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  1. futurespeter

    Snake Identification

    @keeniau96, crossy thanks, not easy to identify because it was a baby snake. I did not kill the snake though thinking about it.
  2. Grab Car or Grab Taxi works fine for me. Drivers are able to work with google maps, price is fixed.
  3. futurespeter

    Snake Identification

    My wife was afraid, she and our friends told us this small yellow black snake is bilious. Can anybody identify this snake?
  4. Never dropped off a rental car at Don Mueang. Will pick it up at Swampy und drop it off at Don Mueang (rentalcars). Does anybody knows where the drop off area is exactly located? Thanks.
  5. Searching facebook for "Thomas Mahlendorf" shows his (possible) picture.
  6. Not every expat becomes depressed and is out of money. Some years before Nembutal was not really difficult to buy in some well known pharmacies, but these days no way to get it and Seller and Buyer risk jail in Thailand. Same for every illegal drug.
  7. @capt635 Respect, I take my hat. Because of your age (shown in your profile, 84) and the long time you are living in Thailand I think you don't need to renew. Wish you all the best.
  8. Your wife must have an ID card and a house book registry. The house book does not have to be for a home of her own it can be a family members or even a friends that she is listed in. Or a rented house will be accepted if nothing changed.
  9. futurespeter

    Office chair

    Herman Miller Aeron chairs are great chairs, but also really expensive. If you don't need it tomorrow try ordering via http://forums.hardwarezone.com.sg/mass-order-corner-251/mo-herman-miller-premium-chairs-pictures-included-3193149-51.html
  10. Since you are working in Thailand you should be able to get a one-year extension of stay for the reason of employment. No need to get married for this. So you work in Thailand for the business located in the US. You do this for the last 4 years without paying tax in Thailand. What option he had? No work permit = no tax payer. @nikkoid66, stay under the radar is my advice.
  11. futurespeter

    US actor Robin Williams found dead

    RIP   You're one of the best.
  12. futurespeter

    can you tell me what this says pls

    Try http://www.thai2english.com/ Not perfect but good for the start.
  13. What kind of questions is my wife likely to be asked? Some examples you/ your wife will be asked: Are your wife's parents living or deceased? Does your wife rent or own her place? Where do you live, what part of ... do you live? What date did you get married? When is your wife's birthday? How did you meet? Does your wife work, where does she work?
  14. Ubonjoe, i think you are getting slow, because someone mentioned the same day service a couple of weeks back. Another applicant mentioned that it was just temporary, but this could just rumour, so i wouldn't go booking your return bus tickets. Consulate is still by the river as of yesterday. There have been many changes since i went last year, so i will follow with more details. Thanks for the infos. http://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/737701-visa-report-non-immigrant-o-family-visa-savannakhet/?p=8029448
  15. Not really sure if the consulate open before 09:00 am, but closing time to submit your documents is 11:00 am (Mo-Fr, don't forget to check if there is a public holiday). Good quality hotels in Savannakhet close to the consulate are rare and difficult to find. I stayed at the New Saen Sabai for 1,000 THB, a short 6 min walk from the consulate. This relative new hotel is not bad, the rooms are good but the breakfast/ wifi/ hotel staff was far away from good, not a problem at all because of staying only 1 night. I did take a bus from Mukdahan Bus Station to Savannakhet Bus Station for 50 Baht. At the Laos Boarder you have to buy a Laos Visa for 1,500 THB, they also accept USD (not sure, 40 USD). Thai nationals get free entry. At Savannakhet Bus Station are TukTuks available, the price is around 40/50 THB to the consulate. The Laos people are very friendly and I enjoyed the short time there. In Savannakhet you can pay with THB or USD and because of that there is no need to exchange in KIP.