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  1. No. The Thai site describes the 5 yr to 5 yr as you were looking for. The link you cite is for a new temporary license. And it looks like they have simply removed the English text for 5 yr to 5 yr (which was messed up).
  2. It's complete normal practice that the monk to be sits on the back of a pickup on some chair. Plastic chair sounds like a cheap/poor event though. Usually it's one of the 50 kg+ wooden "thrones". But whenever I witness such event it is a slow procession with lots of attendants walking behind/in front. Here obviously a racer at the drivers seat. It's astonishing that not more such fatalities are reported. I shake my head when e.g. pickups full with children on the way to a sports competition are racing senselessly up/down the village road. Irresponsible boneheads.
  3. KhunBENQ

    New ATM Fees?

    I doubt that they will make a list public beforehand. Might not be too motivating for the staff.
  4. "retirement visa" standing for a one year extension based on retirement? Then 5 years of course.
  5. https://www.dlt.go.th/th/driving-license/view.php?_did=81 Hope a Bangkok member can tell. No idea of course. Maybe quicker to ask them directly.
  6. KhunBENQ

    New ATM Fees?

    Four times a month should be free anyway (except CIMB has special rules).
  7. KhunBENQ

    New ATM Fees?

    Maybe you are not aware that the ATMs offer a multitude of functions not only cash withdrawal? (utility payments, transfers, misc other payments, applying for services) Not playing, not error but entering long numbers, account numbers etc. And that is indeed a "problem" as paying bills, doing transfers etc. can take quite long. At this situation you would be happy they would do that at the counter. Fortunately not many are aware about the four free withdrawals per month at other banks ATM The problem is added by the fact that most banks have separated ATM, CDM and book update machines. So if they have three machines only one is a versatile ATM where the queue builds. Multifunction terminals are still rare.
  8. KhunBENQ

    New ATM Fees?

    Bet you have not seen the times (>10 yr ago) when most people in upcountry didn't even get an ATM card? Much has changed. SCB is sometimes a bit busy, but I never had to wait more than 10 min at my Bangkok Bank branch. And of course I only go there when necessary (opening/closing accounts, new card, withdraw/deposit > 50/100k). The Bangkok branch was built/sized for those old times and now is oversized. But still banks like KTB have special functions/burdens that let them be crowded like mad on certain times. Same for BAAC (unknown to most foreigners). Sometimes they build tents outside for the waiting/queue crowds (paying subsidies/earnings to farmers e.g.). To the topic: I saw some hints that indeed such a "interbank" balance check costs a fee. I never had the need so was not aware. Don't forget: in many countries this would not even be possible.
  9. KhunBENQ

    GFCI Adapter?

    The label is very meager. It seems to break at 10 mA leak current within 30 ms. The exact same model can be found on some Thai sites for about 550 Baht. Better ban all electric devices (except shower heater) from the bathroom and close the receptacle. Cheap and safe.
  10. At least it could keep Musk away from Thailand and do his PR stunts elsewhere. Just another proof what a miserable character he is.
  11. March 2015 https://www.chiangraitimes.com/koh-samuis-criminal-element-awake-to-700-soldiers-and-police.html Reminds me of age old Thaivisa threads that are woken up by some poster and I fall in the trap
  12. KhunBENQ

    Windows 10 grrrrr!

    I guess you want your data and programs retained? Only upgrade the OS to Windows 10? Or would a complete wipe and new installation be acceptable? Upgrade was free for long but as far as I know it would cost now (legally)? The problem with the tukcom "experts" is often to communicate clearly what you want.
  13. You have one more month until deadline. You expect two weeks for the new passport. I would wait up to three weeks. As others wrote, extension in old passport only until expiry of pp. Good case: passport arrives in time. You can take both pp to the office. Do the stamp transfer and extension all in one visit. One visit, one 1900 payment. Bad case: new pp does not arrive in time and you are in no worse situation than now. 1900 Baht for a partial extension. Second visit with new passport, another 1900 for the full year extension.
  14. Nonsense to say it in plain words.