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  1. Baby poop sandwiches ...yum
  2. They are soi dogs
  3. Shocking camera work
  4. barmatt

    The "beautiful Thai girl" myth?

    All three together would be the ultimate
  5. barmatt

    Hotel Raids continue in South Pattaya

    Is the clamp down to inspect buildings for safety reasons like fire escapes etc?
  6. Seen similar goods for sale outside Central, all fake or copies goods no original stuff.
  7. Better than having your cock cut off I guess.
  8. The man in blue likes the blonde girls. Bet hes thinking of, favours to stay.
  9. barmatt

    Chinese visitors: you ain't seen nothing yet.

    They've invaded Cambodia on mass Chinese casino's everywhere, just returned from Cambodia spent some time in Sihanoukville and have seen the Chinese destruction first hand. Streets and streets of casinos and hotels catering for Chinese only and not to mention Chinese restaurants which dont serve westerners. Hope to hell similar doesnt happen in Thailand.
  10. Cut their nuts off!
  11. Wait till they start crapping on your doorstep.