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  1. And the kid will grow up believing he can do whatever he wants and no one can tell him anything because that's just the way it is.
  2. Retirement visa expired.

    I just extented my last 90 day entry on my Non O visa by 60 days. That's the maximum extention you can get on any 90 day entry on your valid Non O visa. Soon I will either get a new Non O multi entry visa or I might get a one year extension of permission to stay based on being 'retired'. At 'that' point I will no longer have a visa. I will have a one year permission of stay requiring 90 day reports, if I leave Thailand I will need a re-entry permit to keep my permission to stay live. I've been on Non O visa multi entries for many years and have never done a 90 day report.I've been inside an Imm office for a cert of residence and the last 60 day extension of my 90 day entry on my Non O VISA. If you are doing 90 day reports you don't have a visa unless it's an O-A.
  3. Baked beans.

    Canned baked beans, local, tend to be too sweet so I usually buy imported. I was just wondering if anyone has any idea how to cut down on the sweetness of the local ones by adding whatever.
  4. A few years ago one of my friends took his girlfriend to UK and he waited a while as his girlfriend was questioned for a long time by Imm'. He asked what the problem was and said 'she already has a visa, why all the questions? ' Answer he got was, Just wait Sir because it's my decision to allow entry or not even if she has a visa. Not just Thailand, it happens everywhere.
  5. Retirement visa expired.

    You stated annual non O visa. They can only be issued outside Thailand and if for one year will be multi entry. So they don't require a re-entry permit.
  6. Retirement visa expired.

    Do you mean what is an annual non O visa ? I'm on my 12th and they are only issued as multi entry requiring 90 day in/out trips from Thailand. Except of course the O-A which is issued as a 1 year visa requiring 90 day reports and not in/out. That one ( Non O-A ) could be called a retirement visa, it can also last two years with one in out at the end of the first year and continuing 90 days reports, or you could leave and return as often as you like during it's life span and then carry on with 90 day reports unless you leave and re-enter before the 90 days is up.
  7. Retirement visa expired.

    An annual Non O visa would be a multi entry so a re-entry permit would not be needed. A conversion to an extention of stay at the end of the annual Non O visa would require a re-entry permit. At the time of conversion to an extension of stay would mean the original visa is finished, gone, dead and was only the basis the extension of stay was issued on. It may be referred to in the extension but it has not been extended. That's why they usually stamp USED on it. And yes a non O-A is different.
  8. Ok I was younger then but now I'm a bit older.
  9. Maybe I've been wrong all these years but I always thought children were the responsibility of the parents and not pawns to be used in the parents games with society. If the children are in some sort of danger from the parents then they should be looked after by the authorities, obviously. I can't post my true feelings on illegal immigrants as doing so would result in me getting a very long posting holiday.
  10. Local dog seen this morning.
  11. Seems we both can't spell so have to go sit in the corner with the dunce's hat on.