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Video: Trouble at the "Monkey House" - foreign hoods launch attack at Surin bar

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Video: Trouble at the "Monkey House" - foreign hoods launch attack at Surin bar



Picture source: Facebook


SURIN: -- Facebook was abuzz with news that a gang of "mafia wannabes" had launched an attack at a Surin bar on Friday.


A woman on the "Maew Noi Na Raak" page said they knew the names of the foreign men involved. But police had done nothing amid suggestions they were "untouchable".


They appeared to be bikers belonging to the "Outlaws Nomad" gang.


The female poster said to the authorities: "Were you taking a holiday at the weekend? Or just waiting for someone to die before you do something?


"This is real life, not the movies".


According to the page trouble started on Friday at the Monkey House bar and spilled over into Saturday.


A foreign man was pictured with a bloody head wound. Damage was done to the bar as a video showed men armed with clubs smashing property and harassing patrons.


Sympathy was shown on another page for a man using the name "Lee Buil".


Maew Noi Na Raak commented further: "The farangs think no one can touch them - even the police. They are wannabes playing at being the mafia. Think they are big shots".


The news of the trouble has yet to hit mainstream Thai media, notes Thaivisa who are trying to verify what happened with those concerned.


Source: Facebook

-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2017-09-11

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Surin bar owner from UK attacked by foreign biker gang in turf war violence - he talks to Thaivisa




A well known foreign sports bar owner had 18 stitches in mouth and head wounds after a group of Outlaw bikers attacked him and others in the "Monkey House" in Surin.


Lee Buil needed hospital treatment and is now recovering from the trouble that started Friday then continued on into Saturday.


Lee, 57, from Hull was formerly known in Pattaya Soi 7 and has been in Thailand for about twenty years.


He said that Surin is usually a peaceful place but a bunch of Outlaws have recently opened a bar called Cross Pistons.


He said the bikers came into the Monkey House on Friday to intimidate people.


"They only wanted trouble and we didn't serve them", Lee told Thaivisa. "Then on Saturday they came back and had a go at me, throwing everything in sight at me".


He said they were using cues, bottles and what he termed as an "asp" - an extending telescopic truncheon used by police in the UK amongst others.





Lee was a policeman between 1976 and 1979. Later he ran a windscreen company.


Extensive damage was done to the bar - around 60,000 baht - and girls were harassed, he said.


The story has been reported on the BBC and other foreign news media including in the USA.


"Someone had to take a stand, "said Lee who said that now the story has been featured widely on Facebook the police and army are involved in bringing the foreign biker gang to justice.


"Since it broke on Facebook they are on the case big style," he said.


Earlier his wife had gone on Facebook to complain about police inactivity.


Lee said that all the Outlaw gang members were foreigners, no Thais were involved.

-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2017-09-11
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Doesnt look like any victim of an armed biker gang attack Ive ever seen


On 'overthehill' retiree vs Biker gang with impact weapons









Why do we even read this nonsense?

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From definition mafia is the one who influence politicians, i think they far from that. Bike gang they are.

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