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  1. 16 mm sounds like a 13 bar (high pressure) PVC pipe, blue color? The standard 8.5 bar pipes are 18 mm inner diameter. But still the exterior diameter should be 22 mm and I never been to a shop where they wouldn't have that. Exceptional.
  2. What nationality are you? Might help to find other members with experience. I have registered my address with my embassy as soon as I moved here and don't remember that I had to supply a document. And I did not need a proof address for my new passport last year. Do you mean a yellow (foreigners) housebook? Not directly related to marriage with Thai woman,
  3. I moved it as a moderator already. Nothing for you to do.
  4. Maybe better in the Isaan (local) forum? Uncertain, "on watch".
  5. Moved to Mobile devices forum.
  6. It's quite obvious that it is something with font(s) (settings). Seems it is a missing font? Does this help?
  7. That will earn some fierce protest. Many unsatisfied ToT customers especially in Pattaya and other city areas. They are competing for worst with True. And it's no surprise that mostly condo residents complain. I am a ToT fiber customer in the sticks (house and dedicated line to the "box") and have little to complain. There is no simple answer to best/worst. You have to look/ask about your region and technology (ADSL, fiber, DOCSIS cable whatever).
  8. I assume the thread starter ( @ricklev ) has a new laptop since February It's would be very helpful to hear from the thread starter what the outcome was
  9. Quite misplaced in Isaan forum. Moved to banking... forum.
  10. Don't know specifics about Australia and it's so long that I transferred money from Germany to Thailand. But the form to be used always contained a "purpose" field. I think that was required for all transfers out of the Euro currency zone? Nothing exceptional. As Crossy writes "present", "support for living expenses"...
  11. Maybe someone knows the background of the ongoing rail construction to Don Mueang. I only see that they are working on that. There is an ambitious plan already to connect U-Tapao / Suvarnabhumi / Don Mueang. Shuttle bus: I used it a couple of times from Suv. to Don Mueang around noon. Never needed more than an hour. What can be quicker than a non-stop connection all on tollway (except a speeding van/taxi )?
  12. Nice compass symbol (N - S). N to the top, S to the bottom as usual. Just that the map does not care about
  13. The grip gets tighter and tighter. The Chinese will call it friendship.
  14. The main hurdle might be this official/government form in Thai language that has to be filled and signed by both seller and buyer. As far as I remember the signatures would have to be witnessed at the DLT office. So both would have to be present. I don't how other ways work ("notarizing" signatures and copies of documents?). I think it's possible at the district offices (amphoe)? These hurdles save the agents job Of course both parties have to proof their identity and address. For a Thai person as simple as showing the ID card. Having the vehicle registration book (blue book) is a matter of course.
  15. I entered the first IP address to my PC version of PureVPN and could successfully start some series episode ("Top of the lake, 1:1). Live TV also seems to work. Clock display is a bit more than a minute behind. Don't be fooled by the "12:00 - 15:15", obviously converted to local time. But on the screen it is 8'clock something.