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Found 31 results

  1. Breaking News. Unique New Way To “Value Proof” Your Investment Deciding where to invest your hard-earned funds has always been a challenge. Now you can maximize your return on investment without compromising your financial security. Thanks to the globally experienced experts at Emerging Trends Advisors of Pattaya, Thailand you can now ‘value proof’ your investment. Emerging Trends is proud and excited to announce their groundbreaking new property investment product… The Gold Standard Property Investment This unique, feature rich investment opportunity offers: ● Investment in successful brand name hotel assets. ● Terms of 3, 6 and 10 years. ● Monthly interest payments up to 9% per annum. ● 100% buy back at the end of the term. Another exciting element of this unique opportunity is the ability to invest with the low entry cost of only 350,000 TMB, around USD$10,000. The COO of Emerging Trends Advisors Pattaya office, Mr. Roger Karlsson, commented “we are confident we have designed a product with very strong appeal to the property investor that provides strong guaranteed and secure terms with very low or no risk, the perfect solution in this uncertain investment climate”. For more information on the Gold Standard Property Investment, please phone +6633005112 email or visit
  2. Could Pattaya be the New Macau? When you think of the great gambling cities of the world, Macau inevitably springs to mind. The city has some of the best known casinos in the world, many of which are closely associated with Las Vegas such as MGM, The Venetian and The Sands but Macau has been affected by the economic crisis in a similar way to many others in the region. Although this may be bad for Macau it is an opportunity for a city such as Pattaya to take advantage. Although gambling is still illegal in Thailand there are strong rumours that the laws may be relaxed in the near future. Pattaya has the huge advantage of being considerably cheaper than Macau – for the time being at least although this will inevitably change if and when the gambling bug takes hold. To put this into perspective, according to the website Expatisan, the cost of living in Macau is on average 59% more expensive than Thailand with housing being 91% higher. This figure is sure to catch the attention of the larger casinos that may be looking to expand within Asia and reduce their reliance on Macau. They will be well aware that as soon as gambling is legalised real estate prices will rocket just as they did in Macau post 2002. Now is perhaps the window of opportunity when they could still buy land relatively cheap in anticipation of the laws being relaxed. After all, in a place like Pattaya it is extremely unlikely that real estate prices will significantly depreciate. Of course, the influx of casinos will impact on the price of condos and houses in the city. Increased demand, as is the case with all economics, will lead to an increase in price meaning those who currently own property or those looking to invest in the near future could be in for a windfall in terms of capital appreciation. It is for this reason that investing in Pattaya is such an attractive proposition and although slightly speculative, comes with as many assurances as anyone could realistically expect. As much as anything, it is the current low prices of real estate and the potential gains that investors, both the large casinos and individuals could make in terms of capital appreciation that makes Pattaya a viable and realistic competitor to Macau. Although the risks are always present with any investment, investing at a time when prices are deemed to be low in comparison to the potential significantly reduces these risks. Now really is the time to be seriously considering investing in Pattaya and to take the calculated risk of benefitting from the capital appreciation once gambling is legalised. Maybe now is the time to invest, contact Emerging Trends Advisors for more info
  3. Your UK Legal Will professionally written for you by one of our UK Qualified Will Writers & Estate Planners. We offer our professional Will Writing Services to you throughout Thailand. Our Bangkok based UK Qualified Professionals provide their highly skilled services, advice and guidance to you in the comfort of your own home via telephone, skype and email services. CALL TODAY FOR YOUR FREE INITIAL TELEPHONE CHAT. Our knowledgeable and highly skilled team will be delighted to take your enquiry call, or contact you following receipt of your contact us message, and will chat things over with you during our free, no obligation introductory call. Associate members of the UK based Society of Will Writers for many years, we offer a wealth of experience on all Will Writing and Estate Planning matters. All Wills & Estate Planning Instructions from our clients are individually written, in strict confidence, and carefully checked for accuracy by our Senior UK Qualified Will Writer & Estate Planner. We then forward to you by email all draft documentation for your 100% approval, prior to payment and final printing and binding. Our Professional Will Writing & Estate Planning Service Offering: ✓ FREE UNLIMITED TELEPHONE CHATS: We welcome the opportunity of discussing with you in detail your Will Writing & Estate Planning wishes. ✓ When you are 100% satisfied, contact us to confirm your acceptance, we will only then ask you to pay online for your Will/s via Paypal. ✓ Your original Will & copy Will is then printed, heat sealed in a security proof folder, and posted to you via Thailand Post EMS service within three days. ✓ Further information:
  4. Are rental guarantee concepts the perfect form of passive income? Passive incomes are something that most people dream of, a regular income without having to lift a finger! There are lots of ways of potentially earning an income in this way, some are riskier than others, some are less ‘passive’ and some are ideal. The one thing that the majority of them will have in common is that they will require a reasonable level of investment in the first place. If we assume that you have sufficient funds to be able to do this, we can then explore the options available. One of the most common ways of earning a passive income is through dividends paid from stock and shares. The downside of this is that the level of dividend that you will be paid is rarely guaranteed and indeed there is often no obligation for one to be paid at all. Another way of generating a passive income is in the form of rental income. This has become increasingly common in recent years with demand high for rental properties and investors favouring them as they are a tangible investment. The downside of rental properties is that they can become anything but passive and can require a lot of input from the investor. This is particular common if you have troublesome tenants who don’t look after the property or don’t pay the bills on time. Not only can this prove to be stressful but can significantly reduce your chances of making profit. The combination of stress and possibility of earning a reduced income can deter many investors from becoming involved. This is where the rental guarantee concept has become increasingly popular. Rental guarantee concepts do everything that the name suggests. They guarantee a set return for a given period of time. This gives investors greater assurances and confidence that will obviously reduce the levels of stress involved. They are popular with investors and developers alike and serve an important role in the investment property market. In fact, these types of schemes have become so popular that some if the larger hotel chains are now starting to become involved and want a slice of the action. Here in Thailand we are seeing this becoming more apparent and there are now three rental guarantee concepts offered by the major hotel chains that particularly stand out. The schemes are in the popular tourist destinations of Pattaya and Phuket and have all the benefits of a regular rental guarantee concept whilst at the same time have all the added benefits that only a 5-star hotel can offer. Naturally, all the hotels are in prime locations and the first option is available in a completed project owned by Amari in Pattaya. The deal offered here is a guaranteed return of 5% p.a. for five years with projected returns of 8% p.a. in subsequent years. The other two options are on the island of Phuket in the south of the country and are projects that are still in the construction phase. The guaranteed returns offered here are slightly higher at 7% p.a. for five years with projected returns in following years of 10% p.a. This higher rate is to reflect the fact that the properties are yet to be completed. These offers are in properties run by the hotel groups Ramada and Best Western. When you evaluate these rental guarantee concepts with the large, 5-star hotels you would probably conclude that these are certainly a great way of generating a passive income and with the current market conditions, you would be hard pressed to better it! - Is now the time to invest in Thailand? Please contact these guys for the best investments available Emerging Trend Advisors
  5. Guest house or hotel owner? Upgrade your rooms with UK TV and on-demand unlimited movies for a one off 5,500 BHT per room One of the most common complaints of holiday makers in Thailand is the lack of English speaking TV channels and in-room entertainment. BOX Multimedia provide a stand-alone set-top BOX which upgrades even the humblest hotel television into a Smart TV and cable TV receiver with no wiring, installation or subscription charges. Your guests will be able to enjoy full internet access, watch unlimited movies including the latest Box office hits, catch up on their favourite TV series, enjoy a full British TV package including premium channels and Sport. All as part of your inclusive room rate. By promoting these unique selling points in their room description, our Phuket guest house / hotel clients have seen a significant increase in bookings, increased room-service spend and excellent guest feedback, particularly from families. In such a competitive market, can you afford not to spend 5,500BHT to stand out whilst upgrading your guests’ experience as low season approaches? No installation required, full details are available on our website, we have catered for establishments from 3 to over 100 rooms. Each unit comes complete with two year hardware warranty and hotel branded guest operational handbook and free technical support. There are no subscriptions charges or ongoing expenses, We regularly update our software OTA (over the air). Order directly from our website or mail
  6. Investing with the big boys! Knowing where to invest these days can be a tricky business. Shrewd investments a few years ago have suddenly become risky, but one thing is noticeable, many of the traditional big investment houses still exist in the same capacity that they did during the ‘good times’. This may be coincidence, or more than likely, it is sound financial practices – not in every case, but certainly in a high percentage of cases. There is something that gives investors’ confidence when they invest with the biggest names in the market. These are companies with big reputations – something that on its own they are keen to protect, but most importantly, they employ the best people and maintain the highest standards. There are no guarantees that come with this, but your chances of success are far greater if you adopt the best practices with the best people. Of course, when we talk about the investment houses we are usually referring to stock market based investments but these are certainly not for everyone. Many investors, including some of those who invested with the major players, had their fingers burnt during the world economic crisis that started in 2008. This has resulted in these investors choosing to steer well away from ‘paper’ investments including stocks, shares and mutual funds, preferring instead to invest in tangible assets. Tangible assets give investors an even greater sense of security. They can see and touch them and investments such as gold and property have always historically made gains over the long-term. For centuries gold has been the ‘go to’ investment during times of uncertainty and we have seen a similar pattern emerge with property in more recent times. The reason for this, people feel that they won’t lose what they have and it can’t be taken away from them. Property is a great investment in that it gives you the opportunity for both capital growth and the possibility of earning an income. This is not a given right but if you do your due diligence and purchase the right property, in the right area, at the right price you will be well on the road to success. It should be warned that if you are looking at property as an investment it should be viewed in the medium to long term bracket. Property, like all investments can move up as well as down in value but as previously mentioned, the historically long-term performance is favourable. The problems that tend to be associated with investment properties come from the tenants as opposed to investment itself. Finding tenants is the first obstacle that you need to overcome and then you must find suitable tenants who will look after your property and pay the bills. This can cause a major headache and make this potentially excellent passive income anything but passive. To get around this, many investors employ the services of a property management company although this does not bring with it any guarantees and should be considered carefully as it will erode your ROI. It is maybe for this reason that many investors are exploring rental guarantee concepts. These concepts offer the perfect solution; your property is managed on your behalf for a given period and you will also receive a given return that you know beforehand. The returns are maybe not quite as high as you could potentially earn but they are secure and come with guarantees meaning they are relatively stress free. What is even more exciting is the fact that these rental guarantee concepts are now offered in some of the largest hotel chains in the world so you will be investing with the ‘big boys’ and well-known brands. Here in Thailand we have three impressive schemes that are currently available, all in the units within these major hotel chains. This means that investors are buying in a prime location, a property managed by one of the best known 5-star hotels as well as the investments have excellent financial backing. The investments in question are in the completed Amari hotel in Pattaya and the Best Western and Ramada hotels which are both under construction in Phuket. The rental guarantee concept in the Amari guarantees a return of 5% p.a. for five years with projected returns of over 8% in future years. The Ramada and Best Western both offer guaranteed returns of 7% p.a. for five years with projected returns of over 10% in future years. As you can tell, these are all very attractive investments with the ‘big boys’. - Is now the time to invest in Thailand? Please contact these guys for the best investments available Emerging Trend Advisors
  7. Why choose Thailand as the place to invest in a rental guarantee concept? Investment properties are becoming an increasingly popular investment these days with high demand globally for rental accommodation. They offer excellent opportunities to achieve both capital growth and a healthy annual return in the form of rental income. Investors need to conduct a sensible amount of due diligence as, like with all investments, investment properties don’t come without risks but if you do your research the risks should be minimal. Location, location, location is something that we always hear in connection to property and the reason is obvious – it is the location that 90% of the time will determine if your investment property is a success or a failure. When investors first consider investment properties it can be quite daunting as there are so many different options available. You can buy units in property funds, you can purchase properties for renovation and you can purchase properties with the view to earning an income in the form of rent. Even this falls into two categories, residences and holiday lets. Both options have lots of benefits but holiday lets can and often do pay the higher returns. The problem is that your unit may not be occupied for significant periods which will significantly reduce your ROI. This can put investors off in the same way as problem tenants can put investors of buying residential rental accommodation. It is maybe for this reason rental guarantee concepts have started to appear. Rental guarantee concepts are great in place like Thailand. The country has an excellent year-round climate and the number of visitors coming to the country is increasing annually. This gives developers greater scope to offer better deals and they have confidence in achieving a good return themselves. Obviously for rental guarantee concepts to work properly they need to beneficial to all parties. The idea behind them is quite straightforward. The investor purchases a property from a developer and then in turn ‘rents’ it back to the developer or a connected third party. The investor receives a guaranteed return for a guaranteed period of time. In fact, this type of concept has proved so popular that even the 5-star hotels are starting to adopt the idea. This great for investors as these hotels have superb financial backing and are always in prime locations. There are a few examples of such rental guarantee concepts in Thailand. One such completed project is the Amari hotel in the extremely popular resort of Pattaya. This concept offers investors a guaranteed return of 5% p.a. for five years whilst prudently in our opinion, projecting returns of over 8% p.a. in subsequent years. Obviously, this is a hotel owned by a well-known, reputable, 5-star hotelier so has huge potential for both capital growth and large returns in the form of income. Two other projects are still in the construction phase on the popular island of Phuket in the south of the country. These projects are owned by the Best Western and Ramada, again very well-known brands. The offers available on both rental guarantee concepts is a guaranteed return of 7% p.a. for five years with projected return of in excess of 10% p.a. in the following years. Rental guarantee concepts are great investment which benefit all parties and what better place than Thailand? Thailand is a country that is absolutely thriving so this type of stress-free investment is just what many investors are looking for. Surely it would be worth adding to your investment portfolio? - Is now the time to invest in Thailand? Please contact these guys for the best investments available Emerging Trend Advisors
  8. Making your money work harder Generally speaking, we all work hard for our money and therefore we want our savings to work hard for us in return. Basically, this means investing our money wisely to get healthy return whilst at the same time not exposing us to too much risk. The problem is finding these types of investments as low risk usually means low returns. You therefore need to establish how much risk you are willing to expose yourself to and with this in mind, the return that you realistically expect. Most investors these days wish to expose themselves to a low to medium amount of risk. Therefore, investors are probably looking at returns of between 5% p.a. and 10% p.a. with the medium risk investments being at the upper end. To get this sort of return over the medium to long term the types of investments will be things such as some mutual funds and property. Property is often the investment of choice but usually requires greater capital outlay. Investment properties are for the most part good investments. If purchased in the right location for the right price they have a good chance of capital growth and earning the annual returns that we are talking about. The downside is that there can often be quite a lot of work involved in terms of managing the property so some investors choose to employ the services of a property management company although this does significantly eat away at the ROI. It is maybe for this reason that we have seen an increase in the number of rental guarantee concepts that bring together property management and a healthy return. As the name suggests, these concepts come with guarantees usually in the form of what annual return you can expect to receive and for how long you will receive it. This gives investors a greater level of certainty and increased security as well as greatly reducing the workload of the investor. Obviously, it pays to do your research on those offering the rental guarantee concept to ensure that the scheme is mutually beneficial and that they a financially sound. As with almost all things in life, anything that sounds too good to be true probably is so always keep in mind the levels of return that mentioned above. As a guide, you should expect the returns to be guaranteed for five years. Several of these schemes have been setup in Thailand with the 5-star hotels getting in on the act as well as well known, established developers such as the New Nordic Group. Focusing on the offers available from the hotels you would have to say these are impressive and should be particularly appealing to cautious investors. After all, the deals are available in hotels managed by giant organisations so have superb financially backing, are fantastically run and always in prime locations. The three notable offers available at present are in Pattaya and Phuket. The scheme in Pattaya is available in the completed Amari Hotel and offers investors a healthy return of 5% p.a. guaranteed for five years with predicted returns of 8% p.a. in following years. As the project is completed nervous investors should get all the reassurances that they need. The rental guarantee concepts in Phuket and are offered in the Best Western and Ramada hotels. These projects are both still under construction and the returns offered are marginally higher to reflect this. In both deals the return is 7% p.a. guaranteed for five years with projected future earnings of above 10% p.a. All three deals have the benefit of being in hotels managed by these world-renowned brands. Make your money worker harder for you by investing in one of these rental guarantee concepts whilst exposing yourself to very little risk. - Is now the time to invest in Thailand? Please contact these guys for the best investments available Emerging Trend Advisors
  9. Rental guarantee concepts with the backing of major hotels It is extremely hard to find investments that would be classed as ‘safe’, especially in today’s uncertain markets. Anything that comes with a ‘guarantee’ should be investigated as all may not be quite as it seems but rental guarantee concepts are, overall, pretty safe investments offering healthy, realistic returns. You do need to do your due diligence but the basic concept is sound so long as it has the correct amount of backing. Rental guarantee concepts are relatively new although there is nothing too earth shattering about how they work. They stemmed from developers wishing to offer incentives to buyers to purchase their units – nothing new there, but this time these incentives were aimed solely at investors. After all, these were the people coming out of the recession who were cash rich and there was plenty of demand for rental properties, both for permanent residences and for holiday makers. The opportunity was certainly there for all parties to make a good return and the risk was reduced. Risk and return are very closely correlated so if risk is reduced but the returns are higher than you would normally expect, there is bound to be a high level of interest. And so the rental guarantee concept began. As these types of scheme became increasingly popular the groups offering them became more varied. This has gone to such an extent now that even major 5-star hotels are getting involved. Initially, this may raise a few questions but if you think about it, it makes perfect sense. Hoteliers wish to spread their risk in terms of the initial outlay whilst investors benefit from the expertise of these world-renowned brands and the fact that they are all situated in prime locations. Are there any reasons why you wouldn’t want to invest in a 5-star hotel? The answer is that it is very hard to find any reason why you wouldn’t. They have fantastic international backing in terms of financing, marketing and reputation. They only choose prime locations and cities that are thriving, and they will have done more due diligence than would be possible for the average person on the street. In short, if you are looking for someone to follow and provide a safe investment you could definitely do a whole lot worse. So that you get a good idea about what is available from these types of rental guarantee let’s consider those that are available here in Thailand. There are three obvious ones to consider. The first is in Pattaya and available in the already completed Amari. The deal available is a guaranteed return of 5% p.a. for five years with a predicted return of 8% p.a. in the following years although this is NOT guaranteed. The next two offers are available on the island of Phuket and are in hotels from Ramada and Best Western, both of which as currently under construction. To reflect this fact, the deals on offer are guaranteed returns of 7% p.a., again for five years with projected return in future years of above 10% p.a. All of them are attractive offers due to the relative low risk and the returns offered. If you are considering investing in rental guarantee concept it would be very wise to take a closer look at the deals that are supported by these well-known, 5-star hotels. - Is now the time to invest in Thailand? Please contact these guys for the best investments available Emerging Trend Advisors
  10. Demand remains high for investment properties in Thailand New Nordic properties in Pattaya Investment properties have grown in popularity over recent years for a variety of reasons. Uncertainty regarding the stock markets after the crash of 2008 has left many individuals investors skeptical and low risk investments are getting harder and harder to find. The fact that there is a high demand for investment properties, often because the younger generations can’t get on the property ladder, makes these types of investment not only more appealing but also less risky. Of course, you don’t have to stick to investment properties in your ‘home’ country and indeed an increasing number of people look at what options are available abroad. There are lots of benefits associated with this. Firstly, there are the potential exchange rate benefits. Your ‘home’ currency may be under performing so you are looking for an income in an alternative currency. You may also be looking to gain savings in another currency that could be used when you visit that country or it may be just that you feel you can get a better rate of return overseas. Indeed, it is often the fact that you can gain a better rate of return overseas that is the biggest attraction. Return of anything from 5-10% are very realistic and if you do your due diligence you can greatly reduce the associated risk. Properties that are rented out short-term in the form of holiday lets pay are far higher rate of return than those properties that are rented annually. With the right management, your property could be rented for a just a few months a year but still pay rates far higher than you may get domestically. Naturally there will be concerns relating to finding suitable tenants and managing your property when you are not there, but if we were to tell you that you could get a guaranteed rental return of 10% p.a. for periods of 5-20 years would you be interested? This would take away any headaches connected to finding tenants and you would see a monthly income. Sound too good to be true? Well, the New Nordic Group in Pattaya, Thailand have been offering this very deal for the last ten years and it has proved to be very successful for both the developer and of course owners. There is no catch, you purchase the property, rent in back to the New Nordic Group and they then sub-let your unit out to tour groups and other visitors to the city. It is a very straight-forward concept and as the rent is paid by the New Nordic Group to the owner, it doesn’t matter if your individual unit is rented or not. This low risk investment is a very attractive option and will see you receive a monthly income into the bank account of your choice, either in Thailand or overseas. There is no stress involved and you can just watch the money come in. It is hard to find anything comparable to this deal anywhere else at the current time. - Is now the time to invest in Thailand? Please contact these guys for the best investments available Emerging Trend Advisors
  11. Can Pattaya attract the high rollers? The strong rumour that is circulating at present is that the laws on gambling in Thailand are about to be relaxed and big money seems to be staked on Pattaya becoming the next Las Vegas or Macau. Pattaya is a well known party and entertainment city and now caters for people from all around the world as well as an increasing number of families. The current crop of visitors and expats vary from those on tight budgets to those who seemingly have money to burn, so could Pattaya attract the high rollers of the gambling world? The one thing that Pattaya has in its favour when it comes to attracting these high rollers is the fact that there is an abundance of quality accommodation both in terms of condominiums and hotels. Your average high rolling isn’t going to want to stay in a two-star budget hotel or a 28sqm studio room so the city needs to provide alternatives. Yes there are plenty of quality condos available at the present time but if gambling really does take off there will need to more built and this will need to happen soon. To build quality accommodation you need quality pieces of land and whilst Pattaya still has some they are fast running out. As land runs out, prices rise – it is a simple rule of economics. Whilst there hasn’t been an announcement yet as to when or even if the laws will be relaxed in terms of gambling you can be certain that when things change prices will rise overnight. The large, international hotels, the giant casino groups and local developers must be monitoring the situation very carefully at the present time. Quality accommodation doesn’t come cheap regardless of if it is Las Vegas, Macau or Pattaya so no doubt everyone is waiting with baited breath for property prices to dramatically rise. This is obviously great news for those that presently own property of are looking to do so in the near future. Investors will benefit in a two-folder manner. Firstly, rents will increase so they are likely to generate a higher level of income and secondly their capital, ie the property will appreciate in value. This is a fantastic situation for all those lucky enough to be in that scenario. Arguably, the increased property prices will attract even more high rollers to the city and the whole scenario could snowball. Could Pattaya attract the high rollers? Of course it could, it has absolutely everything that anyone could be looking for and the advantage, initially at least, that it will be significantly cheaper than it would be in Macau or Hong Kong, appealing to the thrifty and the bargain hunters. For those looking to invest, Pattaya is the perfect option with prices expected to rise significantly soon rather than later. - Is now the time to invest in Thailand? Please contact these guys for the best investments available Emerging Trend Advisors
  12. In search of safe investments 2016 was a year of some pretty dramatic and unexpected world events in terms of politics with the UK’s Brexit and the election of Donald Trump as the United States 95th president. The repercussions from this have not fully materialised as yet and will therefore lead to a certain level of uncertainty in the global economic market. How will the Supreme Court rule on Brexit, and will Donald Trump follow through with some of his political rhetoric are the most obvious questions that await answers. The as yet unknown answers to these questions will undoubtedly determine a lot of world events for years if not decades to come so it is hardly surprising that investors are cautious about where they should put their money. Gone are the days where it was realistic to expect high returns for what would now be seen as low risk and everyone is starting to realise this. The danger with situations like this is that people become overly cautious and take the old fashioned route of leaving all of their money in the bank – which will struggle to gain interest of above 1% meaning money is lost in real terms or even more frighteningly, leaving it ‘under the mattress’ which not only means money is lost in real terms but also exposes funds to the risk of theft. Investors need to be realistic in both in terms of their attitude to risk and also the return that they can expect, if they can do this, then ‘safe’ or at least investments are match their investment goals, can be easily achieved. For most people their risk tolerance will be low to medium so will be looking at investments such as gold and property which have for years have proved popular and successful long term if we exclude minor blips that are to be expected with any investment along the way. Returns on investment properties can regularly offer yields between 5-8% p.a. with the potential for gold to offer something similar in the longer run. The attraction with both of the types of investment is that they are tangible and can be physically touched. One investment property scheme that is particularly attractive and is available at the present time is from the New Nordic Group in Thailand whereby they offer a 10% rental guarantee across their properties. The investment itself could very easily be viewed as low to medium risk so therefore the 10% return that is available for periods of 5-20 years is very attractive. The return is paid on a monthly basis into your nominated account and can be used as income for Thai retirement visa purposes. The scheme has been in operation for around 10 years and has met all obligations that have been due during this period. At the present time, with the returns that are available and the frequency in which they are paid, it would be hard to find a better investment when you consider the current and expected long term growth in tourism in Thailand. This type of investment should be considered as part of all investors portfolio. - Is now the time to invest in Thailand? Please contact these guys for the best investments available Emerging Trend Advisors
  13. The hidden gems of Thailand – Nan Nan in the north of Thailand is another of the country’s hidden gems. Life in Nan is certainly a lot slower than it is in many other areas of the country and nowhere is this better illustrated than atop of Doi Samer Dao. Here you can take in the dark night skies and see literally thousands of stars – you may be familiar with this as it is often an image shared on social media and once you see it for yourself you will understand why. When you first visit Nan you will find a province that is up and coming in terms of tourism as visitors look for new areas to explore, away from congestion and the masses. Located in the Nan River valley, the area is covered forests and mountains with the most popular destinations being Doi Samer Dao and Wat Phumin – a temple renowned for its art masterpieces. The views are quite simply magnificent and it is easy to get lost in the areas beauty. Something that is appealing in Nan is the fact that it is hard for outside investors to enter the province, with the local villages carefully protecting their community lives. There is little wonder that locals take this approach as land prices have risen over 110% in the last 18 months. The province continues to maintain its identity and this is a massive credit to all involved. Of course tourists are very welcome to take in the beauty and atmosphere of Nan and according to Nan Governor Suwat Promsuwan, tourism has risen dramatically in the last 3 years and now makes up 30% of the areas’ GDP. Indeed the number of hotel rooms available has said to have doubled in the last 2 years alone with around 4000 now currently available with occupancy rates of 100% in the high season. Tourism is Nan is expected to rise again by around 10% in the next twelve months, further boosting the local economy. As the province looks to attract more visitors, great emphasis is placed on the fact that Nan is clean and safe with conservation also playing a key role. Local regulations have very wisely been put in place restrictions on the height of buildings and therefore preserve the natural landscape as much as possible. As tourism in Nan increases, the provincial authorities are actively promoting tourism both in Pua and the Na Noi districts. This is an attempt to relieve the pressure on central Nan whilst at the same distributing wealth more evenly. Of course, there is plenty to offer visitors with the short 70km stretch from the centre of Nan to Pua offering plenty of things for tourist to see and do with the Nan Riverside Art Gallery being an excellent example. If you are looking for some time away in “real Thailand”, away from hectic city life, then the province of Nan is perfect for you. This really is one of the hidden gems of Thailand. - Is now the time to invest in Thailand? Please contact these guys for the best investments available Emerging Trend Advisors
  14. Is anything a sound investment? It would be hard to argue that there isn’t any uncertainty in the markets around the world after we have had a year of surprises including Brexit and Donald Trump winning the US election. However, there are always the ‘go to’ investments that people resort to in uncertain times are they normally include bricks and mortar and gold. Why are these groups so popular? The reason is that you have something tangible, something you can actually see and touch rather than a piece of paper telling you that you own X amount of shares. For centuries gold has played an important role with investors and that continues today but it is bricks and mortar that people are looking to more and more. Property is something that should always play some part in your investment portfolio. If the investment (the property) is purchased wisely and properly maintain it should go up in value (capital appreciation) whilst at the same time providing an income. This is the best of both worlds. The problem nowadays is that incomes are never certain in any industry or sector. There are very few guarantees when it comes to income and many of these aren’t worth the paper that they are written on. However there are a number of investments in Pattaya that are offering different rental guarantees both in terms of their percentage and their duration. Whilst some of the developers offering these guarantees are something of an unknown quantity, New Nordic and their properties located in the Pratamnak area seem something of an investors’ dream. This well established developer has successfully been offering rental guarantees for the best part of a decade and has a proven track record. They are currently offering guaranteed rental returns of 10% per annum for periods ranging from 5 to 20 years and what’s even better is the fact that this income is paid monthly – in effect giving you a form of pension. These monthly payments have been made on time and in full since the conception of the scheme so should give any potentially nervous investors plenty of confidence. Most people are very happy with returns of 5% p.a. these days so to find an investment paying double that – especially something that would be viewed by most as being a relatively low risk investment, is almost unheard of. You would be very hard pressed to find something as secure as this offer from New Nordic that would pay returns anything like this. Surely you should consider including a New Nordic property in your portfolio? - Is now the time to invest in Thailand? Please contact these guys for the best investments available Emerging Trend Advisors Like this
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    Are 10% p.a. returns realistic? One of the things that we often hear getting talked about are the levels of return that we can realistically expect from our investments. If you listen to ‘bar-talk’ you will hear figures ranging from zero to 50% p.a. and in actual fact both of these are available but how realistic, certainly the latter figure, is questionable. There is usually a direct correlation between the level of risk and the level of return with investments offering 50% p.a. usually associate with high risk. This means that 50% p.a. returns are usually unrealistic unless some “fluke” factors come into play especially over longer periods. 10% p.a. returns are certainly realistically in the current economic climate but investors do have to be sensible about what risk they are prepared to accept. If you are looking for zero per cent returns, in effect losing money in real terms due to inflation, you would be at least looking for looking zero per cent risk, although in the current climate there aren’t really any investments that are 100% secure. If you want a return of 50% you would really need to be looking for high risk investment and therefore there would be a high risk of losing your capital. The most regular investors would happy with an annual return of 10% as well as being happy with the associated risk levels attached. These types of investment would generally be classed as low to medium risk but this by no means that there is zero risk involved. It is therefore advisable for investors to conduct their own due diligence and gather as much information about the investment as they possibly can. One excellent investment that is being offer at the present time is from the New Nordic Group in Pattaya. The group has a proven track record over the best part of a decade offering similar schemes that have always paid their monthly returns on time and in full. New Nordic is currently offering returns of 10% p.a. over periods of between five and 20 years in the form of rental guarantees for units bought in any of their properties. These returns are extremely realistic and the evidence suggests that the investment is low risk. It is hard to suggest a better low risk investment at the present time and New Nordic should form a proportion of your investment portfolio. 10% p.a. returns are excellent especially when you consider the low levels of risk involved. - Is now the time to invest in Thailand? Please contact these guys for the best investments available Emerging Trend Advisors
  16. Property Prices in Hong Kong Property prices in Hong Kong are often described as “astronomical” or “outrageous” and indeed the Hong Kong Free Press even quotes figures of $20,000 per square foot as being perfectly normal. Most residents pay more than half of their monthly income on rent or mortgages. A recent survey, the 12th Annual Demographia International Housing Affordability Survey 2016, found that in order to afford a “small room”, most residents would need to save ALL of their monthly income for 19 years. This basically means foregoing food and paying taxes. These figures alone prove that getting onto the property ladder in Hong Kong is nigh on impossible except for the lucky, extremely wealthy few. Big businesses that had previously been attracted by favourable taxation and the location are also looking at other areas in which to invest within Asia due to the exorbitant prices. Earnings and profits in Hong Kong are high but they need to be in order to sustain such an expensive cost of living. It is easy to see why cities such as Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok are looking increasingly attractive whilst at the same time still enjoying the strong business and transport links that are experienced by Hong Kong – just at a fraction of the price. When it comes to recreation, once again the cost of living is high. There are parks were people can exercise, restaurants that are reasonably priced and activities such as going to the cinema that are affordable but some things that many would take for granted are simply not within reach of regular Hong Kongers. Gambling for instance is relatively big business but this is something that is enjoyed as much by visitors as it is by residents again due to the huge costs involved. Hotels and casinos are the big winners where gambling is concerned in Hong Kong. When we consider alternative places to establish business or indeed live, Thailand comes high on the list. Real estate prices are far lower and tax rates and incentives for businesses to invest in the country are very much in evidence. Areas such as the Eastern Seaboard, close to the resort of Pattaya attract huge international companies. When it comes to recreation, Pattaya is also one of the go to places. It has a lively nightlife as well as excellent shopping and other forms of entertainment. If latest reports are to be believed, it appears likely that the country will also relax laws on gambling which would once again be beneficial for cities such as Pattaya. In a similar manner to Macau or Las Vegas, property values would inevitably rise meaning that those who invest now not only benefit from a thriving city but also from increases in their capital value. These increases in capital value are a big consideration for those looking to invest in Asia. - Is now the time to invest in Thailand? Please contact these guys for the best investments available Emerging Trend Advisors
  17. Why is investing in property a shrewd move? New Nordic Pattaya Property has long been a sound investment in turbulent times. ‘Bricks and mortar’ is a physical investment that you can touch and not a piece of paper that is in theory worth $X. There is no getting away from the fact that property prices can go down as well as up but over the long term and in a ‘normal’ economic cycle, overall, they rise at a rate far higher than inflation. So, what are the advantages with investing in property? The first and most obvious advantage is that you have something that, in the worst-case scenario, you can live in. This may not be the ideal situation but could you imagine investing in an international bank, Lehman Brothers for instance? You may have had hundreds of thousands of dollars invested at the time of the crash in 2008, that depending on your particular investment, would now be worthless. Had you chosen to invest the same amount in a property the chances are that your property may have appreciated in value (depending on when you purchased your property) whilst at the same time you would have had eight years’ rental income. The returns may at the time only have been in single figures per annum but this would have been a very safe and sensible long term investment. The next advantage with investment property is that in current economic climate yields are often far higher than other investments. There are several reasons for this, firstly, there is a high demand for rental property around the world. This is because some first-time buyers are struggling to get on the housing ladder whilst at the same time there is an increase in demand for holiday rentals and lets. Higher demand, as is always the case with economics, leads to higher prices whilst at the same time higher demand also reduces the risk for landlords. If we assume that risk is currently lower and investments in property, if all due diligence is carried out, is a low to medium risk investment it seems quite staggering that people are still considering other mediums of investment when returns of 10% are quite feasible. Now in Pattaya, Thailand, one well established developer is offering guaranteed returns of 10% p.a. up to maximum of 20 years. The developer who is offering this deal has been offering the same deal for nearly a decade and has paid in full, on time on every single occasion. The may not be an indicator for future returns but it is a good yardstick by which you can make a judgement. Surely if you are looking to get an excellent return on your savings, investing in a property with guaranteed returns for 20% who be a very shrewd move? These returns are paid by the New Nordic Group each month into your nominated bank account in Thailand or overseas so the income in effect is a form of pension. At the present time, you would be well pressed to get a similar return on anything that was other than medium to high risk. - Is now the time to invest in Thailand? Please contact these guys for the best investments available Emerging Trend Advisors
  18. How much money do I need to retire in Thailand? It is the age-old question and one that is very subjective and argued about in many a bar in Thailand, but how much money do you need to be able to retire in Thailand? As we have said, this is very subjective but according to International Living, a publishing group that looks at the cost of living and retiring overseas, Thailand has one of the lowest cost of living in the world so we are obviously looking at less than what we would be looking in our home countries for a similar if not better quality of life. In the 2016 Annual Global Retirement Index, Thailand came in joint-sixth for the cheapest place in terms of cost of living – tied with Ecuador, Vietnam and Malaysia. That is pretty impressive when you compare it to other countries around the world and what you get for your dollar. You always need a starting point and there are certainly those people who live on THB200 a day and then there are those who live on THB5,000 a day so we will plump for a middle ground based upon the current rules governing a retirement visa. The requirement is currently set at THB65,000 per month or having savings of THB800,000 invested in a Thai bank account – the key is that it is in a Thai bank account and something that is often misunderstood. OK, so based on THB65,000 per month this would, according to Steven LePoidevin of, be good starting point for a retired couple and as he puts it: “This would provide for a basic but comfortable lifestyle.” A further assumption is that the retiree in question is renting rather than has purchased their own property and will shall avoid the fact that it is cheaper to live in Hua Hin than it is in Bangkok as this just adds to the confusion. “Living like a local” is one of the options that is often suggested as a means of making your money stretch and whilst most people do adopt this to a certain degree, it does tend to impinge somewhat on their ideal retirement. What most people tend to do is eat local food quite often, eat out at a restaurant once a week, do their own housekeeping and generally work to a budget. This will mean that THB65,000 a month leaves you and your spouse with a moderate amount left at the end of the month for any minor emergencies. For those looking to have a more extravagant lifestyle, THB150,000 per month certainly allows you to have some luxuries. This will allow you could eat in restaurants on a regular basis, employ a housekeeper and basically you would be able to do pretty much everything that “the normal person” would want to do in a month. This would again leave you some funds left at the end of the month. For those who are seriously considering retiring in Thailand the THB65,000 a month would generally be seen as the minimum requirement. This will afford you a far better lifestyle than you would have in the UK, US or Europe and give you access to a large expat community as well as all the things that Thailand naturally has to offer. There are currently plenty of property investments available that are offering 10% rental returns for anything up to 20 years. These returns can be included in your income for visa purposes as well as obviously for your monthly spending. These returns are relatively low risk and are far higher than those offered by banks and other financial institutions globally at the present time so are certainly worth considering. - Is now the time to invest in Thailand? Please contact these guys for the best investments available Emerging Trend Advisors
  19. The New Nordic Castle showroom is now complete – doesn’t it look great! The New Nordic Castle will certainly offer something completely different to everything else that is available in Pattaya today. The showroom depicts the fabulous splendour of a truly alluring, 5 star complex. The images, although magnificent, do not do this superb project justice but they do give you a feel of what to expect. The Castle Take yourself back to medieval times (in a good way of course), and walk your way through the winding corridors, complete with gargoyles, to vast open rooms containing everything from swimming pools, to a wine cellar, to a library and of course to the sumptuous 5 bedrooms. There is even a small prison for keeping those troublesome guests! Of course, this is a true 5 star complex and all the mod-cons that you would expect are included, such as huge flat screen HD TV’s hanging from the walls but in keeping with the entire lavish decor and the relaxing bar area. Then you move onto one of the massive luxury Jacuzzis where you and your guests can lay back, relax and have fun with a glass of bubbly from your chilled wine cellar. One of the Jacuzzis The lounge and dining area is truly fit for a King, knights of the realm or indeed you and your guests. Coming complete with your own banqueting table and luxurious sofas and chairs - this really is a place that will be the focal point of your property. The pool is surrounded by ornate stonework and fabulous paintings to just add to the ambience and feel making you feel a million dollars. The Lounge As you enter the master bedroom, the first thing that you will notice is the bespoke bed that can only be described as enormous! This is the home of one of the Jacuzzis. It is very difficult to put this room into words as nothing would be completely befitting. Just image ultimate splendour, class, indulgence and relaxation and you may get half way to picturing how fabulous this room alone is. View over the bed in the Master bedroom Of course, the rest of the bedrooms are equally fantastic and it should go without saying that they are all en suite. The bathrooms have an almost contemporary feel, certainly in comparison to other rooms in the property, but they are still perfectly in keeping and do not look out of place in any shape or form. Your guests will feel appreciated, and no doubt jealous, by the luxury that you are bestowing on them and will undoubtedly be counting down the days until they can return. The entertaining areas include the already touched upon bar and wine cellars but once again they need to be seen to be fully appreciated. You can sit at your very own bar, relaxing with friends and even playing barman if you can’t find someone else to take on the role! The bar area has a high central table as well as chairs if need be, that once again add to the feel and atmosphere of the property. The wine cellar gives you the opportunity to show off a bottle of Brut or vintage Bordeaux all stored at the perfect temperature. The bar area Of course when the entertaining and partying has ended you will want a place to retire for some quiet time. The sublime library is the perfect setting to sit back, put up your feet and enjoy a fine cognac and a good book before heading to your quarters for a well deserved nights rest. All in all, this is one of the finest places in Thailand and wouldn’t look out of place anywhere in the world. - Is now the time to invest in Thailand? Please contact these guys for the best investments available Emerging Trend Advisors
  20. Is it fair to assume that Pattaya will once again see an increase in visitors? Pattaya has enjoyed some real success and growth in recent years so the obvious question is: will this continue into 2017? The evidence certainly seems to suggest that not only with the number of tourists visiting Pattaya in large numbers continue, the numbers will actually increase. Indeed this year has seen increases in numbers coming from every geographic group in the world except Oceania, which only saw a small decline. Pattaya is expanding all the time and with the expansion of the nearby U-Tapao airport well underway it will be even easier for visitors to get to Pattaya. Initially, the large increases are expected to come from China but the airport is hoping that carriers from Europe will start using the airport, thus increasing the number of visitors arriving from these areas too. There should be every confidence that tourism in Pattaya will continue to expand. If there is one thing that the city has consistently proved it is the fact that it can reinvent itself quickly and adapt to market trends. An example of this would be when Russian visitors started coming in large numbers as visitors from Western Europe and the US fell at the time of the recession. As the Russian numbers dropped they were quickly replaced by Chinese tourists and so the cycle continues although there seems little to suggest that Chinese numbers will drop, and certainly not any time soon. So what is the attraction of Pattaya and why can we assume that it will once again be so popular? Pattaya caters for everyone from single men to large families, from Western Europeans to Chinese and then on to Thais themselves. It seems everyone loves coming to Pattaya and they all come for different reasons. Pattaya has fantastic tourist attractions, great shopping and plenty to do and that is the case without even mentioning the superb bars, restaurants and of course Walking Street. Whatever you want you will find it in Pattaya and all the different aspects seem to live in harmony with each other meaning that every single group is made to feel equally welcome. It is perhaps due to the diversity of what’s on offer and the fact that visitors come from all four corners of the globe that not only secures the city’s future, but also adds to its appeal. There is no surprise then that investors are looking at Pattaya as great place to purchase property with a view of gaining rental income. Indeed, the developers are so confident that they are even offering rental guarantees for up to 20 years – now where else would you get that?! Pattaya is thriving and this will undoubtedly continue into 2017 and beyond. - Is now the time to invest in Thailand? Please contact these guys for the best investments available - Emerging Trend Advisors
  21. Why would you want casinos in Pattaya? We have heard lots of talk in recent weeks about the prospect of Las Vegas style casinos coming to Pattaya and it seems only natural to ask the question: why would you want casinos in Pattaya? Whilst casinos are by no means to everyone’s taste, they are big business. There are definitely some places in Thailand where having casinos would be completely inappropriate but that isn’t really the case with Pattaya, both now and in the future. Unlikely most cities in Thailand, Pattaya relies heavily on the tourist industry and with it, visitors from overseas. There would be very little shift in what we see in terms of attitudes if the casinos were to come compared to what we see today. Pattaya is built upon money, and money from overseas in the vast majority of cases. The casinos coming would just pump more money into the local economy creating more jobs and more wealth. It wouldn’t be like it was destroying the local traditions or the local way of life as the city is already the party capital of Thailand. So who else would benefit from the casinos? Existing restaurants, bars, nightclubs and hotels - not to mention pretty much every other business in the city would benefit. In fact it is hard to think of a group that wouldn’t benefit in one form or another. Even the fact that City Hall is actively improving the infrastructure around the city pours cold water on the idea that city wouldn’t be able to cope with huge influxes of visitors. If you are a property or land owner in Pattaya at the present time you must be rubbing your hands with glee. There is only one way that property prices are going to go once the casinos arrive – and that is up. Property developers and investors, even at the moment can’t buy land or units quick enough. Developers are building new accommodation all the time in anticipation of casinos coming and are naturally getting very excited by the prospect. You don’t have to think about it for too long to understand exactly why the majority of people would want the casinos to come to Pattaya. If you are considering investing in property in Pattaya or indeed just maybe toying with the idea, now is the time to get in. Strike whilst the iron is hot and get in whilst the prices are still low. The casinos will be a great thing for Pattaya and you only have to look at the success of cities such as Las Vegas and Macau for proof. Properties prices in these cities have gone through the roof as the casinos expanded and the same will happen in Pattaya! - Is now the time to invest in Thailand? Please contact these guys for the best investments available - Emerging Trend Advisors
  22. A closer look at Kurt Svendheim and the New Nordic Group The New Nordic Group has been one of the major players on the Pattaya real estate scene for over a decade with their large presence in the Pratamnak Soi 4 area. The New Nordic Group CEO Kurt Svendheim has seen his dream go from strength to strength over the years and has changed to meet the ever changing demographics of Pattaya and the types of people and differing nationalities who come to the city. Having been incredibly successful with this approach Kurt Svendheim has decided that his marketing approach needs to diversify again – this time aiming at targeting more Thai buyers. In late 2013 the Group announced the formation of a subsidiary company called New Nordic Living Thailand which has aimed solely at promoting all of the New Nordic projects to Thai investors. The Group offers a range of different properties that will be attractive to the Thai market with everything from studios to large, 3 bedroom units available. Speaking to the Pattaya Mail when this idea was first announced back in 2013 Kurt Svendheim said “In the past our projects have done very well with our European customers, particularly the Scandinavians. Thai buyers however amount to only 5-10% of our business, which is quite low, and we have therefore decided to present new investment options for our Thai customers.” “We are focused on real-estate in the Khao Pratamnak area only as we want to be certain that we can thoroughly manage all the projects, starting from construction and making sure that we maintain the highest standards for all our developments. This would be difficult to accomplish if our projects were scattered more liberally around the city and nearby areas,” added Mr. Svendheim. In order to achieve their goal the Group has decided on offering a number of incentives that will no doubt appeal to the Thai market as they have done with the European market. The already hugely successful rental guarantee whereby rentals of 10% are guaranteed for 5, 10 or even 20 years will naturally be very appealing but there is added incentive of a buyback option that will be available on several units that are in the Thai quota. This buyback option in effect means that not only will investors gain a guaranteed monthly return; they will also have capital protection – something that is extremely appealing and often hard to find. Investors can gain the added confidence from the fact that the scheme has been operating for around six and a half years and has always paid on time and in full. Unlike many similar schemes that are offered by other developers the New Nordic scheme can be supported and backed up by sound infrastructure that means at only 50% occupancy means all guarantees can be met. Kurt Svendheim personally owns several of the properties along with the Group themselves retaining ownership of several more so therefore the burden of meeting these guarantees is less arduous. Another reason why the New Nordic projects are seen as good investments is simply down to their track record of getting projects completed on time. 33 projects have already been completed and a new project is completed on average every 2 months. Every time you go to the area you will be amazed at the hive of activity that is taking place as the village continues to grow and go from strength to strength. It is a real credit to Mr. Svendheim and the rest of his New Nordic team that everything runs so smoothly and to schedule. - Is now the time to invest in Thailand. please contact these guys for the best investments available - Emerging Trends Advisors
  23. What are the rental guarantees that are being offered around Pattaya? Pattaya is a city that is thriving with visitors coming from all around the world. It is therefore little surprise that it is an attractive option for property investors looking for rental returns. One of the reasons why Pattaya is so attractive is because of the rental guarantees that are offered by a number of the developers around the city. The guarantees range from 7% to 10% p.a. and for periods of anything up to 20 years. Buy back options are also available in some instances. The idea of rental guarantees was originally conceived by the New Nordic Group almost 8 years ago. The New Nordic properties are located in the Pratamnak area of the city and are famed for their bright orange livery. The rental guarantee has proved to be a very successful concept, indeed it is probably for this reason why many of the other local developers have followed suit and offered similar programs. Heights Holdings, Kingdom Property and Tudor Group are the ones that immediately spring to mind. The offering from Heights Holdings is the Arcadia Condominium which is located on Thappraya Road Soi 9 in South Pattaya. With this offer, Heights Holdings guarantee to pay the buyer of the unit 10% p.a. over a 5 year period from revenue generated from renting units in the Arcadia Condominium. Conditions do apply and obviously it means that the unit is an investment and not intended for the buyer to be the end user. On the face of this, it does seem quite an attractive offer although the company has no proven track record with this kind of deal as well as having a dubious record with regards to completing developments on time. Kingdom Property offers a very similar option on their Southpoint condominium which is located in the Cosy Beach area of Pratamnak. The offer from this developer is for the duration of 10 years at a rate of 7% p.a. with the added incentive of being able to join the Thai Elite visa scheme meaning that owners could potentially get a 20 year visa for Thailand. Once again a number of conditions apply and are similar to those terms offered by Heights Holdings. Again, the company lacks a track record when it comes to rental return guarantees and the project has experienced a number of delays. The Tudor Group, again located in the Pratamnak area of the city are also in on the act with their Cube condominium. Details are somewhat sketchy on this deal with suggested offerings of 12% Return on Investment. The Tudor Group are perhaps best known for the Tudor Court condominium that was a high quality condominium that again suffered from delays in construction process. In a similar manner to the previous two developers, evidence of a track record with rental guarantees and how the revenue would be generated is hard to come by. Finally, we come to the New Nordic Group – the stalwart of the rental guarantee market in Pattaya. This well established developer offers a 10% p.a. guarantee on anything from 10 to an impressive 20 years on a variety of different properties in their portfolio. In contrast to the other developers, New Nordic has a proven track record when comes to rental guarantees with every single payment being made on time to investors. The New Nordic Group has the infrastructure in place to be able to guarantee these returns thanks in the most part to the fact that they own tour companies who guarantee the occupancy of units. The group also has an experienced management team, many other facilities on site such as restaurants, bars, massage shops and much more meaning that everything is available to guests. This makes the accommodation more attractive as well as offering an additional income stream meaning that there are no issues with regards to meeting the rental guarantees. All in all this is a tried and trusted business model. Naturally we hope that all of the projects are a huge success as this would be beneficial to Pattaya as a whole. Although some of the doubts expressed are merely concerns and observations, it would appear that initially at least, the wise investors would be looking at the New Nordic option above all others. - Is now the time to invest in Thailand. please contact these guys for the best investments available - Emerging Trend Advisors