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  1. American/Russian drug dealing couple arrested on Koh Phangan

    That is it. Life is for both over. Wrong coountry for drug dealer.
  2. PM suggests Thais to start saving for their future

    Yeah save for your future with 10k Bahts per month haha. What a jerk.
  3. Starboy will be a superstar soon in Bangkok Hilton. Pick up the soap honey
  4. LOL best lady in town. Gold digger. And that guy? Oh man, what a monkey.
  5. A third of Thais believe road carnage is fate, conference told. Yeah and Thai people belive in ghosts too. Fate of course
  6. Thai Police got once more a big fish
  7. Small tits, small ass, thats why we like the Thai girls. Hello Thai Police, where is the crackdown on chocolate and kanom shops, burger king and mc donalds? We need crackdowns. Crackdowns please.
  8. This rank list sucks. The english skills in Cambodia are at least as good as in Thailand or better.
  9. Thai Embassy warns about tourist scams in Turkey

    Thailand - LOS - Land of Scams is warning about warns about tourist scams. Well, if that's not irony...
  10. He forgot one thing. Scam is allowed for thai People only in Thailand, not for farangs =))