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  1. And what of fiat currency. That's just paper printed and sold by the governments. No intrinsic value.
  2. I went 30 years ago and it was then, as you say, "self-evident then that it was a disaster zone."
  3. I got a drivers licence for a car by passing the test. All legit. I never had nor was asked for a 'letter from Immigration'. So don't know what you are talking about.
  4. If there's still time you can send it in by mail. No need for anyone to go there. All explained on the Thai Immigration website.
  5. Guilty until proven innocent. Why did the motorcycle drive into the car?
  6. Yuri Geller never bent anything physical. He was an illusionist who just bent people's minds. Just like thus story.
  7. This is really wierd, bizarre even. Can anyone shed any light on this? I have seen posts on about obtaining a Residence Visa. I actually personally know a guy who has one. I have been here for 3 years and wanted to apply. I have seen the requirements on the Thai Immigration Website and even downloaded the Application From. When I went to my regional Immigration Office yesterday to renew my 1 year visa extension I wanted to know if I could do it (apply for a Residence Visa) there or if I had to apply in Bangkok. Their answer stunned me! They said there is no such thing as a Residence Visa. "You have to apply for visa extensions year by year" they said. Well I said (my wife acting as interpreter) "the Residence Visa is shown on the Thai Government Immigration Website". They said that at the moment this is just an idea. The government hasn't made the laws to allow this yet! Now what's the truth here? What's going on? This is totally mind-boggling! Many thanks
  8. The grammer "But the boy they were taking to Pattalung hospital because he had a fever survived" is perfectly correct and your 'correction' is wrong. Your 'correction' would be correct if the post read "But the boy they were taking to Pattalung hospital survived because he had a fever". They were taking the boy to the hospital because he had a fever. And he survived.
  9. "the purchase of a building that fell through." What fell through? The property or the purchase deal?
  10. Very interesting about bitcoin. I have a UK (Isle of Man actually) Lloyds International account. If you keep £3,000+ in your account they dont charge for transfers to Thailand. Cant do it online though. Have to phone them up. Transfer takes approx 3 days.
  11. Has anyone purchased gold bullion for investment purposes in Thailand? Can you buy it from the major banks? I am talking about small 1 oz gold bars, gold coins such as Kruggerands. I am not interested in gold jewelry which carries a 'manufacturing' premium. Are there any relevant Thai laws relating to this? Thank you.