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  1. 35000 Baht donated until now.
  2. Please stay on topic. More detailed discussion about antibiotics in the health forum please. More of this will be removed.
  3. Sep 3? Maybe they could the swimming on beach rd. Cancelled less than 1 month ahead. Just think what the reaction would be for a real big marathon event.
  4. The thread has already gone a bit off. So maybe someone can contribute to the OP's second question about a good watchmaker for repair/cleaning/service? I can't.
  5. One problem is that under this name tons of different models exist. That's why I picked this outstanding model. In a German online catalog you find "Hublot Classic Fusion" models from less than 5000, 8000, 10000, 12000, 23000 Euro. Too unspecific. I should try another example.
  6. I used the "Hublot Fusion Black Magic" as a benchmark. About 8000 Euro in Germany. A price of 444'000 Baht found in Thailand, that's about 11800 Euro. I guess there is a heavy import tax on such luxury goods. Maybe some remember a recent report about a Thai woman smuggling a luxury watch from Singapore. Now I have an idea how lucrative that is. Funny to see a Thai price comparison site with that 444'000 Baht followed by an offer of 3800 Baht
  7. Wife bought 6 kg for 60 Baht yesterday directly from the pickup. Really made me wonder how they can earn money with such a price. Surely per kg and ripoff.
  8. Ouch. One of the most "inventive"/complicated procedures ever for a retirement extension. Hand drawn map, computer map, medical certificate, "holiday" photos, 3 days waiting. 3) and 4) are completely new for me. Sound a bit like a preparation for a foreigner ID card/yellow book? If your marriage is registered in Thailand you already have a transcript of your name in the translated documents for marriage. I hope they didn't invent another one. Please update when you pick up.
  9. Brings up a question: is there no system here of accumulating/earning "points" for major traffic offenses? Seems not. In my last country a really excessive speeding fine would earn you a point and driving ban for a specific time (driving license confiscated/revoked). More consequences when collecting too many points.
  10. Maybe it's me writing this on an older thread. And it seems quite simple: I just understood that the candle festival always takes place on the two Bhuddist holidays: Asahna Bucha Day followed by Khao Pansa (misc scripts exist). And that is definitely July 8 and 9 this year. I think it should be known that heavy traffic is expected (four day long weekend).
  11. Please don't expect me to completely translate the German text. In 2013 he states that the daughter is 12 yr old. It seems that much of the child support was overdue/dated back. This would explain the big amount of 500 Euro. Quite exceptional for a person in his circumstances. 1) I can't tell how old he is. But a person that sick can look much older than he is. 2) You never heard of men becoming fathers in their 50s and up? And don't forget: it's about the nurse who claims that she can not burden to pay for his treatment anymore.
  12. Be happy in your next life. Overcome the grief (mother, father, brother)
  13. No I don't say it's a con job. I believe that he is in that miserable situation. Everyone is free to donate. Just that there must be more behind the story. E.g. that the family is totally uninterested to contact and that he likely had refused help in the past. Often people in such situation refuse to be repatriated until it's too late. I am quite certain that the German consul in Pattaya had visited him (could have been the case that has been documented in a TV feature quite a while ago). He name was "beeped" and his face pixelated. The text found on the net from 2013 uses his name and says "I live in Thailand", He claims that he gets a 1200 Euro pension of which 500 Euro are impounded by a government office for child support. A lawyer told him that the impounded sum is too high and he should seek lawyers help at his home place. The discussion ended there. Now he can not be transported, too late. German embassy will surely not pay for health care cost in Thailand. Very sure that they would have paid for repatriation by lending the money. So he is in a limbo. In Germany every person is entitled for health care. Health care that is way better than public health care in Thailand. As he seems to be on a welfare type of pension the state would have to pay for him anyway.
  14. EM = effective microorganisms. Sold in plastic canisters. I don't know too much about it. Just used it once but at the wrong place, waisted.