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  1. overherebc

    WP on a Non-O visa?

    Companies don't like it because when the job finishes or they fire you the extension gets cancelled and you get 7 days to leave. Makes it difficult to chase severance pay etc. If on married O visa or extension of no one can cancel it and you can stay to fight your case. No need to leave and come back and spend time and money getting a new visa/extension sorted out.
  2. Visa or extension of stay. Photos. Big difference.
  3. Well, one piece of rubbish has been swept away. All we need now is a bigger brush.
  4. overherebc

    Thai Navy Recon Trainee Killed By Fish

    Nah, they can swim faster than anything in the sea.
  5. overherebc

    Thai Navy Recon Trainee Killed By Fish

    Ok a bit off topic but related. I'm one of these people who never did and never will see the point of going swimming in the sea. It's full of things that don't take kindly to you, they want to sting you, bite you or eat you. Always amazed at contestants on quiz shows, eg, if I win xxxx I will buy a holiday to xxxx and go swimming with the sharks, WHAT??? If 'I' win xxx I'll book a holiday in a place where they produce good wine and try to drink as much of it as I can. Sorry for the navy guy by the way.
  6. overherebc

    Thai Navy Recon Trainee Killed By Fish

    You missed quite a few imaginary possibilities.
  7. overherebc

    Thai Navy Recon Trainee Killed By Fish

    Can do 40 kph + with a mouthful of very sharp teeth. Attracted to shiny objects in the water ( chrome bits etc ) can be up to one metre long. Every possibility that's what hit the poor guy.
  8. Of course. Didn't she have number 1 hit in the 60's?
  9. How many expats in Pattaya alone? Let's say all of them season 800,000 baht + ( Yes I know agents get around it. ) All that money sitting there, guess what the banks can make on it.
  10. I did google it but couldn't for some reason get an exact location, maybe a spelling thing? Will try your links, thanks. Ok thanks. Found with your link.
  11. overherebc

    WP on a Non-O visa?

    Yes, worked for years on Non O married. Retirement O it's extremely unlikely if not impossible. Check with your local labour office not Imm' and not what the company says. Imm' just always state B visa and or extension which is 100% wrong, companies the same. Labour office decision, no one else.
  12. A mall with some offices and flats on top.
  13. OA long stay visa for sure is the best for you. In the first year you can choose to have a break somewhere every 89/90 days in nearby places, you get stamped in for one year every time you return. Close to the end of the first full visa year ie 'enter/use by date on the visa go out of Thailand and return and you get a further year. If you want to travel anywhere during that second year you need to get a re-entry permit. You can get it at the airport or local Imm' office. Single 1000 or multi 3800 baht. If you don't want to travel you can do 90 day reports to your local Imm' Eg Visa 1/1/2019 to 31/12/2019. Leave return on 28/12/2019 stamped in until 27/12/ 2020. At this point you need the re-entry permits to keep the permit to stay alive if you travel out of Thaland and return.
  14. Anyone know where this road to an island is?