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  1. Maybe not filing is never a good thing, even if you don't owe a penny, it just keeps you in the system. Also if, for example as per Donald J Trump, you are carrying forward any capital loss, which you might want to use to offset a 401K tax withdrawal in the future, missing a year will lose you the carry forward, ...pretty sure Donald files every single year!
  2. I confronted this a few years back, never did find anything locally, ended up buying some on trips back to the US. I'm sure it must be available somewhere, but I gave up
  3. Thanks, I read it, wasn't terrible pretty much what I was thinking. To put this in perspective, it's 19 hours of your life, but they are nearly $1000 cheaper than ANA, who I love, but honestly just having a business class flat bed is all I really want. So I'm going for it, should they implode in the next few months I can still cancel
  4. Thanks guys. They are just so much cheaper than anyone else at the moment it gave me pause to think. On the plus side, unlike almost everyone else they give a no fee change booking or refund, which made me a little happier while I got users opinions
  5. That's good to know. From the pics and reviews it looks OK. I kinda figured that the fact that the CAN-LAX segment was on a basically brand new A380 how bad could it be? I lived in China for many years and was kinda jaundiced having flown many internal China flights on China Eastern
  6. This is roll your eyes and move on. Trying is assume that common sense prevails will simply drive you insane
  7. So, I just booked myself a Business Class ticket from BKK-LAX on China Southern. Significantly cheaper than my usual preferred carriers. Anyone got any comments on the service, given the fact that it is only 20 hours of your life, not death!
  8. This is one of those topics I hate myself for even responding to, but what the Hell. The idea that men don't pay for sex in general is absurd, we all do, whether we know it or not. Be it an explicit cash transaction, or a form of barter, dinner, clothes, jewellery the list is endless. I'm with previous posters, that the majority of Thai hookers, unlike their Western counterparts aren't doing it to support their drug habit, but more to support their families. Take a look around and tell me what young trophy wife with a rich old husband isn't essentially a hooker.....Melania Trump anyone????
  9. I was kinda confused by this too. there are two promotions; Extreme Strong & this new Extreme. The speeds are wildly different as are prices, yet both are advertised. i currently use the 45Mbps 'Strong' with IPTV , but this new 'extreme' seems a much better deal. As always, I fear that a visit to my local TOT will leave me more confused and ultimately frustrated, so hoping someone out there will save me that frustration and figure it out
  10. Twitter is as we speak, beefing up bandwidth, trembling, waiting in dreaded anticipation of the forthcoming tweet deluge from Twitter Central, aka the WH Presidential Bedroom. Curious times we live in!
  11. I saw this too, I watched it all the way through on Fox SportsGo, and it didn't drop once, and in the 4th quarter I was actually giving it my full attention! I wonder if it dropped only on certain platforms?
  12. Not a huge football fan, more a baseball and basketball kinda guy, but this morning's game was one of the best Super Bowls I've seen. I was rooting for the Falcons, if only to piss off my Bostonian friend, and I was convinced they had nailed it by the end of the 3rd quarter. Quite the comeback from the Pats. Lady Gaga did a bang up job for the halftime show too. On the technical side the Fox SportsGo app streamed flawlessly on my Roku, the NFL and the network providers have clearly beefed up the bandwidth available to stop the buffering and crashes of earlier years
  13. I'm a periodic fan of USTVNow, I tend to sign up at various times of the year for sports, which is the good thing, you can start and stop at will The 'free' service works OK, but it's at really low resolution, which might be OK if you're watching on a laptop, but try it via a Roku on a real TV and it's pretty abysmal. The paid HD stream is great. The issue of the live streams originating in Harrisburg never really worries me, since most of the time I don't really care about watching local morning news from any market in what is our evening. FoxSportsGo app works, didn't know they were offering a free SB stream, but it's a channel pretty common with cable packages, so I sign in with my daughters xfinity log in, which also then streams great through their Roku app