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  1. 29psi cold, is what Toyota recommend for the 20" wheels. Dunlop tyres. I find that my lump it's quite smooth & quiet on normal roads. But I do have stronger springs and shocks so maybe the tires get a chance to flex more. Just a guess. You could try 1 psi less. I found I got a better ride on my old Spivo at 29 than the 30psi that Toyota recommended for that. Yes I know it's only 1 psi but there was a difference.
  2. The BKK taxis I use are all Volvos. With one minor addition they all have Toyota engines gear box's in them. Must tell you something.
  3. Top price for a Sportivo is 1.769.000
  4. Toyota recommend 29psi for Dunlop tyres on 20 rims. 30psi on the 18" Bridgestone. Both all round. That's on a Fortuner.
  5. I will say that on normal roads they are a very comfortable ride. But on Mountain/Hilly bendy roads they are rubbish. They lean terribly due to their soft springs. Drive one or just get behind one and you will see. That's why locally they are known as a Pisa like the tower. Not going into their clunky engine or the quality of build. They are cheap though.
  6. Please let us know how you get on with them once they have settled in over the next few days.
  7. I have only driven the 2.2. Must say that that didn't rock and roll. Slow but very stable.
  8. I do know that the Tops in Phitsanulok has a good bread counter, about the only thing worth going there for now. Most of the English/Farrang stuff has gone the way of my lady friends. As you say it is pricy, I can get a better selection and a lot cheaper at Makro. Regards food. Our local Restaurant has a great selection of meats Goat, Deer, Ostrich steaks, + the normal stuff gets them from all over Thailand. If you are a regular he sells them to you at the buy in price. It enable him to buy a bigger amount so getting it cheaper. Just obtained some very large Pig chops & Fillet/Rib eye Steak. Delish. Pie's I don't eat find them to heavy with the heat here. But thanks for the offer. Hope you getting on ok. Fred.
  9. What do they want for free. Bad enough to have to pay out the 150bt for a full valet.
  10. My Vigo had 4X4 in the 3+ years I had it only used it twice. First was to get me out of some crap when I went off road to see M/C scrambles. The other was getting up a steep gradient that was covered in shingle. My Spivo had that for 8+ years, was permanent 4X4 only came in handy once when we had the foods. Enabled me to use the frontage road in BKK when it was flooded. Must say gave me good ware on my tyres, still had 2/3rd meat left on them when I changed that at 60+th and 6 years old. Had puncher in one so changed the lot. Latest one has up to you 2 wheel as normal 4X4 high low as required. Will I ever use those more than likely not as never go off road. But handy just in case. As other have said if you can afford it go for it. If not just hope you don't ever need it.
  11. I did have a test drive in one as well as the Spivo before choosing the latter. The one I drove was a 2.2 so cant comment on power of 3.2 that must be heaps better. 2.2 drove well enough but with 4 peeps up was at best a slug. That was on a level road. Buddha only know what it'll be like on hills or really loaded. Why I chose the Spivo was that it didn't have the glass roof. Also as you have said the dated styling those head lights and front must have come out of the bottom draw of the ark. Get a grip Ford. Compare the interior of both as well Everest or Toyota I know who wins in my book. Have entered snap of Spivo dash sorry I'm no David Balley. managed to get a bit of free advertising for the local car valeting place see paper on the floor.
  12. I also like freebees. I obtained 35th bt off initial price, Tax, insurance, tints, + every Toyota extra and more free. Equated to well over 100th bt in total that's 2.4 Thousand or there about UK. And it's not worth having. Some have said small fry so 2400 pounds UK is small fry??? Must be loaded.
  13. This is one of the idiotic post I was referring to. See how stupid they & the peeps that enter them look. Just my personal opinion of cause. If you like them carry on using same. Hope you don't mind if I don't.
  14. 29psi is what Toyota recommend for the 20" rims Dunlop tyres. My Vigo came with 50psi all round and not the 30 recommended. Discovered the problem as I bounced down the road after I drove out of the garage.
  15. Question. Does the Tops supermarket have a section that sells Bread would be handy if only to stop me making my own.