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  1. We were in Central food hall last week and a Chinese "low life" walking through between the diners, started "hacking-up" and then stood over the litter bin spitting in it If that wasn't bad enough he then went out to the toilet Loud, Vulgar, disrespectful race
  2. Sorry I cannot agree with your Chinese observation, I was in Pattaya yesterday and there were hoards of buses disgorging them, we actually commented that there doesn't appear to be a low season this year, plenty of Russians, Middle East and Indian visitors Perhaps, and maybe it is the number of Westeners that are dwindling. And of course "Brits" are suffering with the pound getting pulverized by the " Brexit" fiasco🇬🇧
  3. Thanks Rimmer
  4. Yes I think that maybe my only option Had a Guy here yesterday to price for cutting 8 fan bananas (without the leaves) wanted 4,000 baht and didn't want to remove the trunks, just leave them where they fell How I regret not bringing my industrial chainsaw when I moved here 😩
  5. Hi Folks Does anyone know where I can buy a "2 Handle (2 person) Saw for tree cutting Thankyou DD13
  6. Saw it once in Makro Pattaya Nua
  7. Boy 'Sound generally pretty good for most things. I did have a dash cam supplied & fitted by them a bit over a couple of years ago 5,000 baht.....then saw exactly the same unit in Tuk.com less than 1,000 baht....plus 500 baht to fit Disappointing
  8. A good post with interesting responses
  9. Pepper spray will stop a dog in its tracks......
  10. Toy money paying for a trip in a Toyota sounds ok 😚
  11. Thailand is not the easiest of places to live.....and as we know there are lots that need attending to......but as guests we must chose to tolerate it or leave It took me one look at those ghastly terraced houses alongside the rail station, in Mobis pics....to convince me I could never go back.......been there did it for 50+ years...no thanks This weekend England has been basking at 30c......(no a/c no ceiling fans)......no doubt back to normal today For all it's faults.......give me Thailand every time But good wishes to you Mobi
  12. There could be someone behind the pole.....maybe the manager ? In which case that makes 10 people and 2 holes..... Because he is obviously an "Arse-hole"
  13. I'd heard Jomtiem was the "Ghost" town where they go around "Putting the willies up each other" I must have been misinformed 😳
  14. I think you are probably right about the future for insurance cover.......and rightly so......those of us who do fit immobilisers should have some reward
  15. Just "Googled" for info....where it says The proposed property tax is 0.1% above 1.5m baht properties So on a 25m baht property valuation equals 25,000 p.a. (£500) Reasonable compared to UK Not sure about exemptions though......I will make some enquiries