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  1. I got a SETV at Kuala Lumpur yesterday. I already had 2 from Vientiane (with a border hop in between) in this passport. It was easy; I followed the checklist on the Kuala Lumpur Thai embassy site. Not many people there applying for TR visa. Also, I arrived at opening time and was only the 25th person in the queue. The SETV was 150 ringit, about 1180 thb. Over some years it was my 2nd TRvisa at KL, not in the same passport though. I have always avoided PP because of its reputation being difficult.
  2. orchis

    Looking for walking cane

    I saw walking sticks for sale in Jarin Resort Mae Suai, they're called 'Burmese walking stick', maybe there are places closer in the city that sell them.
  3. You will also have to declare where you're staying at local immigration within 24 hours in many provinces.
  4. shit product, great marketing.
  5. bookazine airport Chaing Rai International Airport In Chiangrai Airport, 404 Moo 10, Bhan-Doo/Rimkok, Muang, Chiangrai 57100 Tel : 053-798-264 E-mail : [email protected]
  6. I am sorry for that man and for his partner.
  7. I have been there 3 times (not consecutively) and each time got a TR visa.
  8. you could contact thai red cross anonymous clinic directly. or ask you question on poz(dot)com forums living with hiv, many people living in thailand on there.
  9. The article is about P.P. Erawan Palms Resort on Koh Phiphi. Also, the (Hyatt ) Erawan in Bangkok is on Rachadamri road, not on Wireless road.
  10. orchis

    Dentist Chiang Mai

    there is one in moon muang I would strongly advise against. I had a gum ache and he told me I had to have 3 root canals done asap. as I was flying the next day I said I'd rather not and he threw me out of his place, I felt like I had called him out on a scam though inadvertently. Once in my home country my dentist told me my teeth were perfect. You may pm me for the name.
  11. "citalopram is off market in Thailand" (reply from Sheryl in a previous thread thaivisa dec 13 2017) i further quote "An available drug in the same chemical family is Escitalopram, brand names Lexapor (imported, expensive) , Esidep and Esopam (both locally made generic equivalents)." my advise would be to check with Bangkok Hospital Samui.