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  1. Chiang Mai to Laos tourist visa run

    this is the easiest way. go from udon to friendship bridge in nongkai and then after the border to vientiane to the thai consulate there. enough info thru google.
  2. Is tomorrow, 5 Dec, a big/holy holiday in CM?

    It's an official holiday (Bhumibol's birthday remaining Father's Day for now) and so is the 10 th, but since that's on a Sunday this year it will be observed on Monday 11.
  3. gold seller : "yeah, cultural difference" (eyeroll)
  4. Mekhala River Cruise
  5. No, goes back to Bangkok every night with Puping Palace on standby
  6. it says 'allowed 12 people inside' could be private company, tour company
  7. Luckily Grab has arrived in Samui and Suratthani Promocode HISAMUI and HISURAT.
  8. room : 600 thb, trip advisor reviews and replies : priceless.
  9. -UNHCR shall not be of much help if he was not on UNHCR refugee status already; -You could contact the consul of bf's country and ask for help, (for african country not guaranteed); -You could show up at lDC and see what can be done.