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  1. Negita43

    Luang prabang Laos

    Thanks - UK citizen. Do you know if it is best to buy Lao Kip in Thailand or there, or is it better to use US dollars (as in Cambodia).
  2. Plan to fly there from Bangkok in October. Does anyone know if Visa on Entry is available at Luang Prabang airport? Thanks
  3. Negita43

    LIne info

    Wow 1 minute response from 2 people Thanks
  4. Negita43

    Water proofing jackets

    Anyone know if and where I can buy proofers such as NICO WAX in Thailand? I have tried all my local malls in Nakhon Ratchasima without success. Thanks
  5. Negita43

    LIne info

    My gf has just installed line on her mobile and I would like to know if there any links to a manual in English of how to use it (options changing managing the incessant requests to be "my friend" etc). Thanks