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  1. The area labeled wilderness now has large condoblocks under construction except near Thepprasit. Soi 8 another heavily traveled route as it takes you to the Land Office and eventually connects with Soi 17 at 3rd Rd. There are lots of residential areas off the sub-sois in this general area (includind Khopai); Pratumnak Hill is definitely more upmarket but has no baht bus service, unlike Thepprasit which does.
  2. I hope you are not confusing Theprasit and Thappraya. Ghopai is the busiest Soi connecting Thepprasit and South Pattaya Rd. The area is very well developed with few vacant lots on the Soi itself. I suggest you view the area yourself or use Google Street view.
  3. What post #5 described has nothing to do with Soi Ghopai. Ghopai is nowhere near Pratumnak hill or Tappraya Rd.
  4. Car Park for 3 nights

    Thanks! Just what I needed to know.
  5. Car Park for 3 nights

    There is no restrictions for cars left after a certain amount of days? Must you notify the attendant how long you intend to stay? Is there a special special card or sticker so your car is not cited or towed?
  6. Car Park for 3 nights

    Any updates on the situation or still status quo. I want to leave my car for 5 days as I escape Thailand for Songkran. I don't want to use long term parking but the covered parking garages. Thanks.
  7. A Thai friend tells me dogs and cats are permitted at the new Supalai high rise condo on Thepprasit.
  8. Where to buy luggage in Pattaya

    What's the name? Findigs has stores in Jomtien, been around for years, good guarantees and prices much lower than the name brands.
  9. New Altis or used Camry?

    You got that right, speaking as an owner of both Toyotas and Mazdas. I currently own both an Altis and Camry. I would always choose the Camry but the Altis is far more economical. I would not be hesitant about the new Altis automatic. https://www.pakwheels.com/blog/toyota-corolla-new-transmission-cvt/
  10. I renewed my Fascino card several months ago at 100 baht not 1000. The discount is 5% but does not include many OTC items.
  11. Bangkok Pharmacy Downtown

    The reported closing of S.C. on Rama IV is false, they are open after a minor renovation. Thanks to all for your replies.
  12. I came from Fascino ( north) this morning, have been a member for years and is my first choice here in Pattaya. When in Bangkok I get my drugs at several of my discount pharmacies on Rama 4. Today, purchased insulin (413 THB) and Travastan for glaucoma (749 THB) Vs 350 THB and 580 THB for my Bangkok pharmacies. Bangkok pharmacies are cash only but they do have a mail service; I use my cc at Fascino which is my preference.
  13. What perplexed me was they wanted a residence affidavit from his home embassy and not Thai Immigration.
  14. Nice summary. When I got my DL in Pattaya, the required residence certificate came from Pattaya Immigration (photo required) and not my home embassy, of course I had a valid DL from California at the time. Lesson learned, do not let your home DL expire before getting your first Thai DL. I have now let my home DL expire and use my Thai DL exclusively.
  15. Selling my Nikon full frame high, mega pixel dslr here on TV. https://classifieds.thaivisa.com/ad/E8DXN3RP/nikon-d800e-w-battery-grip-oem-mb-d12-1000-actuations