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Found 22 results

  1. Farang washing cars to make a living - says he's making 6,000 baht a day! Ban Muang reported on an Australian pensioner who is washing cars in Thailand to make ends meet. And him and his wife are earning a tidy sum. The Thai media said customers were praising William Pearl for his cleaning and said he felt no shame in their headline. Mr Pearl, aged 70, started the "Ran O" car care business with his wife Srinuan Sukcharoen who is twenty seven years his junior. The shop is in Muang district of Rayong on Rat-uthit Road. Ban Muang said he had been helping out with the cleaning of cars since the start of the year. He said that he usually played golf on that day and slept in front of the TV. It was much better to be out doing something useful and the shop was making 5,000 baht to 6,000 baht a day cleaning an average of 20 cars. Smiling wife Srinuan gives the cars a wipe while Mr Pearl gets out the hose and shampoo. "I'm not tired - I love it" he said. Kids from the local schools are employed in their free time for 300 baht a day, he added. Ban Muang quoted an unnamed customer as saying that Mr Pearl did a great job and was a hard working individual who did not squander money. Source: Ban Muang -- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2018-11-12
  2. US man claims he was denied entry to Thailand because of the the color of his skin A black man from the US has shared a video on Thaivisa’s Facebook page saying that he and a woman were denied entry because of the color of their skin. Keivyn Graves also claimed extortion and corruption at the hands of the airport immigration. He said he and his partner had come from India and had visited Thailand many times before to spend their money. He claimed he was told to "go back to his home country". He said: "I know that the way I look and the color of my skin is really playing (a part) of what's going on here". He said he had been in a holding area since the middle of the night until the afternoon - 16 hours in which he claimed he was even "denied water". Thaivisa notes that many "people of color" have been rounded up in a series of raids over the last few months. Many people have criticized the Thais for racial profiling. Keivyn later posted a video confirming he had been released from immigration. -- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2018-11-05
  3. Norwegian arrested at Pattaya convenience store after "drunken" rampage Pictures (4) : Pattaya Eastern News Customers at a Family Mart in Pattaya were shocked on Monday night as police took down a large, white tourist who had been making a nuisance of himself. He was found to be a Norwegian though police could ascertain little else as he was "drunk on something", reported Pattaya Eastern News. Earlier the tourist had kicked and smashed police vehicles outside the station on Beach Road. He had then smashed a decorative light on a tree and kicked it down the road. He then moved into the convenience store and started trashing things there. Enough was enough. Pattaya police mounted a charge and arrested the unruly foreigner and put him in the cells. They had no idea what he had taken or why he was behaving in such a manner. Source: Pattaya Eastern News -- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2018-11-06
  4. How to get a driving licence in Thailand In association with the British Embassy Bangkok and Thaivisa: Following the announcement that the Department of Land Transport has partnered with British Embassy Bangkok to improve driving licence procedures for foreign nationals, a new video details how Brits and other expats can obtain a driving license in Thailand.
  5. THE NEW SUPERSPORTS WHERE SPORT IS FASHION Fashion-conscious. Cool. Confident. Attractive. Healthy. Cheerful. Social. Triumphant. Stay abreast of this millennial megatrend with Thailand’s number one retailer of sportswear, shoes, and equipment – Supersports – a place where customers come to look good and feel great by choosing comfortable “Athleisure” apparel that suits individual lifestyles in today’s exciting, digitally connected world. We have updated our logo, selecting the green movement in the old logo as inspiration for a new green movement within the company as we sprint towards a cleaner, environmentally friendly future. The green comes together to form a subtle “S” shape, where the hole in the middle reflects the “eye” of focus on quality that underlines Supersports’ determination to provide every customer with the very best in performance wear and lifestyle sporting products and services. We are committed to our credo: THE NEW SUPERSPORTS WHERE SPORT IS FASHION For more information http://bit.ly/2DoDeOj Get a chance to win Supersports Gift Voucher 500 baht : 5 prizes just share in post in public and tell us about “What do you think with the all-new Logo Supersports ” on our Facebook page here The campaign start : Now – 25 NOV’18 The lucky winner announcement : 30 NOV’18 #TheNewSupersports #WhereSportIsFashion ------------------------------------------------------------------ Supersports Promotion > http://bit.ly/2EdStet Supersports Shop Online > http://bit.ly/2QKjhV3 Supersports Store Location > http://bit.ly/2RHe8yk
  6. “Do you want a fight?” Drunk foreigner harassing locals in Hua Hin escapes arrest An English speaking foreign man was lucky not to spend a night in the cells after acting aggressively towards paramedics, police and locals in Hua Hin. The man was caught on camera threatening people close in the Soi Bintabaht area of Hua Hin on Tuesday. The incident took place when a friend of the man, who appeared to be in wheelchair, was involved in an collision with a motorcycle. While his friend was receiving treatment, the unidentified man could be seen grabbing a paramedic by the collar and generally making a nuisance of himself. He then asked onlookers “do you want a fight with me?” “I'll kick your arse”, he said raising his fists. Bizarrely the man could then be seen removing his sandals before goading others, who only minutes earlier had been trying to assist his injured friend. That was enough for a police officer to step in and have a word with the foreigner, who in another clip could be seen giving an apologetic wai to the policeman. The footage of the clip was uploaded to Facebook. People commenting criticised the man’s actions. One comment read: “If he’d have behaved like that in his own country he would be put in jail”. -- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2018-04-04
  7. Foreign tourist assaulted by security guard after being denied entry at Don Mueang Image: INN A video clip showing a security guard at Don Mueang airport assaulting a Chinese tourist has gone viral. Footage of the incident, which took place on Thursday, shows the guard in an altercation with the Chinese man. The guard can be seen raising his hand to the face of the man, before taking a wild swing in an attempt to punch him. The Chinese man manages to evade the punch before another airport security guard tries to calm the situation. The Chinese man then appears to be incensed by the incident and can be seen shouting and pointing at the guards. INN reported that the incident occurred after the Chinese man had been refused entry to Thailand after arriving on a flight from Jakarta. The Chinese man had been refused entry as had been unable to show proof of onward travel, accommodation or that he sufficient funds to support his stay in Thailand. He was then taken to an immigration detention room but refused to stay and reentered the airport. A short time later he was confronted by the security guard which is when the incident took place. The clip has received widespread coverage by media in China, where the actions of the guard have been heavily criticised. At a press conference held on Saturday afternoon Don Mueang airport general Suterawat Suwnnawat apologised for the incident which he described as regrettable. Mr Suterawat said the guard involved has been suspended and will face a disciplinary procedure which will almost certainly result in him losing his job. Mr Suterawat said that a formal apology will be sent to the Chinese Embassy. -- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2018-09-29
  8. One killed, four injured after crane collapses in Pattaya Image: WeLovePattaya One person was killed and four others were seriously injured following an accident at a construction site in Pattaya on Monday. The accident occurred when part of a crane collapsed at the construction site of the Amari Nova Pattaya Hotel. The workers were being transported up the crane in a lift when it gave way and collapsed. One man was pronounced dead at the scene, while four others were taken to Banglamung Hospital and Bangkok Pattaya Hospital with serious injuries. Authorities said they have launched an investigation into the incident. Pattaya Update News reported the construction site belongs to the Italian-Thai development company. More info as we get it. -- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2018-10-01
  9. Tourists rescued from boat stranded in stormy sea By Sitthichai Sikhawat The Nation Officials from the Hat Noppharat Thara–Mu Koh Phi Phi National Park in Krabi province and a private boat operator helped 14 Spanish tourists – including four children – return ashore after their boat engine broke down in the rough sea between Koh Phi Phi Don and Koh Phi Phi Le on Saturday afternoon. The Marine Department’s Krabi office on Sunday continued to warn small boats to stay ashore as strong winds had created waves as high as 2-3 metres. The video clip of the rescue of the Tiger Marine Charter Co Ltd tour boat with the tourists on board was captured in a video clip and shown to the media on Sunday. The tourists were evacuated from the boat by the National Park patrol boat and private operator Arisa Group’s boat in a mission that that lasted more than an hour. The rough sea threatened to slam the tour boat onto the two rescuing vessels. Park chief Woraphot Lomlim said the tour boat had left Phuket to the sea off Krabi but it suffered a mechanical breakdown while returning to Phuket. It took them an hour to finally call for help, as the initial spot had no signal, he said. The park officials and the private boat operator headed to the stranded boat, rescued the tourists and brought them to stay overnight at Koh Phi Phi. The tour boat was towed for repairs to Ao Ton Sai in Muang Krabi, he said. The tour boat and the tourists would head back to Phuket on Sunday afternoon, he added. Source: http://www.nationmultimedia.com/detail/breakingnews/30354580 -- © Copyright The Nation 2018-09-17
  10. Do you want to do some good? Do you want to do some networking? Do you want to party? Well... there is a new concept in town where you can do all of that at the same time ! Boon² is a new series of event by Weeboon where young professionals can donate to charities and do some networking with like-minded people while enjoying a free flow of wine and succulent food - all of that in the same night ! Seats are limited, so don't waste this opportunity to do some good and have some fun together ! Tickets available here
  11. Elephant electrocuted in Samut Prakan while begging for food By The Nation An elephant was electrocuted while being led by its owner to beg on a Samut Prakan street after it accidentally fell into a road drain and broke a restaurant sign’s power cable. The Bang Phli police were alerted at 9.50pm that an elephant had been shocked unconscious on Thepharak road in front of Wat Bang Phli Yai in Samut Prakan’s Bang Phli district. The police coordinated with the Portecktueng Foundation and Samut Prakan’s Livestock Development Office. Rescuers from the foundation arrived at the scene first and used a crane to lift the elephant from the drain. In an operation that was broadcast on Facebook Live, the rescuers tried to resuscitate the elephant with advice from Phattarapol Manee-on, a veterinarian of the National Park, Wildlife and Plant Conservation Department. Later on, vets from province’s Livestock Development Office arrived to give it an injection for heart resuscitation. Some 20 vets and rescuers tried unsuccessfully for another two hours to revive the majestic pachyderm before the vets pronounced it dead. Its owner, Phansa Yanamkham, 15, was arrested and charged with moving an elephant out of its province without permission, said Suraphan Noisa-ard, chief of the Bang Phli Livestock Development Office. Phansa said he and his elephant, Phan Larn (Billion), came from Surin to make a living by asking passers-by to purchase food for the elephant. Phansa said he and the elephant had stopped at the car park of a shabu shop to sell elephant food to shop patrons. When they were leaving, the elephant stepped on a wooden lid of a manhole drain. The lid broke, and as the elephant fell into the drain, it broke the power cable of the shop’s sign, causing a short-circuit that electrocuted it. Phansa said he shouted to the shop to pull the sign’s plug and people in the neighbourhood contacted the authorities for help. Surphan said vets from Lampang would perform a post-mortem on Saturday to determine the cause of death. Source: http://www.nationmultimedia.com/detail/breakingnews/30354528
  12. Who'd be a landlord! Two renters from hell hit the Thai news Image: Sanook Two separate stories about disgraceful renters of condos are doing the rounds of Thai social media. The first reported by Sanook showed a room in Sutthisan, Bangkok that had been turned into a virtual zoo. There were cages all over the place, bedding for animals and the fridge was a filth encrusted mess. The renter had actually been paying the rent but the owner suspected something was up as he was not actually living there. While Daily News reported on another "renter from hell" this time a lady boy who signed a year's contract with the landlord. But after just a month the rent was not paid and the bills had been left. The landlord went over and found all his electrical items including a 32 inch TV had been stolen. The renter had left piles of trash and bagged rubbish instead. "GG Wizzy PK" went on Facebook in an effort to find the miscreant who they called "a thief in the guise of a renter". Image: Daily News Sources: Sanook and Daily News -- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2018-08-04
  13. Amazing 71 year old Thai woman wows America’s Got Talent TV show judges Image: NBC A 71 year old Thai woman has wowed judges on the popular TV show America’s Got Talent with her impressive ballroom dancing routine - and become an internet sensation in the process. Quin Bommelje who grew up in a small village in rural Thailand and moved to the United States to live with her husband of nearly fifty years, said she only took up dancing 10 years ago. Speaking on the show, Quin credited Thai village life and her parents instilling their strong work ethic that enabled her to follow her dreams. With her husband watching from the audience, Quin took to the stage with her 35 year old dance partner Misha Vlasov and floored the judges with their performance of "Sax" by Fleur East. Judge Heidi Klum said "You have definitely inspired me. I think you are an absolutely incredible woman." "The best part about you guys is your personality," Simon Cowell added. "You were great. This is exactly what we were looking for." "You know, you say you want to inspire people of a certain age, but you have inspired everybody of all ages. It was truly a remarkable performance," McBride said, before slamming the coveted Golden Buzzer and bringing Quin to her knees, weeping with joy, as the pair were showered with shimmering confetti. McBride's Golden Buzzer sends the amazing duo immediately through to the live rounds at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood. The footage of Quin dancing on America’s Got Talent was widely shared on Thai social media on Thursday, with on video being watched more than one million times. The clip of Quin dancing posted to the America’s Got Talent YouTube channel was one of the top trending videos on YouTube on Thursday. -- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2018-08-02
  14. International flights begin at Hua Hin airport Image: TNA Mcot The first commercial international flight from Kuala Lumpur to Hua Hin arrived on Friday. The maiden flight landed at the seaside resort as scheduled at 11am, with 150 passengers on board. Deputy Transport Minister Pairin Chuchotethavorn who oversaw the welcoming ceremony said the flights would increase the amount of tourists visiting Hua Hin and be a big boost for the local economy. Currently the airport can accommodate around 300 passengers per hour but plans are already afoot to expand the airport and improve facilities to handle more passengers in the future. Air Asia will now offer return flights four times per week. Flights will take place on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, departing Kuala Lumpur at 10am local time, arriving in Hua Hin at 11am. From Hua Hin flights depart at 11:30am local time arriving in Kuala Lumpur at 2:35pm. In addition to the Hua Hin - Kuala Lumpur route, earlier this month Thaivisa learned that Air Asia is looking into the possibility of launching a Hua Hin - Chiang Mai route. -- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2018-05-19
  15. Thailand cave rescue: Boys tell the story of their ‘miracle’ survival
  16. Watch 12 Boys And Coach Thank World (Video) By Chayanit Itthipongmaetee, Staff Reporter CHIANG RAI — The 12 boys and their coach are starting to speak, and in a new clip they thank everyone who had a part in saving their lives as well as the people of the world for their support. Footage released by the Chiangrai Prachanukroh Hospital Saturday morning shows the 13 – 12 boys and their coach – address the public for the first time since their rescue earlier this week. They thanked the rescuers, divers, volunteers and, well, everyone. Full story: http://www.khaosodenglish.com/featured/2018/07/14/hear-12-boys-and-coach-thank-world-video/ -- © Copyright Khaosod English 2018-07-14
  17. Headcam footage gives detailed look at conditions inside Tham Luang cave Footage shared on Facebook showed the difficult conditions divers face inside the Tham Luang cave. The footage, which is among some of the first seen from inside the cave, shows divers carrying supplies and equipment through the narrow flooded passages of the Tham Luang cave network.
  18. During the early hours on Monday the 1st of May around 1:30 am, four Swiss-Thai children fell from the fourth story of a tower block in central Bangkok leading to the death of the youngest child aged 5 and the hospitalization of the three others (aged 7-11) who remain in a critical, life threatening condition. Didi (11y) does not appear to be getting the right medical treatment. She has been downgraded to a fan room with Lucas (10y). Chanida (7y) is still in the coma. This fundraiser has been set for...Read More You can donate and support Didi, Lucas and Chanida here : https://www.weeboon.com/en/campaign/balconyfall
  19. Ten on one attack victim: Police know those responsible Picture: Sanook Police in Nakon Pathom have said that they know all the attackers of a young man who fought bravely in the street. They have asked teachers if they wouldn't mind bringing them all in for questioning. The ten youths were caught on CCTV attacking a guy who gave as good as he got. Sanook reported that the attack occurred before police were meant to be on duty at "risky spots near educational institutes". This is meant to happen at 3pm on the afternoon and 7pm in the morning. Nakorn Pathom station chief Pol Col Phaitoon Phitaktham said he knew who they all were and had asked teachers to bring them in today. Phitatsana - father of the victim in this case - told Sanook that his son was attacked at 2.20pm. The first he heard of it was at 3.30 when the school contacted him to say his son was in hospital. He needed dozens of stitches to an arm wound. In the CCTV he went for some guys before he was repeatedly attacked. He tried to use a brick later but was too late as they sped off. Source: Sanook -- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2018-06-13