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  1. You can't as the Soi is very narrow. Next Chinese tour bus will be stuck and you be towed.
  2. Another opportunity to appear in the Pattaya news. "Foreigner beaten up over parking dispute".
  3. It's from street view April 2017. A bit older/earlier stage but no contradiction to what I see in the OPs photos. The drainage groove has not been touched. Just a "bridge" at the car park entrance. https://www.google.de/maps/@12.9453754,100.8874602,3a,75y,69.21h,90.61t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s2AlYPBywofCulm6FFTVyTw!2e0!7i13312!8i6656
  4. 11 passengers injured as bus crashes into tree

    This will earn him a defamation charge and a pink slip by the bus company
  5. If that helps? To me it looks pretty obvious where the road ends and the plots begin. On both sides you have the drainage grooves that form the border of the public path. Also you see the individual surface on both sides differing from road surface. So to me they have every right to put the cones as seen in OPs photos.
  6. It should be noted that taking photographs within the shopping malls is generally forbidden. Of course it often goes unnoticed. I learned this long ago when a Big C employee asked me to stop taking video.
  7. Driving License not on Computer.

    +1 On my visits to our DLT I saw a big room with filing cabinets full of folders. So they seem to keep paper copies at the issuing office.
  8. If all such accidents nationwide would be reported the forum would overflow. Lucky boy, about 50 other motorbike riders didn't survive yesterday. I see such lunatic racers daily around sundown speeding along our road.
  9. Have you ever seen a bus driver wearing a seat belt? I don't know the legal situation in Thailand but up until a few years it was not even mandatory for commercial drivers in Germany.
  10. Visa credit cards now accepted at all 7-11 outlets

    What charge do you refer to? I didn't find a reference to that so far.
  11. Visa credit cards now accepted at all 7-11 outlets

    What I have overlooked! I was thinking about foreign credit cards.
  12. And now hope they don't change their mind again And the good news is that they have 5 flights daily then. They once had 6, than 4.
  13. Visa credit cards now accepted at all 7-11 outlets

    I remember there was a minimum purchase of 300 Baht for CC payment (also signs in some shops). No mention here.
  14. The rule that is published on the DLT website says no earlier than 3 months before expiry. And that's consistent with some of the posts in the forum that I remember. The rule is only described in the Thai language website. Links to Thai sites are unwanted. I can send the link on request per PM.
  15. Bronx Pizza?

    A photo taken while under construction (25 Jan). Close to corner with 3rd road.