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  1. Living in places with high humidity, like Thailand, it is recommended you store camera and lenses in a dry box (dehumidifier). Example, http://www.lazada.co.th/catalog/?q=Ailite dehumidifier dry cabinet I have seen them at Big Camera stores or they can order for you.
  2. Chonburi Land Transportation Office Hours

    You can also pay your annual road tax and get your sticker at the their desk on Saturday mornings at Big C on Sukumvit by the Western Union office.
  3. Coco's gym

    Anyone share experience at this new gym on the top floor of Mike's Shopping Mall. Looks nice, everything new, well equipped. Annual membership quoted was 18k but staff said the owner might be considering a promotion. Air conditioned, free validated parking in garage.
  4. Breakfast Buffets

    The breakfast buffet at the Holiday Inn (East Coast [email protected] Tower) is superb. It is off the beaten path and caters mostly to hotel guests but others can use also (299 net). Opens early (0530-1030) and the price is considerably higher on weekends for non-guests. Poolside dining, excellent in-house coffee, pastries, egg station, waffles, pancakes, Asian food.... highly recommended. (Pattaya City Expats Club members get a discount too.)
  5. The loungers have landed

    Where is your section as I have not seen these new loungers or umbrellas near my area of Jomtien beach? The white loungers were loungers were always 100 baht so I don't know why people complain.
  6. Where to get a medical certificate in Pattaya?

    Any medical clinic, so I would go to one near/convenient to you. I have had 5 or 6 here over the years and never have I seen the doctor. Most of the time a nurse took my temperature and bp but sometimes absolutely nothing, just pay. I've paid 100-150 baht in the past.
  7. Thailand Volvo XC60 launch on 8th.

    Let's hope it's better than the XC90, see Least Reliable Cars thread.
  8. Honda Car Insurance

    A friend has a Honda Civic. The first year's insurance is usually paid for by Honda. Get a broker and you will get better and cheaper insurance through a company like AXA. Same story when I bought my Toyotas, you will get the renewal notice early.
  9. The loungers have landed

    I haven't seen any changes on Jomtien Beach from my vantage point. Apparently the new beds don't work well in sand. The old white beds w/blue pads, canvas chairs, plastic chairs and old multi color umbrellas are all I've seen. Prices are the same. http://pattayaone.news/en/uncomfortable-fall-new-pattaya-beach-chairs/ The no smoking ban scheduled for November 1,has been rescheduled to February 1. http://www.pattayamail.com/featured/government-defers-smoke-free-beaches-till-next-year-190515
  10. US Embassy Outreach Program for Pattaya 2018

    He meant Outreach at the Dusit Thani but his point is valid on not accepting cc. CC are accepted at the Embassy in Bangkok and it is a major aggravation to get the cashier's check at their selected banks. I would gladly pay a service charge for cc convenience.
  11. What the weather like in November?

    Nice weather now but long-term forecast is rain/showers for the first few weeks in November.
  12. Lottery tickets - price increase?

    Yes, I see price is on the ticket, ALL tickets were 100 baht and grouped in multiples, no single tickets. This vendor has a lot of tickets for sale.
  13. Lottery tickets - price increase?

    What got me suspicious is the 80 baht sign was removed and now there is no sign.
  14. I buy lottery tickets regularly from the ladies in front of the entrance to Foodland on Pattaya Klang. A few weeks ago the price went from the regulated 80baht to 100 baht per ticket. Additionally they were grouping tickets, 2,5,10, no single tickets. Is there a change in policy?.... I thought the government tightened up on price gouging. Should this be reported? 1337? Several months ago I do know the government changed the price from two tickets for 80 baht to one ticket.
  15. Consumer Reports - Least Reliable Cars

    All American cars in that era were known for problems and foreign competition led to their demise from which it never fully recovered. The problem is the Ford Focus and Fiestas from the review are Ford's "world" cars and manufactured in many countries. In America there is much more competition than here in Thailand but I would avoid Ford passenger cars here. Ford's products today are vastly superior to yesteryear but the problem for them, so is the competition.