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  1. well, if your wife doesn't have to work... because otherwise she has to appear at the office with you for anything you do.... even just a reentry permit. and for some of us the immigration office is several hours one way.. so it's an all day... sometimes beginning with a very early queue... for two people not just you! my wife is always with me anyways! however..... retirement is also simpler. once you are over age 50 you stay that way, nothing to prove again! except money but that's nothing... you need a certain amount of money for a lot more than just immigration... even if you live in the sticks.. when you are over 50 some issues you can get are not just a clinic visit, eh?
  2. there's one caution on private versus pubic.... even though some of the caregivers are the same folks at each... patient exposure... a busy practice... keeps the caregivers experienced. I know of some pretty horrid results at top of the line private hospitals... where there sometimes is even a dearth of patients....leading to dangerous situations.... as well as simple but important stuff such as not even correctly taking a patient's vitals before seeing a doctor for basic care.... at the fancy private hospital.. not the public one.
  3. everybody needs to have 20k THB on them unless Thai. Immigration wants to apply a sledge hammer to the local economy. no. I don't think so.
  4. the problem with cooling this way... it may be too uniform globally...... i.e. not as natural with variations.... does it affect the Monsoon cycle and Rainey Season? we don't know. there's more moisture in the atmosphere.... but there are also mega ocean and wind current changes in the offing as well. the best and current read is Oliver Morton's A Planet Remade. Bill Gates says without it (Caltech Q&A less than a year ago)... the results could be "mind blowing".
  5. sure, a stronger Baht will do that.... and a stronger economy. and the best signal yet... the Bank of Thailand tightening rules on consumer debt... instead of raising rates.... because....... drum roll please...... the central bank sees the economy getting stronger.
  6. well, it starts when you are very young. and ends.... when? your high school principal has a huge office... behind one way mirrored windows... so that you can't see into his office.... in which you know he ain't hardly ever in.. almost ever. that's why the one way glass. your teacher leaves his or her car motor running, a new car, one that is 2 or 3 years old needs to be replaced.... and the car driver's side door left open... so as soon as they get to hit the fingerprint machine... then can get back in their car and zoom away.... from your school.... as for your Tea Money paid ajarn du jour..... the one that actually shows up in the classroom... today once again is still drunk from 'tying on a few'.... at what used to be a fairly good local area restaurant.. but now can't survive unless it sells "alcohol".. and that's 10AM... on the start of another school day..... just for openers.... what do you learn from this? hmmmm...... life long lessons, I suppose. but a love of learning? absent. more likely.... how to copy stuff... and make jokes about book reading.... i.e. "they all read from the same book".... "we are too poor to afford books"...."books are boring"..... etc etc etc. and besides.... what about what you see and hear? everyday. and what don't you see? and why? oh gee... we need more.... blah blah blah blah.... one of the biggest Social Contracts in the world. but we "farlang" have our own versions of that sort of thing..... and the consequence perhaps even worse than this.. maybe.
  7. another English language thing. we call it the Butterfly Effect. hellooo??? you missed that in the article above. ya know.... a butterfly flapping it's wings in New Mexico can cause a hurricane in China. so.... by assigning a handful of folks to type "we need education".... into some computers.... in Bangkok, of course....... and then....... printing it all out on a computer printer of some kind......
  8. this is what I like to tell myself. please don't tell me I am wrong. they were inadvertently misadvised.... maybe even by some farlang! some folks or western NGO's that passed on this.... or maybe even said "good idea" to a law protecting pets such as dogs and cats. dogs never bite people, unless provoked. never. impossible. these folks simply missed that in Thailand "dog" includes...... as amazing as it seems........ mutts. mongrels. but here they are considered to be dogs and pets!!! and...... that there are actually lots of these as well.
  9. they are going after Yingluck's bank accounts... are they not? her situation is political..... but what seems to be about to just happen with her personal bank accounts.... really is something new. is it not? and since the payments involved here were to individuals.... not to difficult to trace shadow entities.... or so it seems from the article and prosecutions made abroad.... so on this... give the junta a chance to do it right. huh?
  10. a Thai ridge back? or a damn mutt? which here is still called a dog... but a Thai dog or a new breed called Killer Dogs.... a Thai thing? there's a reason why a mutt it called a mutt. but that's preachn' to the choir, eh?
  11. great... however.... tourism. a lot is being banked on it. too much.
  12. the Aussies seem to just now be getting wind that the Takata recall replacement airbags... are "like for like".... except perhaps for an added desiccant.. which hasn't been tested yet.... it's the exact same chemical explosive as before... of course it is. if it were not the airbags would have to be reconfigured and that would be very expensive.. and would include more than just inflators... but the amazing thing is that the Aussie ACCC seems to just now.. July 24, 2017... be figuring this out! what the ????? or so it shows up in the web news... this was kicked off because there are problems with one of the desiccants now perhaps.. so it's back in the news and more recalls.... in the USA only as to the newest issue. NHTSA USA filing... by Takata itself. Ford is trying to fight this latest aspect.
  13. oh yeah! Bill Gates Mark Zuckerberg Elon Musk all 3 software guys... Microsoft, Facebook, & Tesla.... all 3 famous as avid book and journal readers.... you can't code a damn thing without a stack of technical manuals.. having at least a cursory knowledge of what's in them.... so you know what and where to look to get it done... you can't be verbally fed and memorize everything you need to know (unless you are in medicine)... all 3.... not just successful in business, eh? and not just technical manuals.... for sure... that's my point! and quite a shared common thread.... Elon openly credits reading books, and basic physics (ahem) for SpaceX in particular..... and certainly Paypal is subsumed in there too. with Bill Gates at the top of that list.
  14. yeah, don't make the mistake I did and put it in a joint account with your Thai wife. go ahead, have a few laughs on me.... :-) even for a marriage visa. for several reasons... not just immigration ones. for those still excited about the 20,000 THB thing for tourists who are not tourists.... when I got here it was 200,000 THB for a marriage visa, but I was a little lazy and missed the grandfather date by a few days [they changed the rules/law just as I arrived here on retirement]... I just didn't know.. should have read Thai but hadn't.... didn't even know about the 90 day police report and when I did I and my wife thought it didn't apply to ****us****!!!! anyways... so instead of having to show 200,000 THB in a bank account... I had to have (or had until very recently) 1.6 million Thai Baht stuck in two bank accounts... anyone who has been here for more than 2 months can easily fill in the blank on how that happened to me... with 800K stuck forever basically. but now I get enough pension income I only have 800K stuck in a retail bank... and can keep the rest in the Thai stock market which still pays beau coup dividends and a 7/3 Thai tax refund to boot. no, I can't get the 800k back. two signatures needed? yes?
  15. aha.. another of those things that is Only in Thailand. everywhere else we would suspect this has something to do with... education... which is the conversational word for what we would otherwise, I guess, have to describe as a kind of "functional literacy" because for most folks in this world.... we take it for granted that the Number One favorite pastime.. reading books.... "is a given" (a little English L1 phrase roughly meaning "tamadah".... in Bangkok Thai). now it can't be geographical..... so would someone please do a DNA study to explain this all. and no... "cultural" doesn't work for me either. it should be quite interesting.