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  1. maybe we need to do some research on the telepathic powers of Thai Visa
  2. There is research for the purpose of adding to the font of human knowledge and there is research for the sake of meeting the "more research criteria". There is too much of the latter but that's the world we live in!
  3. I am back on an old hobby horse. My Thai girlfriend and I travel at least every other year to Europe. We fly from Thailand to the UK (where she has a 10 year tourist visa) then we go to Europe normally we enter Europe via Spain we have done this 4 times since 2011 (last time last year). This year I wrote to the Spanish embassy asking how to go about getting a multiple entry Schengen (point of entry Spain). The reply said "we do not issue 5 year Schengen visa normally - only in exceptional circumstances. Has anyone know of anyone who has a 5 year Schengen and which country issued it? Thanks
  4. Tabien Baan?

    I have to renew my Driving License soon. But last time (5 years ago) I didn't need a residence certificate, has this changed or like most things here does it depend on the place where you renew?
  5. Tabien Baan?

    Residence Certificate - this is the one you obtain from the immigration?
  6. Tabien Baan?

    I have a 30 year lease on the land and I built a house on it. Plenty of pics but no official builders invoice. The Blue book has the address but no names (my gf has her own house blue book with her name from a different district). As far as getting a good Thai speaker. My gf is a government teacher so her Thai is pretty good. However, like most Thais of her age she does not like to question what officials say. The lady in the Ampur said she would call my gf back yesterday - nothing - surprise surprise.
  7. Tabien Baan?

    Thanks I hear this word Housemaster but have no idea what it means. I live in the sticks on a run down estate that went bankrupt some years ago. If Housemaster means headman or something like that I suspect there is nobody here that fits that description. And I still come back to the original Question - If I am not married to a Thai can I get a Yellow Tabien Baan? If I can't then Housemasters or whatever are not an issue.
  8. Tabien Baan?

    After a longish delay I started on the road to getting a yellow Tabien Baan yesterday. Already I know it's going to be long and hard! I went with my Thai gf to the Ampur where the land on which my house is built is registered. They told me to go to a "sub Ampur?" in the sub district where the house is situated (and where the planning permission was given). Here the lady had a long conversation with my gf and I could tell from the body language/facial expressions that things were not going well. When we got home my gf told me that the lady was not sure that a yellow Tabien Baan could be issued because I was not married to a Thai. I suspect that this was just an excuse to save face as she did not know how to do it. Anyone have any idea if you have to me married to a Thai to get a Tabien Baan?
  9. Samsung J5 Pro (2017) anyone have one

    Hi JaiMai Looked at the link you gave me just a word of caution this twerp appears to be for the earlier models which have a different processor (and firmware I expect) to the 2017 model so I'm not sure if it would work.
  10. Samsung J5 Pro (2017) anyone have one

    Thanks, I'll note the link and look later. I have had many mobile phones (starting with the Mitsubishi MT4 - . Also have one of the first "smart phones" QTEK weighed a ton! still have them see pics) and I have never had to use a warranty. In my experience there are warranties and there are warranties in Thailand - two different animals.. Yesterday I dropped the J5 onto gravel. Fortunately I had fitted a screen protector -damaged that but left the phone screen intact. Very lucky. Thanks again
  11. Samsung J5 Pro (2017) anyone have one

    Sorry for the delay in saying thanks. There are more LTE bands on this model than the so called "Global" model available in Europe I bought one around 7,250 baht so far it's OK still exploring its capabilities. Do you know if it can be rooted? Thanks again
  12. The English (British if you prefer) used to be well known for their common sense. Sadly that has changed now they are famous for their PC attitudes. Governments used to be part of the "social contract". Sadly now days Governments want more and more control over our daily lives. They tax you and then seek ways to reduce how much you get back in terms of services.
  13. I need a dual SIM plus SD card slot mobile with around a 5 inch screen I have settled on the J5 2017 (never had a Samsung before) BUT here is the my problem. gsmarena says there are 2 models - J530Y/DS for Malaysia and J530F/DS Global. The Malaysia Model has far more LTE Bands than the Global. I have located a phone in Thailand - Galaxy J5Pro but the model number on the box is SM-J530YM/DS in one place and SM-530YZDUTHI in another place! Please can anyone tell me is this the "Malaysia model" or the "Global model" or some special Thai version. If it is a Thai version anyone know what LTE bands it supports.
  14. Insurance

    NO 5 yes 5 "local builders"
  15. Insurance

    Sorry eye catcher I don't understand " 13k baht for 5 years." that's a premium or a rebuilding cost? If it's a premium who with? I really don't worry too much about contents as every window has bars but no insurance company will give me any reduction for that. I also have an alarm.