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  1. Now I am but a stoopid 'merican, but as a lifelong Anglophile, I do watch with some bafflement at what's going on in the 'Mother of Parliaments' So to lighten the mood a little, I came across this. (sorry if it's been posted before, but I ain't reading through 600+ pages) https://www.facebook.com/PoliticalScrapbook/videos/10155719979439218/?t=1
  2. Well boys you continue to have fun with this one, but honestly his reply to the question "do you watch Thai TV" says it all....that's priceless!
  3. Do you ever watch Thai TV? There is a current sitcom, running; Suphapburut Sut Soi. It's basically a couple of Isaan brothers and their nanny living in Bangkok. When they speak Lao, they subtitle it in Thai! Sure they just subtitle it for fun!
  4. What language do you think they speak in Isaan?? They don't speak Thai, they speak a version of Lao, affectionately known in Bangkok as 'Isaan Thai', since they can't seem to bring themselves to accept the fact that not all Thai's speak Thai in everyday speech. Nobody in Bangkok can understand when they speak Lao, and Yes, it has a very distinct accent when they speak Thai You clearly have no idea what life is actually like in Thailand. Try to travel up North, 'if' you can actually speak Thai, try to understand the Lao and the Lanna when they talk among themselves
  5. Unlike many, I speak write and read fluent Thai, and having lived in Khon Kaen for a decade can quite easily detect a Lao accent when speaking Thai! And as for being an 'expert' it appears you certainly consider yourself to be one!
  6. Without wanting to burst your bubble, but that most definitely isn't an Isaan accent. It's central Thai, maybe Bangkok, but certainly not North, Northeast or any of the South
  7. I agree with that. Trouble is, even reporting outside of Thai MSM, needs boots on the ground, there's only so much you can do if you're based outside of Thailand, and therefore outside the clutches of the Thai authorities. Those that try still get caught up in the murky world of media control. Think Drummond, basically left Thailand in fear of his life. Jonathan Head actually ended up in court, and I suspect that was only dropped after some aggressive arm twisting by the British Government, and has subsequently been uncharacteristically quiet in recent times. When they seem to think that a 'like' on FB is sedition, hard to know how you actually can develop a real press. So the very thought that there could ever be free expression and uncovering any real truth in an election designed to produce the 'correct' result is fanciful
  8. Trouble is I actually feel sympathy for any 'real' journalist in Thailand. With the combination of Defamation, 112, Computer Crimes Act to name the principle laws, who in their corn fed mind would actually want to work as a real investigative journalist, one that we would recognize in the West. It's basically committing yourself to a one way trip to Bang Kwang, financial ruin, or worse
  9. Honestly guys after the countless pages in the UK, USA, Australian threads, might as well just recycle them all just inserting <Country, Embassy du jour> It's inevitable that every embassy is being presented with the same requirement to verify(certify) income, which I sincerely doubt any of them will do. No amount of hand wringing or discussion regarding different countries, or whining about your countries embassy will change the basic facts that Thai authorities are trying to place the responsibility on the embassy, rather than the individual. Sorry, but everyone has to face facts. Wait to see how it ultimately pans out, and in the meantime make backup plans, just in case. As the rather apt saying goes, 'Hope for the best, plan for the worst'