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  1. You get a stamp from the customer help/information desk. Just like Villa.
  2. Just a reminder, the truth is no defense in Thailand, Thai defamation laws are criminal offenses. You report that the potato salad gave me the trots and that could be the least of your problems.
  3. You are right, going unannounced and not paying as explained here.
  4. It is my understanding the reviewers go unannounced and pay for their meals. Defamation laws in Thailand are unreal and the Pattaya Mail cannot afford lawsuits.
  5. Can anybody report on this show located on Thepprasit Rd.?
  6. Based on my experience at the Klang location both you and Tropo are not the typical Foodland shopper. The vast majority of buyers will be using their cars or the the song taews. The underground parking is a big positive, no rain, no hot car or mb. I think Bruce Mangosteen is wrong. Both the RG and Foodland will benefit from this location, only wish they had larger produce, bakery and meat departments.
  7. A foreigner can sell to another foreigner if even if the foreign quota has been reached. If the foreigner attempts to buy from a Thai, he must create a Thai company or some other means which all have their own pitfalls. The foreign quota cannot exceed 49%. There was an exception to the rule in 1999, the quota was increased to75% for a five year period in Bangkok and Pattaya because of the Asian economic downturn. In some projects, resale prices for foreigners can be 10-20%higher.
  8. Please share whatever you are drinking and/or smoking.
  9. The developer claims he offers a 10% reduction off the list price but actually raises the list prices slightly year after year. The Thai-Chinese owner is clueless in marketing properties as he has no advertising budget, no website, no models, no Facebook, etc. so apparently he just doesn't care. Granted they are challenge to sell because of their price and size (115-257 sqm). About 8-10 of these units have been sold since project completion.
  10. The debt is owned by the issuing bank not VISA or Mastercard (if branded as such)
  11. One note, the parking spaces are larger, free parking with stamp and far better than Friendship or Klang location
  12. I was disappointed in both the meat and bakery section. The meat section is called Butchers Choice and has only deli meats. There is no butcher with fresh meats, only a small prepackaged section brought over from the Klang store. Same for bakery. I could only find half the items I get at Klang. Hopefully this will improve in time. If you are familiar with the Tesco Express behind Numchai then you will be happy or disappointed with this new store. If you are a fan of Took Lae Dee then you will be happy as this new restaurant is bigger and more inviting. For me, I will continue to shop at Klang.
  13. Casa Fellini, just off Pattaya Beach Rd, Soi 13/3.
  14. Good news about RMPM, I will try them again. Getting the right fat content is important for a juicy burger.