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  1. I thought that Lego trademark was over....
  2. dudopode

    Prawit: No officials tied to drug rings

    Great ! Hopefully there will be new verses in the next rap video thanks to him
  3. dudopode

    Srivara makes U-turn on rap group

    Then if the song is fine... PLEASE PLEASE make more. Many more, it should serve the purpose
  4. Really happy to see His Excellency Mr. Pierre Vaesen attending the meeting. I had the great privilege of working for him in Bangkok while he was the Belgian Embassador in Thailand. A very honourable man... The least I could say.
  5. Does the forced fishing labour in Thailand sparkle the same outrage to the Thai government?
  6. If only corrupt officials could be responsible of letting criminals out of jails.... I am not sure about this story but too often they are let out before the end of the punishment and commit crimes again. That's the judge full responsibility....
  7. So is she facing eviction ? She surely didn't have tables on the pavement ... So is she kicked out of her restaurant ??
  8. Is there a way you can make this website responsive??
  9. dudopode

    Figures reveal extent of drug problem in Thailand

    69.000.000/300.000=230 And that's just the dudes they arrested Take off the people less than 15 and above 60 in the 69 millons Thai population that makes a MENTAL MENTAL proportion of drug traffickers. MENTAL
  10. dudopode

    Govt investigating report of missing rice

    Easy fix to this https://hightimes.com/news/police-blame-rats-missing-kilos-weed/
  11. dudopode

    Skytrain delays till year-end: operator

    So now they operate the traffic manually... As in ... a man is in charge of this and not a machine... Ok I ll go by motorbike now. It will be much safer.