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  1. Upgrade car headlights

    Having had both Xenon and now the new LED I can tell you both are fab but the Xenon are a tad better. Had white fitted in my Fortuner on all 6 lights. They did put yellow in one at first but found the white much brighter/clearer. Unlike Joe W I didn't like the look of yellow. Personal choice.
  2. how to set 24h format on clock fortuner 2008

    First go to Menu select set up. Select general. The clock bit comes up you can reset to 12/24 hour. Sorry I don't have the book now either. Only doing this from memory. Hope this helps.
  3. Upgrade car headlights

    You could try DK Xenon BKK for fitment. They seem to fit lights and other things. Their Phone No: is 0844574574 you might need to speak Thai or get someone that speaks it do for you. Tip fit one first and see what the improvement is. Before paying out for the full lot. Please let us know how you get on as it helps everyone.
  4. Upgrade car headlights

    They don't look like Xenon that's the one I can see. Xenon bulbs have a long clear bulb with a thickish outer wire running from back to front of bulb normally blue. Your ones don't seem to have those. They look like normal ones to me. But I could be wrong as the snap isn't that clear. I can assure you that if they were good Xenon they would light up the roads at night like driving during the day, it's what the aircraft use for landing lights. Have just googled Xenon head lights lot's of snaps on there of both LED and Xenon bulbs if you care to look you would see what I mean with the outer wire on Xenon bulbs. They also come in several colours Think the best to go for are white, or blue white. Yellow ones look twee but they are not so bright.
  5. No CD Player.

    Sorry seems your correct on getting C/D in market. Have just spoken to the wife and she tells me you can get them in the Wednesday night market. But they are all copies, with most not having the full list of songs on them. DVD hold well over 20 songs C/D a lot less. You might also find that the Elvis Presley one will have him singing Yerrow Libber.
  6. No CD Player.

    Toyota might say C/D player but more than likely a DVD one??? The sales man said that my new Spivo had a C.D player but it turned out to be a DVD like my old Spivo. HMV had closed down in Piccadilly Circus London last time I looked, several '3 years+' ago Like wise virgin Shop. Now both a goner turned into clothe shops.
  7. Upgrade car headlights

    Did state they weren't Cheap. Can get a price from local place if the OP wants, Will need the make and model for that though. Go past there everyday so not out of my way. I do believe I paid somewhere around the 7/8.000 Bt a go, that was a few years ago. What it is now Buddha only knows.
  8. Nakhon Sawan News

    They more than likely want your wife to state you are living there via filling out a new form. They wanted that when I came back to K.P.P from the UK a few months ago. As they should on that occasion. She must have done that yonks ago but they will want to check. They wanted my Wife ID this time took a copy. I also had my Yellow book so no need to have anything from the wife. What would you do if you have all the correct things and No Thai wife you'll be buggered. Like you I never had to do it in N/S. There told you they were a pain in the Butt. Ask them for the fuel costs. I have a new Passport arriving in a couple of weeks can you imagine how that will go when I have to change my Visa into the new one. Best of luck on Monday. If it's any help you can pop in for one of the wife Coffee's. Not to sure what's the worst thing The Visa office or the wife's Coffee. Whatever the offer is there.
  9. No CD Player.

    Last time I was in the UK buying anything like C/D. Went into a shop and they laughed at me when I asked for a C/D. Said sorry sir they are a thing of the past. That was over 3 years ago. Ford still fit C/D players in their lumps why am I not surprised at that. More than likely have old stock.
  10. No CD Player.

    There is a way round that buy a big Chicken. Then you can share out the bones between them. Mind you they more than likely wont get a look in if you have a wife like I have. Head Neck Feet are the first to go. Electric stuff, Old worn out other bit's stay in the house. Still have the empty cardboard box that the last double fridge came in. Still in good condition after two years. If anyone is interested. Will deliver.
  11. Upgrade car headlights

    My old Fortuner with the same set up as the OP lights worked fine without changing the lens. They also run cooler so won't damage the lens. Also last longer than standard Bulbs 5.000 hours I believe I did say only get good makes. Suggest LG that I had. They were slightly better than the LED ones fitted on the new Tuna but not by a lot 3/4 % at most. The LED ones light up the same things, signs at the same distance ETC as my old Xenon's did. Must admit though that with the main beam on it would blind peeps coming in the opposite direction like my LED ones would now. But you shouldn't be using them then anyway. N/B like Daytime on the country roads at night. With either.
  12. No CD Player.

    Thais will take anything if it's free. Even an old chicken bone. The crap I have given away in the past is unmentionable. Old Mattress have been picked up from the Dustbins, that I would even let my dog sleep on. Old C/D players must seem to them like a winning the lotto. I do have and old TV with a buggered screen that still works well sort of. Electric cooker that has the elements buggered if anyone is interested. Mind you I will have to prise it out of the wife hands first.
  13. No CD Player.

    You cant get C/D in the UK now only DVD I suspect that goes for the rest of the normal world. As I said markets you might get as the Thais have old C/D set ups to play them on. Sorry to say they wont work on my Toyota DVD player. Did try with and old one of the wife's C/D that she wanted to listen to once and all it said was sorry Disc not known.
  14. No CD Player.

    Thought that C/D were a thing of the past Toyota have fitted DVD players for over 8 years now they wont play C/D. Even where I live you cant buy C/D even in the markets now. Well saying that you might get old Thai stuff, but who wants to listen to that.
  15. Upgrade car headlights

    What you need is LED or Xenon bulbs. Had Xenon fitted to my last Fortuner. They were excellent. Not sure what the fitting of LED entails or if it can even be done with your set up. They look similar to my old Toyota ones. Xenon will need ballast units 1 for every light they come with the bulb. Don't buy no Name ones, LG do ones that are very good. But not cheap. Suggest you use at least 30am for dip up to you on the heads. Friend of mine had 50 amp fitted for his head lights but not necessary 30 am will do ok. All depends on where you want to use them. Tip change all 4. Sorry cant recommend a shop in BKK but others will no doubt have that answer. N/B it's only like changing your bulbs the only thing that needs wiring fitting is the ballast units. They might have to order as there are different bulb fitments for your make.