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  1. wdr

    Taking My Son out of Thailand

    I traveled with my son - age 12 yr old - several times without his mother out of Thailand. He holding a Thai PP and we never have been asked any question or to present any documents.
  2. I already got from HKG 1x tourist visa and 2x non-o 3 month. Never had a problem and no questions
  3. No wonder, Nakhon Si Thammarat is the capital of murder and drug dealers
  4. wdr

    Immigration at KL LCCT

    Have in mind flying MAS is cheaper than cattle airways AA ending up in cattle terminal KLIA2 the LCCT. With MAS you have 30Kg free luggage, food, entertainment and arrive at the main terminal, hassle free immigration
  5. Travel cost from Hat Yai to KL are quite cheap. From Hat Yai take the bus or mini van to Padang Besar(THB 38) from there take the high speed train to KL, travel time 4hr15min, cost MYR 48 one way ~450 THB FROM DMK to HDY several cheap flights. Why Air Asia? Better take Lion Air. If you have time the return trip from BKK is ~ THB 4000 Also its possible to take over night travel using the sleeper train (MYR 40), very convenient. Train leave Padang Besar 19:00 arrival morning ~06:00 Trains can be booked online. I use them regularly for my flight from KL to DPS(Bali). Also Lion Airfull service, cheap and no cattle handling
  6. Its working, but you need enable roaming
  7. Its working, but you need enable roaming
  8. Used them several time and no problems and avoid Air Asia. At least you would not kicked out from their airplane after you boarded and took your seat. The case is now pending with consumer protection agency in Malaysia as it has been a flight out from Malaysia.
  9. Simple answer, they do no advertising in Thaivisa. I got haevely censored show Air Asia stranded me in Kuala Lumpur on transit. Case is now handled by Malaysia's Consumer Protection Agency. Ads from Air Asia you find always on Thaivisa! ☺☺☺☺
  10. Had no problems with Kasikorn & CIMB Thai in Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong & China mainland. Done Internet banking as well ATM
  11. Had no problems with Kasikorn & CIMB in Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong & China mainland. Done Internet banking as well ATM
  12. To satisfy you, I'm passportholder of Germany, burn in Germany and not emigrated☺☺☺☺☺
  13. Airline forced me stranded at Kuala Lumpur airport. Fortunately for them they have plenty of customer and don't need take care of them. My complain sent as told by Airline customer service to Airline (commonly also named cattle airways or sheeple airways: Hi, please respond to this complain till Wednesday January 20, 2016 @24:00 to me. Complain as follow: 1). I traveled on January 16, 2016 from DPS - KUL with an onward booking to HDY 2.) After landing I proceeded to the <removed> transfer counter which refuse to handle my transfer request. The person handled my request (Mr X) has been extremely arrogant and is unaware that the arrogance he display show his personal stupidity and idiotic handling of the issue. He forced me go through the immigration channel which has been not necessary as AA have the transfer counter 3.) The reason for him to reject my transfer requesting in his opinion: "MY PASSPORT IS DAMAGED AND THE THAI IMMIGRATION WOULD REJECT MY ENTRY INTO THAILAND". The question herewith, which legal authority have an Airline person to decide I get entry into a country or not? 4.) I proceeded to the Malay immigration which can't see my passport as damaged. I especially asked the immigration officer he can recognize my passport as damaged because Airline refused my transfer and gave me as the reason my passport is damaged. The Malay immigration officer responded, it's Airline nonsense and they're not have a right to decide entry to a country or validity of travel documents. The to be entered country will do the decision by any immigration officer! 5.) After legal entry into malaysia I proceeded to the Airline "Document check counter" to get my boarding pass for my flight KUL - HDD. I received my boarding pass for the flight without any harassments from the handling <removed> agent. 6.) After holding my boarding pass I headed back to boarding my flight. 7.) After boarded the airplane and everybody seated there has been an announcement on board "it would be a short delay ...." 8.) I got approached by a flight attendant who requested my passport and then disappear for several minutes, came back and requested to leave the airplane! 8.) I requested from the person which attended me out of the plane a written statement why I have been taken off the flight - which has been refused! To get a written statement have been told I shall proceed to the "Service Counter at Row U" 9.) After passing immigration again I heading to Airline service counter to requesting a written statement. 10.) At the service counter my request has been refused in a very unfriendly and arrogant manner told I can file my complain via <removed> Facebook ! 12.) I DO NOT GOT ANY HELP FROM AIRLINE TO SETTLE THE ISSUE WHICH <removed> HAS BEEN RESPONSIBLE - BRAKING A TRANSPORT CONTRACT! 13.) To reach my destination (Hat Yai/Thailand) I took a tai from KLIA to Kuala Lumpur Central train station from where I got a train ticket to Thailand. 14.) After arriving the Malay/Thai check point I had no problems at all with the Thai immigration and entry into Thailand on VOA. As clearly can be seen it has been a misconduct of <removed> and I requesting herewith a compensation of USD 500 for all the damage Airline caused to me. BTW, in case I do not get a response from Airline I don't hesitate to get public with is issue. Airline confirmation - receipt of complain We received your feedback and your reference number is <removed>. Our Customer Care team is now looking into the issue. We will provide a more substantive response to your problem and an appropriate resolution within 14 days. Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with us. Kind Regards, Airline Note: This is an auto-generated email sent by Airline CRM. Please do not reply to this email thread.
  14. You really know what's what you call the "Ultra Malay" are ? The ultra Malay are the ultra corrupted government gang??