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  1. How much did that pay Uber. Ads should be called that and not posed as journalism.
  2. The Queen drives in an old carriage that is not comfortable and she has two heavy crowns. Riveting.
  3. Oils are used especially for LPG cars. Every taxis' in Australia are run on LPGs which says something.
  4. piles of rubbish.

    I have a daily rubbish collection in CM so some of the system is working. In Melbourne, Australia we get a weekly rubbish collection.
  5. He will need every penny and more to cover the money donoted to cover RAM. They are so careful to cover every bill that they will even test him for pregnancy.
  6. The crux is that the home is not yours. The DIY you are doing is for someone else's home.
  7. Australians are used to not smoke in public areas in their country so it shouldn't be a problem in Pattya.
  8. Many of Australian bikies are Middle East. There drug development was formed when Lebanese criminals were immigrated to Australia in the 70s. Recently other Australian bikies were tossed out of Bali, not getting past the airport.
  9. Thanksgiving 2017

    Gekko Garden Pub.
  10. Cigarettes have been banned at bars and smokers just ignore. Beaches will be the same after a couple of months.
  11. NZ immigration should have Thai visas from your mother when she moved to NZ to get passport, visas, etc .
  12. Android Box Repair Service

    Kodi has stopped everything. Cant use called all stopped.
  13. Kodi has seized my android box and now can't use any movies, etc. Does anyone please know a tech who comes to my home repair?
  14. I would please like to recommend a neurologist who specialises in stroke.