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  1. British expat, 39, found hanged in luxury Phuket house

    My brain certainly doesn't think like that all the time. I'm happy here, and consider myself a positive thinker. There's nothing wrong with seeing Phuket / Thailand, and certain Thai's, for what it really is, and what they really are.. There's a reason why they call this country "The world's brothel." You can't afford to be that naive here, and I don't mean in the monetary sense. This thread is an example of that. Many posters seem to think the problem was all in the deceased's head. Sure, he very well may have taken his own life, but who/what pulled the trigger? Is it not possible his problems started when he came here, and perhaps he couldn't see it until he created his own financial ruin? You can personally attack me, no problem to me, but do you deny Thailand has been the financial ruin of many here, with some of those people choosing suicide over repaying debt and embarrassment????
  2. British expat, 39, found hanged in luxury Phuket house

    "It said he had just returned from England to HIS WIFE!." - so???? Maybe he came back to find his "wife" in bed with her "brother." Like that has never happened. "They had had no problems or arguments." - says she. Perhaps you should open your mind a little to what happens here in a lot of "relationships" and I use that term, loosely. (no pun intended)
  3. Yes, it is that simple I'm not making it personal. Bob12345 said, "If only things were that simple in Thailand." You replied, "Yes, it is that simple." Then I put to you that some of your business, and I didn't even mention "underwater guiding" works in the "grey area" that is set up by authorities to be able to extort you at any time. It's nothing personal. It's just the way it is here, yet, you deny it occurs. Why is that?
  4. Russian tourist drowns at Karon Beach

    Smoking on the beach attracts a fine. (money maker) Lifeguards on the beach cost money. (money loser) Not hard to see which one is more important here. It's all about the money, with the loss of life of little concern to those in power.
  5. Phuket property glut?

    Older expats from the boom times in the 80's are passing on. Constant building and release of new houses and condo's here, and they are still clearing more land for development. The baht is stong, and many global currencies are weak at the moment. Thailand is politically unstable, with no remedy in sight. In general, the Chinese are only interested in higher end property in western countries, where they can own in their own name, and are backed up by a proper judicial system. The Phuket property market is overpriced. There are currently 1000's of properties on the market here, with many of them being for sale for years - nothing moving. Phuket has a rapidly shrinking western tourism market, hence, the expat and/or retiree market of tomorrow will be in decline as well. (changing demographic? Phuket has failing infrastructure, in many crucial sectors. Corruption is rampant here, and possibly getting worse, particularly as traditional corrupt cash flows decline. This is just off the top of my head, but I can't see how all of the above makes Phuket property a good investment. Feel free to add to the list.
  6. British expat, 39, found hanged in luxury Phuket house

    Once again, YOU'RE the one that said Thailand is a "developing country." How is questioning that rate of development, particularly under military rule, pressing a political agenda? A country's judicial system is one of their key indicators of "development."
  7. "thats why I left almost 30 years ago" - to come to a country where the police are the mafia.
  8. British expat, 39, found hanged in luxury Phuket house

    You're the one who said, "It's a developing country." So, please tell me what great "developing" has been happening in Thailand, particularly in the last 3 years???? As far as a proper investigation into "a sex pat who falls in love with a whore and a bottle of whiskey a day" who are you to either know, or judge, any other expat here???? Murder is murder. Don't make excuses for Thailand because it's "3rd World" or "developing" because when there is a murder that effects their tourism industry, they have no problems paying the baht to solve the case, and in some cases, even incarcerate scapegoats, when the real murderers can not be found. I think it's you that doesn't "get it." There's "3rd World" and then there is taking the p*ss, and in my opinion, when just about every foreigner death is declared a suicide, because there is no sign of a fight in the room, that is taking the p*ss. An investigation goes beyond there are no turned over chairs in the house.
  9. British expat, 39, found hanged in luxury Phuket house

    Such unexplained behavior is not uncommon after the foreigner "sells up" in his home country, burns all bridges with family, friends, and employer/s, then buys a business and/or property, usually in her name, then, she leaves him, once there is no more easy and free flow of money. So, who is to blame in such cases???? Obviously, the guy is in control of his own destiny, but the bar girls are excellent con women, and vulnerable men are an easy target for them.
  10. British expat, 39, found hanged in luxury Phuket house

    "Its a developing country" - no, Thailand is not developing. It's been stagnant, particularly under military rule. "a long forensics case costs a lot of money" - what price the cost of justice???? I think if it was you to take a sudden and unexplained jump of a balcony, especially after a large purchase in Thailand, your family would expect a proper investigation. A "35 kilo pip sqeek" doesn't have to lift a "120 k westerner over a balcony" or "pull on a rope around his neck." Relieving him of his live savings is as good as assisting him to do both, by himself. That said, at 39 years of age, this guy had many more years to address his personal or financial issues.
  11. American man falls to his death at Patong condo

    "if you totally discount fiscal distress" - would you care to elaborate on the cause of such "fiscal distress" for many foreigners who commit suicide here???? I would suggest a Thai female is behind a high percentage of them, not to mention those who return home, broke, to either go back to work, or on benefits, as they are too old to work. As a high percentage of these suicides are mature aged men, I am sure they have been through heart break previously in their lives, most probably even divorce, so I doubt heart break is their sole motive for suicide. Whether or not Thai females are "evil" for taking advantage of such people is for another thread, but it is not being racist, or being a Thai basher, to point out that many Thai females are only in relationships with foreigners for financial gain, laziness, or both.
  12. The offender has a blank look on his face.
  13. These Volunteer Cops should receive the same punishment as provincial police do for committing the same crime. They should be transferred to an "inactive post." That will teach them.
  14. Don't you or your staff pick up "customers" from the airport? Couldn't that be looked upon as working illegally in the transport industry here, if they wanted to?
  15. American man falls to his death at Patong condo

    Are you suggesting, what the member describes, never happens here? If so, perhaps YOU should be wearing something on your head. If not, why couldn't it be the motive for suicide in this particular case?