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  1. A friend of Nick's, Andy, swears he was called twice by Nick since his apparent demise and that Nick said he was coming back to Chiang Mai soon. We can only wait and see. His name will be changed to Lazarus if he does turn up.
  2. Yep, I'm mad. I also bought a car I'm very happy with. If you can't guage a car's quality, and it is relatively simple, then buy a new one or find some one to guide you. Despite what some may say many Thais care for their cars and keep them in excellent condition.
  3. I saw a video recently of Songkran in the 50s at Lampang. They had 'old' trucks loaded with water and young Thais were hurling buckets full at anyone in sight. One poor fellow on a bicycle came a cropper. Everyone was having a wild time and not a farang in sight to corrupt this religious festival. I am 72 and haven't got old enough yet that I can't put up with a few days of people having fun. I dress to get wet and have no complaints when I do.
  4. Pip pip old chap. I'll see you later at The Planters Club where the don't let the riff raff through the doors. Thank god we are not like them. Toodle loo.
  5. His uniform looks like it belongs to someone who is pretty senior in government service. Normally anyone in the public service has medical and hospital coverage for themselves and family.
  6. Just hang on to that great Thai escape clause - mai pen rai.
  7. I see now. They are certainly tucked well away. Not a bad idea if wishing to avoid a kick in the gonads.
  8. I don't understand why male elephants that are used in the tourist industry are not castrated. Only a few bulls are needed for breeding and it has been shown many times that when and elephant comes into musth he can be extremely dangerous.
  9. I found a site, Kaidee, which had hundreds of cars for sale in Chiang Mai. I thought there were many good deals on the site and bought a car that I am happy with. The site is in Thai but it was easy enough to work your way through. When ringing a seller a little Thai assistance might then be needed.
  10. Thank you. I tried to contact the Lancer owner but I think he has already left Thailand. The other vehicles are good buys but not close to CM.
  11. Where should I go to buy a cheap car just to run around Chiang Mai? Have tried the various sites and plenty out there just not in CM. Are there any big car yards that specialise in the lower end of the market? Any advice gratefully received.
  12. You are only posting your experience at Jomtien immigration to make the expats in Chiang Mai weep.
  13. Do they mean Rajavej Hospital? Surely it couldn't happen there.
  14. In Australia's SAS the parachute packers had to jump with the men whose chutes they packed and the packer had his chute selected for him by another soldier - it kept their mind focused on the job. Might be the way to go in Thailand.