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bobrussell    661

You are going to face a real uphill struggle if your intention is to move back to the UK.

From a decision makers point of view your girl friend is going to appear high risk. 

There would appear to be every reason for her to want to remain in the UK and little or no reason why she should return.

A  marriage visit visa is really designed for people with a settled life outside the UK where the intention is for the couple to return to the home country. An example would be someone living in Thailand marrying a UK spouse with the intention that they both will live in Thailand. 

Pregnancy is only going to increase the concerns that this is an attempt to by-pass the settlement rules and live in the UK.

If you have suitable employment in the UK that will reach the income threshold then you can argue that a marriage visit visa might be appropriate to allow marriage and as a stop gap to meeting the income requirements for settlement. People have done this successfully.

Without confirmed employment here this is going to be difficult to show.

Sorry to rain on your parade but you have to provide a good working plan for settlement in the near future.

Failing that you are going to need to find very good reasons for the applicant to return within the terms of the visit visa.

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