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RENT HOUSE CHANTHABURI BUY HOUSE CHANTHABURJ, where can I post ads classifieds ?

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Suggest you read through this thread https://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/993692-best-area-to-live-in-chanthaburi/


Check any addresses on a real estate website carefully, often they refer to Chanthaburi province rather than city


Answers will be the same, my response:



Are you looking Chan province, or the actual city?

We moved here March 2011, at that time we stayed at a resort and spent every day 'on the streets'  in Tha Mai area (halfway between Chan city and Chao Lao, approx 15km each way), searching for houses with to rent signs, asking people at food stalls, shops, even the barber ... paid off, given contact info for an unadvertised house, new/never been rented they were in no hurry, waiting on the right tenants (us!) and rented there for two years. 

Don't think it's any easier now. No real estate rental agencies. On rare occasions one may come up on bahtsold but I think that due to demand, no need to advertise and rely on word of mouth, especially when it comes to stand-alone houses, owners can have a wait-list

A matter of not giving up on the searching, asking/telling people what you're looking for

Good luck


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