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  1. Don't know what lump you have. But most manufactures sell there own. Toyo "that's the cheap lumps" do for all their models. Price for a Tuna is around 2th bt. Sorry don't know the exact price as it was yet another freebee I got. Very good quality with elasticated clipped bottoms. My last one was 8+ years old and still looked like new. You will more than likely have to order at your local dealers.
  2. Avoiding BKK Pattaya - Chiang Mai - Pattaya

    I'm sure I speak for L/B3 as well. Your very welcome. But you haven't got off the end of the 9 yet. Two trips ago I went into BKK but that was on the way back, so even us we know it all peeps make mistakes. I shall as stated be going to C/M on Monday will report back after the 19th on road conditions both ways. If you can let me have your address there I pop the bill for the both of us in your letter box. Have a good trip.
  3. Sorry to tell you they ain't cheap. Thank Buddha the service is less expensive. Than a lot of other lumps.
  4. Avoiding BKK Pattaya - Chiang Mai - Pattaya

    Have just had another look and it doesn't say 112 on any of the road signs. As I came off the 115 from Pitso it said 115 to BKK. Wish they would make up their minds. Whatever Google is more than right correct. It is the correct road though. And better snaps than mine. Only hope that it makes my place look better than it is. The 112/115 is at present being resurfaced but should be fine by the time OP might use it.
  5. I don't admit to knowing everything I just had to listen to an OZ babbling on giving no facts either way other that waking up with your sister in law??? I just go by what I'm informed by the manufacture.
  6. No I require a snap of your place to compare, you wanted one on my service bill and you got it. For your info I have never use your place and never would, one look is enough for me. Sorry no snap no more comment.
  7. Thanks for that I have just spent 15 min: of my life listening to a load drivel.
  8. You didn't believe me when I said about my service price. Now please put a snap of you service place to see how it compares with Toyo one I put in, then we can have a discussion.
  9. When I first went into Toyo with the new lump for it's first 10th service 5th for me they showed me a paper from Toyo saying the 2.8 is recommended to use Full Syn. But could have semi if I wanted. I thought it was a con with them trying to get a few more bob out of me. But the G/L read it and said it was correct. They also said that for better results use premium diesel. Ok I went along with it, when I got the price at the end must say surprised how cheap it was. So will continue to use Full Syn and shell V power and the likes. If the latter helps Buddha only knows but I do know that I'm getting 6.3 lt = 100 km on a run. Ok I do pay for it in the long run but what would I save by going to your cheapo place and get nothing. Might get a broken leg tripping over the hundreds of part warn out tires that are scattered all over the place. If it's anything like our one.
  10. Avoiding BKK Pattaya - Chiang Mai - Pattaya

    That's a maybe but if your coming up the AH 1 it says turn right for Phitchit on the 115. The signs are all over the place, I just go by what they say. TIT. So it's called the Marlin resort well I never haven't stayed there as I only live round to corner some 300mt by the UNI.
  11. No but others have or intimated same. But you wouldn't believe me when I said what I paid for my Service at Toyo. Could no doubt get a few bob off using another garage but not interested in second rate places. As I have stated before Toyo K.P.Phet is as cheap as chips so why change. Will reiterate I also get Free coffee cold drinks now food + a Free valet included in the price.
  12. Toyo is a vast company so will be able to Buy at very good prices. Then pass it on to us normal peeps. Whatever I'm very pleased with their product. Whether it's made in China don't care. It says Full Syn + Toyota and that's good enough for me. Hate paying for a just name. Ford use Castrol oil now please tell me that's not up to scratch.
  13. What does one have to do to convince people that they are correct. First off you have to put Bills in, now it seems that Toyota tell lies about their motor oil. My Buddha you are a load of doubters on TV.
  14. Avoiding BKK Pattaya - Chiang Mai - Pattaya

    O/Z as promised snap of Hotels. Well they are more like Motels. You check in get your Key and then go to your respected room and unload. Provided you have a cat litter box and clear up after you you shouldn't have a problem. Sorry but was a tad amiss on Price they are now in the upper 300 whatever cheap as chips for a good nights sleep with Air Con. If you do decide to stay can recommend eating places. From Patts it'll take you around 6hours to K.P.Phet that's depending on stops. If you want to do another 4+ hours that's up to you. First snap is the one 300mt on left as you go down the 115 from AH 1 the other one is a bit further on but you will need directions for that. No need to book you can phone them on your way up. If you click on the snaps twice they should come up clearer.
  15. Avoiding BKK Pattaya - Chiang Mai - Pattaya

    As luck would have it I was in a hire car when I first did the trip. Sorry to say I don't think there was much left of the exhaust after it. Good fun all the same.