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  1. 2. Of course, I do the visa run BEFORE the visa expires...and nothing else! 3. Yup, which in reality should be something like 1 year 11 months after the O-A was issued (if I time it correctly) That's what I was thinking - it just didn't seem right. Plenty of people who claim they do it though...
  2. Here's what I will do: 1. I will apply for ME O-A and provide evidence of funds in my UK bank. 2. A couple of days after my ME O-A expires I will make a visa run and acquire an additional 1-year permission to stay 3. During the second year of stay, I will apply for an Extension to Stay based on retirement, at which point I will provide evidence of funds again. This time I will use my Thai bank. Here's a rhetorical question: I have heard people mentioning that they DONT need to have the funds in a Thai bank. This really doesn't matter to me because I will use my Thai bank account anyway, but out of interest - is it possible to use a non-Thai bank when applying for the extension?
  3. Yes, I have worked for six years in Thailand and have - how shall I put this - strong ties to the place... But both your concern and question are valid.
  4. I would apply for a Non-Immigrant O-A in London, UK. The reason I ask about the point at which I provide evidence of 800,000 THB is that I don't have a Thai bank account anymore. The requirements say's I need to show "a deposit of the amount equal to and not less than 800,000 Baht" when I apply for the visa. Do I provide this when I apply for the visa or one (or TWO!) years later when I apply for the extension? Sorry for my confusion, but if I don't need the funds until I apply for the extension (which I will do in Thailand) I don't need to bother trying to open a Thai bank account while still in the UK.
  5. Good Morning! I have a couple of quick question. First of all, apologies if the questions are answered elsewhere - I searched but failed to find. 1. As I understand it I have to start by obtaining a Non-Immigrant O visa. Do I have to provide proof of funds at this point? 2. Presumably, once the visa is valid and I enter Thailand I am only permitted to stay X number of days starting from entry date. How many days? 3. IF (note that I say IF) I have to leave and re-enter after X number of days (given that I have a multiple entry visa), is it possible to prevent having to leave by getting a one year extension to stay based on retirement straight away (I assume the embassy doesn't issue this outside Thailand). Or...am I getting this wrong? Anyone?
  6. Chuvit Garden near Asoke

    Yea, that's what I suspected - I might have read that somewhere else and it was probably some incorrect speculations by the looks of it. I have spent countless hours there with my daughter when she was a toddler. I lived on Soi 10 for a couple of years and later moved to Soi 8, so I'm going to miss the park. The memories will have to suffice, unfortunately.
  7. Chuvit Garden near Asoke

    Am I wrong remembering a sign inside the park which said that Chuvit was sentenced to build a park on the land to compensate for the wrongful evictions?
  8. They accidentally killed the dog and replaced it with the closest they could find? It's not the same dog.
  9. Oh, dear me... Chok dee little wonder - I hope you have a great life despite your miserable start.
  10. Lighten the penis..? Not a bad idea at all actually, I've experienced periods myself when mine has felt a bit heavy.
  11. And be the total loser who must go to jail for shooting a complete idiot who wasn't even worth talking to? Nah, I think I'll stick to my initial plan: Apologise and wai before heading back to my family - safe and sound - and making not only myself but also my family and friends winners.
  12. Seriously, what is all this talk about getting "a gun"...? This is the exact moment when you DONT need a gun, you need to just apologise to the idiot, turn the other cheek and make sure you make it home to your loved ones alive. This kind of idiot is not worth it - my family is worth far more than a fender bender and an idiot with a small dick. I'd wai and pay my way out of this and enjoy a cuddle with my family eight days 'a week if I ever encounter this lowlife.
  13. 'Should' is a rather peculiar word. You see, you get no points for style. But I am intrigued as to exactly WHY you feel they 'should' have won?
  14. Stereotypical assumption? What are you talking about? It's a fact, isn't, if you threaten people in Thailand and/or behave in a manner that is guaranteed being received as an attempt to threaten/ridicule the locals - you WILL eventually end up in a situation like this? I would have understood if the person who was the target of the sucker punch was a tourist, but this was clearly someone who lives in Thailand. Allegedly, this guy had a wife, a car and a daughter. How this Aussie guy has managed to avoid the most important lesson to be learned if you plan ANY type of future in Thailand - be NICE and you shall be met with niceness - is something I just cannot understand. Behave like a dork and you will be knocked out in the streets in front of your wife and children. Here endeth the lesson.
  15. This is what you get if you start chasing a Thai down the street with a machete in Thailand. I'm sorry, but I have no sympathy what so ever for the Aussie idiot. Yes - cowardly move to sucker punch someone, but how <deleted> stupid can you be? What did he expect?