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  1. Just wonder what it would be like if prostitution was legal in Thailand. More prostitution or no difference ?
  2. maximillian

    How safe is touring Thailand by motorbike?

    The last I saw showed 94 out of every 100 road fatalities here were on motorcycles...... Anyway Thailand's roads are dangerous for a "very inexperienced" mc rider, like the OP said he is. Then it also depends on his personality and his age. Is he an old fart like most of us expats, is he a young adventure seeker, is he daring or rather frightened ? The location also matters. Phuket NO, Pattaya NO, Bangkok NO, Samui NO, any big cities NO.
  3. S-class, but why ? it is not in topic, so it's useless to even ask. You: "This is in my opinion pure scam for people who were not able to buy a nice car and have a to drive a cheap japanese car."  You're telling a lot about yourself, braggart.
  4. maximillian

    How safe is touring Thailand by motorbike?

    Neil, you should have asked TVF members before sitting on a bike... Sorry, I know it's not a joking matter. Sorry again.
  5. maximillian

    How safe is touring Thailand by motorbike?

    Could you give some specifics on why you think that based on your motorcycle touring experience in Thailand? How about accident statistics and the fact that about 75% of all killed are mc riders.
  6. maximillian

    Wet Passport

    My wife is constantly washing my shorts and trousers with paper napkins still in the pockets. Should I report that to police or immigration ?
  7. First reasonable post in this thread. I would even say, that Thais are hard working. And look at all the companies, how could they flourish if workers would come and go as they wish ? I see people working here early morning and late night. Bus companies, airlines, supermarkets, hospitals... you name it. Thai companies don't need to complain. It's rather the companies that treat the employees often in an unfair manner.
  8. Too dangerous to stop to let people cross the street. It's a No Go in LOS, unless there is a zebra crossing with a traffic light or a cop. Your politeness can be fatal.
  9. I had the same thought. When the car stopped after only 15m it wasn't speeding at all. There might be a typo in the report, and instead of 15m it was 150m. In that case the car was speeding for sure.
  10. Those Americans again ! Have to interfere everywhere. And when I see a parson, I'm gonna put my arse on a waggon and follow the trail. Lee Marvin
  11. But why does that never happen in Sweden?  Try to find out in Sweden. There seems to be more logic than in LOS.