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  1. Th EU is not a democracy. It is ruled by undemocractically elected beurocrats. How can it make such stements about Thailand.
  2. Totally agree - based on the fatalities and other injuries as reported on this website - Pattaya seems to be the worst city in Thailand.
  3. Interpol asked to issue Blue Notice on Yingluck

    Brilliant observation. Well worth repeating. Thank you.
  4. How strange. I drink a lot but only beer and wine cooler (Spy). But the last couple of months I have cut down a lot. Why and how? It sends me to sleep! Never used to. Two or three small bottles of beer or Spy and I have to lie down for two hours. And the sleep is blissful. I wake up and carry on with what I was doing. Like several posters have said "everybody is different".
  5. I reported in another forum post yesterday (Saturday) how I tried to stock up on beer and cigarettes from our usual shops but one was completely locked up and the other wouldn't sell anything until the new price information was received. But today (Sunday) I walked to our little local shop and bought Spy wine cooler for the same price I have paid all year! Maybe that tax price hike information hasn't been clearly disseminated yet?
  6. Saturday morning and went into town to stock up on drink & cigarettes before the prices went up. The usual shop was closed and locked up. The backup shop wasn't selling "waiting for the new prices from the government". In all my life I have never been in a situation anywhere in the world where a forthcoming price hike is announced by a government but they don't say what it will be. And why don't the shops know what it will be? They can't sell the stuff and after they get the new prices they've got a massive job to update their pricelists/databases/computers. It's just an unfathomable fiasco. TIT
  7. If the price of beer and 'normal' whisky e.g. Hong Thong that the Thais drink then there is a chance it will push the Thais to the cheaper alternative drink - that killer white whiskey. At least two members of my Thai wife's family has died from drinking the stuff. Similarly with cigarettes, more people may turn to rolling their own which will be stronger and more damaging than proprietory brands. The end result could be a reduction in Thai health not an improvement. Where are the studies by the Authorities assessing the above mentioned risks?
  8. Hi connada, Im from UK living in Thailand and found it dead easy to open an account at https://bx.in.th/THB/BTC/ and I bought a few cryptos from there. I used my UK passport as proof of ID. One problem I have is that I have to physically go down to bank in town and transfer cash to them then scan and email them the bank transfer receipt. Also Ive been trying to buy Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash, etc but bx.in.th only seem to serve up BTC, ETH and DAS. I tried opening accounts at other exchages but either they dont permit this territory (Thailand) or they wont recongnise my ID (UK passport). I tried to get registered st Coinbase but their system failed to recognise my ID. Coinbase is notorious for this and customer service is a bad joke. Steer well clear of coinbase is my suggestion. Very dodgy. Im still trying to open an account at other exchanges where I can buy Vertasimo, OMG, Litecoin and Bitcoin cash and others. But its hard work. BTW my cryptos rose 60% in 6 weeks.
  9. Attempt to seize Yingluck's assets hit snag

    You all know that humans were a cloned version of aliens/monkeys specifically to mine gold in South Africa. We were cloned millions of years ago by the Annuki aliens. The Annuki wanted the gold to put chemtrails round their planet, Niburu, to stop their global warming. They had 'slit eyes' and the clones had be dark skinned (to cope with the South Aftican sun) and fairly 'stupid' to be able to do the monotonus mining work. They also had to have the dexterity to squat on the floor when mining in low tunnels. 'Western' man - Farangs - (white skin, no slit eyes, can't sit on the floor) developed from these early clones. That's why Farangs are a sub-race and inferior to the original clones as seen through their eyes. Just a light-hearted perspective and sorry for any spelling errors.
  10. Ha ha ?Had me in stches this one! Well done mate. Funniest thing Ive seen for a long time.
  11. Attempt to seize Yingluck's assets hit snag

    Unfortunately, to be able to renew my retirement visa extention each year, I have to keep 800,000 Thai Baht in Thai bank for the three months prior to renewal. That's a large chunk of assets I could do without having it in a Thai bank.
  12. Strange thing to say but sadly its true. I know because I suffer from it on almost a daily basis. Im trying to teach people (Thais) what they profess to know themselves, peace, well being, 'kwaam suk' and etc. They all go to the temple but when they leave their buddist training in these matters seems to vanish. Very sad indeed.
  13. Clue emerges about Yingluck’s escape route

    Ah, a sensible post at last. The point is that we dont know the answer to your suggestions. Maybe sombody or some organisation does but not us. Thank you for such a thoughtful comment.
  14. At least it seems she had the guts to report this incident, if in fact she did. Muslim eh? What a nice religion. I thought that under 'shera' (probably got the name wrong there) law the victim of a rape had to be punished further. Stoning or something?
  15. "Safely back in UK". UK is in a total mess and trying to extricate itself from EU after the Brexit referendum. Also UK is a prime target for WW3 - I'd tather stay here in Thailand which is what I'll be doing.