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  1. KhunBENQ

    where to fly quick trip, somewhere different?

    Not yet as far as I can see. And a very restrictive visa policy. Neither visa free for Thais nor for UK citizens. eVisa very expensive. Hardly a destination for a quick visa/border run.
  2. KhunBENQ

    What is better? Cars made in Thailand or foreign imports?

    Toyota, a niche product can easily be forgotten
  3. ? Without the latter hint I would not understand where this happened. 5 am, most venues on Walking Street closed. The Russian is perfectly adapted. Drunk driving, causing accident, trying a runner
  4. https://www.thaivisa.com/forum/forum/234-latest-offers-with-villa-market/ The OP has answered his own question. It's advertisement and the advertiser will probably not like comments except "brilliant".
  5. Thanks for reminding. Nitpickers. So guest friendly. Every person holding a European license is 10 times better qualified for driving than the average Somchai. The latest twist I read: there should be a way to get a 1926 (!) IDP on request (valid for one year) which they would have to accept. Call it the Model-T license (I read this in a German language newsletter and can't swear on it) Good that you had a backup. In some cases of harassment described I suggest to better do a new license from scratch.
  6. KhunBENQ

    Looking to rent a moving van

    Self drive? Usually foreigners don't have the necessary driving license. I must admit that I don't know the exact limitations for "Personal car" as the usual driving license is called (in Germany is was allowed to drive a 3.5 tons small truck with a car license). For the rest you are simply right. Can't remember seen anything like a self drive moving truck.
  7. KhunBENQ

    90 day report Chonburi Immigration

    I have bumped your separate thread hoping that you get some more input.
  8. KhunBENQ

    where to fly quick trip, somewhere different?

    If you refer to Thai immigration this 15 day limitation is long gone (since years). As a UK citizen he gets 30 days also at land borders.
  9. Could probably be simplified: Chonburi Immigration 5/265 Moo 12 Jomtien Beach rd. Soi 5 A. Bang Lamung T. Nongprue Chonburi 20150
  10. Bumping the thread? No one? As far as I know Pattaya/Chonburi immigration accepts 90 day report by postal mail. A list of documents is described here: http://bangkok.immigration.go.th/en/base.php?page=90days Just trying to find the correct address...
  11. " between Chantanburi and Isan " Chanthaburi to Isan is a concrete example? Isan being an area of about 160'000 km2, north/south about 500 km, east/west about 400 km. And the topic starter didn't come back to the thread. Unfortunately a very frequent annoyance. Often I ride 50% of dead horses. Just a waste of time. This thread has zero value for me.
  12. KhunBENQ

    Renew 5 Year Driving Licence

    I haven't followed your story but: For a 5 yr to 5 yr extension there is NO medical certificate required. For 2 yr to 5 yr a medical certificate IS required.
  13. KhunBENQ

    going to france

    There is quite a difference between girl friend and legally married (and registered in your home country). OP: I assume that you are French national? I can't speak about France but know that Switzerland has much a much easier procedure if legally married.
  14. KhunBENQ

    where to fly quick trip, somewhere different?

    Then your through. Where else? I wouldn't call Seoul quick. Otherwise it fits the requirement for visa free.
  15. KhunBENQ


    But no problem for me with Khaosod English or Chiang Rai Times. TV is indeed a mess again. Erratic.