation laws are a perfect example of this, it might be true what you said but you can still be found guilty.
  4. ""Don't behave or dance provocatively - this can lead to sex offences"." Isn"t this the same twisted logic that the Muslms use to justify the Burkha ? It is all the womans fault that the men are inflamed with lust...self control for the men is not an option
  5. " Sad thing is no matter what the outcome she will have it in her head that she was right. Try explaining it to her and she will put her fingers in her ears and sing, and then inevitably turn aggressive/violent." You really do understand Thai "culture" so well !
  6. obviously you dont follow the European news where governments seem to have no such expectation but do expect the locals to fit in !
  7. Pattaya 3rd between pattaya Klang and about Soi 21 is a disgrace. The holes are so bad that you can see the metal work under the surface. Probably caused by the hundred buses that go that way ever day.
  8. When you own an Italian bike or car you need another vehicle, preferably japanese, for when it breaks down ! lovely looking but unreliable.... and I have had a few over the years
  9. "Nonsense. This claim had been refuted many times, it's an urban myth." No it s not ! some years ago a friend was driving down soi buakaow in Pattaya at night. He slowed to turn left into a side Soi and a Thai man, on the wrong side of the road, speeding with no lights, no helmet, and later found to be drunk ran into him and was killed. Family wanted 500,000 baht but insurance would only pay 200,000, tho cops urged him to pay the extra. It was the stupid bike riders fault for gods sake, his family should get nothing
  10. From where exactly is the perceived threat that makes this submarine purchase necessary?? Oh, perhaps it is China ......oops, so much for service and maintence
  11. The really disturbing part is that only around 50% passed in Thai Language tests !!
  12. A taxi from Don Muang to Mor Chit bus station is around 100-120 baht and takes only 20 minutes or so. I would regularly use them when landing at DM.
  13. "? It is a verifiable fact that all studies on the issue conclude that immigration provides an economic net benefit to the host country." I am willing to bet that these studies were all done by groups that had a definite agenda to increase/maintain immigration numbers. In many areas in the western world 70% of "refugees" are still unemployed and on welfare years after their entry. Many have little education, speak very little of the language of their adopted country and are pretty much unemployable. Perhaps their children will have better prospects, but at what a cost to the country.
  14. And your response highlights the totally blinkered approach often seen on Thai forums, but I did find it very funny. !!!
  15. So, what is the difference between the Uber/Grab vehicles and the dozens of "taxis" that travel to the airport every day and are booked through various agents? They appear to be privately registered vehicles, no signage, no meter and they appear to have normal private plates. Anyone can clarify ?