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  1. Thanks, but I prefer to publicize collusion, when I see it.
  2. ATMs save them a ton in labor costs. A reasonable fee on par with other countries would be fine.
  3. Used to use them when they were free. The exchange rate was always on a par with other ATMs.
  4. I don't pay them either, but would prefer Schwab wasn't being hit with them. Always afraid they will get fed up, and stop offering that perk.
  5. I can't comment on that. Two withdrawals from two different bank ATMs. with my Schwab Visa branded debit card. No fees charged on either. That never happens in Thailand.
  6. Just returned from Kuala Lumpur. $0 ATM fees for foreign debit cards. How civilized.
  7. Should have bought the bitcoin when I mentioned it. You would be substantially better off this morning. LOL.
  8. The last time I used the online system, six months ago, I got the approved report back in five minutes. Chiang Mai used to process them.
  9. Six days later, still pending. Not impressed.
  10. If it was me, I would buy bitcoin in Thailand and convert back to my home currency. Will have pay some fees, to do this.
  11. A data point on what office you report to would be useful. Mine has been pending for three days now. Based in Lampang, but it says the Chiang Mai office handles the online report.
  12. That is not the usual way a tax increase is implemented. A price increase may be phased in as new stock comes online. Tax increases are usually immediate, as the cost of the stock is not relevant. It is a law that applies to sales, regardless of when the stock was purchased.
  13. Still no change in prices for beer, Gilby gin, or 100% grape wine at my local Lotus Express. What was this all about anyway?
  14. Can you supply any info on home brew suppliers? Something I was thinking about, even before the tax hike.
  15. AMEX at Service Stations?

    I think the US AMEX cards have better sign up bonuses. The problem with all AMEX products, at least up here in Lampang, is that there is no place to use the damn thing. I can use my Chase Visa card just about everywhere. Plus I get 3x points on travel and meals. Can transfer them to a bunch of different airlines and hotels. Pretty disappointed with the AMEX experience in Thailand.