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  1. kelboy

    2015 Yamaha MT-03 for sale

    Still waiting
  2. kelboy

    Where to go to catch big fish?

    Been to Bo sang a few times and is a enjoyable day.15 to 30kg can be found ,spend a few more tb and bait up your swim.good luck
  3. kelboy


    The 250 is a great bike,I had one for 5 years and went on many long trips, how much are you looking at.
  4. kelboy

    Aventure bikes, small is better.

    That's a nice screen.
  5. kelboy

    Aventure bikes, small is better.

    Cb500x is perfect
  6. kelboy

    Bungsamran to close

    Thanks again
  7. kelboy

    Bungsamran to close

    Hi thanks for all the great tips, I am having trouble getting 60kg braid if someone can put me in the wright direction. Thanks again Kelvin
  8. kelboy

    Where to buy bait in Phitsanulok?

    Shrimps big c and worms from near banana trees. What are you fishing for?