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  1. I have a retirement extension and got a car loan with a Thai guarantor.
  2. Plywood / MDF,

    Go to Thai Watsadu.
  3. 3bb Jomtien

    Internet has now stabilized as of mid-morning, all is well.
  4. Dongtan Beach walkway

    If you look at the picture those lovely old trees will be history when the roadway is expanded (hopefully that will be years away)
  5. 3bb Jomtien

    My internet connection has been unstable for at least 24 hours. Anyone else?
  6. Dongtan Beach walkway

    They simply layed the pavers on sand without a proper foundation. The new walkway to the south has a concrete base. Yeah!
  7. Well then perhaps I met an impostor. I had a rather long conversation with first his Thai partner and then Toby, the lead owner from California. I purchased the 8 washes per month plan as I don't need interior cleanings often.
  8. Just had a car wash there. The owner is American with a Thai partner. I paid for both inside and outside (gold plan). They have prepaid plans for exterior only that are as low as 63 baht per wash. I am a satisfied customer. I do like sitting in the car with my music and air-conditioning.
  9. Company owned house - City Hall TAX

    I own my own condo and do not pay taxes of any kind, but I have friends who own both condos and houses using the Thai company structure. They have no rental income but every year they sit down with their accountant and calculate and pay a tax or taxes. In the case of a friend's condo it is around 15k per year. The question the OP must ask is has he done the same and if not, why not? Perhaps the authorities have simply caught up, who knows?
  10. Smoking in enclosed Pattaya area restaurants

    Besides Jamesons, you can add Casa Pascal and Aroi (Sukumvit Soi 89) to the list. These are large air-conditioned restaurants and have special "smoking" tables in a section of the seating area. They are violating the law (and spirit of the law) and I no longer patronize them.
  11. TMN Internet

    I also have 3bb VDSL(50/20) in my Jomtien condo. I upgraded from TOT VDSL which was a major disappointment. My speed will vary slightly by time of day but overall I am satisfied. I've been told the internet international gateway options are few as all carriers must use the CAT pipeline. Here's my speed now to a Bangkok server
  12. Sophon Cable Fox News Program

    Sorry about that, still works for me except using Firefox.
  13. Dongtan Beach

    I suspect these pictures were taken before 10:00 am or after 5:00pm when vehicles, motorbikes, delivery trucks, etc are permitted. The pedestrian only access is still enforced. Whether that will be be case years from now when the final phase of construction is complete is an unknown.
  14. Give B-Quik on Sukumvit (in front of Big C) a try. They have monthly specials.
  15. Dongtan Beach

    You are correct, the Thursday two month ban on the vendors is now over and they have resumed Thursday service.