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  1. Thank you for the welcome back. Its been a tad busy in Blighty. Mum passed a few weeks ago. Sad time for all she did get to 96 so had a good innings. Brain still as sharp as a knife but her body just gave up. Everything went well. Daughters dealing with everything enabling H/M to return and take it easy. Have given TV a bit of a miss, mainly due to not being able to get on line 'as normal' Off for a short holiday on the 24th, so wont be about to keep you lot in order. It would be nice if you can stay sober Bill. News on K.P.P. not a lot of water lobbing this year had been out several times and didn't see one bit. There must have been some maybe I just missed it. Will be back on the 2/3 May. Time then to have a catch up. H/M K.P.P. Fred to locals.
  2. Some places differ as you have stated. When I sold my Pickup to a friend in a different province, he took the car/paperwork to his DLT and they refused to sort it he had to come back to my Province and start it here. Once done his local place did the rest of the paper work. And changed the plates. One rule doesn't work everywhere in Thailand. Going to Phuket then having to return to BKK would be a real pain in the Butt. Check first.
  3. First lot of paper work to be done in province that car is registered in. Then you go to your local place and re-register it and change the No: plates. You will need a bill of sale and paperwork from original owner. There might be a small tax bill to pay. Don't know if that still applies. Easy if you do it in that order. Tip take a Thai speaker with you.
  4. Went out for lunch today lots of places open. Some of the local ones were closed though. The G/L doesn't venture to far on the M/C. No buggers were lobbing water came back to the house without a single drip on the Limo. Out again tonight for yet more dinning H/M doesn't do eating in or cooking on his first days back. Must say the weather is very pleasant was 38c 99f at 1pm. Just the thing to warm the old bones. Whatever much better than what I left in Blighty that's in single figures this week. H/M K.P.P. Fred to locals.
  5. H/M returned today 12th. Left BKK Airport at around 4pm. 9 was moving well due to it being free of costs. Traffic was heavy but at least it moved. Going south to BKK on the 1.32AR was almost empty. Usual Cock up nearer to BKK going both ways. But once north of Ang Tong going north seemed to be flowing fine. Albeit they were still driving like crazy even using the hard shoulder at high speed, normal I suppose. They were by the way lobbing water, I thought that started on the 13th??? K.P.P was empty not a sole about. I have been informed that most of the lunch time restaurants have closed for the duration. No doubt H/H will find some open tomorrow. Will of cause be in the Limo with windows up Will also be at the back of any places that are open. At least they don't go crazy here. H/M K.P.P. Fred to locals.
  6. True he had the modern version of the Gt40 that's because he couldn't fit in an original. Ford called it a Gt40 and so did he and google. Good enough for me. But if you want to split hairs up to you. Whatever it was still a pile of crap. Like all US of A sports cars. Rattle and don't hold the road unless in a strait line.
  7. Look it up. That's Jeremy Clarkson's problems with his GT40. Just plonk in into your Google box. Simple. Clue he had it for 3 weeks before getting his monies back.
  8. Google. Jeremy Clarkson problems with his GT40. You will see the whole saga there. Agree with your just in case bit. But bloody handy when a problem occurs. Doesn't alter the fact that you cant get anything big in a Camry's boot. Horses for courses.
  9. I also have stuff delivered. Now put yourself in my position. I had been looking for a TV cabinet for ages, found just the thing, only problem I was some 200km away from my house. They would deliver but at a price of 5000+bt. Solution simple open the boot drop the smaller of the two rear seats, stuff it inside and go home. Although a tad cramped still managed to fit 4 peeps in the lump as well. By the way it peed down on the way back all arrived home in one piece with nothing buggered. Forgot to mention about the GT40. Ask Jeremy Clarkson what he thought of his one I do believe he gave it back after a month or so. USA sports cars are at best rubbish. Cheap tin and plastic.
  10. Agree some what with you. My Spivo has permanent 4x4 in the 7+ years I have had it only had to use it once. Got stuck in a small clong only got out in low 4x4. Ride wise yes they the Camry is much smoother. Only problem I found driving one was that your vision is somewhat buggered if your sitting behind a Vigo and the likes. Price for price size for size better value with a Tuna. Just my thoughts. Try getting a 2mt long cabinet in a Camry's boot.
  11. Or you could try putting one of those dash covers on. My one is mounted just behind the mirror, also have a dash cover. Never had any problem reflection wise. Question do you have a screen tint??? that can cause a reflection.
  12. Thanks for you nice words Bill. The funeral is going to be on the 4th April. Yes know it's a bit late but it was a time issue. Looking forward to returning asap after that. Daughter will deal with everything this end. I can do my bit via the internet and phone (Skype) Probate will take as long as it takes. Then it'll be sell the house. Carry on with what remains of my life. Bloody freezing here so do need some warming up. H/M.K.P.P Fred to locals.
  13. Sorry to say Mum went Wednesday morning around 8am. Has been a bit hectic. Almost done now, as luck would have it my Daughter is a solicitor and is doing all the paperwork. All should be sorted in the next day or two. With only the probate to sort out. That'll take several week if not months. Might with a bit of luck be able to get back in a few weeks. Can finalise most bit's over the internet or by Phone. Nice having a smart arse in the family. Suggest you change to a newer set up Wayne XP departed years ago. Using 8 here and 10 in K.P.P. Windows 10 is real pain till you sort it out. Once you put all the bit's you use on your home page you can get out of the main set up. It'll then work fine.
  14. My Spivo battery on new lump died at 13 months. Must have done well? Now fitted GS sealed top notch one, that lasted 3 years till I let it go flat twice. Latest one still going strong after 3 years. That reminds me the Vigo one went on the blink about the same time. Fitted a GS one on that still going strong when I sold it. Looks like this post might go in Thank you Buddha. There you go then it did go in. Must be my Birthday.
  15. Don't know about anyone else but this is my second post the last one didn't go in after I had submitted it. In total has taken me well over 1/2 and hour to put this in that's if it eventually does. All I'm getting with TV is this page cant be displayed or the wed page cant be displayed. Just about peed off with TV. Rant over. Every other site's are fine so has to be TV. Right K/S. I didn't say that the charger didn't charge I said that the battery went flat even with it connected. Have had all the electrics checked and all seems fine. I don't have a clue as to why it does it but it does. N/B I can leave it week sometimes and it'll show it's fully charged also starts on the button well key. It's just if I leave it for over that I have the problem.