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  1. Lampang. I have successfully reported on-line and through the mail in the past.
  2. Eleven days, and still "pending". Looks like I get to go to Immigration this week.. yaay! Should have mailed it.
  3. Submitted last Friday afternoon. Still pending. Unusually long? Don't have enough experience with online reporting to judge.
  4. Didn't notice that. If you do enter it, it apparently needs to match exactly as it was entered in the immigration database.
  5. Was getting an error message to contact my local immigration department. I changed my arrival flight number from FD 615 to FD615. The error disappeared, and all appears to be fine. Something to try, if you are having problems.
  6. wimpy

    Huawei P9 Screen Replacement Chiang Mai

    Now there is some good information. Thanks for that. With frame is definitely the way to go. Had watched videos replacing just the screen, and it looked like a nasty job.
  7. Have a Huawei P9 that needs a new screen and digitizer. Easy to buy on Ebay, but having trouble finding someone in Chiang Mai willing to do the install. Apparently an involved operation. The Huawei repair center wants more than the value of the phone to replace it. Anyone have a recommendation for a skilled technician? Thanks.
  8. wimpy

    Opera Hotel Bangkok Still Open?

    Wow. Thanks for that. I think I first stayed there about 28 years ago too. I saw it written up in an article about Bangkok's retro hotels. Got me missing it. Figured I would stay there on my next visit to Bangkok. Too late.
  9. wimpy

    Opera Hotel Bangkok Still Open?

    That is too bad. Where I stayed on my first visit to Thailand many years ago. Was looking forward to a visit for old times sake.
  10. Anyone know if the Opera Hotel on Phetburi Soi 11 is still in existence? None of the tel. numbers I have for them are working. Thanks.
  11. I suppose it is possible that some money changers are processing the transaction as a purchase. If they are, you can bet they are reflecting the 3-4% fees, the CC companies are charging them, in a poorer exchange rate.
  12. I would love to know the exchange rate you received and the date the transaction took place, when your credit card was billed as a purchase and not a cash advance.
  13. Thanks, but I prefer to publicize collusion, when I see it.
  14. ATMs save them a ton in labor costs. A reasonable fee on par with other countries would be fine.