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  1. What Did You Do to Your Bike Today ?

    Covered it for 6 months,back to the UK.
  2. Bungsamran to close

  3. Bungsamran to close

    Anyone know what size line they use on their reels. Going to get a new shimano l c when I go back to the UK. All the line I buy in Sukhothai is crap. Thanks.
  4. Speed limit and fees??

    Get a bicycle and stop winging
  5. Dont leave it to long before you go as the weather gets pretty bad the end of the year down south.
  6. No I didn't cross the border. Enjoy
  7. CB 500 X Waiting list ?

    Yes the 500x has the same exhaust as the cbr500r. Phitsanoluk have them also on the floor. You might have to wait if they don't have the colour you want.
  8. Best fruit wine available locally

    The best for me is Brook ford's red, 5 ltr 800tb in makro.
  9. Will send you a pm in a few days of the shop I get my stuff from ,he ships all over.off up the mountains ye ha.
  10. Im in a village where all the dogs run riot, so this will be fun. What about the cows that come past every day?
  11. Great bike,I have had mine for a year and last October went from Sukhothai to Malaysia border and back again. The thai guy were I get my accessories has boxes on his 500x and says it's a bit unstable in the mountains. As Kwasaki says I put a bag on the back. Enjoy.
  12. Animal Feeds For Groundbait

    Where are you fishing?
  13. Staining Bamboo

    I used lacquer from a spray can,came out great. I think you can get different shades. Good luck.
  14. pacu baits

    I use bread,but as blackjack said they eat everything.
  15. Motorbike Parking in Lopburi.

    My house is safe, only the the silver back here?