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  1. Should... should slow down. Of course ! I could give you another 100 points of what they should. Makes me angry to read this kind of news every day and nobody seems to care. Thais always seem to be in such a hurry when they are in or on a vehicle.
  2. The so called Social Democrat (SPD) will join with Merkel's CDU again. Yesterday they said "No" tomorrow they will say "Yes, please". Powerhungry suckers, traitors...
  3. 5 killed, 9 wounded in pickup truck crash

    30 a day ? That is wishfull thinking. It's rather 60 death a day. 30 would amount to 11.000 but there are 24.000 dead traffic accident victims a year in Thailand.
  4. U.S. Navy crew grounded after pilot draws penis in the sky

    Guess these pilots also paint penises and vaginas on the toilet walls. There are better options to be painted in the sky to prove their flying skills.
  5. Man shot dead in Samut Prakan road rage incident

    >>Police also found a revolver inside Akkaranan’s car.<< "Oh, I see you have a gun. wait i got one too. let's have a duell."
  6. These sausage uniforms look smart on young and slim or athletic guys, but when they get older with fat belly and bum... they are so much fun to look at.
  7. Riding in Thailand - any precautions?

    OP, may I suggest a very nice and rather safe area to ride a bike? Take a bus to Pakchong, from Pakchong a songthaew towards Khao Yai National Park. There is a motorbike rental shop not far from the entrance to the park. Ride inside the park is great (beware free roaming elephants), ride outside the park through lovely rural areas with rather little traffic, take the road from Khao Yai to Wang Nam Kheaw and back to Khao Yai. Avoid the weekends and holidays if possible.
  8. Riding in Thailand - any precautions?

    Looking back, I can say it was a good mix. Maybe 40 highway/60 minor roads. Been navigating with maps only. Honda Cb500X. Yes, I didn't mean to say there was always a lot of traffic but one cannot really go for long stretches without getting stuck behind a slow pickup, truck, bus, samlor on two lane roads many times a day.
  9. Riding in Thailand - any precautions?

    Best advise.
  10. Riding in Thailand - any precautions?

    Went on a three week motorbike trip from South Thailand to North Thailand and to the East. Almost daily I had one or two "close calls". I wasn't racing, rather travelling at ease and as careful as can be. Glad I survived. Finally gave up big bikes as most of the time one has a Diesel fume exhausting vehicle in front. Overtake and get the next Diesel fumes and so on and so on. Not what I call fun. Don't take the license thing too easy. Get a Thai DL, it's cheap and easy. Oh, and an accident insurance as well, please. Good luck.
  11. Nittaya Saengdeuan stabbed Amnuay Wensila multiple times until he was dead - Amnuay Wensila... maybe Italian, oh no, wait, maybe Hungarian or Iranian, maybe Thai. Wake up please.
  12. Best suggestion so far.
  13. Unfortunatelly he is. Almost typically human. Look around. Wars, bombs, killings, nukes, depleted uranium shells, mass shootings, rapes, murder, greed, power, money... mankind. Not kind.