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  1. Maybe in the city's outer limits. Within the city too many narrow single-lane roads. Would be a nightmare maneuvering those around the moat, through the old city, or by the riverbanks. Trolley poles becoming detached in the mess of wires would cause massive traffic jams as well. I know where those buses are from by the way
  2. In BKK I'll usually get Pala or Scoozi. I don't give either a 10 but still good pizza at a decent price. @Ulysses G. during my days in Chiang Mai I enjoyed pizza and wine from the Italian place near Nimman Why Not, not sure if the place is still there.
  3. Like a wai really makes any difference.
  4. Wearing a life vest / floatation device won't help much against exhaustion from heavy waves constantly crashing into the face. Exhaustion, shock, dehydration from sea water intake... Extremely tragic. I am still very saddened by this event. RIP
  5. Lest we forget those who have tragically perished. Very sad, dark moment for Thailand. RIP
  6. Just want to leave my respect for this great man. RIP
  7. What a challenge this has been. I also salute everyone who has been involved in the search and rescue mission. Huge physical and mental toll. Hope they are rewarded with success and no more lives lost.
  8. Yes! Watching this live on Workpoint News. Confirmed all 13 are safe. Doctors are being sent in to help them recover and have strengh to make the journey out.
  9. Worked in the logistics and transport sector here previously. Lots of envelope passing in customs clearance for all kinds of goods. That was many years ago though. Ever since that bust on the illegal recycling plant, there has been growing awareness to this issue, which is a start. I am well aware of problems created by trash locally, but it never crossed my mind that trash importing is big business here.
  10. I do sympathize to a point, but... It's rare to see obese people here walking/waddling without some kinda bag firmly gripped in hand... with cakes, cream-topped cappuchinos, or multiple lunch boxes inside. The same people can be seen rapidly fanning themselves during cool weather while complaining about the heat, or performing rare bursts of speed to take the first available seat on the train. Eating to function properly is important, but when you have bum cheeks between your knees I think it's time to take another look at your priorities.
  11. YTP

    Kamala flash flood “worst in 20 years”

    While wearing an equally impressive vest.
  12. Doesn't help when the win mocy guys build their little cement ramps to climb the curbs either, lol.
  13. Quite the positive thinker you are. Since you know all the teachers here are idiots with IQs of 85, yours must be so much higher. Are your vivid predictions a reflection of your own childhood or what?
  14. YTP

    Dampening down the poisons

    Relax. He is suggesting to consumers. If you feel his ideas are stupid, feel free to maximize your use of heated plastics and avoid washing your produce.
  15. YTP

    I am no cheat, says boxer’s ex-girlfriend

    Was all over the Thai news yesterday after she told the media about the break up. (Is this even news?) She should have kept things civil and private. Now it's blowing up in her face.