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The week that was in Thailand news: Something smells fishy in Siam!

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the people that hate thailand are gone;

in the usa, a large percentage of the really successful comedians are also social critics; they highlight issues that either are way below the radar or have not been given enough attention;

indeed a common usa comedian line is "if you were not paying attention";

the sarcasm used in this forum is the first step in problem solving : identify and clarify and perhaps highlight facets of the problem;

it is obvious there is too much cynicism here ; my feel is that those people , getting older, would be equally cynical in their originating countries

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Always enlightening to read the perceived drama's as a comedy piece, well done. 

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Sadly Thailand will not be the country that it could be in my lifetime,  so I will gladly

read and appreciate your efforts of explaining Thailand to all of us forum commentors.

  Even though I have been married to a Thai woman for 18 years and have had many trips

to Thailand , I am just as lost as always after all those trips and years.


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