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  1. Can I change that and say nothing has been found or admitted too yet.
  2. Ban Laem today.

    Just a point that came to mind on the Cambo visa. At the arrival side it was the IO who flatly stated if he issued the visa 1000 baht then I would not be allowed to leave that day. There was obviously no negotiation being offered. It was just a statement 'if you give me your passport you will get a visa but you can't leave until tomorrow.' Maybe if you are one of a group using the van services it will be different. I used BL because Poipet seems to be a no go on out/in so perhaps other crossings for individual 'runners' are adopting the same idea. Just thinking out loud not saying it's so. Would be interesting if anyone else posts on very recent or near future runs to here as a solo, not with a visa run company.
  3. You might have mis-read. No flak coming from me mate. 😆😆
  4. I try the best I can before I turn left to get as far left as I can as soon as possible on the road even hogging most of what is referred to as the bike lane to stop prevent any brainless idiot trying to get past. Well before the left turn if there is enough distance just hog the bike lane with your indicator on. At the turn I also try to get right into the corner to block the inside. Not always possible but I do it when I can.
  5. Oh how very dare you. Stand by, heavy flak coming your way!!!!! 😆😆😆😆😆
  6. So many posting on this are really stamping their feet and throwing their rice pudding at mummy from their high chair.
  7. Ban Laem today.

    To be honest situations like this don't get me stressed. I always have an idea about how long it can take or how short a time it can take. I believe it's a rule in the Cambo' rules and reg' book that you should officially stay one night when you enter so paying a little bit extra to 'get around' that rule doesn't get me all bitter and twisted.
  8. Ban Laem today.

    Remember one guy from USA at Pakard?? a few years ago refusing to pay 20 baht for the medical cert', they pointed a temperature thingy at you, think it was a bird flue time. He was getting loud about the whole thing. Anyway, everyone just paid got passports submitted and returned and headed back while he just kept getting told wait wait passport done soon. Not sure how long it took but they sure didn't rush it.
  9. Ban Laem today.

    Won't argue that point. Never used BL before, generally we just go somewhere by plane for a weekend. Not a fan of the minivan journeys, tried only once. 😨😨 In reality probably paid 300 ?more than normal so not exactly the end of the world. Thai side had no objection to the out/in, that came from the Cambo side.
  10. Ban Laem today.

    Forgot to mention neither of us saw any other expats all the time we were there. It was very busy with Thai's and Cambodians going back and forth.
  11. Multi O run. Arrived there 11am. Ignored the car parking signs and drove up almost to the Imm' offices. Parked no problem/no charge. Crossed the road and up a couple of steps turn right and stamped out of Thailand. Walked over to Cambo arrival and first question he asked was how long will you stay in Cambodia? I answered only 2 hours shopping, cannot he replied, must stay one night. I replied that my wife was waiting for me in the market but he was adamant on the one night stay. No bad tempered back and forth just smiles for a couple of minutes with neither wanting to give way. After this exchange another guy appeared next to me and said in very good english if you want to go back today it's 1900 baht and takes 10 minutes. We walked back across the little bridge almost to the departure side in Thailand and just to the right. Handed my passport over with 1900 baht and a photo while sitting at a big table, he made some copies and took my passport to a little booth, you can see it go in and come out with a Cambo visa and in/out stamps. Up the steps to Thai arrival, next to departure, 2 minutes and another 90 days stamped in. All in about 40 minutes start to finish.
  12. New fish bowl problem

    I ended up with a sign on the gate, that the bowl was next to, saying 'Want fish help yourself.' Worked ok, every day checked and when numbers got low I closed the gate and took the sign down. 😆😆
  13. Don't think anyone is argueing that point. All I can say is that I don't hero worship and talented or not talented people in the music world have absolutely no effect on my life. Good luck to them if they make millions. All the concerts I went to were freebies and I honestly never bought a recording of anything by anyone. Copied a few though. 😆
  14. Pretty sure they will still be honoured by the issuer. Similar to out of date/old banknotes in UK.
  15. And that says more than the words. Edit. I'm sure there are few talented guys in Thailand doing things with discarded waste scrap to come up with with something on the the lines of the Harriet Mead cow attached for a lot less than a plastic disney style thing.