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  1. Help police catch this thief!

    For some TV members that's too hard to comprehend. Better mention it in your original post, saying: "Irony off..." or something like that. Puh...
  2. Sent documents via Federal Express to a friend in Thailand. He never received them after a few weeks. So I went back to the FedExOffice and made an inquiry about the whereabouts of those papers. Finally they admitted they were sent to Taiwan... That was about 20 years ago. Unbelievable !
  3. Don't celebrate yet, wait until March 4th. There are other polls saying just the opposite. My prognosis and my hope is: New elections. CDUCSU down a few %, AfD next, then sPD. CDUCSU will take over even more rightist AfD positions, maybe even form a coalition with them as they are brothers and sisters in the spirit. The centrist together with the so called Sozialists have run the country and dominated the EU too long. Reminds me of Reinhard Mey's song: "Das Narrenschiff". Ship of fools Volle Fahrt voraus... und Kurs auf's Riff.
  4. An ugly one. I cannot imagine that the sPD base will vote for a grand coalition. If they do, the sPD will no longer be a Volkspartei (peoples party) any longer. Down, down, down where the iguanas play, down to 9 %.
  5. Help me with advise, scooter accident!

    Simple: Never come back to Thailand.
  6. You <deleted> politicians can take all your prayers of sympathy and faux concern and shove them up your gun loving asses. The same goes for the NRA and its gun crazed members. The USA needs gun control. It works just fine for the civilized nations in the world. And it would work here too. Instead we only get more guns on the streets after these endless mass killings. The USA has become Lord of the Flies come to life and all the citizens advocating for less violence and guns are now the embodiment of the character Piggy who is brutally killed off. Way to go USA, you’re just so <deleted> exceptional at killing. Not much else. (A comment in CommonDreams.org)
  7. My two cents on ex-police chief Somyot 

    You're asking too much...
  8. C'mon Benmart, I think this Russian guy and all of his friends will also have a good laugh. It was a small accident, not a tragedy. And spear fishing should not be allowed just for fun. Had a dive center in the Philippines myself 35 years ago. Divers who arrived with spear guns were told to stay out of my reach or deposit the guns with me. It was mostly the Italians and the French. Taking anything alive out of the water was also not tolerated.
  9. Amazing comment. I'd put my bare hands in thick leather gloves before considering to touch a snake.
  10. And as for wishing for his downfall - there's that, and then there's the issue of who comes next. The current choices are between clones, non-entities or even more extreme versions. Careful what you wish for applies. Fully agree.
  11. "With his decision to resign today, (Schulz) paved the way for a new beginning," Nahles said. Better for the party if Nahles would also resign. She has a mentality of a 13 year old. Only her big mouth and hard elbows got her into her position, not competence, nor social ideals. Only selfishness.
  12. New elections please. And please, please, please new faces for the sPD. Why should the sPD again help Merkel to have a 4th term ? Let her lead a minority government and make sure there will be an opposition next to the AfD.
  13. Safety stop or whatever. A good diver doesn't need to hold on to anything in order to stay at a certain depth. Certainly not to corals. As a diver with more than 1.400 dives, I also must say that there are more dead corals than life ones. No harm in touching the dead ones. Most damage to corals is done by stupid boat people dropping their anchors right on the best dive sites, where there are life corals. High water temperatures, toxic waste and dynamite fishing are coral killers as well.