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  1. Top ten ways to avoid Dengue Fever

    I've noticed that the dengue carrying mosquito bites straight through clothes. I know I've watched them do it before i kill them You can always treat your clothes with permethrin.
  2. "Governor Norraphat gave the order" - what's the difference between "ordering" and "urging" and I wonder how the Gov decides which issues need "ordering" and which issues nee "urging." This Gov is a serial "urger" so it must be quite a step for him to give an "order." I suppose he will now "urge" them to follow the "order."
  3. Top ten ways to avoid Dengue Fever

    An Australian friend put me onto this product. http://www.bushman-repellent.com/index.html Their strong range has 80% DEET. When I enter a high risk area, I always use this, plus, long sleeves etc.
  4. Just shifting the problem, not fixing it. Actually, really just trying to hide the problem. This is being touted as a solution, but the same lack of investment in infrastructure, or the misappropriation of infrastructure funding, will see this treatment system also dump untreated waste water into the environment. Those in authority here continue with their same old corrupt practices, whilst inhabitants of Phuket receive second class Governance, and 3rd World infrastructure, all the while, neighboring countries are really progressing and offering a viable alternative to Phuket for tourist. Certainly, the environment is suffering, which is the same environment that was Phuket's tourist draw card.
  5. How much $/ month to Live in Phuket ?

    The $$$$ per month usually depends on how sick the buffalo is.
  6. Give us more time to investigate, says Patong Mayor

    The stink goes all the way back to her bank account.
  7. 10 Chinese tourists injured in Phuket minivan crash

    No end in sight to the road carnage here.
  8. You would think they have a "duty of care" to do so, regardless of the risk of harm.
  9. Raw sewage released into Phuket's Patong Bay

    Neither do they.
  10. It Taina joke

    Whilst I agree that 1 baht of profit is better than no profit at all, "foot traffic" is no longer a good indication of how well Phuket's local economy is going, and yes, Tania Road is part of that economy. Just how much "flow on effect" into the Tania Road economy do you think there is from a bowls of street noodles and a few beers from 7/11? As an example, I don't know how much profit 7/11 makes from selling one Chang beer, but let's say it's 5 baht. If 100 backpackers each bought one Chang beer at the same 7/11 on Tania Road, that's still only 500 baht profit. Not a great deal of profit, for such a large amount of customers. Then, you have the added problem of the bars / restaurants going broke in the area, because the majority of tourists in the area eat off the street, and drink out of 7/11. Once again, large amounts of foot traffic looks great, but it is worthless if there is not a corresponding turn over from them. I regularly shop at Big C, and I see what the Chinese and Russians buy. Yes, Big C profits from them, and those profits go off the island. So, apart from some extra employment for minimum wage staff, the Phuket economy doesn't see much out of what they spend in Big C. "Just imagine Bangla Rd without the Chinese tourists. A ghost town!" - it's heading that way anyway. Have you seen all the vacant bars, and bars for sale? Whilst there maybe, literally, thousands of people walking along Bangla Road each night, it doesn't mean anything to establishments along Bangla Road if they do not come in and make a purchase. On another point, just because something is built on Tania Road, what makes you think the people will come, particularly the backpackers to hostels? "What are you suggesting to bring back life to Taina Rd?" - pretty much the same as bringing life back to Phuket. For a start, infrastructure upgrades, proper maintenance and repairs to critical infrastructure, some form of proper public transport, the twelve major Thai families who own the majority of land here to be realistic with their rents, enforcement of the law here - particularly on the roads, but also in relation to scams, theft and violence. None of these are not what is already being offered elsewhere in Thailand, and in neighboring countries. Sadly, Phuket has poor Governance, mainly due to corruption, and their only answer seems to be targeting tourists from emerging economies, where Phuket's infrastructure may be acceptable to these tourists. Basically, Phuket should offer a pleasant and value for money holiday, which Phuket was famous for, in the past. Hardly rocket science.
  11. Upon first read of the article, I agree with you, I didn't think it was a Ponzi scheme either. As usual with reporting here, more accurate information would be nice.
  12. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_Ponzi
  13. Raw sewage released into Phuket's Patong Bay

    They are supposed to "treat" it until it presents no hazard to the environment it is being released into, not just "dump" it because their treatment plant can not handle the volume.
  14. Raw sewage released into Phuket's Patong Bay

    Are you suggesting their inability to "handle the waste volume" is not a "FAIL?" Really? I wonder what next week's excuse will be, when it happens a again.
  15. Raw sewage released into Phuket's Patong Bay

    Fail. Not sure which smells worse, the sewage, or The Mayor's BS.