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  1. moogradod

    Scaring pigeons away from the balcony

    Tried my missus, but she is too beautiful. And stuffed cats are hard to find these days. Maybe I try some drops of the tiger urine I ususally keep in the kitchen.... Seriously, thanks for alle the suggestions, I have actually seen CDs hanging on balconies. Will be a trial and error thing I suppose. And finally the solution must not disturb us either, OK, the CDs may be removed when we are sitting out there.
  2. Does anybody have a working strategy for preventing pigeons entering the terrace/balcony, like installing blinking things maybe, in Switzerland you can buy fake crows but we have asked for some and it seems they are not availiable here.
  3. I am currently here with a Multiple Entry Tourist Visa. I will leave soon for one month for Vietnam and then return for my second and last entry into the Kingdom within the validity of the METV. After that I will go home. When will the Visa be stamped "used" - or will it ever ? It might not at my next departure for I will return using this same visa - which the immigration officer cannot know. Just asking because mistakes at the airport immigration counters happen and I want to prevent problems at my second entry with that visa.
  4. moogradod

    Cheap Insulin in Pattaya

    Thanks Sheryl ! I will have more time than money, so OK to wait at Queen Sirikit Hospital. I have never been to a government hospital either and wonder how it is. In the future I will have no more health insurance, so the gov. hospitals will be my choice then if I need them. Currently I am still insured and everything will be paid but when we definitely move in January 2019 health cost will be more important to me. A real concern are the future running costs - Currently I need 100 I.E. of Lantus or equivalent everyday and approx. 150 I.E. of Novorapid or eqivalent. So every little bit less in quantity (lifestyle - but its practically impossible to avoid all the sugar relevant foods) and price is very much relevant. Insulin + Test strips make up more than 85% of my medicaments budget for Thailand. For eventual hospital care I have a seperate budget. The test strips are more expensive in Switzerland as in Thailand by the way - as are practically all medicaments - exept the Insulin. I need to visit a number of places from endocrinologist to pharmacies and need to undergo some change of habits to cut the Diabetes related costs hopefully by 50%. Thanks again for yopur help. Very much appreciated.
  5. moogradod

    Cheap Insulin in Pattaya

    I went to Fascino and they charged me THB 1'090 for ONE PEN of Lantus (making a pack of 5 pens THB 5'450.-- and for Novorapid one pack (5 pens) THB 3'350.-- and for the test strips ACCU-Check (Blue) THB 990.-- for 50 strips. As I need lots of all this (I am heavily insulin resistent) I urgently need a cheaper solution in Pattaya. Now I have researched TV and the net, and it seems that there are much more cheaper alternatives like "humalog", vailable in BKK at a fraction of the above mentionned price. But how about Pattaya ? 1. Is there any recommended endocrinologist here ? (Pls. not Bangkok Pattaya Hospital - this is extremely expensive and they charge items that you did never request) 2. And any recommendation of long and short working insulin that might substitute the expensive import Lantus and Novorapid and is much more cheaper but works nearly as well ? I know I have to see a diabetes specialist first but I am sure a lot of members are diabetic like me and have maybe some experience and see that the insulin cost does not eat up a large fraction of the retirement budget. Thanks for any hint.
  6. Obviously some changes are going on, at least in Pattaya. Arrived for a 58 days stay and wanted to do TM30. My Landlord says that it is not possible only for the 58 days, it must cover the whole rental period, regardless of my staying in the country or not. I thought the purpose of the TM30 is to keep track of the actual adresss - so after I leave after some weeks, the TM30 period ends. Misunderstanding ?
  7. In Switzerland, only a IDP for 3 years exists. You simply do not get something else. And with this one I have rented cars in Thailand mutliple times. Another matter is how long you may use this license in LOS and under what circumstances (tourist, non-immi-o etc.) as has been statd before. The IDP is only valid in connection with the original driving license from your home country. It is rather a translation, not a license in itself. You will be told this when you buy one (it is only buy because it is based on the actual license that you have already). And this one is really hard to get in Switzerland. I wish only 30% of it was demanded in the driving test in Thailand. My wife will soon make her license in LOS. I would never risk to let her drive alone after passing the test for at least a year (or more).
  8. Always look at the bright side. Maybe I will get to know my local policestations more and more better and its employees by name. Next time I will be stopped they will greet me "Hi Mr. moogradod - you again - please have a nice drive". Or so. Or maybe not. Actually not really funny.
  9. Not pleasant is very nice wording. This is highly worrisome. And scary if you think a bit further then just this driving license topic.
  10. Passport copies - I dont care. Passport original - I wont bring it along. I never did that for decades. Consequences ? I will drive a rented car for the next 2 months to come. By the way what means "confiscated" in this context ? Do you mean that maybe at a later time when I might "overstay" the validity of my IDP and are "caught" they would take my brandnew 2 MioTHB car away and destroy it (or else) ?
  11. Then you cannot rent a car longer than 3 months. How about people being here with a METV ? This rule is most probably not applied. An IDL is valid for 3 years. This would as well mean that you would need to apply for a new IDL in your home country all the time just prior entering Thailand if you would like to rent a car. Not even sure if my home country would issue a new IDL every year when the old one is still valid. There must be something wrong with that or it is actually on paper dating from 1949 but officially ignored nowadays.
  12. I thought that as a tourist you cannot get a Thai driving licence. And if it is for farangs (incl. retirees etc.) only then it is a bit more than just similar to double pricing. And if it is then why not stating that there is a different law for farangs and locals here pertaining to the same issue actually. Maybe more precise information will be available soon.
  13. moogradod

    Bringing YouTube Download Files and Mussels

    Just thought that when the container arrives at the port this might not mean that the things are imported yet - this is maybe the time something can be done - but I am no shipping agency and do not know.
  14. moogradod

    Bringing YouTube Download Files and Mussels

    Thanks John As for the shells, they are already in the container heading for Thailand - my Thai wife has relied on the personnel packing the container saying that this is OK. But maybe it is still possible for her not to import them nevertheless if this could cause a problem. I have searched for this coral case you refer to and this is frightening.
  15. moogradod

    Bringing YouTube Download Files and Mussels

    No opinions anyone ? Especially the YouTube question must be something of general interest and concern. If there is any doubt then I better delete all the files. As for the shells I will contact the shipping agency. One of their employees actually stated before the packing that it would be no problem on import - but this has to be questioned now after I have done some internet research now by myself. Mostly they speak of export from Thailand but maybe import may be also an issue which has to be resolved.