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  1. I'll be more straightforward: how about the US ? Divide et impera. USA Plans the Decay of Russia & Germany by George Friedman
  2. 1st of September. Get your calender adjusted. ? (irony off. too late for thaiwrath, sorry for that)
  3. WiFi very important for the "Heads down generation". 20 minutes without facebook. What do you think ?
  4. And don't forget to chuck Merkel & Co. with them, far away to Nevercomebackland. Somehow I'm afraid the whole thing was planned to divide and de-stabilize the nation. Cui bono ?
  5. maximillian

    U.S. halts funding to U.N. agency for Palestinian refugees

    It may be more about influence than numbers. Or intelligence.
  6. maximillian

    U.S. halts funding to U.N. agency for Palestinian refugees

    It is alright to occupy Palestine ? The secession of the Crimea on the other hand is a crime ? What a hypocricy ! Suppose someone is occupying your house by force, after how many years would you agree that it is his and not your house ? On my map Palestine is still Palestine, illegally occupied and renamed by Zionists.
  7. maximillian

    Bangkok congestion worsens

    That's alright while they're stuck in a traffic jam, but they keep doing it when the lights turn green and they stampede to the next robot (traffic lights).
  8. maximillian

    U.S. halts funding to U.N. agency for Palestinian refugees

    Designated as such by the British government. The British Empire, you mean.
  9. maximillian

    Bangkok congestion worsens

    City planning could do a lot of good. Not only in BKK. One way traffic wherever possible, do away with obstacles like "gates" on some sois, roundabouts instead of traffic lights that show red for 180 seconds. They could get experts from other countries to help planning, if only they weren't so stubborn. Sometimes I think they are all like clowns with oversized shoes, stepping on each others feet... (Roundabouts would need a lot of education for Thai drivers/riders, I know...)
  10. maximillian

    I Need a Help. I Have No Idea.

    Depending on your way of riding. It can be something between 500 and 1000 Baht.
  11. Looks great, but certainly much, much more expensive.
  12. maximillian

    I Need a Help. I Have No Idea.

    Look at this one: https://www.bahtsold.com/view/honda-cbr250r--331891
  13. maximillian

    I Need a Help. I Have No Idea.

    Spend the 10.000 B more and get the CBR250. The colour shouldn't be too important if you buy a 2nd hand bike. Your ride from Surat to BKK will be a bit more fun on the 250cc and gas consumption will be the same. About 2.5 l/100 km. Thai driver licence is important and so is a good accident insurance. Good luck, ride savely.
  14. That's actually a good idea to use this thing as a small mobil home. I've got a pick-up already...
  15. maximillian

    Best small bike for commute

    Even on the greatest bike I cannot see any fun riding through Bangkok's traffic in the morning and evening rush hour. Nobody has mentioned the Kawasaki KLX 150cc. It's a bit higher and better than any scooter on flooded streets.