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  1. New crackdown sees darts BANNED in Pattaya

    <deleted> Whats next a toilet license?? btw, I have a valid dartboard license for sale at the right price :)
  2. Should wack that prick with an iron bar see how he likes it!
  3. Shoot the prick then the world has one less mouth to feed.
  4. I call BS. Contracted HIV then survived ?? A fairy tale with happy ending.
  5. Thats where his brain is.
  6. Send him back to Old Blighty where he belongs
  7. Baht Bus drivers asking for more than 10 baht

    After Klang its more and I dont mind paying the extra.
  8. It was on a day trip out of Chang Mai. We were taken to a hills village after a visit to the palace. The village itself was a tourist trap but we were allowed to wander through the fields thats where I noticed the poopies planted among the other vegetation.
  9. I've seen the opium poppies openly grown in the fields when I was there in 2013. Dont know which district it was but around where the royal palace is.
  10. Unfortunately they did everything the GPS told them to do!