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  1. Were they snorkeling by flashlight? Why was it only reported at 9pm? Surely somebody must have assumed the boat was missing at dusk?
  2. Aussie Man Falls To Death From Parasail On Phuket Beach

    Either way, the parasail company should be held responsible for this - if he pulled the wrong cord by mistake why was it so accessible and why no training - more likely perhaps, he was strapped in incorrectly but probably we will never know and the parasail company will not pay a baht TAT needs to invest in some more Spin Doctors or better -- needs some serious HSE training/licensing/inspecting
  3. What kind of hobbies can you have in Thailand?

    Bird watching? ?
  4. Uk mail handling services.

    I am looking at a few options to handle UK mail. Ideally I would use a mail handling service which provides an address that would be recognized by my existing UK banks, credit card holders etc to avoid any issues with not having a UK registered address. Does anybody have any experience with theses types of services? - are they reliable? - is the address they provide recognized by Uk banks etc as acceptable? - how do you provide proof of address? any recommendations appreciated.