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  1. Buying a car

    Simple. Decide what car you want, go into the dealers and see what offer they are doing. Show them your Thai driving licence (For insurance) passport. Pay a deposit with the remaining cash monies on delivery. They will do all the paperwork for you. You might need a proof of address, several ways of doing that. I didn't they just asked the wife where I lived and took her word for it. Bit more agro if you want H/P. But if you put down 50% deposit you can get that without any problems.
  2. ECU-Shop.com any ideas?

    Forget it. Reason the new Fortuner has a very loose torque converter. All you will gain is rev's with little or no speed increase. Give your TRD a try, from a stand still put it in D, put your right foot down. The revs will go into the 3th rev range as it goes off. It then goes rapidly through the gearbox with the revs diminishing as the car catches up. Unlike the old TRD 3lt the new one is built for high speed cruising not acceleration. Saying that it's not a slug, just not any good for chipping IMHO. But if you still decide to do it please let us know how you get on. I had my old 3lt TRD sorted and it flew, my new 2.8 TRD I'm not bothering doing.
  3. Ayutthaya braces for northern run-off

    Sorry to hear that Kel. Spoke to Tony no mates yesterday and he told me the Phran Kratai town is under water. ATM's out most of the shops closed. As luck would have it K.P.Phet as usual doesn't have any problems. I do have rooms for rent, glad to say a tad expensive. But you are welcome if needs be.
  4. New SUV.

    Sorry cant help there, it was hard enough to get snaps of them without getting rundown by the M/C Taxies. All I know is that's they both had a Vauxhall badge on the grill.
  5. New SUV.

    Nice to see you back. Thought you might have been spending your time fumbling about putting keys in your dated ignition. Question. Do Ford supply a torch for doing same? or is it an optional extra.
  6. New SUV.

    They are both the same. The second one had some of it's covering coming off. That's the only difference. Both had the Vauxhall badge.
  7. New SUV.

    Then please except my apologies. TV buggering everything up yet again. If you think about it why would I add 'what is it' when I gave the answer in the first paragraph.
  8. New SUV.

    Head line. New SUV. Sorry but no mention of what is it. Suggest you also re-read my OP.
  9. New SUV.

    Where did I ask what it was. Suggest you re read my post. I stated that these were snap of a Vauxhall SUV. I sometime wish I had never posted anything on TV as it only gets turned around. For all's information the things had Vauxhall badges on the grill. So not a W/W. Or an MG. IT'S A BLOODY VAUXHALL for Buddha sake.
  10. New SUV.

    Spot on. It was early morning time when I took the snaps hence the "Light" traffic. Had just had breakfast at the Queens.
  11. New SUV.

    You could be correct there TA just new model who knows. For the peeps that said it's not a Vauxhall I can assure you it is. If you look at the first picture you will see two lumps, First one I took the snap of the front/side. Second was of the second lump rear end that had half the covering missing. That one was showing the Vauxhall badge. There were 3 of them driving around Pattaya for days. After several goes managed to get snaps without getting run over. Bloody crazy place Pattaya, glad to be out.
  12. New SUV.

    Sorry their not to clear but this is a couple of snaps of the new Vauxhall SUV, taken in Pattaya two days ago. It has a glass roof similar to Fords Everest. It's slightly bigger than the Honda Crv but smaller than the Everest/Tuna. Just though some peeps might be interested.
  13. Laptop repair

    Only ones I know of are in the town of K.P.Phet. I can recommend one near to where I live, Thats near the university. But they don't speak any English a small problem if you have a Thai speaker with you or you could use my wife. If your interested send me a PM and I'll give you directions from where you are. N/B they have just put a new windows 10 in both my comps they seem to be working fine. They have also done some other bit's on one of them and that's still plodding on.
  14. New Toyota Fortuner

    There is nothing on the touch screen that alters anything whilst driving only used to enter once the Blue tooth phone set up & when you require the S/Nav. Everything else is done with 'Simple' Buttons. If you enlarge you will see that the speaker volume is on the far left of the S/Wheel marked with a picture of a speaker and a + or - button. Very simple if you ask me. Sorry it doesn't show the Stop start button as that's on the dash level with the drivers arm rest. ECO & Sports mode is in front of gear stick. Also simple. For your info AOP I am putting in this last one. Before I get off this site for good.
  15. Clear Notifications option missing

    That might be all well and good. To get over the blip I selected NO Notifications 3 days ago also did the same yesterday. What did I get this morning well 8 of the buggers. Would you like a print off of the 30 thousand I now have??? May I just suggest you TV peeps get a grip, because your set up is now becoming a tad of a bore. Not to mention a pain in the Butt.