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  1. Buying Canadian Dollars

    Thank you ubonjoe for always doing a great job helping others on this forum. Will look at that 50k THB rule. Any Canadians with particular experience and recommendations? thanks edit: destination Vancouver
  2. Hi all, I will be leaving Thailand to go to Canada for a couple of months. What is the best option to buy Canadian dollars? - bring a wad of Thai baht, buy dollars there - buy dollars here in Thailand before going - wire sum of baht to Canadian bank account (not sure if I can set up this option in time) - use Thai ATM card at ATM (probably most expensive) I know that for Thai baht, its best to buy baht here in Thailand. I imagine the reverse makes sense for dollars, but I'm not sure because there isn't a huge demand for baht there. Let me know if there are other options. Thanks for your advice.
  3. I second Geezer. Best wishes to those in Sakhon Nakon. Been watching the Thai news and it is a very serious situation there.
  4. Hi all, Any recommendations for Asana Bucha / Khao Phansa activities on Sunday? Temple ceremonies, art exhibitions, etc. Girlfriend wants to go tamboon and I was wondering where we should go in Bangkok. thanks
  5. I think you are mostly correct. Think he was transferred after the army raided the place and suspected him of knowingly allowing this stuff to go on.
  6. Marcus Sten Tapio Karhapaa, 34, maintained that 23-year-old Thanawat Jittiwut, 24, slipped on a wet balcony and fell No judgment from me, just confused. Thanawat is a male name... and is she 23 or 24?
  7. Fresher and cheaper at your local market, FYI. Checked out this place recently with the woman. Just for an idea, bunch of black grapes 350b. River prawns 800b+/kilo. Stewed pork 70b for baggie half a man's portion. Crab dumplings 80b for 5 pcs. Single bunch of kale 40b. We buy this kind of stuff at Sutthisan weekend market for literally half the price, just as fresh. Cheers.
  8. so did anyone go to Khao San today? how was it? no music at all? no shorts / tank tops allowed for girls (like Siam Square today, had to buy cloth to cover up)? able to enjoy a beer at the restaurants while taking a break? or is it no sale at all for the area? thanks and I hope you had fun!