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Found 49 results

  1. Biggest world travel event of the year - special report Annual world travel market event that attracts over 40,000 delegates and representatives from all countries. Of course, Thailand is also here with one of the largest areas at the event. Thaivisa and Inspire media were there in London to take a look round.
  2. Hi everybody, My name is Philip J Brook. 12 years ago I started a snake and reptile rescue and relocation service in the beautiful island of Koh Samui. Koh samui is very overdeveloped now and the environment and wildlife are suffering greatly ! I now get calls for all kinds of animals including gibbons, slow loris, pangolins to name a few ! I get some donations on rescues but not many and I get no funding or any government help ! I use my own money to run my organisation and I am now in great need of...Read More You can donate and support Phil here : https://www.weeboon.com/en/campaign/support-the-man-who-keeps-you-safe-from-snakes
  3. You can donate and support Brent here : https://www.weeboon.com/en/campaign/kohsamui
  4. This school is an effective, efficient, honest project that has made a difference in the lives of children in need for over ten years and it is about to be forced to...Read More You can donate and support Thai Child Development here : https://www.weeboon.com/en/campaign/one-schoolyear-gasoline-to-bring-disabled-students-from-the-countryside-to-school
  5. ...All the money raised will be used on buying hardware, wire, metal pole, enrichment toys, etc.. for his new home. Thank you for your support in this !...Read More You can donate and support Rafiki here : https://www.weeboon.com/en/campaign/help-us-to-improve-the-quality-of-life-for-rafiki
  6. EVICTED FROM THE FOSTER HOME! The dogs homeless!! The Municipality have issued a warning letter, after a neighbor complained, that we need to decrease the amount of dogs in the foster home, or move!!! (The municipality are doing their job, they are not to blame) A few weeks ago we start to get complaints from some neighbors to the foster home. They went to the committee of the gated community. “Noisy and smelly” - we took care of that by moving the most healthy dogs to the shelter. But we need to keep most sick and old dogs under our supervision. One of the neighbors wasn’t happy with...Read More You can donate and support these dogs here : https://www.weeboon.com/en/campaign/need-a-quarantine-area-and-a-place-for-disabled-dogs
  7. Transformer exploding at Pattaya hospital

    A transformer exploded at Pattaya hospital at around noon on Tuesday. Some patients and staff had to be evacuated from the hospital. Full story coming soon.
  8. You can donate and support this lady here : https://www.weeboon.com/en/campaign/a-place-that-she-can-call-home
  9. You can donate and support #DEATHBYPLASTIC here : https://www.weeboon.com/en/campaign/support-our-fight-against-plastic-waste-in-thailand
  10. You can donate and support the young Boilt here : https://www.weeboon.com/en/campaign/rebuild-my-burned-body
  11. Nonthaburi vs Hua Hin City FC match highlights 20.08.2017
  12. Now THIS is a snake….

    Now THIS is a snake…. ‘Rescued’ somewhat reluctantly from a vehicle in Krabi on Monday
  13. More info on the proposals first announced in June on how Thailand plans to attract foreign experts and investors with new 'talent' or start up visa.
  14. Daylight phone robbery as man fights back Picture: TNews BANGKOK: -- A video posted online showed a man fighting back after a pair of thieves robbed him of his phone in a Ramkhamhaeng soi on Sunday morning. The man was waiting for a bus in Soi 122 when one of the thieves approached and grabbed his phone. An accomplice was waiting on a motorbike a few yards away. But the victim chased the men and managed to pull them off their bike. The victim suffered head and arm injuries and the thieves managed to get away, reported Tnews. But Wang Thong Lang police managed to make an arrest later though no further details were available. Source: TNews -- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2017-07-11
  15. Farang is a harrowing ambulance ride with Kiwi Marko Cunningham – the only foreign medic in Bangkok
  16. An Air Asia pilot has told his passengers he was scared and they should pray when their plane started to violently shake
  17. Hua Hin aims to become Cycling, Eco Friendly City If you'd like to get on a bike and ride around the city, why don’t you go to Hua Hin? Panod Srisinsuphya is in Prachuap Khiri Khan Province, to find out how the famous resort city is paving the way to a pollution-free and eco-friendly future.
  18. Hua Hin plans comprehensive public transportation The Hua Hin Municipality is planning the development of city-wide public transportation to transform the resort town in the near future. If the comprehensive plans become a reality, residents and future tourists to the city, won't need a private car to travel around town. Panod Srisinsuphya has the story.