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  1. Hitachi GX pump cycling on and off

    Actually, thinking about this I wonder if I am concentrating on the wrong issue? Is it possible that the air might be on the supply side?
  2. My Hitachi GX pump keeps cycling on and off. It's about 5 years old and it has to lift water about 12 feet to the house taps/showers. It is fed from a 1000 liter storage tank. If I turn on a tap anywhere in the house then pump starts cycling on and off quite rapidly. However , if I turn on a garden tap - effectively a lift of about 3 feet it switches on it runs fine (no cycling on and off) I'm no expert but as this pump is activated by water pressure when you turn on a tap I suspect I have air in the system somewhere BUT I have bled the pump and left all the taps in the house on for 10 minutes (and cannot see any air bubbles coming through) and I cannot solve this issue. Anyone have any suggestions (apart from buy a new pump!! although it may well come to that). Thanks
  3. Johnson to boost Thai-UK ties

    Seriously though - how about reciprocal Health arrangements - a nice little earner Mr Prayut
  4. MG3 Car

    Thanks = My apologies I thought it was a pic! I notice in the intro that they had a "frogeye" (Austin Healey Sprite) This was my first "sports car" cost me £950 in 1961 ish I've also had a Volvo P1800 (The Saints car) And a great car but not cool - a Citreon BX GTI 4X4 My last was a Celica GT4 Carlos Sainz (limited Edition). Sadly now I drive a 25 year old Toyota Corolla!!
  5. MG3 Car

    That pic doesn't look like a standard MGB Here are two pics of a MG midget I restored (with a little help from my friends). Sadly no longer in my possession.
  6. MG3 Car

    Saw one today at a show at 599,000 baht for top spec it looks like a good deal. (yes I know it's made in China). Has anyone tried or owned one and what do you think? Thanks
  7. LPG gas Check on car

    Thanks for all the input Got the car LPG tested today there's good news and bad news. The good news - cost 500 Baht (Korat) The bad news (depending on how you look at it) The testing place confirmed a new law requiring an ANNUAL test all all LPG (and I think CNG) cars. I am not sure if this applies to new installations or if they get 5 years then annual tests. I am going to open a new post on this because it's off topic but anyone have or tried an MG3?
  8. Future Park Station?

    DM Station? where does that go to/come from?
  9. LPG gas Check on car

    My very old Toyota corolla was refused a tax/insurance by the government office on the grounds that it needed to have the LPG gas installation re certified first. Two questions: 1. My gf seems to think that the government office told her that the car is very old and will have to have the LPG installation re certified every year. Any views on this? 2. Is this a fixed price job or can the re certifier charge what they want? Supplemental If anyone lives in Korat area do you know of a place to go for this check? Thanks
  10. Old English saying: Ne'er cast a clout till May is out. Remember that Boris, Gove, et al
  11. How about this for an idea? Let's have a special day when no one posts negative things about Thailand or it's people (or indeed other posters). I suggest April 1st. 2018 as the first day for this annual event. Anyone want to suggest a name for this day?
  12. Future Park Station?

    No idea that's why I am asking - I can see a big sign actually in the area in front of future park (not on the opposite side of the road going into Bangkok) that says STATION and I wondered what this was.
  13. Future Park Station?

    When I travel from Korat to Bangkok (Mo Chit) by bus it stops at Future Park and I notice that it appears to have a station. Two questions: Is this a functioning station? If so, where does it go and is it BTS, MRT, rail or something else? Thanks
  14. maybe we need to do some research on the telepathic powers of Thai Visa
  15. There is research for the purpose of adding to the font of human knowledge and there is research for the sake of meeting the "more research criteria". There is too much of the latter but that's the world we live in!