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  1. Awww........the poor woman .. She is so hard done by and looking for sympathy in all the wrong places.
  2. More her fault than yours being on the wrong side of the road and she must have seen you ........but nope she does not slow down or give way or exercise any caution when she is the one that is going to feel some pain when an accident happens. I can only surmise she thought you saw her coming and would let her pass in front of you first... but you did not see her. They will blame you anyhow as she is just an old lady on her bicycle and you are a farang and believed to have much, much more money..... so blame you. I would also blame you if I was a Thai.....and more or less obligated to blame you by way of Tradition ...LOL Cheers
  3. Hmmm...thought they were going to be drug King pins and live life like they do in the movies. Well....They were wrong...Ha Ha
  4. Soft lead bullets ..maybe? With smaller caliber bullets and made from softer lead the skull is thick enough to take the impact enough that the bullet does not blast through and destroy enough of the brain ...could be? There was a case of a hit man in New York that walked up behind his victim and placed a .22 caliber hand gun to the back of the victims head and shot 3 times in the exact same place and ran away while the victim fell unconscious to the ground. Still alive, the victim was taken to the hospital and released later that same day with a slight bone fracture and a headache. Turns out the point of the gun barrel was placed on the thick bone part at the back of the skull ( occipital bone ) and the .22 caliber gun used soft lead bullets. The first bullet flattened out on the thick hard bone and the next 2 bullets piled up on top of the first and second bullets. Splat, Splat, Splat, with no penetration at all. Lucky Guy
  5. Yep...more the fault of men. Men are always chasing women to get them in bed and have sex with them while most women do not conduct themselves like that for fear of rape or fear of pregnancies or fear of diseases or fear of ruining their reputation while men most men do not care and seize the opportunity when it presents itself...not all ..but most. Everywhere in the world you have men who have fathered several children with different women while having dozens or often enough hundreds of sexual encounters with loads of strange women while women overall will have far less sexual encounters during their lives. Men will have sex with near anything under near any But you can see it your way if you think or believe otherwise. Cheers
  6. Of course the easiest and quickest form of contraception is a condom and works really well. Most girls are not on the pill because they do not have a husband or boy friend or a regular lover, but life happens sometimes ( all too often actually ) and then one day or usually in the evening time or late at night the girl has sex with "some guy" ....while the (Guy) should be the one practicing safe sex and thinking about not making babies and or transferring his existing STI ( if that is the case and often is ) or contracting a STI from the girls infected vagina. But nope...most guys just have to "stick it in there", unprotected and all and most of them will ejaculate inside the girls vagina to make matters worse. If you think about the spread of STI's and the global population explosion and unwanted teen girl pregnancies everywhere then be aware it is more the fault of men than it is women...but women get the blame or certainly blamed more and held accountable far more. Nice eh
  7. Sad thing is, she simply discarded the baby in the trash. She is also claiming that the child was still born....but only her word about that. Most likely feared she would lose her job and her life would be compromised with a child in her life. More guys have to wear a condom. I know...wishful thinking Cheers
  8. More than likely the wife refused to have sex with him one to many times when he came home stinking drunk and looking for love and once again trying to rape her.
  9. For Thailand ....That is a "plausible" : Meaning of Plausible: credible, reasonable, believable, likely, feasible, tenable, possible, conceivable, imaginable That being the case, then I believe it happened that way. Cheers
  10. Can not compare or know for sure if Isan is the most adulterous region rather just know that there is plenty of it going on and initiated by either sex. Cheers
  11. Well now... Concerning a subject matter of such grave importance and circulating amongst the Thais....... you will eventually see it on Thai TV and aired on one of their Thai TV drama shows and then, the rumor is forever confirmed as the truth and not to be questioned otherwise Furthermore, to confirm the validity, eventually Thai monks will bless Thai peoples cell phones and that will prevent the owners from ever being "struck" by lightening ...even if you are not carrying a cell Cell phone blessing costs will range from 100 to 500 baht.....depending....... And that folks is how it works here in Thailand, while silly superstitions are always a source of amusement. Cheers
  12. In Thailand someone has to be blamed........ but not the person that should be Blamed.
  13. Good question Maybe they want to test their courage and learn if they can "stomach" all the blood and guts....and then they have a: 'I saw a gruesome accident" carnage story to tell everyone and explained in gory detail. Same as why do people like to watch gruesome blood and guts war movies all the time and all the old war documentary films and disaster documentary films and horrifying disaster movies and Hollywood movies about the end of the world and Killer Zombie movies and disturbing serial killer movies and chain saw massacre movies ...and....they pay good money to see that sick stuff...geez... I wonder why...I do, I do Cheers
  14. Geez...I thought the whole idea of taking 2 girls is based on the girls providing the stimulus to perform sexually. No need for the
  15. round up the usual suspects