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  1. But that's nothing to do with "". From their website: And the "here" locations do not include Thailand. China and Taiwan being the only Asian countries listed. They will not ship to Thailand, It's that simple. Brings back the question: why would I want to access them from Thailand? (ordering for shipment to US location or the like?)
  2. Just noticed that the thread was started in the CM forum. -> moved to IT and Computers
  3. Without VPN (Thai IP addr.) I get the described (cryptic) error message. Now I am on a US IP and opens OK. So yes, access denied from Thailand based on IP. One of the most stupid basic error messages possible. Other sites are nice enough to tell in plain text ("not available in your country" or the like).
  4. Moved to Isaan forum Sisikit -> Si Sa Ket (Sisaket)?
  5. Lucky! I hate the idea of non removable batteries. A new and unstoppable trend. I use my laptop at home without battery attached at all.
  6. I am now on a US (VPN) IP and logged in to Bangkok Bank, SCB and Kasikorn without a problem. Would you tell what Thai bank it is? I am certain to have seen new access methods (USB "dongle" or the like). EDIT: might have been a hallucination. Nothing found for my banks. Only OTP.
  7. If the payment is done to a predefined account and no OTP entry is necessary I assume their will be no problem. For transactions needing OTP you would need to make sure that your Thai SIM stays alive and roams in your home network. As far as I know there are new/other security mechanisms offered nowadays. Depends on bank. I don't know details. I have full access to my German accounts by using a "TAN" (OTP) generator in combination with a chip-card from the bank,
  8. Having a valid IDP saves from needing a translation anyway. Different from having a local driving license only. I guess you would insist on a translation for this
  9. Of course! That would be a mess if Qatar tried to substitute Suvarnabhumi. Growth/expansion is the motto of the Arab airlines.
  10. I was hesitating to use such harsh words To many English on the forum.
  11. Is it worth mentioning at all? 30 April, 2017, 13:40h Again: site not working. ("Failure of Web Server bridge"). Closed for weekend Two years(!) of unreliable, problem ridden service. Draw your own conclusions.
  12. Very dangerous to walk out to an open field when lightning is around. Never be the highest point.
  13. Another photo for the re-entry permit. Always have plenty with you.
  14. Behind bars? As unlikely as the yellow riot leader of 2013 will go. Maybe some weeks in the monkhood
  15. Although I am not a boxing enthusiast I watched it this morning on time shift. Yes Joshua is great, but he learned new things. More than 7 rounds, being brought down, stagger around. In rounds 5 and 6 the fight was on the edge and could have ended either way. Someday he will also meet his master.