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  1. There's really nothing unusual of his shoes being off . My guess is he was struck by something . More often than not a person being struck will be found quite a far distance from there shoes . I ve see people that have come out of fully laced and tied boots in accidents .
  2. BB1955

    Lizards in home

    Adopt a snake ....
  3. Things to be aware of . Some areas have frequent water outages and can go days without water . Some areas flood during rainy season . A major problem in Hua Hin are the weekend party houses if you live near one prepare to have some sleepless nights . The beaches are nice foods good . My wife and I lasted three months down there then moved back to Chiang Mai. Hua Hin also has an abundance of soi dogs .
  4. Very easy , if he transmitted a picture or downloaded one off the internet your taggeg . All files have a hash value . Its just like dna no two files are alike . The hash value of known child porn is then entered into a data base which monitors the internet world wide . When you dowload one or upload your got . I m all for it i chased these bastards for many years . You call it snooping i call it excellent police work . Fry his ass.
  5. Some things will never change . Trash and soi dogs and burning ..
  6. The problem in Hua Hin is far out of control . Spay and neuter is fine .But the stray dog issue there is going to call for a different approach to be effective . Those that live there know what i mean . Between the stray dogs and the trash dumps on nearly every empty lot . My time in Hua Hin was less than two months .
  7. have been in Chiang Mai now since Septemeber .

    So far so good really am glad I picked this part of Thailand