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  1. Can't remember the way it's done but I had a WP that covered the areas from Rayong to BKK. The company got it done for me.
  2. Yep, I once had to lend my wife money because of a buffalo. She hit it with her mercedes and the car had to be brought back to Bangkok on a transporter. No idea what happened to the buffalo. She paid it back at the end of the month though. 😆
  3. Imposible to say how many companies do it for leverage, and I believe they do, compared to those that don't know the rules. On issue once I was handed my WP by the labour dep' and stuck it in my pocket. When we left the company kept telling me it was not allowed for me to hold it and it had to be kept in their safe 'after they endorsed it' whatever that means. I gave them copies of it and kept it myself until the contract finished then handed it back.
  4. How easy would that be? Uproot your family and get visas for them to stay with you in Australia for two years as housos. I really can't see many people who would choose to go through that.
  5. Good lawyer speak. Why do they need to go back for two years to collect it is the main question. Most likely they will be of an age that means they can't find a job etc etc. Just an excuse that the gov' uses to get away with not paying it as far as I'm concerned.
  6. I also know a couple guys from Oz who worked there for many years paid their dues and now have to go back for two years so they can get their pensions. How about Oz getting some priorities in place, instead of hand outs to others who paid nothing to Oz give the guys who are entitled their paid for pensions without them having to leave their families for two years. I'm not an Ozzy by the way.
  7. I go to Pattaya regularly, well, every two months and do some shopping in a well known super-market and then drive home.
  8. I think many companies want people to get the SE 90 day B visa that is converted to a one year extension of stay based on work. It means that they can finish your contract on short notice and cancel your extension of stay and you end up with 7 days to pack up and leave. Their belief is that under those circumstances it will be more difficult for you to fight any unfair dismissal and claim for any due severence pay. I have had companies where I've been issued a WP on my O try to convince me they had to take me and passport to Imm' and cancel my visa, I have obviously always refused to go along with it.
  9. Very like this photo
  10. Just been watching a lovely little bird feeding on the flowers in the front garden. Yellow chest and a blue ring around it's neck. Small and slim but not as small as a humming bird and way smaller than anything I've seen before. No idea what it is. Too fast to photograph.
  11. Only another 3,000 posts on this subject on various threads to go and we'll hit the 20,000. Just carry 20, 000 baht or the equivalent in any major currency and feel good. What is the problem??
  12. Because once you have been here a long time you know that if they get involved there is a very big possibility that they will end up being stabbed or worse. It's also a fair bet that if you as an expat get involved then you will end up getting a beating from the people who are standing there doing nothing.
  13. I can't help posting this but I'm going to anyway. What is it with people that makes them want to find a way around the rules? For years I've been here on ME O's that mean leaving and coming back to Thailand every 3 months and I've never had a problem with it. My wife and self have some really good breaks every 3 months for years around Asia. I've never understood from a logical point why I have to do it but I just go along with it and accept it as part of being here. Equally I don't see the thought process behind trying to get around it by asking the question 'why do I have to enter and leave another country and exit before I return to Thailand. Do the people who want to do so get some kind of buzz from 'getting around the rules'? Is it bragging rights in the bar to say they did it or what? A good few years ago I used to thrash around Europe on a 140mph bike and different countries had different speed limits. Telling a French cop that it was ok to do 140 on the autobahn in Germany yesterday didn't do you any good. Rules are rules whether you like them or not. Go with the flow and your short time on this planet will be relaxed and easy and you will feel better. End of rant/lesson.