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  1. Trump surveys devastated Texas as Harvey rages on

    this is just normal weather. it's always changing. they need to adapt.
  2. there's a reason why you can still drive a car right into lower Manhattan.... BECAUSE almost everyone uses the subway.... and that when you take a cruise around the island... or out to the Liberty Statue... it looks as if NYC was floating just above the salt water line.... because it is. if this is Houston and anything at all makes it through the narrows.......... "no one could have predicated it" ... no, only 10,000 times and lots of examples that we MIGHT be risking something that will make you crawl back into bed every morning until you ain't pulling the sheets over your own head.
  3. it's really terrible for the folks involved. it happens and no matter what you do after it has already begun... no one and nothing can stop it. it was 2011 here, right? but this better not be related to the "science theory" about Co2 and infrared radiation that is so basic we knew about it 200 years ago. or that July 2017 was the hottest July ever recorded in 137 years. if it is, it all ends. now enjoy your next airplane flight. but how? you'd have to be a total sociopath..... or total idiot.... to do that.
  4. Thailand steadily slipping behind its neighbours

    13 20 trillion so 4*3 +1 this is what the political scene in the USA is really about. the stalemates underlying it. but something else too. when they say someone "denies" science they mean "in denial"... not just on the debt: July 2017 was the hottest ever on average. all it will take is one more "oops we didn't even think of that" or we see Al Gore completely disappear off the scene because he can't even broach the subject anymore. he would go from "newly optimistic" to not saying a single word in public.
  5. it that was really possible, North Korea would already be on it's back. Thailand's SEC allows Thai securities to be registered in the name of a nominee, and commingled... and does not allow for even the slightest clue to be exposed to any Thai intermediary in the chain.... as to who the beneficial shareholder is. just for using an overseas broker or even the most retail... retail bank. but those banks and brokers now keep computerized records of all of that, to a T... 24/7/365.... it can be done very very easily. but it ain't. i.e. the Non Discrimination clause of your US tax treaty requires disclosure. so just do it.
  6. Hansen's ACP study... and COP21.... were in play at the same time. which study could be what this story is really all about. that and that July 2017, once again, was the hottest month ever. matching 2016. source: NASA Space Goddard give us one headed for Poughkeepsie, a Hansen styled one, up the Hudson.. through the narrows first..... and even aviation and tourism ain't off the table anymore. for sure.
  7. Divisions bubble up as Brexit talks resume

    something ridiculously emotive needs to be dredged up.... so you can get Brexit done quietly and without delay. your military "services" are not indiscriminate global baby killers.. not by a mile.... and your belief that you were made in an Image, one Image, of One God... is not widely believed enough... hmmm..... get more involved with the Korean thing, and tell Trump to hurry up and start a new war somewhere.
  8. doesn't Guterres run this show just as much as Trump does? and maybe is a better "why" as to why we ain't pushing as hard as Trump and Obama would have......????? it's UNSC 2371 that names the names. and US banks are just obligated.... by the very same forces..... that obliged the USA to go to the UN not just on this... but Iraq 1 and Iraq 2???? hellooo? that would be the crowd that shows up to Davos once a year... not the Anti Neo Nazi (in 2017???) little people. or US "general population" as Bill Gates always puts it... the Davos crowd... not American TV viewers and their TV literate president. not nearly as important as we think. did we win in Vietnam because we had nukes and lots of aircraft carriers? Nope. We lost.
  9. fellow Lookey Lou's... and folks with an L1 that is not "Pasa Angrit"... "government shutdown" means... Social Security recipients (as we Americans call them)... and former USA servicemen and servicewomen.. and the active ones too...as we call them..... get chits instead of monthly pension checks.... and when they restart it is possible we (yeah, we) may wish we were getting our checks in Yuan and not dollahs.. for former Scouts: Be Prepared.. for the others... get ready to "adapt".
  10. good idea. make lots of bombs to protect yourselves. I have to be reading (no I don't, but I am) Nick Turse's Kill Anything That Moves.... while living in a Thai village??? the Vietnam refugee camp movements the US did. more depressing than anything the Nazi's or KKK did.....not "mental racists" or not enough of a rant about Neo Nazi's... it was beyond that. plenty of guys and some gals in Thailand personally know of it. and there's is nothing else to say on that. and WE STILL ARE DOING THIS if only mostly only by air dropped bombs... but while "respecting" our "services" all the way for getting the job done. *&*&$$$$??? DPRK is making bombs? good. it makes sense to me. good idea.
  11. yeah, and it has nothing to do with the Nazi's or racism either.
  12. "this isn't supposed to happen"..... but the military, and not just ours, also has in it's care thousands of thermonuclear weapons. to be viable some of them must be in certain state of readiness and there are many risks of one part detonation for instance, even without a launch occurring. it's never happened yet, but this does bring it to mind.
  13. man oh man.... they sure have their work cut out for them. against hate speech? you mean the folks who proclaim that man was made in the Image of God? one particular image? and who don't "believe" in science? in Amerikee???? that's a lot of people.
  14. of course they do. science now posits that about 150,000 years ago one particular Homonid was instilled with what we can call "Chomsky's Snowflake", the reason we all acquire a language by 2 and a half. it was sudden and quick.. not slowly evolved. as we previously thought. everyone has it. no one has more of it than another, nor of a different, better or worse, quality. so.... Nazism and racism have no science basis, because the thing that makes us sapiens was sudden and simple. that's why Chomsky used a snowflake as an analogy. like "String Theory" is used for everyday folk concerning physics. but the Abrahamic religions have as their basic thesis that man was created in the Image of God. and it's easy in that context to imagine one particular image, and that some folks more closely match that image than others do. and the "religious experts" are worried about someone like me, a rare person who knows some science I guess.. connecting the dots between racism, Nazism... and Christian thinking German-Americans.... and plain old everyday.... Germans of a previous one time special generation only... so they say... hey. All Men Have A Chomskian Snowflake. and women. that's what kept George Washington awake at night.. besides his dentures. He hadn't lived to be in the Age of Noam Chomsky.... whom we have never seen on TV since The Firing Line debacle in the 1960's..... for some weird reason I guess, can anyone figure it out?.... he was never seen again on...... *****American***** TV... and..... God Bless Noam Chomsky...... he is still alive and kicking in his 90's.
  15. Govt must totally focus on education technology

    they focus on the teachers. they focus on technology. hey what about the students? the ones that go to public schools. smartphones cannot readily convey Theory of Mind. no video can. no picture can. a farmer cannot know which counters to put his savings into, nor even that there is a 3/7 tax refund on the dividends.... so he puts it in a retail bank account at a negative real rate (that means after living cost increases). stop it. you have a gigantic social contract which justifies having much better health coverage for only some Thai folks... those who are ajarn to the national government....... INSTEAD of being like Thai people.... including at the hospital...... and being teachers....... to the STUDENTS instead of the national government du jour...... who are constantly drilling the students that reading books is a joke and something to piss on by copying them etc etc..... and teaching them nonsense. the farmer can read. but he don't. he don't read. books. nor his son or daughter. voraciously. for pleasure. for life. ONLY reading..... everything else, including playing with a smatphone... is something a dog, cat, cow or pig also can do and enjoy... try it..... show a doggie video to a... dog or cat. ditto eating and sleeping, even traveling... a dog or cat also enjoys. but actually connecting with the rest of humans... reading books that you have to pay money for... anything that is free i.e. "Facebook".... is only worth WHAT YOU HAD TO PAY FOR IT.... with or without the adverts and free nonsense..... for a very simple reason.