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  1. I am shocked to see that Thailand is bigger than Uranus........
  2. This thread will go on for ages, copied from Taiwan............ http://katsfm.com/penis-shaped-corn-dogs-photo-nsfw/
  3. Miss Teen ‘Amy’ tense after first night in prison

    In the women's prison the guards are female.
  4. Miss Teen ‘Amy’ tense after first night in prison

    Nope, many people, like their money, end up going up in smoke.
  5. On the policeman's wrist, where it belongs.
  6. This is what a badly secured load really looks like. IMHO, of course.
  7. Police arrest 11 Africans in Bangkok for overstaying visas

    "Operation Black Eagle " Apparently the eagle has landed on its prey.
  8. Dwarf man crushed to death by roadside bench

    But he might have been Sleepy?
  9. Of course, the Nissan truck wasn't tailgating, was he?
  10. Finally a genuine Burmese culprit for the "Burmese" conspiracy guys.
  11. 'Alisa claimed that she was not a drugs boss. She said she was hired by a Laotian drug boss to store the drug and deliver it to clients in Bangkok as ordered by the boss.' Will Alisa sing?
  12. As North Floods, Major Dam At 100% Capacity

    The Kwae Noi is a tributary of the Nan, joining it at Phitsanulok town. Nan river, outside our home, is very high and after this morning's storm will be even higher. If the Chao Phraya Dam is holding back water to prevent flooding up north, there's going to be some serious flooding downstream in the next few days..If not, Bangkok's going to take an even bigger bath.
  13. Thank you counselor, done and dusted then. Next case.
  14. "Those Jappos love 'em young, or at least dolled up to look 14...pervs." She's only 17 and once depixilated, what would you do?
  15. Dwarf man crushed to death by roadside bench

    Meanwhile the police are searching for Snow White and 6 other members of the gang.