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  1. You know the government cares when you see this. From your first breath until your last gasp............................we care.
  2. We have many of these little guys resident in our home. They clear unwanted insects and in exchange, leave their shit behind. My wife calls them jinjoks (sp)
  3. ".....they have moved from prehistory to the dark ages ".
  4. "Political 'extremist' group blamed for hospital blast" Extremist, anarchist, separatist, jihadist, insurgent and all those others using intimidating tactics to achieve ends. in other words................. TERRORIST. Call it what it is.
  5. These were students returning home from school and most likely in a covered songtaew pickup. Nevertheless, tyre (lack of) maintenance etc was possibly to blame . 13 students is not an overload by Thai standards.
  6. "We can all do our bit by simply putting our litter in the bin. " Absolutely true, except many of the bins were removed years ago following the Bin Laden days. Terrorists like to use trash bins to hide their bombs, so finding somewhere to deposit garbage is often difficult for people.
  7. And where do you suppose the Khmers got their culture from? The Ramayana is a Hindu epic from which the Siamese(Ramakien) and Khmers developed their own versions.
  8. Well, Nelson Mandela was South African. Perhaps his name ought to have been Nelson van de Merwe. Ok ja?
  9. Do enlighten us, as I don't think Napapa is going to cause a war to start..
  10. "Ménière's disease (MD) is a disorder of the inner ear that is characterized by episodes of feeling like the world is spinning (vertigo), ringing in the ears (tinnitus), ..." wiki I believe that Prawit ought to have had a chat with our old friend Chalerm Yubamrung. He was always in possession of good quality "ear medicine". Get well soon general, "ear today, gone tomorrow" as they say."
  11. "...not TAT Governor, ..." Agreed. "...do you see any chance of a 'direct link' with TAT, with this organisation being within her Ministerial portfolio ..." Yes, most likely.. I am also guilty of engaging in a small degree of nit-picking. OK?
  12. ".....her iPhone 6, a luxury handbag and cash, totalling Bt200,000 in value," There we are, much clearer now.
  13. "But Kobkarn has either no handbag or is circumvented by all those security men with angry looks; also not a fun moment in life " MadamMinister probably has many nice handbags, but you'll never see her on public transport of any kind, she has a driver to take her here there and everywhere. No security checks for Madam.