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  1. People working on farms in Australia always take their boots off before entering their homes. It is a matter of common sense. In my home in Thailand I am a bit lax and walk into the house to take off my shoes because it is easier. But if I go to a friends home I always take off shoes before entering. It is no big hassle. I believe it is a cultural thing that has developed from village living where there are no pavements and animals roam free.
  2. When you are fluent in 5 languages and speak another reasonably well, as my tour guide wife does, we will talk about your professional standards. I gather by your post that English is your second language.
  3. How many of the proposed Chinese tour guides do you think will be able to speak Thai? What a big help these guides will be when they can't speak the local language. The Chinese 'zero dollar' mob are just trying to con their way back into Thailand.
  4. I agree with you about many tour guides lacking fluency in English. But the story is about bringing in Chinese guides. My wife too is a tour guide and she is fluent in Hokkien and Mandarin yet she and the other Chinese speaking Thai guides are far from busy at the moment. Bringing in Chinese guides would certainly hurt their living.
  5. I understand they can be bought at local markets but it is illegal to have one as they are native fauna.
  6. Get a Mongoose. Rikki Tikki Tavi will soon fix your snake problems.
  7. He only had a few weeks left of his sentence in Bali. After he was going to rot' in a four star Aussie prison.
  8. There is a story about an Australian woman saving a Thai woman from drowning and somehow you manage to twist it into a story on Australia having one of the highest suicide rates in the world. Unrelated as it is to the original story Australia ranks about 87th in the world in suicide rates. Perhaps you should keep you should seek some psychiatric counseling.
  9. That's right in the middle of a tragedy worry about yourself. My thoughts are with the families.
  10. I am interested but not free next Saturday. Please let me know if you are going to meet then.
  11. I had cleaning woman who 'threw' away various household items. Eventually I had to change term to stealing after she 'threw' away my mobile. It had fallen into waste bin beside my bed and she deduced I no longer wanted it and took it home. She first told me she threw it away.
  12. He is open every weekday evening from 5 pm and from 9 am to midday on Saturday.
  13. He has probably been hit over the head when young. With a little patients the defensive biting can be overcome. Castrating is a good step all round. I'd have no compunction in taking this dog if I were in a position to do so.
  14. A lovely looking dog. With a bit of luck the desexing will calm him down and make him a great pet. Thanks from another dog over for your effort to save this dog.
  15. It would have been better if police could have taken him alive as information about his contacts may have led to further arrests. Terrorists do not work in a vacuum.