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  1. overherebc

    Sattahip to BKK today.

    Don't know if anyone else was on on the motorway today. I reckoned that tomorrow being a public holiday tomorrow that the road would be easier today, ie, everyone going home tomorrow to BKK. Not a chance. Four and a half hours Satt' to the rest area and that had a queue over a kilometre waiting to try to get in. Luckily had enough in the tank to get the BKK house. Left at 3.30 and eventually cracked the first can at home just after 9pm. I can imagine a few must have been close to missing flights or maybe did. No accidents, just volume of traffic.
  2. Have you ever watched Naked Attraction on UK television??
  3. Generally those conditions will apply to ensure that there will be no need for the person to 'access public funds' will depend on nationality, and the type of visa applied for. That's one of the standard reasons for refusal of the UK holiday/visit visa. When those conditions are met by the applicant in their own country a visa will be issued. Similar to the METV, O and OA visa. Income in your own country to be proved. OK, Thailand has the VE but in reality that is meant for people coming here on holiday for 2/4 weeks ( 30 days ) and then heading home. Sort of, lets go to Thailand for a couple of weeks, we'll leave on Monday.
  4. Yes, no-one will ask you show any cash, credit cards or whatever.
  5. Those who can, do. Those who cannot, teach. I believe the original quote used 'criticise' and not 'teach'
  6. What if they don't have a lamb to sacrifice and mark the door with blood????
  7. Doubt that it could be reactivated. Could even be a 1000 baht fine for failing to cancel it but that's unlikely if it's from years ago.
  8. Distinct lack of sympathy for some of the older members of TV who might have upcoming problems because of the poor exchange rate that may or may not get better after Brexit combined with th BE rules that may or not change. Your anecdote on the embassy didn't quite negate your apparent 'laughing up your sleeve' at those who don't have PR. I will read your weekly posts with a slightly different take from now on.
  9. Still not sure why the UK spends so much on the unimportant members of the German Royal Family. Just sayin'
  10. It's really not just an 'expat in Thailand thing.' Today I watched a BBC documentary on Montana USA where the suicide rate among males has increasd 25/30% in the past few years. Always sad to hear when anyone goes this way.
  11. Hope not. That would longer than Tom Hanks.
  12. can we assume the 800,000 combination will continue???
  13. Explanation. Easy to do if you want to pay a lawyer a lot of money and at the end you probably won't be guaranteed a work permit.