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  1. Parking is available in the evening hours only. You must enter the old parking area where the restaurant itself is located.
  2. There are no exclusivity contracts in this country so you can list with all agents. People that I know like Alan Bolton, Jomtien Property, Seaboard, East Coast, to name a few. I would also check out the real estate publications and newspapers to see what companies actually have an advertising budget and list with them.
  3. I know people involved in this cleaning. They were there for about an hour, had their photo op with the "mayor" and officials and left.
  4. Yes they do.
  5. Now I have been told by several sources that it is Central group, if so could Siam be far behind? Additionally, there will be a Big C by Jomtien Beach Condominium, just south between Beach and 2nd Rds(that came from JBC). Some think next year that Pattaya casinos are back in the picture since there is a new King. Put everything together and all this could make some sense.
  6. Tell that to my masseur who suffered damage to his eye after being struck by a falling coconut from a palm while giving a massage.
  7. Let's hope this hearsay is wrong. Some may be unaware that the current road is closed only between 10:00-18:00.
  8. The tax is minimal and I have no problem with a property tax. Hopefully, it will fund infrastructure projects as in most countries and not the junta’s pocket. If you are a renter and say so what, remember (speaking as a former landlord) that businesses don't pay taxes, it is passed on to consumer.
  9. I believe a mall could happen too. But there are two large plots of land, one on Tappraya and the other seaside, the question is were both plots sold or just Tappraya (rumor, bought by Siam Paragon group). If both plots sold, I envision multipurpose, condos seaside and shopping mall off Tappraya. In any case, widening the road to accommodate heavy traffic makes no sense. Also, the beach narrows considerably on the north end by VT3 and Adriatic Hotel, so any connectioning road to Pratumnak Soi 5 is impractical.
  10. The reconstructed roadway is only one meter wider and this construction ends well before the Rabbit (the White House) per a business owner with a vested interest. If the mall ever happens, access would be from Tappraya.
  11. No
  12. A few more pics. Sewer pipe being delivered.
  13. This phase of construction is going as far the White House, then the funding runs out. The road will be widened by about a meter.
  14. The sign is by the Sandbar, another one by the public toilet.
  15. Here is the mentioned poster. I would not put much faith in an artist's rendering.