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  1. Thepkasatri from Monument to Ko Kaew

    They should have left that pick-up wrapped around the pole as a "monument" to the way people drive / ride along that road.
  2. No vendors to be allowed on Phuket’s Surin Beach

    Over 3 years of Thai military control, who promised to clean up the land / beach encroachment here, and they are still banging away about this issue. Some may call it progress, but it's moving so slow it is a regress. How ridiculous.
  3. Patong - The Wake

    As I have said, I have adapted. I have taken on their behavior. You know, "When in Rome." It has nothing to do with my size or strength. However, I see some unhappy and frustrated tourists, who holiday here, and should not have to "adapt" the way expats do. It is interesting that you criticize me for the exact same behavior you condone.
  4. Patong - The Wake

    "More than 100 top generals and very high members in the Politburo have been arrested and jailed for severe corruption" - nothing more than a few scapegoats to parade to the public to create an illusion of a "clean" Government. "Luckily China has not the same gun laws like the US has" - yes, lucky for The Communist Party, otherwise there would have been a revolution, and all the corrupt and wealthy politicians rounded up and executed in public. There is a reason why they disarm the general population. "they are and they adore Xi Jinping" - of course they 'adore" him. If they speak out against his leadership, they are sent to "re-education camp." (gaol) There is plenty of information that shows a large portion of the Chinese population are not happy with the widening wealth divide in China. Here is a random article. From the article: "Poorest quarter of households own just 1 per cent of country’s total wealth." AND "the richest 1 per cent of households owning a third of the country’s wealth." Oh, yes, I am sure the Chinese people are happy with that situation. https://www.ft.com/content/3c521faa-baa6-11e5-a7cc-280dfe875e28 You know why they call it "The Party" - because they are the only ones that get to eat some cake.
  5. Patong - The Wake

    "It's THEIR soil, not yours." - but they want ME and MY money here. Correct???? "Isn't it so that WE have to adapt to their Asian culture" - read again. I have adapted. They push in front of me - I push in front of them. I have seen it that bad where western tourists have turned around and left shops. As mentioned, perhaps some staff training may be required to deal with this situation.
  6. Patong - The Wake

    MM2, I have a few questions for you. Have you ever been to China? If so, how long did you stay there? Over 1.3 billion people require a lot of energy (fossil fuels) Who currently controls most of it? If, as you say, China will be the world's manufacturing hub in 20 years time, who supplies China with the raw materials to do so? Do you remember the Tiananmen Square protest, and more recently, the "umbrella" protest in Hong Kong - what did those people want? Do you think the majority of the Chinese population are happy with their country's political system? I think not. It wouldn't take much for the west, at a strategic time, to "turn the tap off" for energy, food (agriculture) and raw materials, to create civil unrest within China.
  7. Patong - The Wake

    I may be bigger in size than the average Chinese person, but I suggest it's not my size that they take notice of. It's the fact that someone has actually confronted them about their unacceptable behavior. Counter staff need to be trained to send them to the back of the queue, otherwise, there could be incidents of violence, especially at the airport.
  8. Patong - The Wake

    MM2, you are really showing a lack of foresight, and understanding of history. As Christians and Muslims have fought for centuries, Capitalism has always fought against Communism. My prediction of "war" may have been a little "speculative." However, as Russia invaded Crimea in recent times, China is "invading" The South China Sea. The rest of the world slapped sanctions on Russia and isolated it, just when it was really starting to "emerge." Hence, you saw a drop in Russian tourist in Thailand. You don't think the west would want to "isolate" China at a strategic time? Do you really think "the baton" of world domination will just be simply handed over? I don't think so. As far as westerners catering to Thai's in their own country, this comment gave me a laugh. Westerners are currently catering to wealthy Chinese, but the only Thai's being catered for are the ones shagging a wealthy foreigner, and a small minority of wealthy / corrupt Thai elite. Thailand remains 3rd World. As far as the Chinese manufacturing industry is concerned, you are incorrect. China is trying to move away from manufacturing, and into a service based economy. Here's a random article on the first page of a Google search: https://www.forbes.com/sites/sarahsu/2017/02/21/china-takes-another-step-towards-a-service-economy/#315f03ac28c1 As another member suggested, all of their manual labor will be redundant in 20 years when robots do the jobs of humans, an issue not just effecting China's workforce, but globally. Just on this point, you ridicule me on my comments about transport here, but in 20 years time there will be driverless cars / taxis, so even professional drivers will be out of work. "By they way plenty of excellent products are coming from China now that were designed as well as manufactured there" - can you give me some examples of some excellent products that were "designed" in China? I know the Chinese are building the world's largest radio telescope, but did they invent that technology???? I know they invented gunpowder, but who perfected its use????
  9. Patong - The Wake

    "Just spent 2 weeks in Bali, Phuket wins hands down!!" - was that from the point of view of an expat, or a tourist? I wonder if a tourist would have the same opinion.
  10. The transport to the psych ward would cost more than the treatment.
  11. Patong - The Wake

    Just on the general behavior of the Chinese. I can handle the spitting, shouting etc etc. However, and I do believe this is a cultural thing, the Chinese DO NOT queue. They will walk straight up to the counter, with total disregard for those who are waiting in an orderly fashion. If I am next in the queue, after they have cut in front of me, I do enjoy the shocked look on their face when I cut back in front of them, at the service counter, quite assertively.
  12. Patong - The Wake

    "In 20 years time China will be the super power" - they are heading in that direction, but I'm thinking they will not be allowed to succeed. Have you seen a map of all the US Military Bases???? A lot of them surround China. A war would be one way to curtail their ambitions. "unlike the Chinese economy that is improving every year" - as it should, with all that cheap slave communist labor and the theft of western intellectual property and copy rights.
  13. Which Pronunciation

    HIM: "Where are you from in Thailand?" ME: "I'm a Phuketian." (colloquial) Can also use: Pkuket = Pukes or Pukkie. Chiang Mai = Changgers Pattaya = Patts Koh Samui = Sammy I am sure many have heard these names. Some names are simply shortened. Eg. Udon Thani = Udon.
  14. Patong - The Wake

    "Also no way my wife would actual hand over her Chanote titles." - is this for investment reasons, or sentimental reasons? We all know how Thai's love land, even if it is unproductive, but does she understand property is cyclable. Is she at all concerned about the rapid change taking place on Phuket? "We don't need too sell that badly and we are still making a good income." - I understand that. I never suggested you were "in the hole." I basically asked, "If you wanted to sell, do you think you could, at a price you thought was a fair market price, considering there is so much property on the market now?" As previously mentioned, I can not really comment on your land, I was more commenting on existing structures.
  15. Which Pronunciation