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  1. asdfrules

    Tourist visa Savannakhet

    Can you expand on this, BritTim or anyone? How was the visa climate changed in Savannakhet recently? And implications are there for multi visa runners?
  2. Regarding Vientiane giving a red stamp after 3 or 4 Visas... Let's say the magic number is 4. Is that 4 in a row from Vientiane? Or 4 from Vientiane total. In other words, what if you alternate between Vientiane and Savanakhet? Will Vientiane red stamp you after you have: 1) 4 total visas from either consulate 2) 4 visa from each consulate, so a total of 8 visas 3) Or will they allow you to get more than 4 from Vientiane because you alternated and didn't get any from Vientiane back-to-back And how about Savannakhet? Will they issue more than 4?
  3. Wow it took over 4 hours for me a couple weeks ago! I arrived around 1:30 PM on Thursday, October 25. I think my queue number was around 279 and the queue was still around 100.