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  1. But somebody suggested you were from the Kongo. Your avatar, you know...
  2. Mr. Big Choke is more ambitious than his colleagues at RTP and Immigration. He should change to the Trafic Police Departement.
  3. Belgians are off topic in this threat. But indeed they behaved in a most terrible way in Africa. Worst than other colonialists ? I don't know.
  4. Why does it make me think of Novitchok and the Skripal case ?
  5. Almost daily when I ride my unicycle through the subdivision.
  6. Whatever it may cost, I'll pay for it.
  7. Never mind. Mrs. May and Mr. Johnson still don't know.
  8. Yeah, the old the new and the would like colonists...
  9. maximillian

    Intelligent robot Sophia will debut in Bangkok 

    In Germany they're already running the government. They were the first generation robots. No so pretty, not so intelligent...
  10. maximillian

    Why Thailand needs the death penalty

    How can you be so sure ? You only read about it. Now they're talking about a second suspect still at large. Maybe he was the killer.
  11. maximillian

    Why Thailand needs the death penalty

    Your first sentense sums it up. The death penalty is a very sharp sword in a governents arsenal, that can too easily be used against undesirable people that have not commited crimes others than opposing and critisizing a government. First come the accusations, then the constructed evidence. Infact, sometimes I also tend to say this or that person who commited murder, or rape should be executed. But then again, if we all think like that we are lowering ourselves down to the level of the perpetraitors. Remember, everything we do either originates from the level of Love or from the level of Hate. The seed of hate tends to grow and spread very fast. Inequality in a society's wealth distribution, lack of humanistic education, lack of opportunities, lack of employment, lack of empathy, corruption on every level... are creating criminals. Better for a society to invest in a good future for everybody, than to build prisons and gallows. BTW, dangerous psychopaths are often in very high positions, even presidents. And they have armies, bombs, rockets, tanks, drones, secret services... not knives only. Or they preside as CEOs over thousands of staff that must be exploited in order to create max profit.
  12. maximillian

    Thais start waking up on reducing plastic bags

    Would be best not to produce it in the first place. The bags...
  13. maximillian

    How to get rid of unwanted cats?

    >>Your Thai friend has the correct solution to unwanted cats.<< I'd like to put Khaepmu's neighbour and you in a bag with stones and do just a bit of waterboarding in a BKK khlong.
  14. maximillian

    First convict executed in Thailand in nine years

    Okey, it was murder not manslaughter. My mistake. Sorry. I wasn't defending the killer at all. That was not my intention. Still the question remains: What would the sentence have been in a western country, considering the fact the killer was not even 20 years old at the time. ? Most countries don't have the death penalty anymore. Those countries that still execute killers are few. Thailand isn't known to have a real good justice system. Is it ? Even in the US many innocent people are convicted for crimes they've never commited.