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  1. Soi Bukaw

    Yes ban all cars as well But "pick-ups" are OK. 😚😚😚😚
  2. Soi Bukaw

    As a motorist I get fed up with all of these pedestrians sloping around, criss-crossing the road in SoI Bhua Khao, gazing at the girls and lady boys. Get your brains out of your trousers and concentrate on what's important Your well being Only joking πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ™„
  3. A good response to the OPs request 10/10 😊
  4. In the dark !!!!!
  5. Seems that you're not interested in seeing the countryside either eh? I find that Hiring a car at my destination is not that expensive And avoids dealing with the Thai lunatic drivers on the way to up-country...... Goodness knows there's enough around Pattaya
  6. Sound advice...... Less stress Less Kms on your vehicle Less wear and tear on your vehicle (and your nerves) And No need to worry about needing to hand over tea money
  7. Brits vs. Americans in Pattaya

    My golly "Jsix pack" didn't you set your alarm we've been at this for hours today
  8. Brits vs. Americans in Pattaya

    And that's what most Brits are all about When the going gets tough....Brits get going And can be relied upon
  9. Looking for a good tailor

    In the past I used AMA they're nice enough people, didn't have many issues with their clothes, but they send out for the making For the past couple of years I have been using "O" Tailor behind Tuk.com They make on the premises so could make adjustments immediately Great finish on every item I have had from them I seem to remember suits were about B5,000 made exactly to my requirement I'm very particular about dress
  10. Brits vs. Americans in Pattaya

    I say this as a Brit There is tendency for people who cannot climb the ladder and achieve anything, to try to drag "better" people down to their level. My advice when anyone begins with "are you American?" reply "Oh don't tell me....you're a Yank knocker....heard it all before....excuse me if I nip this in the bud.....and finish my drink alone.....no offense intended" These bar bores are just that ..... "Bar Bores" Not every Brit is an American hater.... nor for that matter Michael Buble. A good entertainer who as it happens has a poorly son
  11. Jet wash service/repair

    Thanks for your information
  12. Jet wash service/repair

    Thank you I will contact them I have a feeling that the previous responders may be right about replacement, but even in this "throw away" world I thought it worth seeing if there is a "Thai man" somewhere who has discovered an opportunity to make a living repairing such, or similar products
  13. Jet wash service/repair

    Hi Folks Foolishly I let a Thai who does some odd jobs for me use my jet wash..... Now I'm having a couple of problems with it.... Bit of a rattle also a leak..... It's a Zinzano which had been great.... Can anyone suggest people who fix JWs......I popped into the shop in Pattaya Nua today but they need to send it to Bkk.....now not until the New Year Many Thanks
  14. From a previous post it seems she cannot be stamped or deported The OP states that they reside in Europe so I imagine she does have a passport So she should be put in the "clink" & the "euro low life" slung out immediately Leopards "can't & won't" change their spots
  15. I've set a daily limit on my SCB debit card, sometimes it's inconvenient, but at least I know how much I have at risk 😳😳