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  1. overherebc

    All dead after Nakorn Pathom Hospital shooting

    A better name might be the Herpes Club or is that just part of the thrill?
  2. We will all know the correct answer in 50 years time, well I won't I'll be long gone by that time. Suppose what I'm saying is ' you have no idea how little I care. ' The only thing I wonder about is when the house that's 3 metres above sea level will be expensive beach front.
  3. overherebc

    All dead after Nakorn Pathom Hospital shooting

    What's the point in getting married then? If you and your 'partner' are free to 'sex' anyone anytime what would be the point in living together? You could accept the situation where you have arranged to go out together with friends and during the evening your partner gets a call and says 'I'm just going out for a couple of hours to xxxx john/bill/allan or whoever.' What a strange lifestyle.
  4. Struggle is not the word.
  5. They will ignore your extension because if you don't have a re-entry permit it has died a death. Just make sure that the IO has stamped 90 days before you leave the desk.
  6. I have often wondered where that came from, I ever been to xxxxxxx. Are they missing the N or what? After many years here I still don't understand exactly what they are trying to convey.
  7. People are getting the whole thing wrong believing the government is going to legalise buying/selling/smoking everywhere and anywhere. They're talking about medical use for it, not wholesale at supermarkets. See my post about the UK kid needing meds containing oil to keep him alive. Get your heads out of the clouds of whatever smoke they're in at the moment.
  8. We're dooomed Captain Mannering, we're dooomed.
  9. Think it came from using Alum that they used as a fire retardant on wooden forts, or something like that. How that ended up being used for casting/molding metallic objects I have not a clue..
  10. Artifacts from chinese tombs dated 3rd century AD have been found consisting of 85% alumxxxxxxxxx . You finish the word.
  11. Orstedium sounds like Glaswegian for Hampden Park.
  12. Stangely enough it may have been us Brits that corrupted the name. Not sure though.
  13. So you say pass-'ed' not pass'd? Sounds odd to me.
  14. Just say the two words Past Passed. Two sound exactly the same but mean different things. Why can't one word have two different spellings, depending on 'side of the pond' and mean the same thing? Only asking. Edit. Smelt, a kind of small fish.
  15. Will the chinese get zero dollar tickets???