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  1. Carport stain remover.

    You could try Vixol (All Supermarkets sell it) that might get the stains out, but I would try it on a small bit first just in case it discolours.
  2. Nakhon Sawan News

    Was out last night with Bill the younger. Dinned in a restaurant on the side of the river ping. Nice and Mild. Am looking forward to next week when it'll be even milder. Must say cant be putting up with this cold stuff we are getting. Unlike Wayne we haven't had any black snow. Thank you Buddha. H/M
  3. Nakhon Sawan News

    Ok here today Bill's, That's both of you. Just wall to wall sun. was around 30c at 11am with a bit of luck it'll get a tad milder as the hours progress.
  4. Nakhon Sawan News

    If it's any consolation Bill we have had rain here as well. That's almost 5km as the crow flies. Tip, never believe a Thai weather forecast. Good job your new boat hasn't arrived yet or you might have got wet trying it out.
  5. Waterproof Tile Grouting

    That's how they fix toilets here normally with cement seems to work fine. That's why I suggested epoxy grout to fix. You will need a trowel with large teeth also some waterproof tile cement/adhesive (Don't get rapid set as in this heat you'll be in trouble) using that you don't need a thick cement screed. More than likely available at global and the likes. You can use the line that they put on as a guide to get them strait. That's if you have got the same size tiles. But you could do it the correct way and put a nail in both ends and put some string between same as a guide You will have to allow for the slope as you place tiles suggest 1/2cm for the high areas. Dropping down to the outlet. Bit of faffing about if you take your time you should be fine. N/B start from the low bit and work up from there. Once the main bit is set and dry that's when you put the cut edge tiles in. Just thought you could put some sealer on the old cement first.
  6. Point of order. Insurance asked for details and a photo copy of my Thai licence when I brought my last Lump. OP put it in your name as others have said.
  7. Fitting heater in D-Max

    I'm one of the peeps that leave it on recycle permanently, wife cant stand any fumes. But I always have my window at least partly open. Like to hear the noise from other cars. Unless that is there is any diesel fumes about. Once they get into the lump takes ages to get rid of same. Yes I did find your post helpful. As I have said I have only had it fog up one time on the way back from Chiang Mai. Through the so called mountains. As I will not be going there ever again? my problem won't hopefully reoccur.
  8. Fitting heater in D-Max

    Yes. It was then it fogged up. Had the same problem with my last Fortuner, that didn't have a heater. Thought I would give it a go with the new one but it seemed to mist even faster. So much so I had to stop and wait for it to clear. Heat on the screen made it even worse, had to swap to cold air before I got any joy. After it cleared have mentioned this before, as long as I left the window open heater on it was fine. Bit pointless I know. Not happened since, but that was local not in the Hills/mountains. It could have been the outside temp: or the fact that I had had the aircon: on prior to turning on the heater. Whatever a real pain in the Butt.
  9. Fitting heater in D-Max

    Thank you for your explanation. Sorry to say it didn't happen on My Lump. Then again it could be having the Aircon: on prior to putting the hot air on it was my problem. Have only used it "heat' twice in the year I have had the lump. More practice required. One thinks.
  10. Nakhon Sawan News

    Glad you have finally ordered your new boat Bill. The K.P.Phet local fishing club will be delighted after I have informed then at the next AGM. At least you will have something to put on your private boat slipway. Re problem with Hotel if you didn't stay at that Cheep place I assume the Land Mark you stay in it might not have occurred. Better still learn to park correctly. Not going down the route of traveling by BTS. Very down market for us K.P.Phet peeps. Taxi is the way to go you only had the phone Sam the taxi man. Only hope that you don't end up like Rott and having to spend time in Pattaya. Glad you had an eventful trip anyway. H/M K.P.Phet.
  11. Waterproof Tile Grouting

    Agree with you. But Jas21 said that his tiles were loose well some of them, so get rid of the lot as you cant guarantee the rest will not give a problem at a later date. You can also get tile fixative similar to the stuff used in the UK. The Thais seem to use cement, but that does need a much thicker bed.
  12. Fitting heater in D-Max

    I think you started the rudeness with a not nice we know it all to one of my posts. And didn't expect a reply. Now you are having a go at us Brits. May I suggest it's you that should lighten up.
  13. Fitting heater in D-Max

    Question. When you use heated air does your screen/windows mist up. I came back from Chiang Mai through the so called mountains a few months ago. And found that using the heater misted up all the inside of the windows, had to change it to cold air windows open to get rid of it.
  14. Fitting heater in D-Max

    I put in C/Control like you did C/C an abbreviation of Climate Control. The subject if you haven't grasped it is Heaters. Bit more water with your drink might not go amiss.
  15. Waterproof Tile Grouting

    Sorry to hear that you have buggered yourself. It's called do it yourself. That's why I always get a local to do any work. Right the way Thais fix tiles is with an up to 2" cement screed. Seems to work well if it's done correctly. There in lies the problem they don't always do it correctly. Might be a good idea to get rid of the original screed then it can be relayed with the correct slope. Suggest you get a local to do as they will have, hopefully ideal tools/knowledge to do same. Having looked at your earlier snaps you do have enough room to go on top of your old set up provided you take the old tiles off first. A finished job is only as good as the foundations. Loose tile ain't a good foundation. Nice house by the way.