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  1. Chlorine tablets

    Thanks for that, now I know why I have problems with my PH as my pool is also under cover, next time I won't get the chlorine from global. Thanks again.
  2. Chlorine tablets

    What's TCCA
  3. Chlorine tablets

    Global has powder.
  4. dirt biking hazard

    I had a encounter with a monatar lizard on the wifes click ,not too much damage to me or the bike as I landed on top of the Lizard. Only hurt my pride 555.
  5. dirt biking hazard

    555 maybe I'd get angry if you put a camera on my back.
  6. I was referring to the idiots that burn everything, maybe you have a lighter.
  7. Born stupid they look stupid they are stupid.
  8. Two days down, nearly 100 deaths

    That's why I stay at home all over Xmas and new year.
  9. Sealant after painting conwood

    I just used wood stain.
  10. Correct, that's what I was going to say.
  11. That's a few more tourist going to another country for their holidays. Keep in up thailand, soon there will only be Chinese coming .
  12. Newbie Fishing

    Put a small piece of bread on each hook with the balls. Also there is a lake in nong khai just off the main road with some big fish
  13. Trip to Nan

    Went there a few years ago and it is fantastic but the wife said that she would never go again as it was to cold. Yes it was very cold so take care, there was ice on the barbed wire.
  14. Someone got out of the wrong side of the bed,BTW I have a cb500x