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  1. fredob43

    buying car in thailand

    You will need to get a Thai licence or you could find you insurance invalid. Lots of info in this section about same. Then just proceed as the above post. You might like to look at Toyota dealers as well as others as they have second hand cars that are at least guaranteed. Or you could try looking at cars for sale also in this section that have been owned by non Thai's as they should have some sort of service history.
  2. Forgot to mention I did have the please transfer Visa letter but that was all. First time I had done the new passport thing so just went in to ask what they wanted. Seems nothing they just changed the stamp.
  3. Ok if you want to be pernickety it was the local Immigration office. Sorry I cant spell Immigration. But as said I didn't need anything paper wise they just took both passports and made a note on their comp: before putting a new stamp in new passport. I would have done my new 1 year visa at the same time but it was a few weeks to early.
  4. Just did my new passport, I went into the visa office the next day and they changed the old visa over. Nothing needed. Three weeks later did my new 1 year visa. I did take my old passport is as well as the new one. They looked at both no problem and did my new visa. Might be different in your visa office but that was what happened in mine.
  5. fredob43

    Toyota GPS lost its way

    Before you go to far, maybe a good idea to turn off/Unplug the dash cam and see if it gets any better. At least you'll know if it's that or not. I have a dash cam, that runs from the lighter set up. Wire for same runs behind the glove box then behind the side front pillar camera also mounted behind the rear view mirror, and it hasn't caused any problems with my set up.
  6. fredob43

    Ford Everest Update?

    Lot's of stuff on You Tube. But as yet no mention of Fuel.
  7. fredob43

    Toyota GPS lost its way

    I got my book with the lump when I brought it just over a year ago. As I have said they all seem different so you will need the correct book for your set up. Can only suggest Toyota head office. Re updating sorry don't know, so far it seems very accurate. As long as it keeps that way I shall more than likely never update. Sat/Nav on my old Spivo was over 8 years old, and it was still good direction wise when I sold it. Ok it didn't have bit's like the new extension to the M/Way going into Pattaya but if you cant work that out yourself you have to be a bit dim.
  8. fredob43

    Toyota GPS lost its way

    I have just been in another new 2.8 4x4 Tuna my friend has rented. And the Sat Nav is nothing like my Spivo one. His one doesn't 8 side buttons you can press, only 3 also no distance button. So the above info I have put in might be all over the place. Sorry about that I didn't know they had different ones according to how much you pay.
  9. fredob43

    Toyota GPS lost its way

    Does have a hand book for Sat Nav. Front part is in Thai last part English. Does take some reading as there are well over 200 pages of same.
  10. fredob43

    Toyota GPS lost its way

    I don't have a problem with my Tuna set up. But I did find the screen all over the place till I set it at 500mt. (Bottom of screen left hand side, then press save) That's not 500mt for the whole screen but 500mt per every ++ C/M of screen. Sorry don't know the exact amount of C/M. Have also set the screen to it's least sensitivity because when you went near the thing it would change. If any of that fails. Suggest you take it to dealer as it'll still be under guarantee. N/B once all has been set you should press the home button, Bottom right hand side, You could try the reset set up. That should get rid of any crap. Best of luck.
  11. fredob43

    Tax disc for new car

    If you had bothered to read my first post you would have seen that I advised you to go to the dealer and get him to do the Tax for you. Did you well No. You went to your insurance man then did exactly what I advised you to do in the first place. Round the houses back to square one. As I and others have said you made life difficult for yourself. Regards my use of the word Lump. Please don't get to upset, after all it's just another car made of tin and plastic with an engine. I refer to my Fortuner as The Tank as that's what it is. Very useful Tank, but still just another vehicle made of tin and plastic. That'll get you from point A to point B. Hope you enjoy all the same.
  12. Please don't tell me they have a 50thBTU boiler under the dash.
  13. With most modern Lumps I don't think it could happen? My New Tuna has a heater but I'm sure it works from Either electric or Air Con. As there are no pipes, it's also instant even when the engine is cold. Haven't been to bothered to look into is as I have only used it once on the way back from Chang Mai over the mountains in Feb:
  14. Many years ago I used rad weld for an old ford I had. Did it do the job yes, but it buggered the heater rad ended up costing me bundles to fix. I have never used it or anything like it since.
  15. fredob43

    Tax disc for new car

    Sorry about my quote about buggering it up. But you have made life difficult for yourself. Just get the dealer to do the lot. So far he's receiving his monies without having to do a thing. Let us know how you get on with your new lump. There's not to many peeps on TV that have a Hybrid.