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  1. Tough measures. No licence, insurance or tax. 5,000 baht fine. Impound the bike. Fine not paid within one month crush the bike. Won't need more than a few months and 50% of the bikes will be gone meaning 50% drop in bike accidents.
  2. Irish whiskey and somtam can do that especially with a few creme de menthe chasers.
  3. Have one of their inspectors book into one of the suspicious hotels and pour one litre of the green dye used during St Patricks Day down the toilet.
  4. overherebc

    Tourists complain of Pattaya beach rubble

    Oh come on!!!! Pattaya's not that good.
  5. I would be embarrassed to admit to some of them on here.
  6. To Fred345, Just be thankful you don't have to go through the 'Great Tome' application for your Thai wife to get a visa for a two week holiday in UK. I would, if in your shoes, and if you can go for the OA. It gives you a good chance to relax in your first 3 or 4 months in Thailand and see how the 'land lies' without the worries of money in the bank here or at home and for how long and dates for this/that etc.
  7. Remove the last three words of the headline
  8. At the end of the first year of your OA, let's say use by 31/12/2019 you leave and return on 29/12/2019 you still get a one year entry. That means that your 'visa' has expired and your stay has been 'extended' so that's the point you need re-entry permits to keep the extension valid during the second year if you exit and return. It's one of the reasons people argue on here about visas and extensions of stay.
  9. My feeling is if you go the OA route it might be easier for you. The only thing would be your timing for the entry just before the enter/use by date at the end of the first year. That depends on your travel plans obviously. Re-entry permits are easy at the airports, 1000 baht single, 3800 baht multi.
  10. If you apply for a one year extension 'officially' the first time you have to show 800,000 baht in the bank for two months when you apply. It's been reported some Imm' offices ask for 3 months but that 'officially' applies to further extensions..
  11. In both cases, OA and retirement extension you do reports to your local Imm' 90 day reports. If on OA and you exit and enter in the first year you get a one year stamp. Close to the end of the first year if you exit and come back you still get one year but in that second year you can't exit and re-enter without a re-entry permit otherwise it's finished. If on a one year extension of stay you do 90 day reports but within that year you must have a re-entry permit. If you don't have the re-entry permit your extention has gone, you get a 30 day visa exempt entry and start again.
  12. With this set up you and your best mate could blink to each other till the lights go out. PS. I agree about brain still working until oxygen starvation kills it.
  13. overherebc

    Tourists complain of Pattaya beach rubble

    No idea and I'm not dutch so I don't wear clogs. You could go back to the first illustration and ask the same question. In the army I had two stripes on my arm but I wasn't a corporal.
  14. Quite often see drivers with one arm through the belt so it looks like they are wearing it.