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I'm 58 y/o, good health and without prior disease. Two years ago I got a insurance with AIA as Gold membership (3990.-B/month).

Last month (agost) had a strong painful, calling to ambulance and taking way to Bangkok Hospital in Chanthaburi with extreme pain in the upper stomach and left arm. To my great surprise, two illness!; stones in the gallbladder and pincer in cervicales (C-4, C-5). which derives to another strong pain in left arm.


The result, can not believe it ! ...Surgery of Cervical radiculopathy and laparoscopic cholecystectomy. Both under general anesthesia and separated by 3 weeks.


In the beginning, with my dudes, had the option of returning to my West Country for surgeries, but I definitely decided to take a chance in TH.


Not any problem, Insurance pay all. About 480.000.-Bahts. and already transferred to my Bank's account the entered days in hospital. Now I am recovering in home, quiet and happy to pay every months my expat's insurance... nobody knows the future

and really grateful to the insurance company, to the magnificent quality and professionals of surgeon. (Including nurses[emoji41])









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