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  1. Dr. Manoon Somranthin, Good English. Bangkok Hospital Pattaya, cardiology.
  2. Many frame shops on Thepprasit. Several near Soi 8.
  3. I get my preorder tomorrow, first week in May (maybe) for general public per the local Samsung shop.
  4. The redesigned iPhone (later this year) will have OLED screens made by their frenemy Samsung.
  5. A lot more for similar specs, and guess what the Samsung comes with an earphone jack (and AKG ear buds).... what will they think of next?
  6. My recollection was none had air conditioning.
  7. Visit My Thai opposite the Outlet Mall on Thepprasit. They specialize in teak but can do other types of wood to keep the costs down. Talk to the old man, he can design anything you want. Bring pictures and dimensions.
  8. When I attempted to preorder there was no plus option just the S8.
  9. The old condos were simple concrete buildings, the new condos use prestressed concrete construction. One difference between old vs new is less concrete, less costs and thinner floors. Most highrises here don't use steel frames(unlike Bangkok) , if this were a seismically active fault zone then Pattaya would have a big problem.
  10. Has anybody been able to successfully preorder the "s8 plus" online? The links all lead to the Samsung unboxyourphone website and there is no plus option available. I went to both Samsung and AIS shops and they said the plus could not be preordered and the gift set promotion was not available.
  11. My building has thick concrete floors and I hear no noise from units above or below. However, my bedroom is adjacent to my neighbors entertainment system which is on the opposite side of our common wall. In the early morning hours I have occasionally knocked on his door and asked to turn down the volume.
  12. Agree. The back dues can be added to the sales price or included in the debt letter which some people confuse as the cost of the debt letter.
  13. You can touch and hold the S8, on display now at the Samsung and AIS shops in the Paragon. Supposedly the S8+ will be on display at Samsung tomorrow. You can preorder online now through the 23rd and available for sale to the general public on the 28th.
  14. I can recommend Boy Air & Sound. He tends to stay away from the Chinese junk, has many products from Korea. Talk to Boy personally, my friends have bought products and installations there and completely satisfied.
  15. Note that, AIS,DTAC and True all have preorders available with substantial additional savings and perks. This page is in Thai but my browser can translate.