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  1. Another example of "Thai English" for steadily read rapidly.
  2. 10-Year Visas Now Available: Thai Immigration

    Well there is the first question is it a visa or a visa extension - based on? And the second, what are the advantages of spending/committing all that money up front. Who knows how long many of us will be here living and breathing.
  3. Oh they do use their indicators - usually after they have made their move (could be they're really crafty cos if there is an accident their flashing indicator can be seen)
  4. Now you are in danger of giving away your age!!
  5. You didn't know that? I suppose you don't know also that having a Thai girlfriend increases your bank balance Every Farang (I guess that'll get edited) knows that - how long have you been here?
  6. The issue is probably this. I am afraid in my experience Thai drivers only ever think of themselves - very little courtesy to other drivers, so at twilight instead of using their lights so others can see them, they think "I can see OK so why do I need my lights on".
  7. Nokia Smartphone under 5000Bt

    Techradar's review conclusions http://www.techradar.com/reviews/nokia-3/4
  8. Nokia Smartphone under 5000Bt

    Used to have a friend who was a service engineer for Cray, he took his soldering iron with him everywhere. Incidentally, weren't they taken over by some graphics company?
  9. Nokia Smartphone under 5000Bt

    Yes thanks I agree, I always use them before I make any decisions on mobiles. It sounds like it says - a good starter phone, my only concern is the camera.I think the WICO is 13MP and I insist she always uses the phone for pics - she has a digital camera BUT never resets the date when she changes the battery hence I have 389 Gigabytes of pictures in Picasa waiting to be sorted into some sort of order. With a mobile phone camera at least every pic has more or less the correct date!
  10. A weekend break from where - given flight times from most countries that have money to spend
  11. Nokia Smartphone under 5000Bt

    Thanks I'm in the same position my gf has a WICO u feel go and she says it's too complicated for her AND now suddenly fingerprint has stopped working and all sorts of weird apps have started appearing.. The problem is if something appears on the screen she just accepts it and I think an OTA update has occurred for the wrong model. I know a factory reset might fix it but she has all her contacts on this phone and a Nokia like the old one (in name) she had before might help stop her complaining that the new phone is too complicated(maybe just because it's different I suspect.(Gosh the things we do for our Thai ladies)!! One final thought I read the review but can't remember if it has OTG
  12. Nokia Smartphone under 5000Bt

    Here's the tech headline on Thai Visa site Nokia 3 review: Priced at less than Bt5,000, this new smartphone is ideal for a first-timer
  13. Just read a review on this on Thai Visa Is it available in Thailand or is a review of a grey import?
  14. QROPS and moving pensions

    Obviously a lot of knowledgeable people here. A couple of years ago because I was approaching 75 and the tax regime then was onerous if I died (50% I believe) I started moving my SIPP investment!!!! to ISA's Anybody know what happens to my ISA if I choose to leave the UK permanently