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  1. So, another expat leaving Phuket. Right?
  2. "Does Thailand have that affect on some people" - or does Thailand just rub off on us all and make us more like the Thai's????
  3. Phuket Forum very quiet for posts these days. I think the Mods from other forums are popping in from time to time to moderate. The Phuket Forum will probably be in Mandarin in the future.
  4. Yes, but apparently Phuket is not losing its expats.
  5. So how do you think the over 1000 to 1500 to 2000 baht hotels are going????
  6. I didn't go much on Hanoi. The south of Vietnam is very different to the north, in my opinion. A lot like Thailand, I suppose. Do yourself a favor and get to Ha Long Bay out of Hanoi. You will not regret it. It really is something.
  7. It's not just social media websites. There's not much difference to members of the public pulling out their mobile phone and filming a crime / murder and then either uploading the footage to YouTube, or selling it to the media. As an example, this guy could have yelled to people down on the street that he was going to jump. For sure a crowd would have gathered, with some of them videoing the incident on their phone. Unfortunately, "If it bleeds, it leads."
  8. "they probably watched out of concern, rather than for titillation" - a video clip I am sure they will never forget, and wished they had never watched.
  9. I'll take your reply as a no response. Well done. As for "ridiculous conclusions" did you check out the reports for The Down Town Inn in Chiang Mai? Several people died as a result of a "ridiculous conclusion."
  10. Fair play to you XP, and I commend you for at least going and having a look around. How many expats here have only been to Phuket and Issan. (no prizes for guessing why they went to Issan) They have nothing to compare Phuket to, yet, they say it's the best place in Thailand / South East Asia. I have a laugh at these guys. Many are "boiling frogs" here, and we must self assess. For me, I have never seen myself as having a right to live in Thailand, past that little sticker in my passport, so, I have always had a Plan B, or "bolt hole" as you say. If we were to look at the Governance of Phuket, in a subjective light, it becomes clear that this island is heading backwards. So sad for an island with soooo much potential. Alas, many frogs continue to slowly boil in the water, with some frogs even saying the water is not even hot.
  11. Aren't you living in America? Do EVERYONE on Phuket a favor and stay there.
  12. I haven't caught a tuk-tuk for years. I have a transport work around that has been going great for quite some time. "and can charge you want they want to" - and there within lays the transport problem here. I think you will find "World Class Tourist Destinations" have METERED air conditioned taxis.
  13. "the 2,446 inmates, 2,069 of which are male, and 377 female" - definitely no crime problem on Phuket.
  14. And then make the pig fly.
  15. "why don't you start a new thread about unexplained deaths?" what "unexplained deaths?"