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  1. Very easy , if he transmitted a picture or downloaded one off the internet your taggeg . All files have a hash value . Its just like dna no two files are alike . The hash value of known child porn is then entered into a data base which monitors the internet world wide . When you dowload one or upload your got . I m all for it i chased these bastards for many years . You call it snooping i call it excellent police work . Fry his ass.
  2. Some things will never change . Trash and soi dogs and burning ..
  3. The problem in Hua Hin is far out of control . Spay and neuter is fine .But the stray dog issue there is going to call for a different approach to be effective . Those that live there know what i mean . Between the stray dogs and the trash dumps on nearly every empty lot . My time in Hua Hin was less than two months .
  4. Favourite Restaurant's

    So far tried quite a few places , best for me thus far is Passport Cafe . Great burgers and excellent grilled pork chops . Prices are very reasonable . Burgers taste like there cooked in your own back yard . I was very impressed . Right across from Tropical Hills ....
  5. New Honda Car window tinting

    If you have to ask , then you dont need to know .
  6. New Honda Car window tinting

    Did the dealership put it on before you purchased it ? They said 60% on the sides 40 % on the front ...
  7. I just ordered a Honda city from the dealer here in Hua Hin . The subject of window tinting came up and was offered free . The brand wont be 3 m they said Technico brand . Just wondering if anyone had any first hand knowlege before I let them do it. Would I be better off taking a discount and having it done myself or just let them do it . If I have it dont myself whats the best type and percentage of tint to use . ? And where is a good place to have it done here ? Thanks .....
  8. Its not against the law , much to my sadness I had to put my dog to rest just last week after 13 years of daily companionship . Our vet was very nice I was right there holding her when they did it . They kept her a few hours after and washed her and dressed her in the shirt she had come in with and placed her in a box for me ...