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  1. Ouch! That's on highway 12, about 20 km from our place (not near Khon Kaen city). Now you know why I am scared to drive here. Just think what could happen if such a drunk as a skunk drives in the night without lights.
  2. ? Did they advertise on the TV program or where have you seen this? Their website is clear: (Sunday) 27th, 01:00 is the start of the live transmission. Maybe it was not about Thai logic but just that your wife knew that it has to be Sunday morning?
  3. KhunBENQ

    Air-con bus Rayong-BanChang-Pattaya

    As expected it's not easy to find useful information. Indeed at the Rayong Bus Terminal 2 there is whole bunch of minivan routes. But you also see a few proper coaches (seen a fairly recent video). And the well know NCA company operates a number of long distance routes to/from Rayong. They even seem to have their own terminal on Sukhumvit rd. with a big bus parking behind the terminal: https://goo.gl/maps/Xj8BxpJzQSs https://www2.nakhonchaiair.com/busline
  4. You are alone in the car and no heavy unnecessary load? Manual gear? I just a had a virtual drive on Street View. I see all kind of cars, small and big, pickups, small motorbikes. I looked at the serpentine stretches. The road condition is good, proper tarmac, many guard railings. No comparison with Samui dirt roads or so. Steep? Well I am confident that in 2nd gear you will make even the steepest I have seen. I was in Phuket driving along the westcoast and some (short) stretches are steeper than what I see here. Don't make the mistake to torture it up in too high gear, low rev (as my fellow Thai people would do ). To me it looks "hilly" at best. Disclaimer: I am Swiss and made most of the alpine passes in Switzerland. Some of them back and forth between breakfast and lunch Very nice area! I should get off the chair and visit it! Only 160 km.
  5. KhunBENQ

    Air-con bus Rayong-BanChang-Pattaya

    Not a satisfactory/comprehensive answer, but what I can tell you for sure: long distance bus 824 from Loei goes via Pattaya to Rayong. I once used it and I still see it when I am in the district town. It doesn't show a stop in Ban Chang. I'll try to find more but usually quite arduous.
  6. KhunBENQ

    Error 520

    Unfortunately. Seen a few. Just on the edge of usable. And again this "search index" process is running.
  7. KhunBENQ

    Scooter puncture repair service that comes to you?

    And where is nearby? At least saying which major rd./intersection is near. Bangkok is a bit too big to expect someone drive from far to your place to do a ~100 Baht repair or 200 Baht exchange. I also heard so. The granddaughter now has a scooter with tubeless tires. In a year or so I will know whether it helps.
  8. KhunBENQ

    Two dollar bills rejected

    I know them since two minutes and reading about their rarity in the WiKi: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_two-dollar_bill Not a surprise that they would be rejected at some bars/restaurants.
  9. Not your idea of a good time but cheap package tourist groups hop on their waiting coach and won't care. They might have had a much worse time to reach their hub at home. And there is no word that the "old" airports would close. Maybe focusing on domestic? Having a choice for a premium? Is it any different from low cost carrier airports in the west? "London" Stansted, "Frankfurt"-Hahn... "Pattaya" U-Tapao
  10. That makes sense. The second airport should be ready now! And of course it also makes sense to build it outside the island not spoiling more of the landscape and creating noise.
  11. My fault. Memory served me wrong. But as you can see it is so easy to trick people with org to com.
  12. Phuket and Chiang Mai, two of the most frequented tourist hotspots in Thailand. Swamped with the masses from mainland China. And they will ever increase. What has that to do with "less than 500k population"? But maybe someone can correct me that both airports have a relaxed flow of international passengers?
  13. KhunBENQ

    Pattaya patches railway road

    And I thought such happens only in our Isan backwater
  14. thaiembassy.org should be "blacklisted" here. A bunch of misinformation again and again.
  15. ? Was my post #6 so unclear??? Before June 24 (Sunday)! You entered April 26 not 25.