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  1. Real simple solution folks; Just have to have "Crosswalk Guards " at many of the busiest crosswalks with colorful reflective outfits and large hand held signs with one side red, saying Stop, and one side green saying Go......also having loud whistles in their mouths. I am thinking Cute Girls on roller
  2. They need to send the Russian Mafia there to deal with any missing Russian citizens.
  3. Whatever you think my friend. Meantime, I still choose not to listen to your bad advice and your way of thinking about how to drive in Cheers
  4. Yes.....of course you are correct...but they have to be seen clamping down and policing the business to satisfy who ever it is they are trying to appease. Many people in Thailand are still offended or concerned??...about prostitution and ALL that is entailed while government officials are put under pressure to do something about they make like they are doing something about it ....and just going through the minimum motions and then back to business as usual. The police, publically demonstrating they are on top of this has been Going on for about 30 years now. Cheers
  5. Could have called them much worse names. Meantime ......Will the 100 Thai Women also be arrested for their complicity and the part they knowingly played in the crime ...and, will they return the money from the ill gotten gains?? Well ..will they Mr. Thai police officer..???
  6. I think this sort of police work is the highlight of their career. You can imagine the gossip back at the police stations about the girls and how many are hot looking and "how much money did you confiscate" and "did you get any of the girls phone numbers" and "I want to come with you guys next time".....and..."geez ... you guys get all the best assignments"..... lol Cheers
  7. Geez...I guess the government boys believe everything is in such great order they have ample time to think up dreamy questions about their performance and the future of the country if they were to relinquish power. I can only surmise they would not agree with any opposing views coming from Go Go bars girls.
  8. Ah in wrong thinking. ... As you can see there was an accident caused by what you are implying is perfectly acceptable driving conduct while it would not have happened if the fool in the Mercedes Benz had not done what he did do ...and thinking the same or similar to what you are saying. ** It is like saying: You are sitting on a bench beside a foot path and you decide you want to stretch your legs and extend them out and right into the pathway of all the pedestrian foot traffic passing by you and then you wonder why some people trip over your feet and legs that you placed right in the middle of their travel.** I am talking defensive driving conduct and you are ignoring the practise in favor of reckless driving conduct. Just because it is Thailand we are not required to drive recklessly, like so many Thai people do, and in effect that is what you are implying throughout your retort. OK...have it your way and when someone plows into the back of you because you do suddenly stop where ever it suits you or another vehicle abruptly cuts you off and you have to come to a screeching halt.... or someone just suddenly stops in front of you for no apparent or valid reason and you crash into them..... or a motorcycle slams into your side when they speed and zip around a stopped vehicle while you are legally turning into a Soi.... or all the motorcycles bozos that drive at you in your lane and forcing you off to the side and or the impatient car drivers that do the same and try to pass everyone and use your lane and suddenly coming head on at you in your lane and force you off to the side ....or the ones that abruptly do a U Turn right in front of you and cuts into your path and you crash into them so hard that your spine is broken and you are basically screwed for life..... then I can only surmise you will of course just accept this accident as part of driving in accordance with the local know the ones that are continually ignored in favor of driving as they please and doing as they please. Thanks, but no thanks ......I will not be listening to your driving advice...that is for sure....LOL And do not be all angry because I do not agree with you on reckless driving habits or reckless driving conduct. Cheers
  9. That rule applies in near every country when vehicles come to a stop under normal conditions and traffic flow. There is another video within the last week showing a Mercedes Benz driver cutting off another vehicle ( with a Dash cam ) and forcing them to stop in the left hand lane so the Benz driver could teach them a lesson and let them know he was angry with them while deliberately and purposely stopped in front of them and blocking them while flashing his brake lights at them. Then ...Wham...the cam vehicle is hit from the rear, on the drivers rear right hand side and a large commercial truck / lorry flies by after clipping the cam vehicle pretty hard, while that vehicle is full stopped, when it should not be stopped like that. That lorry driver is probably speeding somewhat but even if the vehicle was doing the speed limit on the highway (Probably 80 to 100 Km per hour) and suddenly there is a vehicle stopping... "just up ahead" and for no apparent reason. After watching the video you can understand the Lorry driver had to quickly veer around the back of the cam vehicle but still clipped the back of the cam vehicle pretty hard. In other words, the lorry driver had almost no room to maneuver but managed to make a sudden move because he was forced to when there was no apparent reason for the 2 vehicles ahead of him suddenly coming to a stop. Yes, we understand all drivers approaching from behind would have to stop and by law have to stop when traffic flow in front of them comes to a stop.....but in that case the Mercedes Benz deliberately and in effect deliberately set in motion a dangerous situation by deliberately cutting off the cam vehicle and making the cam vehicle stop for his own selfish angry purpose while an accident did happen...not maybe or almost...... but an accident did happen...... If you understand the important point?? Meantime, those kinds of scenarios, as I described, often happen when there is no apparent reason for a vehicle to stop in the middle of the road , so to speak, while creating a condition that results in an accident. It is for that reason they have a road and highway rule / law, stating that you are forbidden to stop in the middle of the highway for no apparent or obvious reason and thus creating a dangerous condition. Yes of course if you have had an accident and can not move out of the way or your vehicle is broken down and you could not pull over safely to the side of the road then those reasons are valid...but to deliberately and suddenly stop in a lane that has traffic flow coming from behind for no valid reason is considered illegal in many countries because of the danger it creates and vastly increases the chance of an accident happening. Road rage and minor mishaps and difference of opinion are not accepted as valid reasons to abruptly stop in the middle of the road while creating an increased chance of an accident. Just pointing out the laws that do exist and exist for good do not turn all angry on Cheers
  10. Ha Ha...once again we can count on the Australians for some raucous entertainment.
  11. Hey...we all know they say that and similar things for 20 years now and then nothing much changes. For the record, they can say: "We told them and we tried"..... And then, life in Pattaya goes on as Cheers
  12. Ok.. I can understand that ....but...lets say while you stopped, for that particular reason, and in effect blocking that lane and along comes another vehicle and slams into you from behind and does a whole lot of damage to both vehicles...... and has it all recorded on the dash cam... Would you take responsibility for stopping where you are not allowed to stop and or not supposed to be stopping and in effect created a dangerous condition resulting in an accident. Just curious to know because there are more than a few road and highway accidents that did occur because someone stopped on the highway rather than safely pull over somewhere so as to not imped the flow of traffic and not chance such an event from occurring. In the USA and Canada there are specific laws that state: Do not stop in the middle of the road or even on the side of a highway or freeway unless it is for a valid emergency reason. Cheers
  13. What are you doing stopping in the far left hand lane and for what reason.??? Some people / drivers could slam into the back of you if you stop your car in the middle of the road for no reason. This is what also causes accidents sometimes. Meantime the large commercial truck did exactly what most Thai drivers commonly do. They put their blinker on ( but not always) and make their sudden move while relying on everyone else to witness their move and give way or accommodate their reckless move with a: " I am making my move regardless of how reckless or dangerous it is, so look out everyone and give way and accommodate my move".. all done with the attitude that they have done nothing wrong and based on: "Everyone else drives the same way also" it is OK and all part of how we drive in Thailand.......CRASH...OUCH!....DEAD Cheers
  14. Yeah and you could "skillfully" use your nose on their "sensitive parts" and drive them I had numerous Thai girls asking me and 1 pleading with me to impregnate her just to have a farang looking baby and that is another significant reason they have an interest in us foreigners. Many desire to have a fair skin baby with Caucasian features ( nice nose) and seen as more attractive and have a better chance in life as many of them recognise that in this country if you are better looking and have white skin and nice nose and taller etc you will do better in life....and in some respects, it is like that, so...a percent of them have a plan...that being, marry a white guy and have a beautiful baby that they can be so proud their way of thinking Cheers