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BUPA Platinum Health Insurance Premium jumps 1988 baht

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I've been covered by BUPA Platinum 2 million insurance plan for several years in Thailand. Service and hospital coverage has been top notch. The insurance broker I buy BUPA health cover has been most helpful. I had two elective surgeries in 2017. I was in VIP rooms for six days in Isaan hospitals. The two nights at Bangkok Korat hospital were a better experience on many levels than a different private hospital. But no run around on payments and coverage in my personal experiences. The annual premium JUMPED 1988 baht from last year to this year. I can live with that. I can afford 7116 baht a month, paid annually for top notch health insurance. No limitations were placed on the 2018 policy even though I had two different medical procedures in 2017. The policy document, benefits booklet, list of hospitals and clinics and the invoice are in Thai and English. For me this is affordable and clear cut. I understand in two years my premium will be raised as I will be 65. 

BUPA Premium 2016 2017 age 62 001.jpg

BUPA Premium 2017 2018 age 63 001.jpg

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I believe BUPA Thailand have been bought by an American outfit,

so expect premiums to rise even more, you know how expensive

health insurance is there !

regards Worgeordie

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BUPA Thailand was bought by Aetna. Current BUPA Thailand policies -- except for accident insurance coverage -- do not cover medical treatment in the USA.

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