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  1. Assuming you are not in Thailand now and if you can afford it book a one week cheapo package tour to Thailand. If you come in with a package holiday and don't have a problem then you'll know the answer. Contacting any of the 'we will check if you're blacklisted' lawyer companies will take a lot more time and money. In the future never mention the situation to embassies or officials, they will spout the answer that covers them not you.
  2. Not easy to answer that one. All I would say is that here in the 'East' not specifically Thailand, the women have a much more positive outlook on the situation than wives/women in the west. Local to me there's two shops where the Thai husbands have 'gone' early, one a stroke, the other a heart attack. Both shops are still going and the wives seem to be doing a good job of getting on with it. There is more of a family feeling out here than in the west, in my experience anyway , so I don't think you need to worry about when you fall off the perch.
  3. Can only answer on the same theme. Guys in their late 50's who marry women in their 20's think that in 15 or so years time they will still be 'keeping up' with their wife are kidding themselves, obviously there will be exceptions but it won't be the the norm'. If they are prepared to accept it then that's up to them. I think the point is that in this part of the world it has the appearance of being normal when in fact it is no more normal than back home, UK/USA or Europe. I've seen examples in both areas where it has all gone wrong. In fact my first marraige in UK FIL/MIL had a twenty five difference and it ended when MIL hit early 40's. It's for me a fact that any more than 15 or more years difference in age, either way, has a much better chance of going down the drain.
  4. Don't go there in the first place. Men in their fifties who get 'involved' with 'girls' in their 20's are trying to prove something to themselves or others. Unless it's a situation where it's obvious to both parties it's an extended short time.
  5. Don't forget Minn !! One of my favourite lines by Bloodnok. Oh dear Minn, the wick in the engine's gone out. 😆😆
  6. What happened to the showroom on 2nd road that at one time a selection of expensive cars including the blue and white Ford GT?
  7. Forgot they might have been blessed. I will go back and offer 18 baht a tile. 😆😆😆😆
  8. I was looking for roof tiles for a small area, just a couple of sq, mt to cover the washing machine outside. Looked at some second hand ones for sale, all in good enough condition to do the job, some small corner bits chipped but with overlap you wouldn't see them. The guy wanted 15 baht each, I thought expensive so went to the local builders yard, same tiles 15 baht new. Can anyone give me a reason why people do this, second hand same as new price?
  9. First time for me lasted 20+ years and really was my fault for the break up. Got caught playing an away game. Couple of years later we realised that it couldn't go on as we found that we really didn't, best word I can think of, 'fancy' each other. Broke up and went our own ways, no age difference,no money problems, no arguements, no kids so 50/50 on everything. I ended up in Thailand and after a good few years of 'fun' met someone at work, 10 years younger, educated overseas and extremely good English. Spent two years dating and at the end of the two years we both knew the good and bad parts of each other. One thing we agreed on was when we have an arguement and sometimes we have 'ARGUEMENTS' we said we would always wake up in the same bed. Worked for the past 11 years. She bought her car, I bought my car and everything else is 50/50.
  10. Your ETD will specify the journey you intend to make and for mine I had to produce evidence of flight bookings. Once that journey is completed you require a new ETD. Not sure if you can add more journeys to it but obviously you would have to pay a fee for that at the embassy.
  11. Thanks. Wasn't sure if it was the same system as here in Thailand.
  12. Can't you get a new passport in HK. I don't know, I am asking for info as well.
  13. Missed your previous post. ☺
  14. A good few ex-pats in this part of the world might state the reverse. 😨😨😨😨😨😨
  15. Same as a woman, take a little bit of care how you handle them, cars and women, and you'll get many years of good service.