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  1. KhunBENQ

    Audio and camera not installed.?

    Camera test: hit <WIN> key, enter "camera" in the search field and click on Camera app. Voice Recoder: hit <WIN> key, enter "voice recorder" in the search field and click on Voice Recorder app. If these apps don't work then the problem is not Skype specific and it's time to go to the device manager. Right click on the Start symbol and select Device Manager. Check whether you see the expected devices under "Audio Video and Game Controller" and they don't show problems.
  2. KhunBENQ

    Bus to Sriracha from Airport

    And the good news: it's a proper coach not one of the killer vans.
  3. KhunBENQ

    Bus to Sriracha from Airport

    Neither Bell bus nor the Jomtien bus do any stops before reaching Pattaya. I have double checked this: you can get a free shuttle to the transportation center/terminal at Suvarnabhumi. From there is a bus (van?) line nr. 9909. It comes from Chatuchak market (Bangkok) and goes to Laem Chabang. It has a stop at Si Racha. Price for the complete route is 110 Baht, so Suv. to Si Racha should be significantly cheaper. It runs from 6:00 (6 AM) to 21:00 (9 PM) from Chatuchak. I can't tell whether this is the only option and I am not aware about an option directly from gate 8.
  4. What's the weight? The service from post office to post office is good for up to 200kg. And I would expect about 4000 oneway. And the bike is not suitable to be driven on the road?
  5. KhunBENQ

    Lone Star Texas Grill. Really?

    It was not bland and dry. My mate has a cheap phone and is not a photo pro. You can't judge taste of a meal from an amateur mobile phone photo! Put a photo of your meal and we can compare. 379 Baht for the tenderloin: some posters seem to have no idea what steaks at other places cost not to speak of imported beef. In the same street walk up a few houses and study the menu at Smokin' Joe's BBQ. We were together at Chalet Suisse (off from Soi 7) and prices start at about 400 for a Chateaubriand from local beef, 800 from imported beef. And that is still far from the top cuisine places in Pattaya.
  6. Now Singapore Airlines new A350-900 ULR has been delivered. On Oct 11 the service from Singapore to New York will start. The then worlds longest nonstop flight (18:45 hours, no less than 9500 miles, 15300 km). https://www.airlineratings.com/news/sia-takes-delivery-a350-900-ulr-new-york-nonstop/ No standard economy of course: https://www.seatguru.com/airlines/Singapore_Air/Singapore_Airlines_Airbus_A350-900ULR.php
  7. KhunBENQ

    Lone Star Texas Grill. Really?

    No first hand information. But a mate (a meat type) was there yesterday and found it "very good". "TEXAS" In European cities you have to search carefully to find an "Italian Restaurant" where Italians work "Texas Style" would be more adequate.
  8. That was indeed a stupid decision driving many people away. There was some rumor they would start issuing Mastercard from next year. My VISA is valid until 2021.
  9. Another plus for Kasikorn: I can't remember their site being overloaded (timeout etc.). Currently Bangkok Bank with repeated timeouts.
  10. I refer to the PC site. I almost never do financial stuff on the mobile. Maybe the OP will specify what device he is using.
  11. I have both Bangkok Bank and Kasikorn. For the routine stuff (creating payees, doing transfers) I don't see much of a difference. Bangkok Bank shows account summary after logon while Kasikorn shows useless "interest rates" stuff and you have to click and open the account summary. When logging off at Kasikorn you get another "are you sure" dialog. Unnecessary in my opinion. But overall just "bits and bobs" in difference. If someone finds one or the other better, then please give details. One highlight at Kasikorn is the "K Web Shopping Card", a virtual debit card for purchase in the internet where CC/debit card is required. If you look for bad internet banking user interface look at SCB .
  12. KhunBENQ

    Must i go to the Land Transport Office?

    It makes no sense to go to the DLT before the technical inspection/testing has been done. They won't update the book without having the testing protocol. As above: go to the testing station and let them handle it.
  13. KhunBENQ

    Pay your PEA Electric via App...

    As this thread lives up: my assumption was wrong. The QR code contains a series of numbers among which also is the current bill amount as a plain number (125384 for 1253.84 Baht at our last bill). The QR code contains all information as is contained in the two bar codes on the bottom of the bill. So technically it could be used for payment like the bar-codes. An observation from last payment. When you pay via internet banking, do not expect that the app immediately shows the bill as paid. I tried a few times during hours. Next day all clear.
  14. That's interesting. I again tried to find any useful information on their website regarding coverage to no avail. All I find is that they seem to offer good internet packages. I have already talked my mate out of this idea.