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  1. clockman

    Traveling in Thailand with a disability

    Don't bring a wheel chair to Chiang Mai.! Hopeless situation. The pavements not even safe for able bodied!
  2. But 20,000 loan sharks? And no regulation?
  3. A fool and his money. Thai Buddhism at its best!
  4. Its what I call the L.O.U.D. syndrome. Or land of unexplained deaths!
  5. Face, patronage, corruption, Thainess. You cannot change this?
  6. Just check, BBC NEWS 3RD FEB 2014.
  7. Face, patronage, corruption. This is the problem.?
  8. Just check corruption across E.U. breathtaking.
  9. How about the 90 bullion that stolen from the E.U.every year? And they know the countries involved?
  10. clockman

    Parasail rides return to Phuket beaches

  11. Just another man, in orange robes. Nothing whatever so about Buddhism! When will the world wake up?
  12. This had been going on for at least 20 years! Poor catch!
  13. You cannot con an honest man?