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  1. She told the police in Nakorn Sri Thammarat .
  2. Quite so, the Thai PBS report is dated 21/10 while the "unnamed paper " is dated 22/10
  3. Surely the nation with the longest reigning monarch might have managed to dig at least one of the minor royals out for this sad occasion? Nobody expects QE2 to make the journey but William, Harry, someone? Well there's still a few days.
  4. Salary deductions to begin for student loans

    "More than three million debtors have failed to settle their accounts, .......". Understandable, since cost of living increases, new car payments, mobile phones etc, are expensive these days.
  5. Despicable creature. Enjoy your vacation lady.
  6. Rescuers save young elephant caught in canal

    It's a young elephant, not a baby elephant. Sort of like a young man of 19................adult size but young.
  7. "...most everyone took the pish out of him..." Don't you mean ouro?
  8. Why Few Thai Women Are Saying #MeToo

    Regret lascivious thoughts?
  9. Indian merchant killed in Suphan Buri shooting

    Did you not get the impression that 'observer90210' was being slightly sarcastic?
  10. Guns, loan contracts seized in snooker club raid

    If he took the guns as surety for his loans, I doubt he had permits for them. Not his lucky day.
  11. Mostly quite true except for a few stragglers............A.C. Cars, Bristol Cars, Morgan Cars and maybe a few other small companies.
  12. They may well be, but would you say the same thing about the family of "Boss"boy, the killer Ferrari driver?
  13. Interesting comment. The SIM cards would surely be in the names of the Thai owners from whom they were stolen. If the police can somehow identify the thieves from the video and match passport pictures, then there may be a chance. I have not seen mention of where this theft occurred, maybe I missed it. However, you would be doing a great service if you found them based on your theories. good luck.
  14. Yes, indeed, maybe the cops will send a car for him to save him having to drive himself. Perhaps even treat him to lunch at the canteen?