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  1. barmatt

    Why Pattaya Changed

    I only come here for the cheap massages.
  2. My point exactly if she has none then dont do it.
  3. I cant see the problem if your girlfriend will pay 50% of the condo but if she expects 50% for nothing and live there for free then get another girl. Its your money not hers.
  4. Sounds like Kenway deserved what he got the scamming prick...no sympathy from me. They should send Nelhams to India and do some cleaning up over there.
  5. barmatt

    Revisiting Sihanoukville.

    I visited in April this year for the first time and will never return. Spent 4 days in Sihanoukville and that was 4 days too long, the place is as dump and over run by Chinese. We did manage to find decent places to eat mainly near the Golden Lion roundabout you will find a very good Italian restaurant "Olive & Olive" at the start of the road to the pier but beware of the huge flies that bother you while you eat. A previous posted mentioned The Big Easy which is also good I liked their pancakes. For girly bars theres a cluster set off the road just before you get to the roundabout opposite.. a row of casinos. Its not very obvious to find but when you do it runs in a horseshoe shape and has a mix of mostly bars and some eateries. Some very nice girls here some demanding $100us LT which is crazy money for a Cambo girl considering thats a months salary for a normal Cambodian for one nights work. Pub Street is a dump and didnt see any girls of quality did a quick round and straight back out but ymmv. Good luck.
  6. Thats the oldies the young guys are invading the gogo's and soi's
  7. Its all true so please stop coming to Thailand.
  8. barmatt

    45 ladyboys arrested on Pattaya beach

    You lucky bastard. ?
  9. One less idiot on the road. The mother of a good friend of mine was killed by one of these speeding idiots.
  10. Baby poop sandwiches ...yum
  11. They are soi dogs
  12. Shocking camera work