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Three Helmet-less Students Hide Licence Plate With Sandal Get Arrested After Police Investigation

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Yes cameras everywhere but not sure how the poor Thais will get the message. If they can't afford to pay the fines they will never learn and I doubt they will get arrested and do prison time.  

So will it work ? For some maybe but the problem with helmless riders will not go away . 




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On 9/11/2017 at 6:11 PM, trainman34014 said:

And while they've got them check for driving license, insurance, tax etc etc, as a lot of them don't have any !

likely don't even know what they are

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Yes Gonzo they do, but you will probably find they just swap out the muffler for the inspection and then change it back afterwards.


The reason why they want to make so much noise?..... to make up for an apparent small appendage.  A replacement form of masculinity for those that arent sure what I mean.


When I lived in Hillside 4 there use to be a group that would use Huay Keow Road as a racing strip late at night or around 3am. Generally they were cut down jap scooters with either a straight pipe and/or no baffles in the muffler/silencer.  I was so tempted to string a wire across the road at about neck height but that may have voided my visa.


Unless the BiB get off their chuff I dont believe much will change anytime soon.

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