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  1. moogradod

    its not all one sided

    The latest Blackvue DR900S (rear and back) is about 30'000 THB up at Lazada. When you bought 4 for 4'400 (or even one) than it would be interesting to know which ones these were exactly. Somehow I feel cannot be the same league.
  2. moogradod

    I want to loss my weight

    I hope you do not follow your motto with this one I always thought it did not matter WHEN you eat, only how much and what kind of food. I have read this multiple times but I may be mistaken since I am far from being an expert. I started to eat Low Carb 3 days ago, and lost 2 kg. Sometimes I eat in the night when I get up shortly.
  3. moogradod

    its not all one sided

    Thanks, but I do not know what a "Dash" is, even after looking it up in the dictionary as I am not a native speaker. As for the cams I made a quick research - it seems that the Blackvue DR900S is one of the best available (from Lazada). "Best" depends of course on ones requirements, but GPS (speed), good picture even at night, parking mode etc. are essential.
  4. moogradod

    its not all one sided

    May I ask what Dash Cam exactly (manufacturer, model) is the best (picture quality, small size, GPS etc.) available in Thailand ? The price does not matter, it just must be top notch. Listed in this thread are GIO Pro and Blackvue. I assume there are different models available. @Russell17au I did not understand where exactly you placed the third cam. In the middle of the roof in the passenger cabin ?
  5. moogradod

    Jetski Mafia

    Have you ever rented one ? Then maybe you would not ask. I am not promoting environmental pollution etc. but riding water scooters is a very exiting experience nevertheless, especially for those who like motorboats (and motorbikes as well). A friend of mine - owner of a powerful motorboat - and riding a water scooter for the first time, described it as extremly satisfying. I can only agree to that. One has to be careful though not to hurt others. But this applies to any activity.
  6. Thanks for caring, but I may trust my wife. We have been married now for more than 12 years. She would never buy something expensive without asking me first, using CC or not. As I said she has a MC Gold for more than 10 years now. The situation with GF is different. Had some before my marriage and it would have been desastrous to give them a card I think. Many expats seem to believe that women in Thailand cannot be trusted. It may even correspond to their experience and they make jokes about anybody claiming otherwise (like catman20) - like this would be some universal law. I think this is sad for it is simply not true for everybody. Maybe for some, but not all. And then it seems that the scheme Farang=rich and Woman=poor is established much in the minds. But my wife is not poor at all. Nevertheless she will have no credit card when we will stay in Thailand because she does not have income. Neither me nor my wife work. But we will look at the alternatives posted here. Thanks for all the helpful and serious contributions here. As for the bags Gucci and Prada have a very conservative design and my wife would not even want one. The situation is not always the same for everybody. Different as individuals themselves. Equal to the extent that we are all human with some deep rooted deficiancies which are hard to overcome.
  7. Hotels cannot make a "reservation" of money on a debit card I suppose. On a Credit Card they can - the money is then blocked from spending from the CC allowance until they unblock it.
  8. Maybe both if generally speaking.
  9. moogradod

    Type 2 diabetes health insurance

    Sorry, my mistake. However it is interesting to note that some banks in Thailand offer health insurance at all.
  10. Thanks, this can be done. However "a credit card" may not be accepted everywhere. It must be one of the big names I suppose.
  11. Sorry, duplicated post. Pressed 2 times save afterit did not the first time.
  12. Then it is not worth it. A real Credit Card needs to be accepted worldwide. It is either a Visa or Mastercard (preferably) or something in this league.
  13. Thanks, but no need to think twice. Fortunately my wife and myself do not have to distinguish between "your money " and "my money". She carries currently a Mastercard Gold which she used for more than 10 years - debited to "my" account. But maybe not everyone is so fortunate in this regard, which I think is indeed sad.
  14. Thank you Henry15 and CharlieH for the information about Kbank virtual card. I hope this can be used to make hotel reservations and maybe on Paypal. And I like your text at the end of your post, CharlieH.
  15. Is it possible that my Thai Wife can get a credit card if she has no income but only assets ? Or any other card that can be used to make hotel bookings abroad for example ? I think that hotels do not accept Debit Cards for reservation, but I am not sure.