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  1. Anyone using Firefox Quantum yet?

    From the NoScript website: So end of the week I will give FF 57 a chance.
  2. Turning right on Green

    No, I don't think you are allowed to turn right. In the district town we have a similar configuration on the frontage road. Is the green light a disc or an arrow? "straight light" sounds like an arrow, which would even more support the "not allowed". Is there no sign for right turn below the lights? White script on blue, right turn arrow also white. Might look like an "allowed" sign BUT the script in Thai (only) says "right turn, wait light".
  3. TOT Rural Fiber and TOT IPTV

    I have ToT fiber since 2014 (individual installation). Usually very stable and of course much faster than a WiNet can be. Nominal speeds are not a guarantee that every stream from every part of the world will work without a glitch. Should I mention that just today there was a 2 hour outage ("problem in your area")? But it was the first problem since 4 months or so. 50 / 15 for 590 Baht is a good price and more than a enough for a private connection with few devices. I would recommend. Can not comment on ToT IPTV (I have a paid subscription for German IPTV which is more expensive than the internet connection). I can't read what the difference between the 690 Baht and 750 Baht package is.
  4. Anyone using Firefox Quantum yet?

    I did a very short test today. It indeed felt very quick. But postponed until NoScript (or an adequate replacement) is available.
  5. O'Smach is indeed not labeled but you can find it on Google maps. It's the Chong Chom crossing south from Thai highway 214: https://goo.gl/maps/mGcb3BKv4xn (the Khmer script on the upper left side clearly is O'Smach)
  6. China Southern airlines - LHR to Bangkok

    Thanks for the report. And there are still disbelievers about being refused without visa when returning later than 30 days. Good that you got the waiver/disclaimer option.
  7. Driving License Question (Kho Samui)

    Can you supply the current location of the Samui DLT? I already gave an outdated info once.
  8. Driving License Question (Kho Samui)

    Best you start reading through the pinned topic: The process consists of getting paperwork ready (main hurdle is the certificate of residence). Then apply for the test. Depending on the location you might have to wait a substantial time for your appointment. All procedures regarding motor vehicles are handled by the "Department of Land Transport" (DLT). https://www.dlt.go.th/en/ (don't expect too much from their website) Raja ferry? Sounds like the Samui DLT office is near this place. I will check and add to the thread. I have added "Koh Samui" to the thread title.
  9. And the content of coffee is laughable. All magic products of modern food technology.
  10. Re-entry Permit

    To prepare, fill the TM8 form. Downloadable here: https://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/631223-immigration-templates/?do=findComment&comment=11882320 (New TM8 form) Recent photo (4*6 cm). Passport. 1000 Baht. If you prepare and print the form at home, then print it duplex (on one sheet of paper). If you want (more) confirmation I could move this to the Thai visas forum. Tell me.
  11. Well, that would indeed make me think too. At the station that I visited the carrier has a proper sealed pouch.
  12. Police officer killed in Sukhumvit wreck

    Speculation (supporting the defendant). Sukhumvit is a four lane divided highway. He had overtaken another vehicle and then slammed into the truck. It was on a hill, on the rise? Sounds like the truck was creeping uphill on the right lane? Badly light too (if at all)? I know these back lights just too god (not slammed into). Bicycles in other countries have better ones. Why did the truck overtake? Did Mr. Suntorn creep like a turtle? I hardly ever overtake on our two lane highway in the night. Now I learn that even on the four lane highway it's a risky game.
  13. And the parents don't care, not held responsible. Also a matter of education/upbringing, specially for the boys who are totally out of control.
  14. Cremation insurance???

    So I guess you live alone here. With a Thai wife/family such "wood only" procedure would be unthinkable, a big shame, loss of face. Happened only once in the village over the years with a young homeless alcoholic who was found dead in an abandoned house.