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  1. Phuket tourist falls out of speeding tuk-tuk

    The tuk-tuk driver changed the price on him halfway through the journey, so he jumped out.
  2. Canadian tourist charged for killer Phuket U-turn

    Let the extortion "mediation" begin.
  3. Old fashioned cologne/aftershave

    Yeah, a dead one.
  4. "makes all the right noises" - and that's all it is, "noise." Phuket is way past the time for "action" not "words." Look at all "issues" that are now compounding on Phuket, with nothing tangible being done to address them. There is no leadership, only corruption, which is hardly sustainable for a major tourists destination.
  5. "The prison currently detains 2,132 male inmates, 398 female inmates, 217 foreign male inmates, 13 foreign female inmates" - the Vice Gov then went onto say there was definitely no problem with crime on Phuket, and then also declared the whole of Phuket to be "white." .
  6. Whiling away the days....

    You already ventured your opinion. I only asked you to quantify it. I do not disagree with your percentage, and that 90% go straight back to the bar after a failed relationship, just to "turn over" another farang, with more coming down from Issan every week, to join the circus. In my opinion, these relationships are successful for the bar girl, until the flow of money stops. It's the guy who loses, emotionally, and financially. Bar girls, however, are readily available, and are a quick fix for the lonely guys that come here, that makes them easy prey. Like you say, guys would be better off being patient and building a relationship with a non bar lady. You see so many domestic arguments here, mostly about the bar girl's demands for money or assets. I suppose the constant arguing and making up would help many "while away" their days.
  7. Fire in Patong Mexican restaurant

    He would have, but a nearby tuk-tuk driver said he would have to pay to take the correct photo, or his camera would be broken.
  8. Sharks being fished out of existence in Thai waters

    This article is focusing on sharks, but I'm quite sure they are not the only species being fished out. I would say it's happening across a wide range of marine species. What has happened, and continues to happen on Phuket, reminds me of this famous saying: "When all the trees have been cut down, when all the animals have been hunted, when all the waters are polluted, when all the air is unsafe to breathe, only then you will discover you can not eat money."
  9. Whiling away the days....

    "BUT I have to say we are the minority of success stories. Can tell many horror stories." - care to put a percentage on "successes" to "horrors?" Serious question. "Buyer BEWARE." - I did get a chuckle out of this.
  10. Whiling away the days....

    This is not one of those, "Don't let the door hit you on the way out" posts, but have you considered Cambodia, with a 1 year multiple entry business visa for $300USD, that lets you work in any industry? Or, from what I have been told, Vietnam, which is basically unregulated, or unenforced, as the authorities encourage foreigners to train up the locals, across many sectors and industries?
  11. Whiling away the days....

    "Then you need three lives. Your life, her life and life together." - this is typical of most relationships, all around the world. However, how many guys come to Thailand, and over time, end up living only "her life" which is long way removed from the days when it used to be "Up to you farang."
  12. I am not defending their behavior, but I was under the belief thee rescue workers required a photo of them with the deceased, to prove they attended the scene, in order to be paid. Of course, this could be a myth. I may have read it on this forum. A few things stood out for me in the video clip. 1) No body bag used. 2) Not all staff were wearing gloves, or other personal protective equipment, particularly with so much blood around. 3) I did not see a police officer overseeing the removal of the body. The camera man was also a rescue worker because when he points the camera down, you can see his orange uniform.
  13. Sounds like your girlfriend is very good at exchanging YOUR currency into hers. I am sure she will enjoy her holiday to Phuket.
  14. Whiling away the days....

    I suggest some sport and education. Sport exercises the body, and education exercises the mind. Both will keep you healthy. occupied, and challenged. Plenty of sports available on Phuket, from gyms to water sports. Education in the form of learning some Thai, or gaining some tech knowledge, like how to build a website, or learning a new hobby, like photography. These can be self taught, at your leisure, with the use of the internet and / or books and magazines. I would also suggest you take advantage of Phuket's well connected airport and plan some short trips throughout the region, starting with other provinces in Thailand, and then onto neighboring South East Asian countries. Maybe tie these trips in with the various festivals and events that occur throughout the year.
  15. VIDEO: From Trash to Treasure || Anthony Cameron

    I wonder if he has a work permit.