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  1. FarangJon

    3 Burmese Arrested For Alleged Rape of US Tourist

    Thee good old thai fairy tale about the scapegoat burmese guys.
  2. Nice death while watching naked girls. Just while <deleted> could be better.
  3. Nex selfie soon with his new Thai friends in Bangkok Hilton = ))
  4. Where is the picture please.
  5. Ah no problem. Just some kids wana play. Let them play ; )
  6. Once again the Thai cops are hunting real criminals. Just another hypocrite morality monkey show for the public.
  7. You can beat someone half to death in Thailand, 500 Baht fine. Kill someone in an car or motorbike accidant, 10k Bahts fine. You can stitch every policeman. But yeah, here we go again. The hypocrite thai morality is now hunting once again the real criminals.
  8. FarangJon

    Australian bar owner in Pattaya beaten unconscious

    Pattaya is a nice party city. There is in any city somewhere trouble when people are drinking until early morning. So what. Big news
  9. I just can say it again and again. Typical Thai hypocrisy. On every corner a massage shop with happy end and they pretend to be offended coz of a naked woman on a penis rock.
  10. Typical Thai hypocrisy. At every corner a massage shop with a happy ending and because of a few young Russians who just have some fun will be determined very big. Just to show the public once in a while that the police are already working. Ridiculous as usual.
  11. It will never change. Because with the bribe money from the red light mileue, all politicians are getting their bags full. Just the usual hypocrisy to fool the public and to pretend that you want to change something.
  12. I ve spent 3 years in Thailand. Ve seen enough. No any stories, they can get very easy mental. The girls as well.
  13. And one day when that guy will say again f.. u to a thai guy he will ve a knife in his chest or a bullet in his head. He dont know anything about the easy to get mental thais
  14. Trouble in walking street is nothing special. The later the night the more is the chance that there will be a street fight. Just some drunk dogs returning home without any rest of a piece of brain.