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  1. Either way, the parasail company should be held responsible for this - if he pulled the wrong cord by mistake why was it so accessible and why no training - more likely perhaps, he was strapped in incorrectly but probably we will never know and the parasail company will not pay a baht TAT needs to invest in some more Spin Doctors or better -- needs some serious HSE training/licensing/inspecting
  2. Bird watching? 🙄
  3. I am looking at a few options to handle UK mail. Ideally I would use a mail handling service which provides an address that would be recognized by my existing UK banks, credit card holders etc to avoid any issues with not having a UK registered address. Does anybody have any experience with theses types of services? - are they reliable? - is the address they provide recognized by Uk banks etc as acceptable? - how do you provide proof of address? any recommendations appreciated.
  4. I am also paying this amount as a minimum per month. House is in a Thai name with a swimming pool. Doesn't seem consistent with the Table on the website. Am I large business or state enterprise?!
  5. Just flown in with a Turkey crown from the Uk in checked in baggage. Only dilemma now is whether to consume at Thanksgiving or wait for Christmas 😄
  6. Reminds me of the preacher who used to stand outside Nana saving souls.
  7. Employer preparing docs for a Non Imm B visa to support Wotk Permit application As an overseas national, can I apply in Vientiane? Any experience on how long it takes to process application? Can I get Multi entry - which would be easier for me given frequent travel - or does it have to be single entry?
  8. I have a METV which states entry before 7th June Am I correct to assume that they would not allow my final entry on 7th June? What will happen if I do arrive on 7th June. Given I have a number of visa exempt entries before I got the 6 month METV, will I have problems gaining a visa exempt entry? I am then planning to return to home country to obtain another METV. Will I have problems gaining a second METV shortly after expiry of the last one. I am working in SE Asia and visit Thailand regularly at weekends for leisure (not work) purposes and can meet the criteria for METV application for finances, employment letters etc
  9. Whilst driving around Samui a few years ago, I found a young boy lying at the side of the road after falling off his motorbike with no helmet. I spoke to his friend and offered to take them both to the local hospital. On arrival at the hospital the Dr thanked me profusely and swiftly told me to leave immediately before any locals got at any ideas. Lesson learned. Sadly I would not do the same again
  10. Will they let me walk my dog there unlike any other park in BKK or only let the Soi dogs in?!
  11. Find it very surprising that 1) we have yet to have a photo with a pointing finger 2) the suspects are Thai, not from Myanmar.... I hope the media followup on this story to report the outcome of the perpetrators. I would have thought the animal who kicked Rosemary in the head should be charged with attempted murder given the force of the blow Land of Smiles ....such a wonderful country....but beware of batterings and balconies
  12. +1The best Ribs I have had in Thailand but you need a car to get to, they are on Soi Kao Talo. The ribs at Livv are good. However the best ribs in Thailand are at The Smokin Pug on Surawong Road in Bangkok, few meters walk from Le Meridien Hotel. As good as you will find anywhere in the world!
  13. Why are all these farang deaths accompanied with a pixelated image of the body? Total lack of respect When the emergency services are called do they put a call directly into the media "hey we've got a dead Farang here. Come down and take some snaps" How do I inform the Thai paparazzi that I would prefer my friends, family and colleagues not to see media images of my death as their final memory of me?
  14. Aramco's oil production costs are well below 30usd/bbl. Hence it still makes significant cash flow at current prices. Govt selling a stake with oil prices at such low levels would show they are panicking about funding their govt budget
  15. I have posted before on this. Here is my experience I had surgery in March 2010 and have been very pleased with the results. I used Dr Damkerng who is based in Thailand and is one of the world's leading experts. He works out of Bumrungrad and Bangkok Hospital but I used his own clinic near Ari which is probably 20 percent cheaper. http://www.dhthairclinic.com/home You can see some case studies for him (or other doctors) at the following link http://www.hairtrans...r2.asp?DrID=502 The cost was typically 85-120THB per graft depending upon number of grafts (including post treatment) and the Dr you use. Number of grafts depends how much you need, how much you have available from the back of your head and how much money you have! Generally they would try and get 20-50 grafts per cm2 compared to a normal full head of hair which is around 100 hairs per cm2. Each graft is usually 1-3 hairs For myself, I had 3700 grafts (slightly more than 7500 hairs). The experience itself was not too bad and lasted about 8 hours. Dr Damkerng and his team are superb. You are given local anaesethtic and sleeping pills but to be honest I slept for about 2 hours and then chose to be awake and chatted with the staff or listened to my IPOD. Some ppl watch movies too! If you start to feel pain, you tell them and they top-up the anaesethtic. We had a break for food half way through and you can have more breaks if you wish. Afterwards I took pain killers for the first night and you get a headband to wear for a few days to prevent swelling around the face. You can also wear a hat. After 1 week they remove stiches from the donor area and if you don't live in BKK that is the last time you need to see the Dr. Since I lived in Bangkok I went for a few additional checks I had some discomfort during the first night from the donor area which the painkillers fixed. If you have your hair >1cm long at the back, it is difficult/impossible to see the donor scar from day 1. Because my hair was thinning at the front, rather than bald, I let them shave the front so that they could increase the density of the graft transplants, which means I had some longer lasting visual effects immediately after surgery (just looked like I had receded slightly more) I would recommend you plan to take it easy for a week after the transplant but after a couple of days I really had no pain from the donor area whatsoever. Then it is the visual impact you need to think about. I would say I could have returned to work after 1-2 weeks with minimum visual impact. I brushed some remaining hair over the shaved area and to be honest, it looked like I receded a little more than before the op, but people I know could not notice any difference. After 2-3 weeks, the transplanted hairs start to fall out. For the first two months post op I did not experience any pain in the transplanted area although it felt slightly numb (a common side effect they say goes away within around 6 months). Within 2-3 months, the transplanted hair started to grow and within 4-6 months the impact was very significant, slightly earlier than the 8 months that the Dr had advised for full results. I have relatively thick hair. I thought long and hard about doing this and was very apprehensive on the day (as are many by the sound of it). It is clearly a very personal and individual decision but for me I felt there were very limited long term downsides to having this procedure done, especially having selected Dr Damkerng who seems to be recognised around the world for his skills I may need to go back for a "top up" due to ongoing thinning on my crown as the first procedure focused on the front of the head. However, I was well aware of this before I did the first procedure due to the pattern of my baldness. The staff are also very honest with you about what you would require. They suggested I take hair restoration medication to minimise further hair loss/need for one further transplant but this was not something I wanted to do and I would rather have a second transplant if required but no plans yet. I was 39 when I had the transplant