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  1. Thailand Golf Handicap

    Become a handicap member of Thailand Golf Association. Please find attached an application form. Information can be found here. Good luck. tga_application_form.pdf
  2. New Baby's Nickname

  3. RCA Driving Range is History

    I second that; bummer!
  4. Apart from the fact that I find this horrible, I was wondering how they know not only the cause of death, poisoning, but they also claim to know the substance, strychnine? Obviously I'm only speculating here, but I'm beginning to question whether they are only....speculating?
  5. Seriously, what's wrong with people? The most disturbing detail in the video is the little girl who has to witness her dad being knocked out. What an absolute textbook example of "how NOT to behave in Thailand". Surprised if either will last more than a year before ending up in REAL trouble.
  6. Serious Question

    I believe the legal gender assignment of a transgender in Thailand is that the person is defined by it's gender at the time of birth, regardless of gender reassignment surgery. I THINK that's the legal position in Thailand (I want to add a small disclaimer here - I could be incorrect). From a golfing perspective, there is a chance that there is an entirely different approach. The most apparent justification for a different approach is that it would be inconsistent with policies enforced by a majority of professional golf associations. There was a lot of controversy in this space before a policy change made it possible for transitioned golfers such as Mianne Bagger to join the European Ladies Tour. My own opinion - transitioned golfers should be classified according to POST transition. However, a ladyboy who has yet undergone surgery has yet to transition. My own opinion is that - if a non-transitioned ladyboy shows up as someone's playing partner - he tee's off from the forward tees with a lady hcp. If not only to eliminate the potential embarrassment should named ladyboy happen to beat my own score, playing from the same tee...
  7. If I am not incorrect, Uniteds value on the stock market has dropped over $1billion in two days...
  8. If it's any sort of consolation the asian passenger who got dragged of the plane can pretty much name his price when they launch discussions around damage and compensation. Imagine the commercial damage if United choose to expose this even further in a public? They'll be prepared to settle this at almost any cost, otherwise the entire company could go bust.
  9. The side chick be like "I'm a lover, not a fighter..."
  10. My deepest sympathies go out to the Thai Royal family and the people of Thailand. May Buddha give you the comfort and peace that you need in these difficult times and may the soul of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej rest in peace.
  11. I know a couple of international software companies with a presence in Thailand and their software engineers start at around 25K... Again, that'll be Thai engineers.
  12. A couple of things that raises a few questions. I have not read the entire thread, so apologies if this is already answered. 1. Although 65K is an awful lot for a software engineer in Thailand (note that I am talking about a Thai educated in Thailand), it is actually on par with what many of the good ones get paid when they reach team leader- or first management level. The problem though, is that they will struggle to support your application for a WP unless they can show that you provide a level of expertise that cannot be found in Thailand. And if you're at an expert level you should be able to get a higher salary than 65K. In fact, MUCH higher. 2. I would stay away from Thai companies unless they have an international presence with offices in at least 10 countries. I can be completely wrong but this sounds like a mid size Thai company. Is it? Having said that, as a skilled professional I wouldn't accept anything less than 150K for ANY position in Thailand. Actually, I wouldn't accept anything less than 400K + benefits, but that would be a Director level position. One more thing that you should be aware of: IF you manage to secure a position with, let's say a minimum of 150K per month (which in my opinion is a more appropriate salary for someone with the expertise required to secure a work permit), there is a chance that you will be subject to a decent level of abomination by your co-workers as soon as your salary becomes publicly known. And trust me, it will. The HR staff will eventually talk about this between them, first with jealousy and later with disgust and ultimately it will seep out to the rest of the organisation. You need skills that are superior, OR hold a senior management position to prevent this. If you are a software engineer and want to move to Thailand, I would reach out to the larger IT companies with a presence in Bangkok. They're all over the place, and most of them have lots of expats. Good luck, you wont regret it!
  13. Where have all the tails gone ?

    Unless I'm misinformed, the explanation to this question involves a plot to kill an emperor using a cup of tea with poison. The emperors cat overheard the conversation involving the plot and decided to protect his owner by making sure no one messed around with his masters tea. So the cat wrapped his tail around the handle of the cup. This way he would notice if someone slipped poison into it...that night, the plotters made an attempt to poison the emperors tea and in the fight that followed the cat lost his tail. But that's a fairy tale. Or at least they say so...
  14. Serviced Apartment rental - Bangkok

    I lived for almost 2 years in a penthouse suite at Centrepoint Soi 10. A bit stiff at 130k/month. BUT, I had two of my employees in standard flats at 55k/month . We absolutely loved the place. This was in 2008 and I don't know todays rate AND the place is a bit older now. The thing I loved about Soi 10 was that it was close to everything but still far away from Sukhumvit, and their Tuk Tuk service brought me to Sukhumvit in two minutes and I could run in the nearby Park during weekend mornings. I had two other employees at Centrepoint Wireless road, that place was much newer and fancier (it has a squash court) but the location was a bit off. Looking back at the two years at Soi 10 it was probably the best two years of my life.
  15. Yup, as other have pointed out, you will need the letter of consent as well as birth certificate. If the children are small, UK immigration are likely to ask the same questions when you arrive in Blighty. With regards to the procedure at Suvarnbhumi - you are allowed to go in the Thai nationals queue with the children. Better than that - there is a family queue as well where the waiting time is normally minimal. Safe travels.