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  1. Health insurance???

    Not sure where you are getting your group quotations but the PCEC group rates from AXA and Pacific Cross are a fraction of your quotations. Of course, rates are based on age and you must be 70 or under for your first application. Paying extra for OPD is not for me and preexisting conditions are excluded, but 45,000 (annual) for a 1M and 65,000 for a 2M policy is affordable.
  2. Which DSLR Budget Baht 50K?

    I would not rule out second hand. DSLR's do not generally hold their value and you can get excellent cameras at a fraction of their original price. The Fuji X-T3 will be coming out shortly (6 months?) with a big price drop on the old model. Holds true with most camera brands.
  3. Which DSLR Budget Baht 50K?

    Let us know your decision, I remember fretting over full frame vs APS-C.
  4. Which DSLR Budget Baht 50K?

    If you are going to get serious about photography great glass is just as important(or more important ) than the camera itself. You will be committing to a system of your choice, so choose wisely. As I get older things that were less important in the past seem more relevant (like flip screens with touch menus). Weight was never a consideration for me since I like landscapes and use a tripod and I don't lug gear around on a trip. I just got back from Bangkok and tried the new Sony A7 rIII mirror less but it's not for me despite the great press its received (controls too small for my large hands) and Sony glass is expensive with fewer choices than Nikon or Canon. Since I am committed to Nikon and will be getting the Nikon D850 in a few months, and sell my D800E. If I were just starting I would seriously consider Fuji and their X-T2. Fuji design and build quality is top notch,with some nice glass.
  5. Speaker repair in Pattaya.

    You apparently had a power surge attributed to a lightning strike. Unplug them and check the back panel for blown fuses. If fuses are internal then you will have to take to an electrical shop. Piyanas on Pattaya Klang might help or provide you with a referral.
  6. US Medicare eligibility

    Many Americans unwisely drop their part B coverage thinking they will never have to repatriate. Then living here they have a major health problem and are forced to repatriate basically broke. Returning, they must pay a major penalty for part B coverage which is needed to get Medicare part c (drug coverage) or get a Medicare supplement or advantage policy. Part B is government funded with additional premiums from Medicare enrollees.
  7. Big Kahuna

    New items added regularly, suggest you give it a try then you can post first hand information.
  8. Reporting Address at Jomtien

    Yes, I have the bar code slip and now I simply bring my passport. The OP is doing his initial report and will have to be set up in their computer system so he needs the proper documents.
  9. Reporting Address at Jomtien

    I believe you are referring to 90 day reporting. There is a form you can complete at Immigration or download from their website. Bring a copy of your title deed(house or condo) or rental contract and utility bill, whichever applies.
  10. US Medicare eligibility

    I agree with posts #9 and #10. Many plans have a regional area so they can provide discounts within their service area. If you live out of area then that defeats the plan's business model. My old plan was like that but my new is administered by Anthem and has no area restriction with worldwide urgent care.
  11. Rutnin Eye Hospital - Bangkok

    I typically go to Bangkok Hospital Pattaya and they keep to their appointment schedule, occasionally I do wait 10-20 minutes if the doctor gets a little behind. For the apologists here, what's the point of having appointments if it is first come first served. Not even an HMO in America operates like that or Bumrungrad or Pattaya International for that matter. And some are forgetting I registered for both appointments early in the morning, completed the first, then had my eyes dilated, sat there for over 30 minutes, then made an inquiry 30 minutes later as to why the delay, and finally told there were six patients in front of me and the wait could be two or three hours. I personally believe some nurse got the folders out of order. What some here are describing is the system perhaps Queen Sirikit or other government hospital use. I say screw Rutnin if that is in fact their system, and I will look in to having my medical history transferred to another hospital. Excuse the rant.
  12. Some people may mistakenly think the moon may have a bluish tinge or appear unusually large. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blue_moon
  13. I have been a patient at Rutnin for 3-4 years now even though I live in Pattaya. I go because of it's reputation as being one of the best and I am satisfied with my retinologist. Today I was scheduled for visits with two specialist with tests. First went smoothly but the second was very trying. I had my eyes dilated 20 minutes prior to my appointment but was kept waiting (and waiting) until I asked when will I see the doctor. Six more patients before me was the reply. With that I had a meltdown, cancelled my appointment, paid the bill and explained this is not a government hospital and not the way a private hospital should treat patients. Long waits well beyond scheduled times has become very common at this hospital. If you simply need routine eye care I recommend going elsewhere, that's what I will do now. Of course, if you require special needs or have an emergency then Rutnin is still the best.
  14. Short term condo rental crackdown?

    No, I am a house guest of my friend, not a short-term renter.
  15. Short term condo rental crackdown?

    I am currently in Bangkok and this is the bulletin posted everywhere in the condo I am a guest.