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  1. oh boy is this an easy one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if they rant about the nonsense.... that's what I think.... and I will leave it at this, once and for all: 1. the language is phonetic and shows no signs of evolving as a language of literacy such as English which doesn't spell out it's vowels precisely for a reason (duh) and puts spaces between words so you don't even have to come close to memorizing or copying the exact spelling... just pick it up as thoughts and feelings as expressed... and fast. even more important... in 2017... than in the 1900's etc.... 2. reading is something Thai piss on and most of the farlang that are here either can't see the forest... or are.. as this web rant topic suggests... the same as the Thai as to literacy.... but I'll admit no different from Trumpie's TV show base.... and Donald J. Trump... Mr. TV and Twitter watcher.... himself. yeah okay. and if he wasn't such a narcissist and super rich.... he'd just be another dead drunk. 3. "education reform" is misdirection. if it doesn't begin with decentralization.... then.... there is no example in SE Asia where 1. or 2. have ever been changed. everything else is nonsense on top on nonsense.... whether it is from one group or the other. huh. I will promise myself to end with a cool post count. #700. and that is... while "free" websites.... and posts... still... but just barely.... make any sense... or are at all safe.... to spend any time with or at, at all.
  2. surprising as it covers retirees too. going forward. what was the retiree benefit before? and... quite interesting as this particular demographic, this particular segment of workers, will increasingly be in the drivers seat. for sure. can this at all be seen as part of that??? or is that a big stretch? i.e Japan as the example. recent news of Japanese convenience store owners having to man their own stores 24/7... that the demographics is really turning there.... and will here too. as an example, but also a bit surprising anyways... just as this is.... but these benefits are not at all immediately spent nor accrued at all... but does reward the segment.
  3. Oh, I'm in this club. the BOT website for bills shows it just about to cross into 33.... aha! it ****is**** getting weaker... soon it may be worth only 33 dollars.
  4. this morning's NYT.. North Korea can make a new nuke every 6 to 7 ****weeks**** and they ****do**** already have solid fuel rockets... but not nukes that fit on them... yet.
  5. it's pretty obvious we increasingly are in a world with different classes of folks.... pretending that it ain't so is ridiculous. so when I see this kind of thing.... no problem, maybe even like it because this is the way things are going. and the Little People want to accelerate it... that is what Trump is going to do... that's how Brexit really ends up.. etc. so why pretend. why make a big stink out of this? it's silly. we are not at all the same. and the differences are not getting smaller. not at all. forget the silly stuff. want more equality? tell the waiter to learn to read and find a better job. not just "learn" how to be able to read something.. but to ravish books as if they contained lots of alcohol or coffee flavored creamy milk with sugary syrups... or tell him or her to pretend to themselves that they are "making money" by learning something.... try that kind of rant instead of worrying about the "face" stuff. the face stuff! nonsense. this is a locale where they can't even find folks who can throw up simple mickey mouse websites that work!
  6. government bonds offering a solid 3% rate... AEC 2015 coming on line.... Toyota board to approve new "land mark" Thai investment.... a Thai Navy soon to have very capable new submarines heh heh!!!! and the baht is set to weaken? okay if you say so. but my Thai..... and Philippine... businesses are not just humming they are zooming.. zoom zoom.. how you can agree with a yet weaker Baht I don't understand. this is going to continue to become a consumer economy driven by spending at home... how? it just is. unlike the past. and the longer trend is very obvious. and it makes sense.
  7. yup.... and they have the still exclusive US Social Security direct deposit relationship, yes? no shennanagins all the way around. the other games folks play that are worried they need to hide that they are here... etc.. but for which the USA has no assurances on.... BBL makes sure you don't have an ATM on the Soc Sec deposits.... most likely would have all kinds of ways to get fees and things off the fx rate in X decimals... plus... down the line.... issues and hassles for not just using BBL and showing your face at the counter. isn't that the skinny? the green motif bank Kasikorn has the same deal on transfers but from LA, but not any deal on USA Soc Security, the last I know.
  8. okay okay okay...... the First 100 Days is not up yet. when it is.... we won't "need" to hear... or "share" our feelings... about this really stupid idea. we already have a wall, along the border, any where where it would do any good. just a guess. just a guess. and my "feelings" on this. thank you very much.
  9. oh sure, this is an easy one. ethics and social responsibility can be culled into simple phrases that can be rote memorized. that'll work. now explain to me, a little off topic I guess... what anyone would do with one million "ya ba" pills? in today's news from Pasang. I have absolutely no idea what a ya ba pill is..... and I don't need to know.... it's the "million" part that dumbfounds me. a million of anything... unless it's money.. is a big amount... is it not? a million pills..... in one truck delivery? is used for what?
  10. aha..... this is real news? or it seems so as now there's a lot of fake news... this seems real in comparison. could it.... ??? no, it doesn't matter how you "feel" about this one.... it's way way way one sided.
  11. no way. there's at least that many working in LA. but I will give them credit for trying to copy the Philippines on this.
  12. hmmm.... those things in which Thailand is a hub, or even only recently became an actual hub.... it seems quite quiet on those things... world's biggest automotive airbag fabric plant? Thailand, 2014 and counting. and last year hit many new record highs in airbag exports... no news. even with a down vehicle market. yawn. or maybe more like.... jewelry is something a Little Person can do with a few weeks or days training... and nylon 6,6 only employs a few thousand workers. so we get the wannabe hubs.... but not the real ones. kind of backwards? no. cultural..... but only with a bit of a stretch of the definition in English.... which is also... you guessed it.... cultural.
  13. Buddhism has a special place in society... this society.... and boozing yourself up is more than just not being 100% "monk like".
  14. CBS news says that it was the Secret Service that decided this.... on their own.... they decided this.. it wasn't approved by Trump..... and it's only the south fence or something that is affected.... not the whole White House.... that means the other sidewalks are still open? (say what?).... and it is merely "permanently restricted".... it's not actually closed... but it is to the general public.
  15. you could drive your car right past the front of the White House not so long ago.... not just walk by it and now that's cordoned off too. for the "general population" that is. it's really a different world. and I don't think we can or should make any simple explanations or rants on it... just note it is a sad passing.... sad as far as I am concerned.... that it has come to this....... but for one rant [ blah blah blah there's always an exception :-)))) ] ..... it's ****not**** gonna be Great Again in the USA.... THIS has THAT written all over it.... Mr. Trumpie. who cares! now let's go play golf on a really nice golf course. where only certain folks can get in. hmmmm....... I think I 'get it'.... when will Trumpie's base get it too? maybe never. maybe they 'believe' they can be 'big' someday too. or maybe Trump is their personal surrogate... like on a TV show.