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  1. You're absolutely right - if you want to break the law that is the proper procedure. For those of us who want to abide by the law, we don't bring the fish onboard because then we're breaking the law.
  2. Exactly. And from reports I have been told that the skin of the whale shark was dry, so she has been onboard for some time. My best guess is that they were heading for port and it wasn't until the dive boat spotted them that they decided to 'release' her.
  3. "What were they supposed to do with 'it'"? How about releasing her without lifting her onboard? Simple as that. If they had to cut the nets, then they should have done that. Nets are constantly damaged and repaired - this would have been no different. The law was broken when she was taken onboard the vessel. This is no different to when you accidentally catch a protected species while fishing for something else - the protected fish might be badly hooked, injured, bleeding and otherwise in piss poor condition facing likely death, but the way to manage such situation is to cut the lead. You might have an $80 lure at the end of the lead in the fish belly, but the law is clear - if you bring the fish onboard you brake the law. Case closed.
  4. They broke the law exactly at the point when they brought the whale shark on board. There's the limit. Whether they were hunting, fishing or engaged in any other activity related to depriving the whale shark of its freedom, when they lifted the whale shark onboard the boat they broke the law. Exactly at that point.
  5. Amazing what a little knowledge of sharks can do. "An aggressive bull shark is believed to be the culprit."
  6. If I didn't know any better I'd say that's a Bull Shark bite.
  7. This is a textbook example of how onlookers, police and emergency personnel in Thailand are able to ignore drunk people who behave in an appalling manner. All credit to them. What this video makes me feel though, is sad - because I know this ignorant man will eventually run out of luck. Hopefully, he is able to change before that happens.
  8. Forethat

    Thailand Golf Association

    All courses with a rating (probably 99% of all courses in Thailand) are on the list of courses. If you play a course abroad or if the course is not on the list you can add the score as long as you know the rating for the course. The hcp will update online immediately after you've submitted a score. Once a month TGA sends out a sticker which you attach to the back of your hcp card. This sticker lists your last 20 scores and indicates the 10 scores that have been used to calculate your current handicap. Look's like this:
  9. Forethat

    Thailand Golf Handicap

    Yes. On the TGA-website you'll find that Amateur events are listed as well as all events on the Thai Amateur Tour. If you are a TGA-member you can sign up for all tournaments listed - even the tour events (as long as your hcp is low enough).
  10. Forethat

    Thailand Golf Handicap

  11. Forethat

    Thailand Golf Handicap

    As long as the golf course in Thailand has a course rating it will be available in their list of courses when you register your round. If it isn't available you can still register the round as long as there is a course rating for the course in question. You login and register casual rounds online, if you play a tournament the organiser usually reports to TGA in which case the round is marked as a tournament ("T") round.
  12. Forethat

    Thailand Golf Handicap

    The form, TGA or the Handicap Card? Yes, yes and yes. I have dealt with TGA for many years and they are one of the friendliest, most professional bunch of individuals I have ever met. Office at the Ramkhamhaeng Stadium. I also like the idea that handicaps are published online, so in situations where hcp is required (like Singapore) you can easily be looked up. TGA is the real deal in Thailand.
  13. One more question: presumably, an extension is separate from the visa? So the extension based on marriage or child is independent of the Non-Imm O visa? For instance, one could enter Thailand on a Non-Imm O based on Retirement - but apply for an extension based on child? *Answered
  14. Purely for technical reasons: is it possible to get a 30- or 60- day extension on the 90 day permission to stay you get on a Non-Immigrant O visa based on retirement?
  15. 2. Of course, I do the visa run BEFORE the visa expires...and nothing else! 3. Yup, which in reality should be something like 1 year 11 months after the O-A was issued (if I time it correctly) That's what I was thinking - it just didn't seem right. Plenty of people who claim they do it though...