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  1. Usurious bank fees on an international wire

    I know and did observe this multiple times. Even made pictures and some math (loosing 4 to 7 percent typically). But it has nothing to do with comparing bank transfer vs. transferwise or the like.
  2. USD vs. THB is a different story. And I guess that is the reason for intervention by the Bank of Thailand. Keep above 33? I hope they have learned since 1997. Even a slight rise of the battered Pound wakes optimism
  3. Euro is around a two year high against the Baht. For me the Baht has weakened (fortunately). But I don't expect it to last long. Look at the red line (April to today).
  4. Did AIS get rid of their cheap 7 day packages?

    To come back to your original question: I could not find a current package with the same or better conditions (max speed, 7 days, 3 GB, 89 Baht). So it indeed looks like they have abolished that.
  5. Did AIS get rid of their cheap 7 day packages?

    And don't forget that all advertised mobile and internet rates (all companies) are excl. tax (7%). So 100 Baht is not good enough to book a 99 Baht package.
  6. Did AIS get rid of their cheap 7 day packages?

    4 Mbit/s flat, 7 days, 150 B (+tax): *777*7154# (I use that when travelling) 6 Mbit/s flat, 7 days, 189 B (+tax): *777*7210# Somewhat cheaper if you book for 30 days: 4 Mbit/s flat, 30 days, 450 B (+tax): *777*7155# 6 Mbit/s flat, 30 days, 550 B (+tax): *777*7211# flat: no volume limit, tax 7%
  7. How to obtain a Thai driving licence

    What nationality are you? (what national license). Does the IDP show a "1949" agreement or a "1968"? Latest reports say that nitpickers at the Chonburi (Pattaya) do not accept the 1968 version as a basis for issuing a Thai DL. With a valid IDP you do not have to do written or practical driving test.
  8. You are not aware that these "Indians" are naturalized Thai citizens (2nd, 3rd generation or so) who speak Thai fluently? Similar to the "Chinese" who hold a big stake in all kind of businesses (banking, retail etc. pp.). The "Indians" are all over the country, even here in the sticks. In the tailor business and bicycle shops (from observation, two "Indian" bicycle shops around).
  9. Is there a chance that you refer to the 90 day online report
  10. Helmet Checks - Green Book Requirement Again ?

    http://web.krisdika.go.th/data/outsitedata/outsite21/file/Vehicle_Act_BE_2522_(1979).pdf Other translations differ slightly. If you insist I will search for the original Thai text tomorrow.
  11. Helmet Checks - Green Book Requirement Again ?

    For rented motorbikes in Pattaya it is common practice to have laminated copies under the seat. Long ago a mate was fined for not having his blue book for the car with him. As I understood photocopies would have been OK. I have photocopies with me.
  12. I tried livng very cheap for 1 month

    Great! Wish I could loose 5 kg
  13. Usurious bank fees on an international wire

    Sorry but this is comparison does not make sense. Its a known fact that the booths on the airport premises have a terrible uniform rate. Much worse than at branches outside. Only uninformed newbies will use them. And cash exchange rates are not relevant for transfers at all but the TT rates. See here: https://daytodaydata.net/ select your currency and then TT rates. At the moment Kasikorn shows second best TT rate (EUR) while they usually have a bad cash rate. It seems to me that some banks just want to drive cash exchange customers away.
  14. Using Mittraphap road (friendship highway) is not the smartest route for smuggling. You must be lucky NOT to pass one or more checkpoints. And yes, a big detour. They should get a navigation device
  15. And now I am plagued with the question: what to do until Saturday to waste my savings. Couldn't they give an earlier note