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  1. ThaiBob

    Where to buy bed frame cover

    Lazada has them (bed valance or bed skirt). Example, https://www.lazada.co.th/products/bolehdeals-valances-15-intl-i205134193-s309734852.html?spm=a2o4m.searchlist.list.216.4416380csGpTQT&search=1
  2. ThaiBob

    Villa Market (Old Index)

    If the Villa Market is in the back and out of sight from the street then it could be ready much sooner.
  3. ThaiBob

    Villa Market (Old Index)

    Progress is being made but it looks like they are many months from completion.
  4. ThaiBob

    Phyathai Sriracha Hospital.

    Their anniversary specials, act quickly. Anniversary Promotion.pdf
  5. ThaiBob

    Foodland on Thepprasit in Jomtien?

    Foodland will be in the new T21, Thepprasit location probably years away.
  6. ThaiBob

    beach wedding pattaya/jomtien

    The Rabbit Resort on Dongtan Beach used to do weddings. Contact Deborah.
  7. How does this company provide your residence certificate and medical evaluation form?
  8. ThaiBob

    How much discount from Developer - beach condo?

    No argument here, the 10% discount is on the current pricing. When the new condos have price increases based on sqm you can count VT to raise their prices accordingly. They are definitely old school; no advertising, no website, no showroom, no commission sharing, etc., all this to the chagrin of co-owners who want units sold because it helps our sinking fund. Personally I liked designing my own shell and if I bought one of these cheap shoeboxes the first thing I would do is gut the interior and start over.
  9. ThaiBob

    How much discount from Developer - beach condo?

    View Talay offers 10% on selected units.
  10. ThaiBob

    Eye exam/Prescription glasses

    Didn't say the glasses were repaired but replaced with new frames and lenses. The examination revealed the old lenses incorrectly identified the optical center (thank you Costco) which consequently required the purchase of seperate computer glasses. Yes the price was high but these were specialized wide angle progressive lenses (additional 5k) and priced about the same as in USA.
  11. ThaiBob

    Eye exam/Prescription glasses

    A friend and I visited Dr. Maria at EuroOptic based on recommendations from this thread. Broken lens and frames were replaced. New titanium frames, progressive (wide angle)transition lens, comprehensive examination; highly recommended, total costs 27k.
  12. BHP. Call 1719. I have used in emergencies several times. Second choice would be Pattaya International.
  13. ThaiBob

    Birthday Meal Recommendations

    Casa Pascal.
  14. ThaiBob

    After a new DSLR in Bangkok

    As noted the new Sony mirrorless cameras are FF and not APS-C but new Nikon's mirrorless are on the way (August 23rd) followed later by Canon so if I were the OP I would definitely wait and see, especially since he already has Canon glass. I have researched the new Sony's (not a Sony fanboy, terrible ergonomics, menu system, customer support) and I have a lot of excellent Nikon glass (new camera will have a converter) so the new Sony is not for me. My friend, a Canon shooter feels the same way. If the OP simply wants to shoot flowers then FF is overkill, and if he is shooting insects or product photography then other equipment (like ring-lights) might be a better investment. Still not clear what he wants to shoot and accomplish.