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Found 47 results

  1. Look at the size of it! Video shows HUGE snake captured in Nakhon Sri Thammarat This is the moment a snake, thought to be 6 metres in length, was captured at a house in Nakhon Sri Thammarat on Thursday (Feb 15). Rescue workers were called after the 64 year old owner of the house spotted the head of the snake as they left to go to work in the adjoining rubber plantation. The home owner didn't realise just how big the snake was as only part of it was initially visible. When rescue workers arrived it took 7 of them nearly 20 minutes to remove the snake. The post on Facebook, which has now been shared more than 4,000 times, estimated the snake weighed more than 100kg. The snake was later released into the wild. -- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2018-02-16
  2. Since 2009, DaLaa volunteers have been working with the villagers and children especially at the local schools. There have been a big improvement and continuation of useful activities and constructions. Community members are more aware of environmental issues and how to preserve the local beliefs and life style. In 2010, Sakkarin, also staff of DaLaa, decided to move to live in Kok Payom. With help of villagers, he creates “Klong Toh Lem Academy”, an alternative school on the other side of the canal, in the middle of mangrove forest where children can learn about environment, local values, wisdoms, and language in a very...Read More You can donate and support this school here : https://www.weeboon.com/en/campaign/the-community-foundation-for-the-society-of-lifelong-learning
  3. You've got to see this: Footage of Thailand's latest road rage incident turned into Street Fighter Image: Puvadach Anguranak Footage of an incident earlier this week which saw two men brawling in the middle of a busy street in Bangkok has been turned into something quite brilliant by one Facebook user. The incident made national news when footage emerge of a man dressed in a suit fighting another man near the Phrakhanong BTS in downtown Bangkok. The footage was shared from "Namemes Trd" to The Clip and quickly went viral on social media. But now Facebook user Puvadach Anguranak has come up with his own version, turning the video of the fight to resemble something out of the classic arcade game Street Fighter. And the result is awesome. In fact it’s so good that Anguranak’s version has now also gone viral, racking up more than one million views. -- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2018-01-24
  4. I am raising funds to help rural villagers gain access to clean & safe drinking water in rural Cambodia. Water is a fundamental human need affecting not just health but education and income for people living in poverty. When a child falls ill from dirty water they are unable to go to school and when a woman spends hours each day just collecting water for her family's needs, she is kept away from an income generating job. In fact, 20% of the deaths among Cambodian children under the age of 5 are caused by water-borne diseases. Children are especially...Read More You can support Sue and her daughter here : https://www.weeboon.com/en/campaign/watercambodia
  5. Prayut dances away his woes in Kalasin

    Prayut dances away his woes in Kalasin Wearing a Phu Tai shirt and dancing with local performers, Prime Minister General Prayut Chan-o-cha enjoyed spending his Wednesday in the northeastern province of Kalasin for a one-day visit. Besides meeting with local people, Prayut gave away dozens of cows, buffaloes and agricultural tools to farmers before observing an irrigation development project in the afternoon. He also visited Phu Tai Cultural Centre, a local fabric-looming cooperative following Royal initiative of HM Queen Sirikit. Prayut has recently made frequent but brief field trips to distant provinces. On contrast to his trip to Trang last week to inspect flood management, this trip to Kalasin appeared to focus on local development as well as getting in touch with the locals. While his trip in Songkhla and Pattani in late November did not end well – it was marked with confrontations between villagers and officers – Prayut managed to spend some of his time in Kalasin cheerfully doing the “serng” traditional dance with local girls. He also reminded locals how his government had allocated Bt305 million for irrigation development and Bt1.4 billion for three road construction projects. Source: http://www.nationmultimedia.com/detail/politics/30333862 -- © Copyright The Nation 2017-12-13
  6. BREAKING: Incredible footage shows foreigner falling from Suvarnabhumi airport roof Incredible footage shows the moment a woman falls after dangling from cables at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi airport. Security staff at the airport were called after reports that a woman was climbing from the third floor of the airport at around 11am on Wednesday . The woman who had climbed up onto the structural cables spent two hours climbing and dangling from various cables. The woman, who was described as ‘foreign’ and aged between 20-30 refused to speak to rescue workers or give any explanation for the reasons behind her dangerous stunt. While the woman was hanging from the cables rescue workers managed to install a large inflatable bed that would catch her if she were to fall - which is exactly what happened. Footage from the scene shows the woman lose her grip as she attempts to move from one cable to another, saved by the inflatable bed below. Workpoint News reported that the woman, who still refused to talk to rescue workers, had tattoos of the 2014 Olympic rings on her wrists, leading some to speculate she was an Olympic gymnast. -- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2017-12-13
  7. Video: “Sneaky” Swiss thieves set to spend Christmas in Thai jail after airport theft A Swiss couple who stole a notebook computer from a Thai passenger at Suvarnabhumi airport are set to spend Christmas in jail. The couple identified only as Anna, 56, and Romano 61, were arrested over a week ago in connection with the theft of the notebook, reportedly worth 40,000 baht. The couple stole the notebook when they arrived in Thailand in October and police arrested them when they tried to board a plane home on November 24th after being recognised by airport security staff. Initially the pair said they were innocent and denied involvement in the theft, but later confessed after police searched their luggage and found the notebook inside one of their bags. Officers also showed the couple CCTV footage of the incident. The footage shows the woman sitting next to the notebook which had been left unattended by its Thai owner. The woman can then be seen appearing to cover the notebook with her jacket before walking off with her husband. The owner of the laptop told police that when he returned he found only an empty box and that his notebook was stolen. A report by Thai news station Channel 3 branded the couple “sneaky”. The couple, who were charged with theft, have bemoaned the fact that they look set to spend Christmas in jail. Speaking to Swiss media the couple said they do not expect to leave until at least January 11th, the date of their court hearing. They described the incident as a “stupid story”. -- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2017-12-04
  8. They blew it: Silverdome still stands after implosion attempt Humans said they were going to blow up the old Detroit Lions stadium, but the stadium thought that was a blast. BY GAEL FASHINGBAUER COOPER Well, blow me down, as Popeye used to say. Or maybe don't. A Detroit demolition company tried to bring down the Pontiac Silverdome's upper level on Sunday in front of hundreds of spectators. But when the smoke and noise cleared, the stadium was still standing. Full story: https://www.cnet.com/news/pontiac-silverdome-implosion-attempt-detroit-lions/ -- Cnet 2017-12-04
  9. Video: Angry man stranded at Suvarnabhumi for 24 hours launches furious rant at airport staff Footage has emerged of a Singaporean man launching an angry tirade at airport staff after being stranded at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi airport for more than 24 hours. The man was reportedly one of several passengers who had been stranded at the airport on November 29 when their Jetstar flight 3K514 had been delayed. The flight had been scheduled to depart Bangkok at 9.20pm on Wednesday but was delayed until 2.45pm on Thursday. The passengers received overnight accommodation and were given a meal voucher for 250 baht. However, when they went to board the flight from Suvarnabhumi to Singapore the following day passengers said the flight had been delayed for a second time, without notice. Passengers only found out about the delay when they arrived at G1A, which was displaying information for a completely different flight, Channel News Asia reported. Jetstar later emailed passengers to say the delay was “due to engineering requirements”. However, the events were all too much for one frustrated passenger, footage of whom was shared on social media this week. In the clip the man shouts at a member of airport staff, apparently furious at being given another meal voucher of just 250 baht. The man claimed the voucher wasn’t enough to buy even a bowl of noodles from one of the airport’s restaurants, which he claimed cost 360 baht. The flight eventually departed at 8pm local time on Thursday, arriving in Singapore at 11.30pm. -- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2017-12-02
  10. Biggest world travel event of the year - special report Annual world travel market event that attracts over 40,000 delegates and representatives from all countries. Of course, Thailand is also here with one of the largest areas at the event. Thaivisa and Inspire media were there in London to take a look round.
  11. This school is an effective, efficient, honest project that has made a difference in the lives of children in need for over ten years and it is about to be forced to...Read More You can donate and support Thai Child Development here : https://www.weeboon.com/en/campaign/one-schoolyear-gasoline-to-bring-disabled-students-from-the-countryside-to-school
  12. You can donate and support Brent here : https://www.weeboon.com/en/campaign/kohsamui
  13. ...All the money raised will be used on buying hardware, wire, metal pole, enrichment toys, etc.. for his new home. Thank you for your support in this !...Read More You can donate and support Rafiki here : https://www.weeboon.com/en/campaign/help-us-to-improve-the-quality-of-life-for-rafiki
  14. Hi everybody, My name is Philip J Brook. 12 years ago I started a snake and reptile rescue and relocation service in the beautiful island of Koh Samui. Koh samui is very overdeveloped now and the environment and wildlife are suffering greatly ! I now get calls for all kinds of animals including gibbons, slow loris, pangolins to name a few ! I get some donations on rescues but not many and I get no funding or any government help ! I use my own money to run my organisation and I am now in great need of...Read More You can donate and support Phil here : https://www.weeboon.com/en/campaign/support-the-man-who-keeps-you-safe-from-snakes
  15. EVICTED FROM THE FOSTER HOME! The dogs homeless!! The Municipality have issued a warning letter, after a neighbor complained, that we need to decrease the amount of dogs in the foster home, or move!!! (The municipality are doing their job, they are not to blame) A few weeks ago we start to get complaints from some neighbors to the foster home. They went to the committee of the gated community. “Noisy and smelly” - we took care of that by moving the most healthy dogs to the shelter. But we need to keep most sick and old dogs under our supervision. One of the neighbors wasn’t happy with...Read More You can donate and support these dogs here : https://www.weeboon.com/en/campaign/need-a-quarantine-area-and-a-place-for-disabled-dogs
  16. You can donate and support this lady here : https://www.weeboon.com/en/campaign/a-place-that-she-can-call-home
  17. Transformer exploding at Pattaya hospital

    A transformer exploded at Pattaya hospital at around noon on Tuesday. Some patients and staff had to be evacuated from the hospital. Full story coming soon.
  18. You can donate and support #DEATHBYPLASTIC here : https://www.weeboon.com/en/campaign/support-our-fight-against-plastic-waste-in-thailand
  19. You can donate and support the young Boilt here : https://www.weeboon.com/en/campaign/rebuild-my-burned-body