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  1. ThaiBob


    Understood, thought you might do something ill-advised like buy a condo without a FET(Foreign Exchange Transaction form). Good luck.
  2. ThaiBob


    What is the purpose of $19,000 USD?
  3. ThaiBob


    In case anybody reads this thread, CURRENCY CONVERSION, they should realize much of the advice pertains only to Aussies (and those with bank cards that impose fees). On Friday, I did an ATM Withdrawal with a USA bank card (feeless) and the exchange was higher, for example, than TT below.
  4. ThaiBob


    Why or for what purpose would somebody want to carry large amounts (say $19,000) of money with them?
  5. ThaiBob


    It doesn't appear hopeless if you're an Aussie. https://www.finder.com.au/debit-cards-low-foreign-transaction-fees
  6. ThaiBob

    Repair shop tyres

    B-Quik has a website and brochures in their stores with their promotions. When it's time for considering tire replacements I start checking for my favorite brand and sizes.
  7. ThaiBob

    Repair shop tyres

    Yes, drive (north) by the Big C front door (Sukumvit) and it's on your right.
  8. ThaiBob

    Repair shop tyres

    Assuming you are driving on your spare, I would drive to B-Quik on Sukumvit (by Big C). They are open late, seven days a week. Not sure if Honda dealer does tire repairs.
  9. ThaiBob

    Amature Photography group .

    The Pattaya City Expats Club had a photography group, they still may. Check with them.
  10. There definition of small is a Camry or smaller. I bought the plan and an exterior only costs 69 baht. You get 3 monthly cards but they apparently don't expire as I bought the plan last year and still have one wash left.
  11. Most of the workers are foreign with limited communication skills, talk to the owner or Thai manager and they will rewash the car and make it right. I know from personal experience.
  12. Lower rents, advertise, compete. Competition, seems like a concept some have forgotten. Long-term rentals would be more competitive not artificially supported by airbnb short-term rentals. Get these short-term renters in guesthouses where they belong and where TM30s are submitted and taxes paid.
  13. If individual condo owners can file a complaint with authorities against those owners that use Airbnb, then short-term condo rentals will end. Since Condo Committees can be controlled by the developers and others, and turn a blind eye, the question is can an individual owner file a complaint. Perhaps Sam Neuts knows?
  14. ThaiBob

    Best Breakfasts in Jomtien

    Immigration Jomtien Soi 5
  15. ThaiBob

    Vehicle Wheel alignment needed

    B-Quik on Sukumvit by Big C.