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  1. I think trying to compare ‘western’ countries the incidents per nautical miles flown it's almost going to be the same, air travel IS incredibly safe in all developed countries. Now we’re not talking various African countries or the caucuses, they are in a league of their own. On the aircraft in flight maps, I love looking at these. I actually pulled one end of last year, for some late night piece of boredom, and was shocked at the number of aircraft in the air at 1am MST. It’s a tribute to modern ATC that they can actually control flight densities 24x7
  2. There is a very simple reason why Comey hasn't been prosecuted,,,he didn't leak classified documents! Fox News is very clever how they pump out the red meat. Their 'journalists' know very well that regardless of rabid tweet storm, you can't be prosecuted for leaking personal contemporaneous notes. These were notes Comey made himself on meetings he held with POTUS, not official documents. Nothing was held by Govt officials until he handed them over to Mueller Now, you can argue about the morality of that. Embarrassing yes, but criminal no. So foam at the mouth as you might, there is a reason the Justice Dept didn't do anything, because they had no grounds to
  3. She's helluva woman. To have suffered such extensive combat injuries, then gone on to create a successful political career, and have a baby, not half bad. A lesser person could have easily given up, taken to the bottle or worse.
  4. One of the nicest First Ladies in my memory. Renowned for a feisty tongue, which I always found quite sweet from a lady that looked like everyone's Grandma, or Mrs Fields! One of my favorite quotes, can't remember when it was, but when asked 'why' GW was the way he was, she smiled and replied..."Probably because I smoked and drank while I was pregnant" She'll be remembered for sure.
  5. Well here ya go then, and next time try to backup your factoids with some links of your own. Maybe provide some links to actually prove your assertion that what I am stating is incorrect, or maybe that's a tad too hard https://www.theatlantic.com/international/archive/2018/02/tillerson-trump-state-foreign-service/553034/ https://www.justsecurity.org/53757/personnel-crisis-awaiting-secretary-state/ https://www.bloomberg.com/graphics/2018-state-department-vacancies/ https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2018/feb/27/joseph-yun-us-north-korea-diplomat ...I could go on but you get the point. Maybe if you actually read more yourself you wouldn't need to be so dismissive of anyone who states actual information that opposes your your internally generated version of facts. I have no problem with anyone disagreeing with me, but I have real problems with those of you who just seem intellectually incapable of actually debating anything in a civil way
  6. Problem is, these kinds of summits aren't in reality the two top dogs sitting across a table hammering it out, their presence is to sign the agreement that many State Dept officials have hammered out over many weeks. Problem is State is decimated after Tillerson, for God's sake we don't even have an Ambassador to South Korea, and according to reports rafts of Korean policy experts have left, leaving gaping holes. This fiction that we have Trump riding into town and it's all done in a day is total nonsense. Also I would suspect that the two sides have wildly different interpretation of the word 'denuclearization' In the Trumpian world I suspect it means watching DPRK basically sending all their nukes and reprocessing facilities to the nearest scrap yard. On the DPRK side I suspect they would see it as potentially suspending further devlopment. Also for any real movement, DPRK are without doubt demand all US forces be removed from the South. I'm sure in Seoul that strikes terror, that Trump may actually be crazy enough and agree to something like that, if get's in 'crack' negotiating by the seat of his pants mode This is gonna be fun!
  7. .....oh and I forgot, another part of Thainess that pisses me off, Mrs Gin's nightly Lakorn! Although I still have to suffer that in the US, but I banish her to the bedroom to watch it
  8. I think the OP's original statement is rather broad. Many people after many years here can get a little jaded after the shine wears off. There are many things that many like here. I guess women figure high up there, but weather food, and I was going to say inexpensiveness of the place, but the last one I'm sceptical of as time has gone by. But after a while, after that initial bright shiny light has faded it's easy to get increasingly frustrated by the place. I could almost write a lot of webfact's stories on here, since they are the same stories every year, just with the date changed From taxi scams to traffic insanity. Another year another crackdown, reform the system, eliminate corruption, guarantee you it'll be the same next year. Then there are the coups. I went through 3, I could almost puke listening to the same BS every single time You'll get some on here, either the newbies or those so invested they can't escape, that are the classic apologists, even if there was raw sewage in the streets they would retort with 'well why don't you go back from where you came'. That gets old too after after a few years of hearing it over and over. We went back to the US last year, after I just got too frustrated with it all. Now I have the best of both worlds, 6 months in Thailand and 6 months in the US. The return to Thailand after 6 months away allows me to have that initial ability to suspend disbelief again that I had the first time here, then by the time the shine has worn off it's back to the US before it get too bad....and let the cycle repeat
  9. I saw the same; availability in CM, but none in BKK. Interesting to note though. It does say 'Date already passed or not yet open for appointments' I don't know, never been an issue for me since I've only ever made appoints for notary & passport stuff, but maybe for the more specialist appointments they don't open them up that far in advance. I'd probably monitor it for a couple of days and see if they open anything up
  10. One of reasons these tragic shock us so much, is because they are so rare nowadays. Unconfined engine failures of this type in today's modern engines, are more than extremely rare, they are almost non-existent. I just looked it up, as of 2016 there have been manufactured 30,000 of the CFM56, in various variants, and I couldn't find another unconfined failure, indeed even the inflight shutdown rate is only 1 in 333,33 hours....I only wish my truck was as reliable. Still all very tragic, but now is the time stop the speculation and let the NTSB & CFM do their work
  11. Older Persons Budget, UK, how much?

    This may have been mentioned back somewhere, but I'm too lazy to read through 7 pages. However, I'm not British so can't comment, but I suggest you read Mobi's blog. A few threads back. He discusses access to your NHS when he repatriated, and he also stated when his wife and kid got their visa both were eligible for for benefits as soon as they entered the country. He also describes renting a house, and (I can't remember if he gives detailed figures) on general cost of living. Sorry if this is a repeat of someone else's suggestion, but still worth a look
  12. Well this is akin to Skilling leaving Enron as the ship was sinking....I always think Skilling thought he was leaving before the ship went down....It was fine when I left guys! It was always going to be tough midterms, but I think he could see the writing on the wall. He's a canny politician no matter what you think of his policies, but the prospect of increasing red ink as far as the eye can see, and the increasing number of GOP Reps calling it quits and heading for the door, is an electoral train wreck in progress. Remember they were already facing the Trump fatigue factor, which was going make the burbs much more difficult. But given the fact that incumbency is the greatest advantage to reelection, with this wave of retirements, it makes an increasing number of what should have been safe GOP seats much more vulnerable. In fact the bookies are now even saying Ryan's WI seat has moved from safe Rep, to a toss up. I just don't think he wanted to be associated with what might be a disaster. That being said. He's only 48, I fully expect him to re emerge at some point in the future and make a run at the Presidency
  13. The Thai apologists are those of you, regardless if the truth was stuffed into your mouth would somehow come up with a ‘but what about you country’ BS. I lived here, I have a Thai wife, but I still have enough intellect to recognize the reality of the country, which seems to elude the ‘apologists'
  14. Sometimes you gotta laugh. You guys know how corrupt the justice system is here, yet still it's deflection, well "how bad is it in country xyz" You know, I lived here for a decade, but I'm not deluded enough to not accept the reality of the place. It is what it is, unlikely to change anytime before I'm dead and buried, but please wake up and smell the roses. Live here fine and enjoy the place, but please don't delude yourself, that just diminishes your own self worth
  15. Receiving SMS from USA in Thailand

    So for the BoA guys, just so you know, the easy way around this is their Safepass. It'll cost you an upfront $20 but it's bulletproof