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  1. Ukrainian man rescued 5km off Phuket’s coast

    "can we trust any other part of the story" - no. Yet, if you read between the lines, due to poor journalism here, you are branded a conspiracy theorist, or a Thai Basher.
  2. "That must be some sort of record!" - or, some sort of lie.
  3. No mention if his family owns a panel shop nearby.
  4. How did he get the PIN? Why didn't the bank contact the victim about an unusual withdrawal pattern? Strange the victim never noticed the ATM card, or the money missing from his account, for such a long time. I'm wondering what line of "work" the victim and offender are in.
  5. Why weren't the Thai Army called in for such a serious matter?
  6. There was a report of acid being thrown a few years ago. I also seem to remember a report of bleach being thrown as well. Now, it's paint. What would need to be thrown before YOU call it "nasty?"
  7. Maybe I have had back luck with FireFlyz, but with two cancelled flights, and being on a visa deadline, I decided not to use them anymore. I was left to scramble a flight, twice, so that was it for me and FireFlyz. On the other hand, I have been on many AirAsia flights that departed half full. Therefore, no one was "bumped" to another flight, to save the airline money. "I'll have to keep a look out for the visa runner offers." - these offers already exist by virtue visa runners already know the exact day they must leave Thailand. So, I / we can book a year in advance and get very cheap flights. Even cheaper during various sales. Having some competition on this route means lower fares. Perhaps lower that the cost of visa running in a minivan. If the cost is comparable, which it is, don't you think a high percentage of the visa runners will use this route????
  8. African ladies in Patong discos

    Shower together - problem solved. TIP: Thai hookers will also steal from you.
  9. Phuket Zoo under fire over animal conditions

    I've never been to this zoo, and from what I hear, and read, I have no desire to. Sounds like the animals there are in desperate need of rescue.
  10. And / or the deepest pockets.
  11. Could you imagine the Thai Army invading another country? Their soldiers would be too busy robbing civilians, and looting shops and houses, to fight the opposing army.
  12. US citizens pay similar to many other nations for a 1 month single entry visa, but WOW, don't US citizens get a great 1 year multi-entry deal. $195USD - no further requirement needed. No need to prove income, or have an amount of money in a useless bank for 3 months. When Obama was in Vietnam he got great deal for US expats, but he obviously forgot to mention US tourists. Here's a random from Google showing some prices. As SP says, at $37USD for a 1 month single entry, it doesn't break the bank, and can be arranged online to pick up at the airport, upon arrival. https://vietnamvisa.org/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIzNzTpuqv2gIV0wMqCh0M_AirEAAYAyAAEgIKtfD_BwE
  13. See above post. Not saying the whole plane will be full of visa runners, but they will be a constant source of bookings for AirAsia on this route. As you know, the "early birds" get the cheap seats, and as visa runners know their exits dates well into the future, they will be the first to book. Once the word spreads of the affordability, comfort, time efficiency, and safety, among visa runners here, I would say this route will become very popular with them. That said, I have posted another alternative that is cheaper and offers a more interesting couple of days, so who knows.
  14. FireFlyz are more expensive, and less reliable. I have had two of my flights with them cancelled. I made a decision never to fly with them again. AirAsia are cheaper, and will still depart, even if half full. As the other member mentioned, add up the cost of dangerous minivan rides, and accommodation, and there is no reason why regular visa runners to Penang would stick with the minivans. Picture all those Phuket minivan visa runners, and there a a lot, jumping on an AirAsia plane to Penang, and there should be quite a few foreigners on board. I'm sure AirAsia have done their home work. Visa runners out of Phuket are "a constant" - they MUST leave, in order to come back, where as Malay, Chinese, and Thai's are effected by external forces effecting tourism. I would not be surprised if visa runners were the bread and butter of this route, in a similar way as bar girls, and their farang, are the bread and butter of the Phuket to Udon route.