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  1. I have seen some road rage videos where one of the parties was carrying a spray can of "mace"..... Works really well to subdue the aggressor when sprayed in their face. In this case who should have sprayed who??
  2. Beware of Bangkok Bank

    Sounds like multiple personalities at work
  3. Lets see now....when driving about on your motorcycle. Always have to look out for pedestrians suddenly crossing the road where they should not be at any given second and anywhere Always have to watch out for Thai drivers doing any number of wild and shocking driving maneuvers all around you and way to numerous to list here. Always have to be looking for police officers trying to pull you over and extort money from you. Always have to avoid stray dogs as they often chase you down trying to bite you while they may have rabies. And now, whenever driving around on a motor bike you have to continually and always be expecting /anticipating to be robbed so you have to watch everyone, and their dog, very closely while everyone is suspect of being a robber. Lots of great holiday memories...lol Cheers
  4. This will never be solved or resolved...that we know for sure while there will be frustration and grief for a long time to come for the family. RIP Meantime this is another warning that people , everyone, has to be on guard all the time if they travel to Koh Tao. Just better to stay away from the place but if you do go then you must be accompanied at all times and look out for one another ...and be careful of your fellow travelers also. In cases such as this other foreigners are also suspect as you just never know who you will meet while traveling. Does anyone remember the Charles Sobhraj serial murder case?? Cheers
  5. Cant start building after July 9 ??

    Hmmm...Yes... tell them you have western superstitions also. If they do not start on the day that you want them to start and finish by the agreed date then you have to abide by the old superstitious values set forth by : The Ghosts and Demons of "Delayed Payment"...... that spirit your money away before you have a chance to pay the workers. Cheers
  6. None of them are beautiful.....but most of them are cute or attractive. They are known as "Block Foxes" They look like a Fox from a Block away...lol Cheers
  7. That is correct...but you know how things work here in Thailand. This will make some money for some people in position to milk the new law for what it is worth
  8. PM Prayut not fazed over TIP

    If they slag the man then there are ramifications....
  9. PM Prayut not fazed over TIP

    Maybe 1 percent of the important people will be apprehend and or prosecuted. The rest will be the small players in the scheme of things. Anything done to curb or thwart the practice is positive but they will not even come close to eliminating it. Meantime the Thais have to measure up to an American standard while maybe those USA officials need to be reminded it was just 4 to 5 months ago they were uncovering some of the largest ever human trafficking operations and pedophile rings based out of the USA involving all kinds of wealthy and important and influential people and government officials while the whole affair is bigger than they could have imagined. Remember???
  10. Hmmmm.....the fact that fake notes are being passed is far more of an issue and concern than the Driver losing out on what, a 30 baht total fare for 2 passengers.
  11. If you say so...please yourself ....if it makes you feel better about yourself. You do not have to answer also...but you will...lol
  12. Tell that to them........not to me....while it is not the first time altercations like this have happened.
  13. They were both wrong...that is the whole point.....but you missed it. Matters will grow worse if they make it worse....best they both apologise to one another and let the whole affair simmer down. And I do not condone what either one of them did ...it is a lesson for the both of them. Do not be grabbing another persons ass and do not be slapping people in the face.
  14. He can always lie and deny, like most of the Thai people do or would.... and insist that he did nothing wrong and claim it was her that started the altercation by hitting him...which you clearly see in the video and can not be denied. He can deny that he grab her ass or spanked her ass or what ever is alleged by others as it is not 100 percent clear or certain what he did such that she deliberately and maliciously and intentionally hit him.......slapped him...outright assaulted him.....while he can press hard on that fact and never give in and twist it round ...just like the Thais so commonly do. Just saying.... if push comes to shove. He could sue her if he wanted and make an issue out of the whole silly affair and she can sue him if she wanted and also make a big issue out of it and then the both of them will lie and deny and BS to no end and over embellish the facts and twist the facts and the expand on the lies. He said .......She said...back and forth .... She could claim rape and he could claim she tried to steal his wallet or something from the bar and the accusation will fly, back and forth and everyone will take sides and also be angry while animosities will develop to the point that revenge will be taken in some nasty manner........Just use your imagination. Or the police could make them apologise to one another and shake hands and let bygones be bygones and tell them do not let it happen again or there will be trouble for the both of you while the police will not take sides in such matters...so mind yourself and control your conduct. End of story ...Go.... and we do not want to be seeing either of you around here again... "Skedaddle"