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  1. I use Waze and it's good but when going to fast I'm at the speed trap when it tells me about it.
  2. kelboy

    Outside tiling - sand and cement or adhesive ?

    Just mix tile cement, cement and fine sand for best results.
  3. kelboy

    Pet fees depend on local administrative offices

    F.....g brilliant
  4. kelboy

    Upgrades for CRF250

    Had the cbr250r a and changed exhaust air filter and chip the engine, made a big difference, all for under 400 pounds on ebay.Good luck.
  5. kelboy

    Upgrades for CRF250

    Last year me on my cb500x and kawasaki 650 versys went down to the Malaysian border with no power problems between us .next month we are going to Esaan me on cb500x and kawasaki on his crf 250 and still no power problems between us. Normally we ride about 120km if you go much faster than that your asking for trouble. And yes some times we do go faster. So what ever bike you have just enjoy it.we both have a rack on the back for a small bag and that's all we need.
  6. kelboy

    more bike porn

  7. kelboy

    2011 CBR250 value?

    Between 40 45k
  8. No rain or flooding in sukhothai.
  9. kelboy

    2015 Yamaha MT-03 for sale

    OK 12000 and a can of chang. ?
  10. kelboy

    2015 Yamaha MT-03 for sale

    Still waiting ?
  11. kelboy

    Where to go to catch big fish?

    Been to Bo sang a few times and is a enjoyable day.15 to 30kg can be found ,spend a few more tb and bait up your swim.good luck