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  1. In Pattaya it seems most of these gold jewellery robberies happen in the early hours of the morning, around 2-3AM. Clearly this is not the time to show off your gold.
  2. It's funny but many Russian tourists in Pattaya on the basis of their experience here believe that all Thais speak some Russian. A few Russian friends who visited me in Pattaya were surprised when I told them that Russian is not a second language here. Walking around the town with them I was in turn surprised how many shopkeepers and waiters in restaurants addressed us in rudimentary Russian. And I don't think selling tours requires particularly strong language skills as there are detailed brochures available in Russian for every type of excursion. We booked some of those tours and in reality there was not much need to ask more information about them and in any case when we asked a question the Russian staff had to call somebody to answer it. Curiously the listed prices were negotiable, appropriately so for Thailand. There are some interesting Pattaya bay multi-island day cruises sold to Russians. The cruise boats are large and have comfortable seating, deck chairs on the roof, clean showers, lunch and free unlimited Thai whisky for a foam party at the end are included. Great fun!
  3. Plenty of Thais working in shops and restaurants in Pattaya speak some Russian. I'm pretty sure there are many of those in Thailand who are more proficient in it and studied the language systematically. I think the reason for the illegal activity observed is more to do with a natural preference among people to deal with your kind in any business and also the corruption and lack of labor law enforcement in Thailand.
  4. High season is coming and Central Beach, Royal Garden Plaza, Walking street in the evening and Bali Hai pier in the morning are packed with Russian tourists. Seems like the recent ruble appreciation and problems in Turkey and Egypt are the reasons. The industry that caters to them is also gearing up for the high season. I walked along 2nd Pattaya Rd the other night between the Central and Pattaya Klang and counted about 6 tour booths catering exclusively to Russians and staffed by Russian native speakers. It seemed some of those booths have only become operational recently. I talked at length to a lady in one of them and she told me that they work on a commission basis and do not have work permit. She told me it's been like that for years because the Russian companies that hire them maintain a cover with relevant authorities.
  5. sojourner007

    Man flown to Brisbane after crash in Cambodia

    You can see his girlfriend here: http://www.couriermail.com.au/news/queensland/man-flown-to-brisbane-after-overseas-crash/news-story/64f1aae501401f8385a2d948541415f3 And this is her facebook page https://www.facebook.com/elena.belevtseva She is Russian. Not clear how she got from studying engineering at a uni in Russia to working in a cafe in Kampot, Cambodia.
  6. sojourner007

    Storms and flooding hits Pattaya

    How to get across Pattaya from Banglamung to the Immigration in Jomtien Soi 5 avoiding flooded areas today? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Perhaps the railway road is a safe bet? And then down Wat Boon?
  7. sojourner007

    Pattaya Flooding

    How to get across Pattaya from Banglamung to the Immigration in Jomtien Soi 5 avoiding flooded areas today? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Perhaps the railway road is a safe bet? And then down Wat Boon?
  8. Perhaps I should put my old t-shirt (purchased after airport occupation by yellow shirts) on with 'Thailand is OK now' emblazoned on it
  9. Western expats should welcome any further yuan devaluation as it would hit Thai economy and makes us look comparatively wealthier. But what about the effect on Chinese tourism to Thailand? One could speculate that the Chine rulers did not particularly like their citizens spending their savings on travel to other countries. If yuan goes down further fewer Chinese will afford travel abroad, including to Thailand, if THB stays the same. We've almost got rid of the Russians here, imagine how good it will be if the Chinese tourism collapses.
  10. sojourner007

    Mr T Taxi

    I've just returned to Pattaya after a month overseas and I used tomtaxiservice.com to get to Suvanabhumi. B1000 for a Camry. The driver arrived on time and the trip was fine. The only thing that I did not like was that I had to get off at the very start of the departures area as the driver said that he did not have a license for transfer services and was afraid of the police. For my return trip to Pattaya I booked through taxipattaya95.com for B1000 by email. No problems to report, the Camry car was comfortable and I met the driver outside the agreed exit on arrivals level.
  11. You mean money goes a long way . Thats why Scandinavia is on top of this poll . I would imagien a Norwegian tourist are willing to spend at least 10 times more than an average Chinese tourist. Unfortunately the recent tourist expenditure data from Thailand and other countries indicate that Chinese tourists have recently become bigger spenders than Westerners.
  12. sojourner007

    Russian Man Found Mortally Beaten in Pattaya Hotel

    If he was indeed beaten then one exciting possibility is that he was in conflict with some criminals back in Russia and escaped to Thailand hoping they would not get him here. Alas, Russian mafia has global reach and its justice quickly caught up with him here.
  13. Signs that another financial crisis coming to Thailand soon?
  14. sojourner007

    Hot or what?

    I just wonder how hot it needs to get here for falang to start rethinking their plans for holidays and future retirement in Thailand and eventual exodus of whites from this country. Who want after all to live in an oven.