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  1. orchis

    Grab Server Problems

    same same; Grab recently bought Uber's SEA operations.
  2. I often wondered why the balcony railings are so low here in so many places, like reaching only half-thigh.
  3. fell from the balcony. learn to read.
  4. that's probably an old catholic tradition
  5. orchis

    Mae Sai border stamp?

    30 at mae sai, twice in a year, can be extended at local immi with 30 days for 1900 thb
  6. One can imagine what went on unreported in his own temple in Nan
  7. orchis


    It s anonymous and has been for years
  8. do these people even talk to each other (or signal)
  9. I extended there last august, they only wanted an address, I gave the address of the hotel I was staying in, they didn't ask for proof (reservation, ...)
  10. I walked there for 8.30, I was about the hundredth person, you just sit down and the queue moves along, it was very quick; application -out in 30', retrieve passport -out in 25' , so I was out just before 1 pm. (4 and 5 January), maybe the system was sped-up because of New Year's the consulate being open only 3 days that week. You only get a number after you hand in your documentation at the table, this is then a queue number for retrieving the passport the next day. This is for TR visa, the other visas take more time (queue number + review of documents at window 1)
  11. orchis

    Phuket airport GM addresses hours-long queues

    actually the shortage is due to staff only showing up to register workplace presence (clocking in), then going off to make a second salary somewhere else.
  12. It's 164. Also authorities should give PM 2.5 along with PM 10, not doing so falsifies the data.
  13. it was in 2014 and Chaeng Wattana, which was my local immigration office, was closed due to protests at a nearby court, so I had to go to Imperial Plaza which was hell; it was the first day open after Songkran on top of that. I did not need to show the police declaration at exit Suvarnabhumi.
  14. I had an ETD from my embassy (not UK) and then had to go to immigration to get my stamps copied in the ETD before being able to leave.