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  1. Was there ever any doubt? A Muslim wearing saffron robes would be offending Allah..
  2. Nice job mate , well done. didn't get his name, but that's not important.
  3. These are trainers, but since you ask ,I'm sure that with a well aimed napalm drop the casualties could be enormous.
  4. Quite correct. Flied applies to cooking rice with oil.
  5. ".....but orificially speaking, man on man sex is limited to less orifices." That's a hole different subject.
  6. Lesson number One - this is the brake...

    Of course there is..............these guys are clutching for their lives
  7. Yingluck Watchers See Conspiracy In London Photos

    Right there, but the awnings over the windows were raised.
  8. Bar B Q Plaza Recalls Beef Over Mystery Lumps

    Actually looks more like pork.
  9. Bar B Q Plaza Recalls Beef Over Mystery Lumps

    The staff said ‘Oh, they’re tendons’ (while making a sheepish face),” she wrote. “Tendons?! If they were really tendons, then why did they change the beef?”" A sheepish face? My God, we're discussing prime Australian beef here.
  10. Four arrested, yaba pills seized, in foiled drug deal

    Otherwise known as a
  11. In this country, I expect there are many that would like to handle it, not the story that is.
  12. "The driver, who was also injured and was sent to the same hospital, was trying to overtake a truck by using the left lane but he encountered the oil tanker in front of him so he swerved right and crashed, police said." Undertaking in the slow lane, illegal and in this case his mate meets the undertaker himself. RIP.