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  1. "2 y of no sleep......and now they complain already ?????? Where they sleeping,or what?" You can almost guarantee that anyone in a position to help with their comlaints has already been bought off.
  2. " Indeed, the answer will vary according to the immigration official you're dealing with at the time." And that is why the whole Immigration dept is such a disgrace! They have rules and regulations and they should be made to follow them. Visitors to Thailand should have certainty not toss of a coin by IO having a bad day
  3. Will a UK Kodi box work in Thailand

    I bought a "kodi" type TV box in Tukcom already loaded with apps. It works fine in my place in the Philippines BUT 1. 10 mbps is not strong enough to stream movies/Tv series without pausing and letting the buffer catch up. Mate has 30 mbps and his works seamlessly 2. one of the box cables connects to the ethernet! port on my router. I have no idea how you would do this in a hotel or guest house if no router in your room.
  4. PHOTOS: from the grand opening of the new Pattaya Underpass

    Banchang, good to hear but doesn't it just mean that you get a lovely fast run past Klang only to sit at the lights at Pattaya Thai? The overall flow of traffic wouldn't seem to e that much imoroved?
  5. Yingluck ‘may seek UK asylum

    "Asylum. What a joke, she is guilty of at the very least criminal negligence, or looking the other way to frankly unchecked corruption by those in her party." So how is she any different to the PM's in the past, including the current one ?
  6. Pattaya cancels 22-million-baht CCTV purchase

    gI thought I readthat around 80% of the EXISTING CCTV were either inoperative or not turned on so probably would have been a wase of moneyanyway. Someone is gonna miss out on their envelope of course.
  7. 3000 baht quarterly bribe for education visa?!

    Obviously this post is "fake news" as the head of the Immigration dept was in the news recently assuring everybody that there was NO corruption in his department. The folk I know who pay under the counter to IO for a dodgy visa must be mistaken as well. !!
  8. Thousands of migrants must depart Thailand

    The right for members of ASEAN to work in Thailand is severely limited. They only allow about ten professional categories to qualify and I imagine that they would still have to pass Thai certification, probably all in Thai !!
  9. perhaps they are waiting for the results of the enquiry into police paying for appointments ?
  10. Loan-shark victims likely to lose their land

    In a country where people kill for "loss of face" so often, why is this vermin still alive?
  11. Judges face 3 questions in deciding ex-PM guilt

    Derelection of duty and negligence! Probably every PM in the last 20+ years would be guilty of these charges.
  12. NGO sorry over CNN sex trafficking report

    " co-founder Don Brewster said that over the past 13 years, he and his family have fought against sex trafficking in Cambodia and provided humanitarian aid." And pocketed quite a bit in donations as well I imagine. I wonder what his annual salary is? These NGO's have agenda alright, mire about money than help I suspect
  13. tThese are sophisticated warships, bristling with electronics. HOw could they collde with a slow moving oil tanker?
  14. Thais disobey road laws because the chance of being caught and fined is low, this could be what is needed to change years of bad behaviour !
  15. gjoo, we must have been driving in a different Thailand for 15 years, not only are Thais not stopping at stop signs same for red lights and not looking right at intersections. In this case however the Thai was blameless. There is a good reason they are number 2 in the world for road deaths....not following the rules