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  1. I agree, but with the majority of tourist coming to Phuket these days being Chinese, I can't see the Chinese buying a bar / guest house / cafe / restaurant, or taking an Issan bride. That makes for a lot of empty establishments here in the future, that previously catered for westerners, and we are already seeing it happening now.
  2. Probably because the tuk-tuk mafia will not allow the road to be widened, so they lose their parking spots, even though it is the tuk-tuk mafia that created the need for so many coach buses here in the first place.
  3. Same Same. EVERYONE pays on Mafia Island.
  4. Been common knowledge for some time now that the greedy Thai landlords were pushing the tourist market here to the edge and / or taking advantage of the newbie fool with ridiculously priced leases that would fail. The newbie fools are drying up, in lieu of the main tourists coming here now being Chinese, and the western tourists are not prepared to pay the higher prices for food and beverage here, when they can get the same for a lot cheaper in other parts of Thailand, and even cheaper again in neighboring countries. As you mentioned, Pattaya. I can't see the dozen or so big Thai families, who own most of the commercial property on Phuket, creating a market correction, in order to bring back the western tourist market.
  5. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. As Pattaya became a City by the sea, Phuket will become an island City. Greed has pretty much destroyed a sustainable tourism industry on Phuket.
  6. "she told me that 14 different people demanded money from them monthly and/or yearly..." - why do you think I call them "farang slaves?"
  7. "I used to find the posts such as, "if you don't like it why don't you go home" and "if it is so bad what are you doing here" type comments as unnecessary" - I would not be surprised if many of the members who used to post such comments have actually left the island, for various different reasons. I particularly had a laugh at those who would criticize comments such as, "they are killing the golden goose" and "they are shooting themselves in the foot." - where are these members now, with their posts declaring all is well with the tourism industry on Phuket????
  8. So, is this thread the "wake" for the "Patong is dead" thread, or for Patong itself????
  9. I liked the easy going music from the one man band there. He would come and have a beer with the customers, and take requests. That bar had a relaxing atmosphere.
  10. The best investment in Phuket is NO investment in Phuket. I've been proved correct, many many times, when every time I see a broke and unhealthy expat have go back to his home country, to live out the rest of his life on benefits. But hey, why not make your post about NKM, without facing the reality that 369 businesses are for sale on Phuket, on just one website.
  11. "the nature of our business has no relevance whatsoever" - The "nature" of certain businesses here is crucial to their survival, or death.
  12. @ PJ Stumbled across this random website. It states 369 businesses for sale on Phuket. Business must be booming to have 369 commercial properties for sale here. Of course, all these 369 businesses must had poor managers. Right.
  13. @ PJ. Here's some random "third hand" businesses for sale on the internet. Can the internet be "third hand information?"
  14. Another side step to questions put to you. You continue to play the poster, not the post. It's you with zero credibility. You claim to pay no key money and no tea money and run a successful business here, but refuse to say in what industry and in what location. I'm calling TROLL.
  15. Read again, LIK. I never suggested you had a "need" to clear these assets off your books. I asked, "what's the point of keeping it on your books" which you have answered. You are in a more fortunate position than the majority here, who lease their commercial property. That said, you did mention a near zero occupancy rate, which isn't quite accurate. I posted under the belief you were now experiencing zero occupancy, and have been for some time. How are the occupancy rates with the high season returnees, and the long holiday rentals of one month?