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  1. No but they prefer us dollars and they should be in good condition
  2. 1 online type Royal Thai Embassy 2 in left side of screen select visas 3 select tourist visa 4 print the application page 5 Fill the application out (fully ) 6 Sign in two places make sure you choose single entry visa 7Get a 2x2 pass photo and a money order for 50 bucks 8 Get your ticket as you must include a copy of it along with itinerary 9 Get 2 courier envelopes and one you address to the royal thai embassy and the other you address to yourself for return of your passport.Put all documents in the envelope addressed to the thai embassy along with the return addressed envelope.I use fedex and they are very good.Then just wait for your return passport. Hope this helps oh and the single entry is good for sixty days.
  3. cbc


    Try agility logistics Bangkok www.agilitylogistics.com very good company have used them and the lady is very knowlegable and you must either give her your passport or go to customs yourself to get shipment released. I did and no problems at all.
  4. check the rules for the type of visa you have on the thai immigration site.I think it states you must show monthly income from outside the country to enable you to retire in Thailand in the first place.
  5. I agree with the expats who say don't burn bridges and keep an address in your home country.In the case of Canada if you don't have a Canadian mailing address all and any pensions are reduced.Even military pensions are taxed at a higher rate.
  6. maximum of THB 20.000
  7. Agree with stargrazer.I watched the video of the murderer as he moved and adopted his grip and shooting posture.Having been trained in the use and handling of all firearms (served in the military)he certainly had training in the use and firing of handguns.Hopefully this is all noted and will be investigated. Somehow I think it will not be as the liberal minded federal government and people of Ontario will not want to admit that their liberal policies on immigration is coming back to haunt them.Have they forgotten the other incidents before this ie the van driver in north York.Sad to say this is just the beginning and hopefully no more innocent lives will have to be lost before we wake up in Canada and realize the big mistake in regards to the liberal governments immigration policies.
  8. GeeKay why do you think the three boys and the coach would be sent to the IDC?They are members of one of the hilltribe people that are stateless but documented as such and as mentioned before are allowed to stay in Thailand but cannot travel ,own land or merry.Otherwise I am sure they wouldn.t be coaching and playing soccer openly.Probably the families have been their for year's and also attend school.
  9. This doesn't surprise me as,i know quite a few Burmese and thai women that have many skills and talents.Just that they don't have the chance to get the schooling or a decent chance to show their talent as they (as we all know) have to at a early age take care of their families and are not in a position to get the education and schooling they need to be able to show their talent.Same with the phillipino people.Lots of wasted and undiscovered talent in the third world and developing countries being wasted.
  10. Where does one catch the bus from at the airport and where does it go in the city ie sukhumvit area ?Thanks for any info.
  11. I am fromcanada and i imagine our immigration rules are mostly or quite close to being the same as the usa.The wife cannot sponsor a member ie,sister or brother after the age of 18 or 19,also the nanny job would not work as first she must prove that she cannot find a suitable one in the usa as there are many nanny's already there.Also,the person must be qualified to do the job of a nanny,cannot just use anyone for the job when sponsoring as a nanny.Must be qualified in child care ie first aid,CPR , and all other aspects of taking care of small children.Must provide a certificate in child care and must speak the language of the country.The child care courses are conducted in their country of origin and must be done by a viable company or organization.Also,the employer must show proof that they can pay health insurance,umemployment insurance fees and other benefits as a employer.Too much problems and i doubt very much if they would grant the application.My input as those are the rules or some of that apply in my country.