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Transport options from Lampang airport to downtown

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I'm taking a Nok Air flight from Bangkok to Lampang in early October.

Can anyone tell me what transport options there are from the airport to downtown and how much they cost?

I'm staying in the Pin Hotel that I gather is quite central.


Thanks in advance

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My wife (still the same after 30 years) comes from Lampang province, so I have landed there quite often, but of course we never need public transport, as we are always picked up. There are occasionally 1 or 2 taxis outside the terminal, still having the "TAXI" sign without "METER", so you probably have to negotiate the price. There are also Songthaeows  going from the center of Lampang to the airport (we used one about 10 years ago), but I have no idea whether they wait for passengers at the airport.


Lampang airport is very small and I think that only 2 small planes land per day, so it is probably a good idea to contact the hotel first and ask them for advice. 

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Songtaows are waiting for the flights. 50 baht per person for the short trip into town. Stops at various places including the bus station.

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