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  1. What a confusing and misleading headline.
  2. Close to you, or each other? If close to you, I suppose they politely declined your help to get them out of these circumstances?
  3. Aggressive, annoying Africans

    All I'm saying is its probably not going to change soon. Did you file a complaint with the tessakijs? Anyway up to you, if they see it bothers you they might grab and tease you even more haha.
  4. Aggressive, annoying Africans

    Their numbers fluctuate with crackdowns, but they are part of the territory and have been for a long time. Just happens there are a lot recently. Consider hanging out in (or moving to) a different area. Lots of great areas that are not Sukhumvit. For everything you might want.. food, entertainment, shopping, girls, whatever.
  5. Beat somebody up = 500 baht fine. Get caught smoking cig on beach = 100,000 baht fine.
  6. lol need a nsfw tag, the boner waffle on the left is pretty realistic
  7. Western standards aside, 14k is good salary for a Burmese maid... guess she couldn't resist.
  8. So yes back on-topic, haven't seen any changes yet. Pack of LMs still 87 baht tonight at 711.
  9. I agree. I don't have special regard for monks. People can choose to believe in whatever they want. To call this guy a parasite, money grabbing, etc. is a little far. From the article, he was just doing what he was supposed to.
  10. How much does one cost? I think it sounds cool and worth a try. Might even be the most delicious mango you've ever had. Hope it's not a 1,000 baht fruit.
  11. Buying Canadian Dollars

    Thank you ubonjoe for always doing a great job helping others on this forum. Will look at that 50k THB rule. Any Canadians with particular experience and recommendations? thanks edit: destination Vancouver
  12. Hi all, I will be leaving Thailand to go to Canada for a couple of months. What is the best option to buy Canadian dollars? - bring a wad of Thai baht, buy dollars there - buy dollars here in Thailand before going - wire sum of baht to Canadian bank account (not sure if I can set up this option in time) - use Thai ATM card at ATM (probably most expensive) I know that for Thai baht, its best to buy baht here in Thailand. I imagine the reverse makes sense for dollars, but I'm not sure because there isn't a huge demand for baht there. Let me know if there are other options. Thanks for your advice.
  13. I second Geezer. Best wishes to those in Sakhon Nakon. Been watching the Thai news and it is a very serious situation there.
  14. Hi all, Any recommendations for Asana Bucha / Khao Phansa activities on Sunday? Temple ceremonies, art exhibitions, etc. Girlfriend wants to go tamboon and I was wondering where we should go in Bangkok. thanks
  15. I think you are mostly correct. Think he was transferred after the army raided the place and suspected him of knowingly allowing this stuff to go on.