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  1. Curiously I was taking about this with my stepson last week. He was visiting us with with his American girlfriend who’s Latina and while Mrs G was watching her Lakorn, the gf was jaw-struck. He’s now straddling three cultures; Thai, Anglo American, and Latino American, and so it’s a struggle. So, we’re watching the Thai Lakorn, then switch to a Mexican Telenovela. So I’m latino, so me and his gf can get into this language wise, but honestly, all four of us concluded, that the Thai Lakorn beat the Telenovela bang to rights, in terms of screaming, face slapping and really good hair!
  2. GinBoy2

    Thai citizenship

    We(he) since he was 18, submitted it to the Government. If it was posted in some royal gazette, I have no idea. To be honest we don't really care. He won't go back to live in Thailand, it was more to ensure that if he entered Thailand on his US passport for a vacation there would never be a problem
  3. GinBoy2

    Nonsense English exam answers

    It's almost comical to react to these stories. My stepson, who since I'd been in his life since he was 4, hence speaks perfect American English as does his Mom, (although she has this weird Thai/Chicago accent, but I still love her,) and he eventually managed to graduate college in the US, used to come home with some of the most ludicrous critiques of his English homework I remember one memorable moment when me and my wife went to visit the school and the 'english' teacher. I speak Thai, so we did the pleasantries, but then me and my wife switched to English. The 'english' teacher went into that Thai deer in the headlights look. If it hadn't been so serious it would have been hilarious
  4. GinBoy2

    Thai citizenship

    We had the same concerns with my stepson. I’d adopted him years ago, so he held a US passport. Before he left for college in the US he renounced Thai citizenship, so if and when he ever returned to Thailand for a visit there would never be any issues of him having missed the military draft circus
  5. GinBoy2

    Using a Gas Water Heater

    Now I'm American, and like most Westerners we are used to having gas water heaters. The lack of piped gas to the house in Thailand is an issue. I'd be really really skeptical about doing this. I'd almost guarantee trying to find an installer would be tough . I might be wrong, often am. Others may give a different view, but I'd just go with the prevailing practice in Thailand and get an electric point of use water heater
  6. Thinking about it, I don’t think in my entire life I have ever described myself as a ‘Yank’ or or used it to describe other Americans. Now I’ve been called a Yank, mainly by Brits & Aussies I have to say. Am I offended by it? Not really, pretty sure as a kid I’ve been called worse!
  7. GinBoy2

    I am almost ready to Pull the plug and leave

    Thats a good question. In the realm of education and the lecture hall I don’t don’t think much has changed. In the realm of public opinion on campus however, I think they are in dangerous territory. The prevailing mood seems to be that if you express opinions that are not politically correct, you just get shut down. Universities are always hotbeds, it’s a function of being young. Most of us old farts couldn’t be bothered to join a protest march....just give me my slippers and a cup of cocoa! But I do worry about this tendency to want to shut down ideas before they can even be expressed. Thats not good for anyone
  8. GinBoy2

    I am almost ready to Pull the plug and leave

    I am totally onboard with having a bolt hole. I’ve said this in many threads over the years. I’m always amazed at how many seem to think that selling up their entire life to go to Thailand, where you are at best a temporary ‘guest’, is a good idea. If not insane, it's reckless at best. You never know what could happen. The regime du jour changes immigration policy, woman problems, health...the list goes on and on. All the time I lived in Thailand, I still had a house back in the States, which I knew I could always, and as it happens ultimately did, return to.
  9. GinBoy2

    I am almost ready to Pull the plug and leave

    Well I went to UC Berkeley in 1976, and it was definitely part of the culture then, and when my stepson attended the University of Illinois, I definitely could relate to the culture he experienced
  10. GinBoy2

    I am almost ready to Pull the plug and leave

    Electricity, obviously depending how you live, I never found that cheap in Thailand. Now I am an aircon junkie in both countries. That said as summer winds down(South Dakota, and yes it's hot here in the summer) here I never paid as much monthly as I did in Thailand. I have all the same appliances, adding dishwasher, waste disposal, which probably don't use that much. But, I've used the aircon all day like I do in Thailand and it's still cheaper We can argue endlessly about the relative costs of the place, but I'm just giving you my personal experiences of two locations. I am in no way trying to slam Thailand, we still have a house there and stay through the winter. But it ain't cheap. We spend winter there, just to escape the snow, not to save money
  11. I think that’s very true.If you look at the US legacy airlines, after they existed Chapter 11, they became a sort of hybrid. Their international operations are still pretty traditional, but internally they look no different to any of the LCC, in fact do a price comparison, and there is no difference
  12. GinBoy2

    I am almost ready to Pull the plug and leave

    My stepson’s English is perfect, he passes for an American no problem, then again he is American. I adopted him legally years ago, so he holds a US passport But if I could do it all again, and yes hindsight is 20:20, I would have moved back right before he started HS, that would have been the optimal time. But water under the bridge now. He survived, graduated got a good job, and as fortune happens now rents a room from my daughter in Denver!
  13. You know I hadn’t thought about that. But Mrs G when she speaks Thai or Lao it's much much louder than when she speaks English. I speak Thai & Mandarin, maybe I need to be more conscious of my own volume! Yikes
  14. GinBoy2

    I am almost ready to Pull the plug and leave

    You might want to think about that again. We’d put my stepson through private Thai schools all the way through HS. Then he went to college in Chicago, same as his Mom. It wasn’t so much his knowledge, but his mindset that really was a problem for him. Assuming you you went to college you know one of the almost fundamental parts of it is to be able to debate, to question, to challenge your Professors. He struggled mightily with that. Thai schools indoctrinate obedience and conformity, not conducive to a US college environment. He was a little lucky, since my eldest daughter was at the time also living in Chicago and helped him get through worst parts of his freshman year
  15. GinBoy2

    Thaddeus R. I. P.

    I wondered why we hadn't seen anything from him recently RIP