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  1. Are there credit card numbers in passport RFID chips???? No. It is therefore "common" to use RFID "sniffers / detectors" in airports for the purpose of identity theft, not for the purpose of gaining credit card numbers. Once someone's identity has been stolen, the "fraud / theft" comes later.
  2. More common than you think. The "sniffers" used at ATM's is for credit card details. The "sniffers" used in airports are for identity theft.
  3. They are not using phones to record your PIN. They are using RFID "sniffers" or "skimmers" to read and record the information on the chip in your card. This is done wireless. This is common in airports for identity theft with the chips in passports. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RFID_skimming
  4. How so? Very easy to arrange with the bank. The money can be transferred onto the card immediately, even as you stand near the ATM. The most any skimmer can take from you is what you chose to leave on the card, which in my case, is only a few hundred baht. You are probably running antivirus on your computer/s and have passwords on your email and a pass number on your telephone etc, yet, you call this "paranoid." Many use this method, all around the world. I don't see it as being paranoid.
  5. NamKangMan

    Welcome to Phuket: The rainy season officially arrives

    When the only option for friends / family is to come here is during the rainy season, I suggest they stay at a well appointed resort that has everything on site. Eg. restaurants, bars, spa etc. I tell them it's possible they may be "rained in" but at least they will still be able to relax and have a drink, nice meal, massage etc.
  6. Of course, no Thai staff would ever act as "a spotter" for other Thai criminals, would they???? They have access to your address, and the amount you have just withdrawn. Think about it.
  7. Do you really think people will stop driving during their 3 month loss of license????
  8. NamKangMan

    Major electricity disruptions hit Phuket

    Almost getting to the stage many may consider a heavy duty car battery, or light truck battery, possibly in conjunction with an inverter, just to charge essential devices, or just keep equipment functioning. Real Issan stuff.
  9. A similar project for Soi dogs would be good.
  10. NamKangMan

    Loan for Thai national?

    Fair play. If a Thai bank will not loan the money, why should "The Bank of Farang?" However, how many guys in a similar situation get worn down by the Thai wife / girlfriend, and her family, and cave in and put the money in, never to see it again?
  11. NamKangMan

    Loan for Thai national?

    Correct, but should "the latter" not be included in the statistics and / or discussion???? Once again, are bar girls not "Thai nationals?"
  12. NamKangMan

    Loan for Thai national?

    Never lost a baht here, except for maybe the odd drink added to my bill. Said it many times, and I'll say it again, for your benefit. I'm not here to adopt an extended Thai family in Issan, and their sick buffalo. I am not here to make a greedy Thai landlord rich. I'm here for the sea, sun, sand, seafood and snatch. I make Phuket / Thailand work for me, not the other way around.
  13. NamKangMan

    Loan for Thai national?

    I agree, but they are "loans" where as Thai's consider the money given to be a "donation." Big difference.
  14. NamKangMan

    Loan for Thai national?

    Ok, I was wrong. A minority of of foreignesr who have loaned money to Thai's have been repaid. Are you happy now? Now, can we discuss the 99.999999999% of foreigner to Thai loans that are never repaid? (yes - I have no evidence to back up that number) Why don't we call a spade a spade and say they are not loans, they are "donations" and the money is never repaid.
  15. NamKangMan

    Loan for Thai national?

    Like I said, "your girl is different." Just one random article from Google. https://www.businesstimes.com.sg/government-economy/thai-household-debt-rises-to-record-859-of-gdp-at-end-2014-central-bank I note you didn't offer a opinion of a percentage of repaid loans from foreigners to those not repaid.